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Jan Ashley, never fail to turn all the men's head when she walked down the hall of the law firm where she worked as a court reporter. She was every mans dream of what the perfect woman would look like. She was five feet eight inches tall and her 120 pounds were placed perfectly on her shapely body. Long blond hair, that came down below her shoulders, her c cup tits, and long slim legs made all the men in the office as well as else where wish they could take her husbands place just once.

Jan had worked for the firm since she was twenty. She married Scott at twenty two and now at twenty seven she was in her prime. She knew she was attractive but she never acted like it made any difference. Her dresses were cut above the knees but not far enough to look cheap. When she would bend over she didn't mind showing a little cleavage. She was a first class, number one, totally sexy woman.

Before she and Scott married she had turned down many proposals from the lawyers in the firm. She had been engaged to Scott then and she had made a vow to remain a virgin until she married. The men soon learned she wasn't going to take any of them up but that didn't stop them from hitting on her then and after she married.

The firm was large with ten lawyers and numerous secretaries. Jan and one more girl would work with the different lawyers and take notes during dispositions. It often required them traveling out of town over night. The two women would alternate going out of town. Then Gail got pregnant and it fell on Jan to do all the traveling.

She didn't mind since she didn't have any children and Scott was out of town half the time anyway, besides her pay was almost doubled when she traveled. Most of the time dispositions were taken in the office or here in town and the travel was normally once or twice a month at most.

The firm was made up of mostly white lawyers and a couple of blacks. Rod was the newest hire and despite being black was the one most discussed by the females at breaks and during lunch. He was tall and slender and it was easy to tell that he worked out. He wasn't muscle bound but very firm with a nice flat stomach and all the woman thought he had a cute ass.

Like all the other men at the firm he noticed Jan right off. He was quickly informed that he was wasting his time hitting on her. That didn't deter him, only made him change what tactics he had in mind.

He had been with the firm a year and so far he had managed to make friends with her but not much else.

Jan would not have said she was prejudiced against blacks but she had grown up in the south and people still looked down on mixed couples. Her father would have killed her if she had ever been out with one. She made sure she kept her distance from Ron and the other black lawyer. She had been out of town a couple of times with the older black man but so far she had not had to go out with Ron.

She had joked with the other women about how sexy he was. To herself she had to admit that he was quite a well built man, even if he was black. She knew that one or two of the secretaries had gone out with him and at least one of them was married. She wondered why they would risk their marriages for a date with the black lawyer. She could never do that to Scott and risk losing him.

Like all marriages her and Scott's had its rocky moments but they always made up. Where sex once was every night it was now a couple times a week. It wasn't all Scott's problem, some of it was her. It just wasn't as exciting for her now as it had been. She never turned him down but she never was the one to start it either. At twenty seven and with a body built for sex she wondered why she wasn't more interested in having sex when she was in the prime of her life. Still she remained faithful to Scott. She wasn't as sure about him but she had married for life and her mother had told her that most men were going to spread it around from time to time. She knew her mother was right because of all the married men that were constantly hitting on her.

Then came the day she had to go out of town with Ron. They left Mobile in the morning and drove to Tennessee. They checked in the hotel with adjoining rooms. There was a door between them locked from both sides. Both would have to be unlocked for the other to enter the other room. This was the same arrangement that she had many times before. At times she and the lawyer had worked at night to finish a report that had to be ready the next day. Once it was over he went back to his room and the door was locked.

She stopped at the first door and used her card to open it. She looked at Ron as he opened the door to his room. Without speaking they shut their doors behind them.

Jan looked around the room. It was nice since the client was doing the paying they always went first class. She saw the door to Ron's room and it was locked. She set her suitcase on the table and started hanging up her clothes. They were going to be here all week unless something changed.

Ron shut the door behind him. He glanced at the room and it met his approval. He looked at the door to Jan's room and smiled to himself. His first action was to get that door unlocked. Short of rape he intended to go where no one but Scott had ever been. He had all week and he was going to make the most of this time alone with the sexy white wife. He went to the door and knocked.

Jan jumped at the sound of his knock. The other lawyers didn't bother her this soon after registering. She walked to the door and switched the lock to off and opened the door. She expected Ron on the other side but he wasn't at the door.

As soon as he knocked he had moved away so she would step into the room when she didn't see him. He was unpacking his luggage.

When he wasn't at the door she stepped into his room. He was hanging up clothes. "I thought I heard you knocking?"

"I did. Do you want to get some rest or go for dinner now?"

Jan wasn't use to having dinner with the lawyers. Most of the time they were meeting with clients as soon as they checked in. She couldn't very well turn him down. "Let's rest about an hour before we go eat. " In an hour it would be dark and not so many would see her with the black man. "We can eat here in the hotel if you like."

"We can do better than that. I'm not about to eat this hotel food when someone else is paying the bill. I'll check around and find somewhere nice."

He was already taking charge and it bothered her some. She headed back to her room. "Just knock when you are ready, but give me a few minutes to get dressed." She went back in her room and pushed the door closed behind her; she didn't bother with the lock.

