tagRomanceCourtesan Cop Ch. 05

Courtesan Cop Ch. 05


Note: This story is Female-dominant / male-submissive, with some BDSM twist to it. If you don't like that sort of thing, please return to the menu and choose a story you will enjoy! Thanks!! All characters are over 18. This is part of a continuing story, and therefore the plotlines will not have fully resolved by the end of this installment. If you read this part before others have been completed, I thank you in advance for your patience...

And... if you are beginning this story here, you may be better off starting at part one, because it may not make much sense out of context...

Bethany Remington awoke well before dawn. She opened her eyes in the darkness and it took a few seconds for everything to come into focus in her mind. She was in a strange bed with a strange male breathing deeply in sleep next to her. She was naked, and she never slept naked.

Then sleep left her more fully and she smiled as reality caught up in her consciousness. She was a suitor and the boy next to her was Jeffrey, her little policeman. And a Courtesan, of all things! How delightful.

It is not often that a person wakes up and realizes that the truth of their life is better than the fantasy of sleep. Waking from a good dream into the harsh reality of work and bills and struggle is far more normal. She just lay on the soft pillow, looking at the back of her boy's head.

It was the first full day of her Courting Period – the time that she had exclusive dating/courting rights to this boy – a full 60 days without interference. During this time, her boy would wear her chain around his ankle with her name on it, and all women everywhere would respect that.

Plans of things to do to show her young man how good his life would be if he agreed to marry her flew through her mind. At the same time, caution was there too. She knew it was important to learn about him in every detail. Even though he was beautiful and a trained woman-pleaser, a girl had to protect herself. One never knew a boy without spending time with him and observing his behavior.

Jeffrey seemed polite and respectful. He was a police detective, a licensed Courtesan, and a virgin. She smiled at that last item, such a surprise that. And he had his own mind and his own dreams. She liked that about him very much. She thought a male whose only goal was to cook and clean and raise her babies was a bit on the boring side.

Jeffrey, the object of her affection, didn't know something about her yet, and she wanted to keep it quiet until she was satisfied that he was good marriage material. Part of her wanted to spill every fact of her life in one big gush, but she knew it could be overwhelming. And she wanted to win a man on her own merits, not because of her family.

As Jeffrey's suitor, it was her responsibility to woo him. His responsibility was to give her every opportunity to do so, but when the time came, he was not obligated to say 'yes'. Arranged marriages had been outlawed more than 50 years ago, and Beth thought it was good.

There was nothing worse than being married to an unhappy male, they could be so trying and just make a woman's life miserable. No matter how pretty or hung they were, if they were miserable, your whole house would be miserable. Beth had decided long ago, that no matter how attracted she was to a boy, she would never marry one who wasn't obviously head over heels in love with her.

The big secret Beth was holding back was that her mother was none other than Caroline Hathaway Remington, the heiress whose grandmothers on both sides were powerful industrialists.

Sara Hathaway, her paternal grandmother was a real estate tycoon and a household name in the Metropolitan area. Her mother's mother, Dari Remington, owned almost every railroad in the tri-state area outright.

Both women had birthed several children with their many husbands, and it was rumored that her Aunt Patricia had been sired by one of Daria's concubines. This made the extended families fairly large, but there was enough money lying about to support an army for a century.

This meant that Bethany never had to work a day in her life. But that was not her choice. She had been sickened by the haughty lives of many of her aunts and cousins – all happy to live like royalty and treat other people like servants or worse. Bethany thought it was odd for those women to think so much of themselves seeing as how they'd earned nothing they had, done nothing of value, and created nothing.

Those rich relatives simply lived off the sweat of their foremothers as though they had a right to do so. Bethany believed in being a contributing, useful person, regardless of her upbringing in one of the largest estates in the county. Therefore, she had sojourned in the world of the 'normal people', taking a modest apartment and a modest job, just to see how the 'other side' lived.

She had seen it so many times – how the wealth of the women in her family had wooed all the men they could ever desire and more, without a speck of real affection involved. Whereas, she observed many average working folk in a market or a park, where the woman was holding her husband's hand, patting his bottom, kissing him with real love – that what she wanted with a man.

