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Courtesy Fuck


Jack had left his front door open for me.

Like he'd instructed me, I entered the front door quietly, and found the living room without much trouble. He was sitting on his couch waiting for me, drinking a beer. The open bottle rested in one hand against his thigh.

"Hey, Marc," he said, as he stood. "I'm glad you could make it tonight," he added with a smile.

He shook my hand with a firm grip.

"Do you want a beer?" he asked.

"That'd be great," I said, following him as he walked to the kitchen.

Jack was not quite as tall as I was, but very good looking in a boyish sort of way. Maybe a few years older than me. His body seemed tight and defined in his t-shirt and jeans, and he moved with an athletic grace.

From the time I'd met him three weeks ago, he'd never been quite what I expected. And tonight he was all business. But I suppose that he'd waited a long time for this.

He wanted to get to it.

He handed me the beer and started in with the same slick amicable banter that was usual to our encounters. Jack was a consummate closer, but he chatted as if oblivious to the reason for my being there. I engaged in his small talk, but after a few minutes I wanted to get to the point.

"So," I asked finally, "Are we still doing this?"

"I hope so," he said with certainty.

"What do you want me to do?" I queried.

"My wife is upstairs. We can change in the guestroom. Once we go inside my bedroom, you can't make a sound, because she has a blindfold on."

I nodded my understanding and downed the rest of my bottle of beer in one chug.

"Let's rock and roll," I said to him, grinning.

He smiled back at me and indicated that I should follow him upstairs.

Inside the guest bedroom, Jack wasted no time in taking off his shoes and socks. I slipped my shoes and socks off as well and watched him as he turned to me and silently peeled off his t-shirt. Once bare-chested, he slid his jeans down over his hips till they rested around his ankles. Underneath he was wearing a pair of white athletic briefs. Then he stepped out of the jeans.

We had confided in each other about our sexual feelings for other men on the occasions that we'd met in the bar. Or at least he'd confided in me and I hadn't given him any reason to think I thought any differently. He'd told me that he'd wanted to try sex with a man, but he had never before talked about it with another guy.

I'd had sex with a man, so I guessed it all added up somehow.

I unashamedly looked over his body with admiration. As a general rule I just didn't find other men attractive, but it was a part of what had drawn me to him. He had an inner vulnerability that he masked normally, underneath his handsome stockbroker power player exterior. Like a man who does it all to compensate for low self-esteem. His nearly naked body was athletic. The toned musculature of a man that had been a high school jock and who had worked hard to keep himself in shape through his twenties and now in his thirties.

Not unlike me.

He watched me watching him, and a blush crept up his cheeks. The attention I was paying to him made his dick grow harder in his briefs. His cock was now clearly silhouetted against the white fabric: it was short and wide.

I admired him in silence, Jack just standing there, arms folded nervously across his chest. No longer the closer. No longer so confident.

I grinned at him and decided to give him a show of my own. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then pulling it off so that Jack had a nice view of my full arms and chest, chiseled and buffed from my time in the service and years of hard work in the gym. His eyes roved over my thick biceps and powerful shoulders. And his grin told me he liked what he saw. I shamelessly exposed the rest of my flesh to his eyes as I also peeled off the very tight, white tank top I was wearing as an undershirt. That was when he got a glimpse of my chiseled six-pack. His smile grew even wider as I slowly undid my belt, allowing my jeans to slip down to the floor. Unlike Jack, I was wearing a pair of my usual silken boxers, so my limp dick was not yet visible.

All he could see was the as yet undefined, but growing, bulge of my package.

Jack was a man's man in most respects, but I was broader, thicker, slightly taller and more heavily muscled. Stepping out of the jeans now lying in a heap around my feet, I walked over to him and seized by a sudden urge, took his head in my strong hands and bent my mouth to his.

His response was slightly one of shock, but then his mouth opened to mine and he kissed me back passionately. His arms encircled my torso, holding me tightly to him. I could feel his dick near mine. The heat from our thighs radiating powerfully outward.

When with our kiss complete, I pulled away from him.

"I want to fuck your wife now," I murmured, my mouth still close to his.

"Okay," he said, like a schoolgirl with a crush.

He started to walk into the other room.