Ron listened as she closed the door but he didn't hear the sound of the lock clicking. He left his door open. If she wants to come in his room for anything he wasn't going to shut her out. He lay down on the bed. Soon he had dosed off thinking of the beautiful blond wife naked under him.

An hour later he woke. He went to her door and knocked. He knocked again and still she didn't answer him. He opens the door and looked in. Jan was on the bed in a deep sleep. Her dress had made its way up her thighs until he could see the white panties under it. He couldn't turn away. Her legs were long and shapely and he could already feel them wrapped around his waist as he fucked her.

He knew he had to make a move. If she should wake and see him she might panic. He reached across the bed and shook her shoulder. "Jan."A little louder, "Jan!" She rolled over on her back and looked at him through drowsy eyes. "Get up, its time to go eat." He turned and walked away, pulling her door closed behind him.

Jan didn't have time to be shocked to find him in her room before he turned and walked away. She looked down to see her dress high on her thighs and knew if he had looked he could have seen a lot of her. To her surprise it wasn't as defistating as she had thought it might have been. She quickly freshen up. Nothing fancy since this wasn't a date but a working assignment, but the dress as usual showed her legs off to good advantage.

Ron liked the way she looked when he knocked on her door and she called for him to come on in. He walked in leaving the doors between the two rooms open. He wanted her to get use to the idea of the open doors between them. He watched her putting on the final touches to her make up through the open door to the bathroom.

She finished and joined him. He let his eyes travel up her body, taking in the short skirt and the full blouse she had on. There wasn't any doubt that he liked what he saw.

Jan saw the look and knew he liked how she was dressed. She had seen the same look in hundreds of men's eyes on the street. She would have been disappointed if he had not shown some interest. She thought he looked good also but didn't do the full take like men were more inclined to do.

They left the hotel and he held open the door of the car for her to get in. He got quite a view of naked leg as she swung her feet into the car. She knew she had flashed more leg than she intended with the short tight skirt. She quickly pulled it down as far as it would go as he came around the car. Still, a lot of leg was showing and there wasn't much she could do about it.

"Where are we going?" She asked as he pulled away. She was still nervous about being seen in public with the handsome black man. She had seen her share of black men with white women and knew what she had thought about them. Now the shoe was on the other foot. She had just assumed the worse when she had seen these mixed couples, now she wondered if they might have just been working as she and Ron were doing. She leaned back, Let them think what they liked, she knew better.

Ron glanced over at her setting on the far side of the car. He smiled to himself; I have all week to make up this little difference. "I checked around and there is this small club out on the edge of town that is open to the public and the food is supposed to be great." The black bell hop at the hotel had said it was where a lot of mixed couples went to stay out of the public eye, especially if they were with someone else's wife or husband.

Jan liked the idea that it was a small place and there wouldn't be too many nosy people watching every move they made. "Sounds perfect." She relaxed and watched as he made all the right turns.

The club was small. It could probably only seat fifty or so. Each booth was aligned so that no one from another table could see into it. All the seats wrapped around the table. They were led to one of the tables farther towards the back. It wasn't far from the bar and the small dance floor.

Ron waited until Jan slid in one end of the seat before he sat down next to her. He could have gone around but this put him closer to her side instead of across the table form her. She slid over a little farther to give him more room.

It shocked her when he set down next to her. Always before she had been able to put more room between her and her dinner companion. That arrangement was more like a business dinner than a date. If someone saw them here now it would appear more like they were out on a date. This caused her some concern, but she reasoned that they were not going to be seen by anyone that might know them.

They ordered their meal. She loved seafood and ordered shrimp. He ordered the same with a dozen oysters on the half shell. "You ever eat raw oysters?" he asked.

"No. I don't think I would care for them."

"You need to try just one."

Scott had tried several times to get her to try them but she refused. "I don't think so."

"They are good for you. Here, let me fix one up for you."

All Jan had ever heard about oysters were connected to sex. She blushed when he said they would be good for her. Thankfully the dark room hid her blush from him.

He fixed one with sauce and offered it to her. "I don't think I could swallow it."

"Sure you can, open up." He slid closer to her and put the oyster against her lips. She reluctantly opens her mouth and he dumped the oyster in it. "Swallow." She did and just that quick it was gone.

She surprised even her self that she had just had her first raw oyster and it was actually good. The sauce had dripped on her lip and before she could reach for her napkin he used his to wipe it from her. Her first thought was this wasn't like a business dinner at all, anyone would have known they were dating. She glanced around and saw that they could not be seen by any of the others. "Thanks that was better than I thought it would be."

Ron didn't make any effort to return to where he was setting before. He quickly fixed her another one. She protested but not nearly as much as before. This time when he held it to her mouth his other hand under her chin raised her mouth for him to slide the oyster in. She didn't protest when he again wiped the sauce from her lips.

When they ordered drinks earlier she had ordered Tea with her meal. He had ordered a beer. "Do you drink beer?" he asked.

"From time to time, it is not one of my favorite things."

"You need a beer when you eat oysters." He turned and ordered her a beer from a passing waiter.

