Courtesan Cop Ch. 02


As Rachel moved around the table, she trailed her hand up and down his body to comfort him and let him know her position. He was already beginning to breathe in a relaxed cadence, and both women were pleased that he was ready for the next portion of his massage therapy. Beth's seat on her stool was tall enough so that she had a view of Jeffrey's entire body, and was about parallel with his thighs, affording her an especially good view of the boy's soft and tender-looking genitals as they lay pink and delicate between his spread thighs.

Rachel put some oil on her hands and rubbed them briskly together to warm them, and then she stood over his head and began to gently knead his neck and shoulders, occasionally ribbing his forehead should any crease of tension be discovered there. She purred, "Just relax, precious boy, and let Mama Rachel take good care of you. We're going to get you all relaxed and released today, aren't we Jeffrey?"

He nodded and smiled imperceptibly, and a grin played at the lips of both Rachel and Beth as they noticed just the smallest twitch of Jeffrey's penis. Beth listened carefully to Rachel, as the experienced therapist massaged the boy's shoulders, chest, and arms, while her words massaged his mind.

"Yes, that's it," she cooed, "Mama Rachel knows how to take care of her good boy. Have you been a good boy for me since your last visit?" He blushed slightly and nodded just a little. Rachel smiled, "How good of a boy have you been for me, Jeffrey? Have you been keeping up a good schedule of genital release for me?" He gave another light and embarrassed nod, but she ignored him and carried on with her interrogation.

"Or have you been a naughty boy and failed to keep up a good regular flow like Mama Rachel told you?" He didn't nod, but his penis pulsed a little. "Do you have a Mistress taking care of you?" He shook his head slightly, much to Beth's relief. She thought it strange as she realized that she felt somehow possessive toward the boy...

"My, my," said Rachel, "that just won't do. You need a woman to take care of you, young man, haven't I told you that before? And she would make sure you kept up a nice healthy flow..." Jeffrey blushed again, and his penis gave another involuntary twitch. Beth was very interested at how Rachel was talking the boy into an erection, and she almost wished she had a notepad. "Well," purred Rachel, "We'll see, won't we dear, we'll see..."

When she had finished with his upper body, including his chest, arms and abdomen, she walked toward his feet, trailing her hand behind her down his smooth white flesh and leaving goose bumps in her wake. As her hand reached his hip bone, she tarried a bit, allowing her fingers to slip ever so slowly inward and down toward where his thigh and scrotum met. Her fingertips barely brushed against the base of his shaft and then lightly slid against his scrotum before gliding down his inner thigh and on to his foot.

"Yes, I think my Jeffrey has not been a good boy. How could he be? He doesn't have a mistress to take care of him. He's a nice boy without the guiding hand of a woman to see to his needs. Poor baby, but Mama Rachel is going to take care of him now, isn't she?"

Her titillating words and the caress of her hand brought forth several involuntary pulses in the boy's penis, and it began to thicken and lift slightly off of his testicles, much to Beth's delight. Rachel began to rub his left foot, then the ankle, calf, and knee. Her hands continued to knead his muscles moving slowly up his thigh. Near the top, her hand worked smoothly on his inner thigh, gently moving against his testicle as she massaged. His penis continued to react favorably with additional pulses and rising a little more.

"Yes, that's my good boy," purred Rachel, "Mama Rachel knows what a boy needs. I can see you firming up for me. I think you're going to throb and pulse for me, and get nice and big and firm, like a good boy..." Despite himself, Jeffrey couldn't help but blush again.

Rachel moved to his other foot and repeated the process. Beth loved how the farther up his leg she went, the more his penis throbbed and the stiffer it got. By the time Rachel had worked her way up his other thigh Beth could see a pearly drop of fluid beginning to form at the tip of the boy's half-erect penis.

Rachel cooed, "There's my sweet boy; such a good boy. I can see you're making a nice erection for Mama Rachel, with a sweet little drop at the tip for me. So shiny and fresh it looks, I'll bet it is just delicious..." Her hands had reached the top of his thigh now, again toying against his testicles. His penis was now three-quarters erect and throbbing in rhythm with the beat of his heart.

Rachel's right hand, working on his inner thigh, was fully in contact with his scrotum, pushing his testicles around as if it were merely an unintended byproduct of giving his thigh a good massage. She said, "Ah, your thigh is so strong and muscular, Jeffrey. I especially like to feel the strong tendons right here." Her hand was feeling and caressing the very inner juncture of a hip and thigh, with the 'accidental' result of rolling his testes markedly with the back of her hand.