So Bethany had decided she would hide her family from Jeffrey. He'd never know she was one of "those" Remingtons until after he had said 'yes' to her proposal, provided that she gave it. For now, she wanted to court the boy. She was attracted to him very much, but did she really deeply love him yet? She wasn't sure. Time would tell...

Bethany slipped out of the warm bed in the darkness and padded into the bathroom to relieve herself. She rifled his closet for a robe and found a terrycloth garment that would fit her and went into his little kitchenette.

She couldn't keep the grin off of her face as she searched cupboards, drawers, and the refrigerator for the food and implements she needed. She was going to make him breakfast, and couldn't wait to see the look on his face. This was not woman's work, but she was not proud. She disliked the slavery of gender pride and hated the pride of the rich. So many simple pleasures in life were beneath the rich, and she knew it was a mistake.

Her mother had taught her that it was fun and rewarding to cook. Particularly because it tended to please the men in a girl's life so much that they would be good boys all day long in gratitude.

As Beth began to break eggs into the bowl and mix them for the omelets she would make, she grinned as she recalled the time when she was 14 and alone with her mother in the kitchen in the early darkness...

"Bethany," her mother had said as she stirred the eggs in a crystal bowl, "I think you're old enough now that I can let you in on a secret that few women know. It will serve you in life to listen carefully and remember. Would you like to hear it?"

"Yes, Mother," said the young lady, who always loved 'special' time with her mom alone. Such times were hard to come by since her mother had three husbands, two concubines, and business interests spanning the globe. Bethany worshipped her mother and always listened to her every word of wisdom.

"Many women - and certainly those in our economic bracket - would never think of preparing food, especially for a man. They would tell you that's what we have men for. They are idiots. That may be something that our men do for us girls, but they have other uses too." She paused to give her daughter a knowing grin that almost made Beth blush. Her prim and proper mother, the 'Dominatrix of Wall Street' so the newspapers said, was letting her hair down.

Beth's mom continued, "Simple things are best, dear, and don't forget it. Just standing here with my only daughter, making a breakfast that we are going to serve to your father in bed, is an exquisite joy. Don't miss out on simple things dear – especially food for your men when you are older."

Bethany watched her mother pour the eggs into the warm pan, already lined with melted butter. Sarah Hathaway Remington looked at her petite daughter – beautiful and becoming a woman – and sighed happily. She said, "Men are simple dear. They are not as complex as women. They are at their best when focused on one thing at a time, so don't overwhelm your boys with too many instructions at once."

Beth nodded at her mother in understanding, and Sara continued. "One of the delightful things about males is their simplicity. If you'll take the time to make them a simple omelet, or a sandwich, or grill them a hot dog, they'll think you're the greatest woman ever born, and they'll love you and be grateful. I know you think it's such a small thing, but it's something that men appreciate... A lot."

Beth nodded and her mother continued. "You're old enough for me to tell you a joke that's a little off color – they say men think with only two things, one is their stomach, and the other is not their brain."

Beth covered her mouth and suppressed a laugh. She'd heard that before from girls at school, but to hear her proper reserved mother make a reference to a boy's... well, his special parts... that was unexpectedly wicked.

Sara smiled, "There's some truth in that, dear; any woman with men can tell you. But my point is that making something for your boy to eat just warms his heart, and pays the wise woman dividends. And you know I just adore dividends."

"Yes, mom," said Beth, feeling a little cheeky, "I've heard that mentioned from time to time on the television."

Her mother grinned, "Well, there are dividends and there are dividends young lady, and the kind that men pay are really the best. Your dad is going to get woke up by his wife and daughter, and fed breakfast by our hands in his bed. He's going to feel very loved and special that we would take our time and effort to do this."

She looked at her daughter, "I love your father and I want him to feel loved. I want him to feel special. It's hard for a male to feel special, certainly when he's not the only husband in the house, and a woman has only so much time in her day. But he will be reminded this morning that I married him on purpose and I appreciate him. Do you understand, dear?"