Jan realized that he had been calling the shots all evening and for once it was nice to have someone making decisions for her. She was already doing things she had never let herself do before. She had never let herself get caught alone with one of the other lawyers on a trip. Now she was here alone with one of them, a black man, and call it what you like it was more like a date than business. She never drinks alcoholic beverages when she was on a trip. Now she was drinking a beer and eating raw oysters with this same black man and enjoying it.

They finished off the oysters and finished their meal. Both down a couple of more beers. Jan was relaxed and enjoyed the conversation with Ron. He was still next to her and his body was touching hers. At first it bothered her but she soon grew accustom to his touch and now it felt like he was where he should be.

As they finished the meal a small three piece band stared up. The music they played was slow romantic tunes that she had grown up listing and dancing to with Scott. She found herself tapping her fingers to the music. "You like this kind of music?" he asked.

"Scott and I use to dance all the time to songs like this."

"I usually like it a little faster but would you like to dance?"

"No, better not."

"Why? You just said you like to dance."

"I don't think Scott would approve if he knew I was out dancing when I am suppose to be working."

"Is the company paying you for tonight?"


"Then you are not working. Come on lets dance." He slid out of the booth and pulled her along with him. She barely protested as she let him pull her to the dance floor.

Ron had been dying all evening to get her in his arms. He knew he was farther alone than any of the others had ever gotten with her and he had to watch himself or he would blow it. The floor was mostly dark as he pulled her to him. Her tall slim body came against his as the music started again.

Jan loved dancing but it had been a couple of years since Scott had taken her dancing. She liked the touch of a mans body against her when she danced. That was mostly why Scott didn't take her dancing anymore. He likes to see the other men looking at her but he got jealous when they would touch her when they danced.

Ron wasn't rash but his firm hand on her back pulled her closer. Jan let her body give under the pressure of his hand until she was touching him from chest to their legs. Her breasts were pressing against his hard chest and she felt something she had not expected. Her nipples were getting hard and there was an excitement building in her body she hadn't felt in years. Another thing she felt was not that unusual when she danced with a man. Ron was getting an erection! And what an erection it was!

Ron couldn't have stopped the hard on if he tried. Jan was as sexy as any woman he had ever been with. He just had to be careful and not frighten her off. He felt better now of the possibility of getting her in bed before the week was over.

They danced a couple more dance before Jan said she need to call it a night. "I have to check in with Scott when I am out of town."

He paid the check and they went out to the car. Someone had pulled in so close to the passenger side that she could not get in the door. "Get in on my side." She went around the door and Ron held open the drivers door for her. She slid in but sliding across the seat made her skirt work even higher than before. She was struggling to get it back down when she looked up to see him watching her.

"This dress wasn't made to slide in and out of cars."

"It looks pretty good from here." He slid in the driver's side while she still tried to get the hem down. It was a lost cause but she did the best she could. She didn't make any effort to slide all the way over as she did coming to dinner. A glance down and she could see the huge bulge in his pants and it wasn't going away.

This was an entirely new experience for Jan. She had never been attracted to any man but Scott in a long time. She couldn't believe that she was finding herself attracted to a black man. Her friends would never let her live it down if they knew she had been out tonight alone with Ron. One of them was bound to tell Scott if it ever got out even if nothing had gone on between them. What made it doubly dangerous was she knew Ron was attracted to her.

Back at the hotel they went upstairs to their room. They rode up on the elevator with an older couple and she could tell from the looks they got that they just knew they were together. It didn't help any when they both got off on the same floor. She saw the look the older coupler gave each other as the door shut behind them. There wasn't anything she could do about what they thought.

Jan had her card out and she opened her door. Ron followed her in the room and shut the door behind them and locked it. It bothered her for a moment until she thought about the door between their rooms. He could go back through them.

She turned to him. "I had a good time tonight but it might be better if no one back at the office knew about it."

"So did I and no one will know anything you don't tell them, not that anything was wrong with us going out to eat."

"The dancing was more than just going out to eat." Her phone was ringing before he had time to answer her. "That will be Scott, he always checks on me before I call it a night when I am out of town."

Ron walked into his room but didn't bother to shut either door behind him. He could only hear one side of the conversation but he could tell from Jan's answers that he had called earlier.

"Where have you been? I call several times before and didn't get a answer."

"We were late going to eat and just got back."

"We, you normally eat at the hotel where you stay. Who was with you?"

Jan glanced at the open door and wished Ron had shut it behind him. "Ron, the lawyer I came up with," she glanced again at the door, "and several of the clients we came to see."

"Isn't he that young black lawyer that has only been here a year?"

"Well, at least I want have worry about him hitting on you since he is black." Jan wasn't about to tell him that she had danced with him. Scott would have a fit.

Ron had heard her on the phone when she lied about there being others with them. He called room service for them to send up a bottle of wine to his room. They delivered it just as Jan hung up the phone. She was really stressed to know that she had lied to her husband, something she almost never did.

She hung up the phone and was rubbing her head as she set on the side of the bed. She was about to get a head ache.

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