Jeffrey's penis finally throbbed to full erection, standing up straight and stiff, with his swollen pink glans glistening with another pearly drop. Rachel then took his testes fully in her palm, caressing and rolling them gently as she whispered. "That's my good boy," she said, "Now you're showing Mama Rachel your nice big penis, all stiff and proud. Your penis looks even more beautiful fully erect, Jeffrey. Don't you think so, Beth?"

Beth's throat was dry. She croaked, "Yes, Rachel, it's very nice," and was embarrassed at how lustful her voice sounded. Not very professional of me, she thought. As Beth studied the boy's now-erect penis, she thought that it was beautifully shaped, though only of average size. The shaft was of nearly the same pale color of his skin, but the swollen head was a darker, sultry pink. He looked quite firm, and she smiled at the veins visible on his shaft. She turned her attention to the velvet of his scrotum and the size of his egg shaped testes. All very lovely, she thought, and she wished she could touch and feel them.

Rachel smiled at Beth and continued to massage the boy's testes, occasionally pulling them or giving them a gentle squeeze just to hear by boy's little gasps. "You know Jeffrey that the therapeutic practice is to arouse you fully, to help you give us nice big spurts and get all that pent-up semen out." He nodded with a slight grimace at her embarrassing and yet exciting words; his eyes still tightly shut.

She continued, "Yes, but Mama Rachel's good boy knows that he won't get to spurt too soon, doesn't he? Yes, of course he does. Mama Rachel knows not to let him be too quick. And now dear, I want you to spread your thighs nice and wide for me, so I can help relieve all the tension in your penis. A healthy boy builds up lots of semen quickly, you know."

Her voice darkened, "And since you've had therapeutic massage many times, dear, I know you know that genital therapy is very important for your health. It's time for me to take your semen and you're going to be a very good boy and lie still for me, aren't you Jeffrey?"

He nodded slightly, biting his lip with his eyes closed. It was so embarrassing to be lying down with his thighs spread so wide to expose his stiff penis and testicles so lewdly in front of Beth. She was not a trained masseuse, and so it was kind of a 'gray' area of embarrassment.

If it weren't for the 'therapeutic' environment, he would be considered 'slutty' instead of 'cooperative' in this position. He knew his new friend Beth may have seen a massage on a boy before, perhaps many times. But she had never seen genital therapy performed on him. It made the whole situation seem surreal as he knew he was about to be made to cum, right before Beth's eyes, and he had no power to do anything about it. It was very embarrassing and very exciting at the same time -- a mix of feelings so typical for a boy -- he couldn't help but feel 'naughty' because of it.

Rachel had performed this intimate deed with Jeffrey several times before, and she had always liked the boy, not just for his good looks, but for his personality as well. She was also very proud that she could make a Courtesan blush, and he was so cute when his face went pink...

As she began to stroke his penis slowly and thoroughly, she thought of how nice it would be to see him spurting and writhing under her hands in just a few minutes -- and she was determined to make him moan and talk while she masturbated him. And perhaps she'd make him blush again before she emptied his lovely penis of his rich thick semen.

Rachel said, "Jeffrey, tell me how it feels to have my hands slowly stroking your penis...does it feel nice when my fingers slide up and down on the corona of your head?" He wiggled his hips and whimpered a response. She was not at all satisfied. "Jeffrey, tell Mama Rachel how good it feels when I stroke your penis like this. You can use your words, honey."

"Oh, it feels good," he whispered, making both ladies smile at the boy's predicament.

Still not satisfied, Rachel slowed her stroking even more, to tease the boy into cooperating with her talk. "Tell me what feels so good, Jeffrey." She did so love making a boy say intimate and embarrassing things...

"My penis,' he gasped, "It feels good on my penis... head... ahhhh..."

Happy with his response, Rachel said, "Yes, good boy! I like to hear you tell me things about your penis. Don't you like to hear a boy say that his penis feels good, Beth?"

"Oh, yes," she said gleefully, "I'm happy that Jeffrey's is enjoying your massage techniques!"

Both women loved how the boy squirmed and blushed as they talked so openly about his most intimate and vulnerable body parts. It was quite entertaining to make the boy admit that he was enjoying the pleasure that was so obviously causing his hips to wiggle and his breath to pant shallowly.