"Yes, Mother," she said. She loved her daddy very much and was delighted to help her mother do something special for him, and hearing her mother affirm her love for Beth's dad was very satisfying to the young girl.

"So, generically speaking now, not just about your dad but about all males, a simple thing like this is a great pathway to a man's heart. In all my life, I've never seen a woman serve a man food, let alone make it for him, without him smiling like its Christmas morning. And the dividends are manifold – you do this every now and then for a boy and he will be an appreciative, attentive, affectionate, and obedient man for you – and that's the only kind to have – believe you me. You'd be wise to remember that in the future, young lady."

"Yes, mother," Beth had said.

And so here she was, in her beau's kitchen on their first morning together, making him an omelet just like her mother had for her daddy so many years ago. With the flick of her practiced wrist, she turned the omelet expertly in the pan and laid grated Swiss cheese and diced ham on one side.

She found some grapes and put them on a plate, slid the omelet onto it, and poured a cup of coffee. She half thought the smells of breakfast, easily carried in the small apartment, might have woken her boy already, but she hoped not.

She quickly carried the things into the bedroom and set them on the nightstand, seating herself on the edge of the bed next to him. She looked at her pretty little policeman, lying on his back now with an arm across his chest and the other over his head – still asleep.

He had pushed off the covers and was only under a sheet. She sheet was just below his waist, revealing his navel and the silver stud piercing. It looked cute. Grinning, Beth looked further down and saw the usual condition of a boy in the morning. Her Jeffrey was erect.

Casually, Beth picked up the sheet and moved it down to mid thigh, exposing the boy's naked genitals. She just sat and happily studied his penis standing stiff and erect. She loved the shape of him, the veins on his shaft, and the pinkness of his swollen glans.

She loved that he was shaved as was the fashionable thing so that his most enjoyable assets could be clearly seen and appreciated. His thighs were close together so that his testes lay atop his thighs, looking big and full like the eggs Beth had just prepared. Beth was definitely a 'testicle girl' who greatly enjoyed how his testes looked as they lay relaxed in the pink and velvet-soft skin of his scrotum.

Beth thought about the wonder of morning erections, even though he had given her a very nice ejaculation the night before. She could still taste him when she thought of it. And on that subject, she thought, it would be wrong to waste such a gorgeous erection and her mother had taught her not to be wasteful.

Everyone knew that boys couldn't really concentrate well if they aren't milked regularly – this was school yard talk among the girls, and confirmed in biology classes. It was a woman's responsibility to see to it that a male in her charge was kept 'properly serviced' so that he could be a contributing member of society and think clearly.

Or at least as clearly as boys could think... That was an unnecessarily demeaning thought, but Beth was a woman, and there was always a certain naughty pleasure in reducing males to their lowest form.

She couldn't count the many times she'd heard another old saying whispered among ladies of all ages – that a male was really just a set of aesthetically pleasing and useful genitalia attached to a muscular body, suitable for heavy lifting.

It was also said that a male's ability to process higher brain functions varied indirectly with the amount of time since his last ejaculation. In other words, a woman was well served if she kept her men's 'pipes cleared' so that there would be no unhealthy build up of semen clogging his brain.

So, here she was, a Suitor with her Beau, and her Beau had an erection... Beth smiled to herself. What was a girl to do? It was her duty to womankind to take care of her young man properly.

She decided that it would be alright if the breakfast got just a little cold. She could take care of him quickly, she was sure, based on her past experiences - which were many. She'd certainly serviced a lot of boys in her college days...

A coed college was a relatively new development since males had only recently begun to be admitted to schools of higher learning. Her school, a former girl's college for the rich, was a place where boys' mothers fought to get their sons into. And the boys just threw themselves at all the rich girls, hoping to land a wife that could support them in high style.

It was a playground of penises at Locksmoore College – no girl had to worry about getting a boy for a date - since there were plenty of boys available, and it seemed they were quite willing little sluts once you got them alone somewhere. The girls got a great education there, and the boys engaged in all sorts of sporting teams that employed tiny costumes or, more traditionally, none at all.