"Wait a minute," I said not letting him get very far.

He stood there looking at me with confusion. I turned him around to face me, and knelt down in front of him. With my two hands I pulled down his tighty whities. His cock fell out before my eyes. Growing to full harness there before me. It wasn't very often that I found myself in the position of a bitch on her knees, so it made me appreciate all over again how the women I fucked must feel.

I gave his cock an experimental tug, and it jerked in my hand. He groaned as I held him in my grip. The possibilities ran through my mind, but I let go of him and stood up.

"All right," I told him, "We can go now."

"What about you?" he asked, and I knew clearly what he meant.

"Not until I see your wife's bare naked pussy, dude," I said.

He looked at me calmly and then made up his mind.

"Remember," he said one last time, "Don't make any noise."

I nodded to him and followed closely behind him as we walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife every night in the world. The thick carpeting and the newness of Jack's home masked our careful footsteps.

Jack's wife, Debbie, lay face up and spread-eagled on the bed. Her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. A scarf was wrapped tightly around her eyes, masking us from sight.

We stood at the end of the bed and admired the view.

Jack was a lucky man, and I put my hand on his shoulder and gave him a nod and a smile to indicate that I thought so. Debbie was blonde. And not one of those bottle blondes either. Her pussy was shaved, and probably as a result of her excitement in being treated in this fashion, her cunt was moist in anticipation. A couple drops of juice had already escaped its tight looking crack to run down the length of her ass.

Was it odd that Jack wanted me to do this?

I guess it depended on his motives, which I hadn't really asked about. I'd lost my virginity sharing girls with guys and I had been doing it ever since. But I'd never fucked another man's wife like this before. Not without her knowledge or consent. This woman had a body worthy of a Playboy centerfold. Her massive, firm breasts hung off her chest. And her thighs curved like poetry. My gaze was drawn though to her perfect, pink pussy lips, so worthy of a long hard jack off session. And in need of a good, hard fucking.

I sprang a rod just staring at those engorged pink lips.

For my part, not having her consent didn't bother me at all. I told Jack at the bar where we'd met that she'd know I wasn't him. She'd be a fool not to. But Jack didn't care, by that time he said it would be too late.

Jack carefully sat down in a chair next to the bed. He indicated to me that she was ready and waiting. I don't know what had passed between them earlier, but obviously she was expecting to be taken by him at some point that night.

So I nodded my understanding and slowly, for Jack's benefit, pushed my boxers down over my hips until they hit the floor, and I stepped out of them. That was the first time ever that Jack had gotten an eyeful of my cock, and I was sporting a diamond hard boner by that point. Full and powerful, and it is undoubtedly my biggest asset. I put my two big fists over it, one on top of the other so that Jack could see for himself, from the mushroom tip poking proudly out the top of my two fists, that my full length just shy of ten inches. And the monster boner that my fingers encircled was far thicker than Jack's own solid cock.

Jack started to jerk himself off watching me.

The sight of him sitting there casually pulling on his cock was very erotic, but I turned my full attention back to his wife. My index finger moved around the outside of her pussy lips, tracing them until they found her clit.

When I first touched her, she'd gasped and arched her back at the sudden, new sensation.

"Jack is that you?" she asked, trying to reassure herself. Perhaps she was having second thoughts?

"Yes, honey," he said from the chair.

She relaxed instantly.

As she did, I let my finger slip inside her pussy. She moaned with the intrusion. I let my fingers do the walking for a while, putting my years of experience to practice on her clit. Her breathing became more ragged and soon I could hear her moans of pleasure that told me that she was having a very good time indeed.

I climbed onto the bed next to her, pulling my hand from her cunt, which caused her to groan audibly.

I bent down to kiss her neck and rubbed her hardened nipples. Slowly sucking on them and nibbling them ever so slightly. My lips trailed down Debbie's chest to her cleavage, and I took his soft breast in my hand and kiss it. Slowly, worshipfully, I wrapped my lips around her nipple and gently sucked it. I could hear her sigh above me.

Her beautiful tits were shaking with every breath she took.

I positioned myself over her then. The shaft of my naked cock brushed against her, and I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as I ground carefully against her once or twice. My lips found hers and she was quick to send her tongue in my mouth passionately. I broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck to her chest. I sucked her other nipple into my mouth, my hand gently squeezing her breast.