Rachel said, "Jeffrey, I want you to repeat after me. 'Please Mama Rachel' -- say it."

"Please Mama Rachel," he gasped.

"Good boy," she said, "Now say 'Please rub my penis faster, Mama'."

"Ooohhh... please... rub my... penis... faster.... Mama..." he groaned, to the delight of the ladies.

"Make me spurt hard, Mama," she said, and he gasped the humiliating words out between gritted teeth.

"Don't stop until you take all my semen, Mama," she giggled, and he had to say the words, and feel the embarrassment fight his arousal.

"Oh please Mama, make me cum for you!" she said, and listened to his little voice pleading with real need.

"Oh Mama, that feels so good on my penis!" she coached, sensing his mounting arousal and seeing his testes pull up toward his abdomen in preparation as he mimicked her words with a helpless voice of surrender.

Rachel turned to the fascinated Beth, who was attentively sitting on the edge of her stool, and said, "Bethany dear, I would like you to help me by stimulating Jeffrey's nipples. This will increase his arousal and help him to make a nice big cum for us."

"Oh!" responded the surprised girl as she jumped up from her stool, "Certainly, anything to help!" She quickly positioned herself appropriately and reached out with her delicate fingers to grab the boy's nipples between thumb and first knuckle, and began to knead his little pink nubs firmly but gently. She was most pleased to participate in this most intimate stimulation of the compliant boy. He was so cute -- she couldn't wait to watch him ejaculate!

Rachel had a devious thought. She truly liked and cared about the boy, and was not pleased that he had no Mistress. The matchmaker in Rachel's heart made a quick decision, and she said, "Beth, we're going to make him spurt in a moment and I want you to have him look into your eyes as he ejaculates. I think you'll enjoy the wanton and lusty look he'll have, now that I've got him in the properly submissive state of mind. I know you'll want to watch his little penis make spurts, but honestly if you'll keep his eyes focused on you, it will be an even more enjoyable and enlightening experience for you."

"Ok," Beth said, "I'll do it!"

"Jeffrey," Rachel cooed as she deviously stroked him just a bit too slowly. "I think you're almost ready to spurt for me, so I want you to ejaculate on the count of three, but DO NOT spurt before I give you permission. I will let you spurt AFTER we have counted to three. Understand?"

He nodded emphatically.

"And I want you to keep your eyes open and look at Beth."

He nodded, a little reluctantly, but he obeyed and his desperate gaze was suddenly filled with Beth's beaming face.

Pleased with herself, Rachel said, "One..." she began to rub a little faster.

"Two..." she rubbed his testicles with her other hand.

"Two and a half..." she said, smiling at the boy as he writhed and gasped.

"Two and three quarters..." she said.

"PLEASE!!!" he cried with real desperation in his gasping voice.

Beth was watching his face intently, determined not to miss the slightest detail, and grinning wildly like a school girl seeing her first of many male ejaculation examples in health class. She was excited and breathing rapidly -- her eyes fixed on the boy's face to watch his expressions in anticipation of his upcoming spurts. Beth began to increase the pressure on his nipples, twisting just a little bit to add to his stimulation.

Beth leaned over and whispered, her lips nearly touching his. "I want you to keep looking into my eyes as you ejaculate, Jeffrey. I know it's difficult, but you can do it. Look at me... That's it, good boy."

"Three," said Rachel. "Now then Jeffrey, since you've been such a good boy, that I'm going to..." she rubbed his penis very fast, concentrating on sliding her fingers over his glans with each stroke, "...allow you cum now. Do it, Jeffrey, give us your nice big spurts!"

Beth pinched his nipples hard and gave them a good pull while she whispered softly, "Look at me, look at me, look at me," over and over as his climax overwhelmed his senses.

His eyes went wide and his mouth opened in a silent "O". His whole body tensed as his penis erupted with a nice full spurt that went well into the air as Rachel aimed it toward his chest. The first spurt landed partly on Beth's left hand as it worked his sensitive nipple, the rest splashing above on his chest. "Oh!" said Beth, as she felt his warm goo plop onto her hand and glisten pearly in the light. She was quite pleased to have part of his first spurt of semen as her very own.