Track and Field for boys meant that they wore supporters so that they could run without bouncing and flopping all over the place. But the Locksmoore girls loved their coed swimming team – mainly because it was a 'traditional' team, and 'traditional' meant that the boys didn't wear anything, and they shaved all the hair off their bodies to "reduce drag" in the water.

Just lovely. The stands never had an empty seat at a swim meet, what with all the naked boys walking around. The boys never had to worry about accidental erections during the meet, since the Locksmoore female student body felt obligated to 'help' their treasured team by seeing to their ejaculatory needs just prior to the start of the event.

Such nice memories of school days... In the locker room before the meet, all the boys lined up to be quickly 'serviced' by the willing female 'helpers'. She remembered how she and a few other chosen students were charged with the responsibility to 'relieve' the swimmers of their erections. The boys were all so excited and erect already, and the girls competed to make their boys spurt quickly, and to see which girl could take care of the most boys the fastest.

Beth smiled at her personal record of 6 boys in under 9 minutes - a record of which she was very proud.

Anyway, here was Bethany, looking at a nice stiff penis in need of release. It would be wrong to leave the poor boy erect. After all, he had to go to work today and would need to have all his detective faculties available. She didn't want him having erections during work hours with all those low class policewomen making snide comments about her delicious Beau's stiff penis...

Beth's soft and warm hand reached out and gently wrapped around Jeffrey's shaft, and she began to slowly stroke him up and down. Like any woman, she adored the feeling of velvet-covered steel in her hand. She liked to think of a boy as either having a soft and appealing penis, or a stiff and useful cock. Penises were for looking at and cocks were for playing with.

And it was so much fun to make a nice stiff cock spurt - such a delightfully rewarding pastime! And the best part about boys was that their penises were a renewable entertainment resource - a girl could turn a soft penis into a stiff and desperately spurting cock several times a day. How delightful!

Her Jeffrey's penis had definitely changed into a cock at the moment, and as his suitor, it was her right and responsibility to 'relieve' the stiffness of his cock, so that he could once again have a more comfortable, yet cute and adorable soft penis. She watched his face for signs of waking as she rubbed his cock lovingly.

It didn't take long before her Beau was roused from sleep, and his eyes squinted open in the soft pre-dawn light of the window.

She smiled lovingly and said, "Good morning Detective Mason. I made you breakfast, but i was...distracted by an urgent matter that seems to need my immediate attention." She glanced down at her hand, sliding slowly up and down his shaft, more caressing and fondling his stiff cock than really stroking - yet.

Jeffrey's eyes followed hers a moment and then returned to her face, grinning. "I see," he said sleepily, "and what are your plans for dealing with this urgent matter?"

"Well," she said as her eyes darkened just a bit to reveal a little bit of feminine lustiness, "I haven't yet made breakfast for myself, and I was thinking about having an appetizer..."

Jeffrey looked over at the plate on the nightstand. His eyes opened with surprise and he licked his lips. "Wow," he said softly, "You really made me breakfast?"

"Yes," she said with pride in her voice, "Yes, I did."

Jeffrey's face was pensive, deep in thought. Beth decided to distract him a little more and see his reaction. It was important for a girl to perform experiments and measure the results during a courtship, so she gripped his penis and rubbed more vigorously.

Jeffrey's eyes closed and a soft gasp escaped his lips. He whispered, "That's really nice..."

Beth didn't know whether he was referring to the breakfast or her hand playing with his penis. Either one was acceptable to her, but she wanted to milk him dry before she fed him. First things first, she thought.

Beth's eyes never left his as she slowly lowered her mouth to the head of his penis and began to gently suck as she stroked him. She continued for a minute or so and then lifted her head.

She said, "Normally, I'd want to make this last for you, at least a little while, just to show you I can be an attentive and caring lover. And there will be times in our future, when I'll take you to the edge and keep you there until you're a writhing, blithering, incoherent and desperate boy - just so you'll remember who's the boss..." She smiled a wicked smile, and then said, "But I don't want your breakfast to be cold, so would you mind if I take your semen quickly, dear?"

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