Her pussy called to me, beckoning me closer, and I began kissing down the front of her.

I sucked on the skin of her tight stomach, below her navel, kissing all over her skin down there. The strong scent from her pussy was strong as my lips approached that delicate area. I let my lips gently brush around the folds of skin, around where he bush would have been if she hadn't shaved it. Then I pressed my lips against her pussy, kissing her there at first gently and then with more effort.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Debbie gasped, bucking into me.

I kissed her pussy again, and again she bucked, but not as violently this time. That time she had been prepared for the sudden pleasure that it had given her. My tongue tasted her juices a little as the leaked out of that most space. I kissed the lips of Debbie's beautiful cunt again. And then I put my mouth on her pussy, and this time I sucked her lips into my mouth, managing to keep them there even though she bucked wildly once more. I sucked, tasting her delicious juices, and I ran my tongue up and down those lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned again, loudly.

I released her pussy lips, watching the erotic visual of them slowly withdrawing towards her body. I knelt between her legs, my eyes locked down on her pussy. Debbie's swollen lips were pressed tightly together, quivering with both arousal and nervousness. I could smell her pussy again, and it was intoxicating. I kissed the very top of her thigh, before quickly kissing her slit.

I slid my hands underneath that sexy ass of hers, grabbing onto her soft cheeks. Burying my face between her thighs, I slid my tongue as far into her tunnel as I could. She moaned, and tried to buck my off, but my hands gripped her ass firmly. All the same, this beautiful woman writhed her crotch violently into my face.

After minutes of teasing her to edge of cumming, and pulling back, I pulled my tongue out of her twat, bringing her nectar into my mouth. I paused for a moment, letting her collect herself. I wanted to enjoy this nice fuck session! I bent down again, and slowly licked from the bottom of Debbie's sensitive slit, up to the top, nudging her clit. Then I went to work, eating her, my tongue moving at an awesome pace for I don't know how long.

Soon she grunted loudly, her orgasm exploding inside her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried out over and over again as she writhed there, my tongue lodged into her crotch, my face buried right in that pussy.

My tongue licked her in long slow circles, lapping up the residual juices that had spilled out during her orgasm.

Her damp pussy was now a flood of cum of her own devising. The aroma wafted around my nose. I came up every once in a while for air, lapping up her juices.

"Christ, Jack!" she called out, "I need you to fuck me!"

I was very turned on by this. I didn't know if she knew I was her husband or not. I didn't care, as I was now in the throes of an irresistible impulse.

I turned my head to see Jack watching us, riveted to his seat.

His eager eyes did nothing to slow me down. Meanwhile Debbie lay before me, still panting, her legs spread, and I crawled on my hands and knees back up the bed towards her. The bed frame creaked ever slightly under our combined weight, and when I positioned myself on my arms, but she could feel me above her. My weight settled down on top of her, brining my cock close to her cunt.

I bent to kiss her cheek, and then her rosy red lips. I glanced at Jack, he looked tense, but his hand never left its grip around his dick. Back to her lips, my tongue parted them, and darted inside. I kissed her long and hard, sucking her lips and tongue into my own mouth. My dick was very hard and pointed very proudly and very straight underneath me.

I was daring her to say I wasn't Jack, but if she realized it wasn't her husband who was on top of her now, she made no comment.

With my height and build, my cock was below her tender spot. I had to break away from her lips and move up the bed a little further to bring her treasure into line with my spear.

That's when she felt my cock pressed against her pussy lips.

The tip of my dick was all wet and with one hand holding up my weight, my other hand rubbed my cock against her lips, seeking her entrance. I ran the mushroom head down the sopping wet lips of her pussy, stopping when I reached the spot where the heat was at its most intense. I pushed forward.

The fat head of my dick squeezed in between the wet lips of Debbie's pussy. Once my head had parted that sweet flesh, my tip lodged in her slit, I pushed in bit by bit. Slowly, I filled her pussy with my steel rod.

Her flesh stretched around me and I moved forward.

"God, Jack!" she said, wincing, but I couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or surprise.