Beth watched his face as the boy struggled to keep his eyes obediently open. She marveled at the mixture and sequence of emotions she saw cross his countenance in rapid succession; desperate need of release, embarrassment at being so intimately violated; frantic surrender to the pleasure of ejaculation; helplessness submission to the women's control of his body; and the inevitable and adorable yielding to the inner slut in all boys regardless of their outward show of modesty.

She smiled at the wonderful depth of submission she saw in his eyes as his semen was taken, and her heart opened with feelings of care and nurture for the boy who had no woman, no Mistress of his own, to guide and comfort him through life's perilous journey.

In that moment, as she watched him cum through the pretty blue windows of his soul, she knew she wanted him for her own. Not just as a sexual conquest, but as a possession -- as a husband.

Rachel knew exactly how to handle a boy and release from his body every spurt he had to give, and every pulse and drop that would follow. She made her strokes shorter as he spurted so as not to rub against the now-sensitive corona of his head any longer. She stroked only his shaft with an even tempo and was rewarded with a second, third, and fourth spurt, each one a little less powerful, but in her mind equally important and beautiful.

She loved how the boy's hips bucked and wiggled under her careful manipulations, and she was pleased to force such a wanton release from him as she drove him through each spurt and rode his every gyration of abandon easily.

Jeffrey's eyes held Beth's as he let out a desperate moan of surrender and longing, much to the delight of his therapists. Every muscle in his body writhed and tensed and twisted; driven to ecstasy and beyond it by the skillful stimulation of his most vulnerable flesh. Rachel coached him through each buck of his hips and spurt of his penis, "Good boy...that's it...yes, very good... oh, what a good spurting penis... one more spurt... another.... very good... more... yes... again... very good."

His body gave one final heave with his last small dribble of a spurt, and then he fell back exhausted and closed his eyes in perfect peace. His penis continued to pulse out small dribbles of semen as Rachel's hand continued to work his penis with slow milking movements. She gripped at the base and squeezed upward repeatedly to draw out each additional pearly drop of his precious offering as it dripped onto her already semen-covered hand.

Beth let go of his nipples and gently caressed them to comfort him. She moved a lock of sweaty hair off of his face and smiled down upon him. She whispered, "Such a good boy, Jeffrey, now just relax and let Rachel finish you up." She couldn't help but kiss the boy's lips gently, such was the affection she felt at having watched his very soul open like a flower, allowing all of his deepest feelings and fears and longings to play across the landscape of his face and eyes as she had looked on.

Everybody says you never really know a boy until you've watched his face as he came, because at that moment a boy was truly most honest and vulnerable, and their submissive nature was on full display. She knew it was true. She knew she had really seen him. And she knew she had real feelings for him, sudden as they were, and she believed that her feelings of affection for the boy were real and potentially lasting...

Jeffrey's breathing was deep and relaxed as he lay with his eyes closed in semi-consciousness and his muscles feeling like Jell-O. He felt Rachel's hands still expertly working on his softening penis, extracting the last drops of his semen. He felt his groin muscles involuntarily tense and pulse in response, to help Rachel milk him of everything he could give. The intense emotions of wanton surrender that all boys feel during ejaculation had passed, leaving him feeling physically drained and completely empty.

Emotionally, he was wrapped in the warm afterglow of submission, feeling nurtured and comforted by Rachel and Beth who had so intimately exploited his vulnerabilities to their mutual benefit.

This was the time a boy was most vulnerable, he reminded himself. This was the moment, just when the last drops of his semen were being milked from his penis and he was coming down from the mountain peak of pleasure, that a boy could so easily fall in love.

At this moment, he knew, a boy's brain was filled with hormones and chemicals that heightened all of his feelings of admiration for and dependence upon feminine power. This hormonal rush caused a boy to feel very submissive and affectionate toward any woman who had bared his soul as she took his semen.

There was nothing more attractive and magnetic to a boy's heart and mind than the look in a woman's eyes that says, "I see you for who you really are, and I'm here for you as you cum for me." And that was the look he had seen in Beth's eyes... Oh why had they made him keep his eyes open?

His training as a courtesan had taught him to understand this physiological response, and he had learned the techniques to control this phenomenon -- keep your eyes closed and say nothing until the hormones cleared your system and the feelings passed. But he remembered the look in Beth's eyes as he came -- in spite of his intentions, he couldn't help but to cum just for her -- and he knew that dangerous woman's look.

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