I squeezed more my cock inside her. I forced two inches of my manhood into her pussy before her tightness would allow no more. I pulled back a bit, withdrawing my dick from the pink lips of her cunt. It found the entrance again on its own volition, and easily slipped back inside. She gasped, with a combination of nervousness and desire. Her tight pussy was gripping my boner incredibly tight, but I managed to force another inch of myself inside her.

"Fuck!" she moaned loudly.

After a few inches had passed inside, I began to pump her pussy. I was fucking her with just the top half of my cock, loving how hot and tight her pussy was on. She was such a delicate woman, and her pussy had the tightness to match! I thrust inside her a little deeper, and she moaned. I thrust deeper still, and she moaned again. Soon my entire cock was in her pussy, finally getting it in her as far as I could penetrate.

"Oh, God!" she moaned, sighing.

I groaned with pleasure as well, closing my eyes and pressing my thighs tightly against hers. My hard, throbbing dick was all the way inside Debbie's tight, welcoming vagina. The two of us were gasping for breath, and we'd only barely started! I looked down at her. The expression on her face told me that she relished this feeling of having her pussy filled. She smiled, and I kissed her thick, full lips roughly. I kissed her again and she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue entry. I kissed her hard, still holding my cock all the way inside her as my tongue explored her mouth.

Debbie began to rub her crotch against me. I was in heaven plunging my thick member into her needy depths over and over again, and she felt almost like a virgin! She humped her hips upward, meeting each and every one of my thrusts. I was fucking her a little faster, and the two of us were forced to break our passionate kiss.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned quietly, and repeatedly, being drilled by my rampant hard-on.

I held myself up a little so I could watch her ample breasts bounce hypnotically up and down with each of my thrusts. My gaze slid further down her body, over her sexy stomach to where my pole was disappearing and appearing over and over into that sweet hole. I was losing it already. And I knew I had to slow things down. So I pulled my dick out of her horny twat.

Debbie gasped in surprise.

But I didn't let that distract me. I quickly knelt on the end of the bed, face between her legs, sliding my hands underneath her ass. I raised her pussy up to my mouth, and I slid my tongue into her hot, steamy tunnel.

She moaned loudly.

I loved her taste! And I could eat that pussy all night! I twirled my tongue around the inside of her cunt, and she raised her ass out of my hands, moaning. I slipped my tongue out of her twat and sucked the thick lips of her wonderful cunt into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the silky skin, and she shuddered.

She was shaking. Her muscles started to tense. I released the lips of her pussy but suddenly clamped my mouth over her clit.

She cried out, hollering, as an orgasm exploded inside her. Debbie was a shaking, quivering mess as she came, rubbing her crotch up and down my face.

Glancing at the clock by the bedside I could see that the entire experience had taken under two minutes. I could not believe how fast this woman came when I went down on her!

I crawled back up, hovering over her, as I aimed my dick at the entrance to her treasure and thrust forward. This time my cock easily pierced her tight pussy, sliding all the way into her wetness in one hard stroke.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she wailed loudly.

I began to fuck Debbie hard, plunging his manhood deep inside her cunt over and over.

"Oh, yes! Fuck that pussy!" she moaned as I pistoned in and out of her tiny twat.

Debbie's tits were bouncing up and down, and I had a clear image of her gorgeous pussy accepting my rod over and over. Each time I withdrew, the pink lips of her vagina were pulled outward, only to be forced back when I rammed my cock back inside her.

I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could. I glanced at Jack who was watching us intently. I knew what it must look like, such a big man pounding into such a small woman, seemingly without mercy. And Debbie's cries were still very high in pitch, coming short and fast. She loved getting fucked this hard! And she was helpless, lost in both her feelings, and desires.

Then my strokes became long and hard. I felt the cum start to rise in my balls, so I changed pace and continued to pound her, getting even deeper than she'd probably ever had before. Her cunt was absolutely soaking, greasy juices running down my balls to pool on the bed.

She continued begging me to fuck her.

And so I did for time out of mind. Using my giant cock in her sensitive pussy like a piston. My sweat dripped off of my body and onto hers, the sounds of my balls smacking her ass were audible in the stillness of the room, mixed with our grunting and moaning.

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