Courting My Sister Ch. 02


Well this was more than I could stand. My cock was about to rip through the front of my pants. The thought of her freshly fucked pussy dripping with cum had my head spinning. I pressed up against her and pushed her back against the wall while I freed my throbbing cock. My lips opened. My mouth met hers in a hot, wet and passionate kiss. I pulled out my hard cock and slipped it under her skirt and between her thighs.

"Fuck me... yes... please Jim... fuck me... now..."

I pulled the soaked crotch of her panties to the side and rammed my throbbing meat into her cum filled pussy. She wrapped a leg around me to give me better access. We continued to kiss as I fucked her hard and fast. I pulled out and spun her around. My hands crushed her tits and thrust my cock between her cheeks and back into her gooey cunt. She came hard when I pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit.

Jill dropped to her knees and sucked my dripping cock into her mouth. Then I got on my back. Jill mounted me and rode my cock hard. She rubbed her clit until she had another orgasm. She fell forward onto me and we kissed and slowly fucked. I reached around and spread her ass cheeks. The tip of my forefinger rubbed across her tight anus. When I pushed the tip inside she stiffened.

"Just relax Jill. It's going to feel good... I promise."

I continued to push my finger deeper until it was buried to the knuckle. I held it deep while I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. When I felt her relax I moved my finger in and out of her tight asshole while I fucked her. Her moans told me she was feeling the pleasure I had promised. She raised her head and ground her pussy and clit hard against me. Moments later she exploded with another orgasm.

My cock could no longer hold back. I thrust up into her gushing cunt and grunted. A stream of hot white cum erupted from the tip and sprayed into her boiling cunt. She continued moaning and I continued grunting until I could feel our combined juices leaking out from the sides of her pussy and dripping down my balls. Jill collapsed forward on top of me with my cock still buried in her cunt and my finger up her ass.

"No... no, don't pull out. I want you in me while you tell me what you did tonight."

"Well... first I fingered Jenny in the car. Then she sucked my cock when Tessa and Becky went to get some drinks."

"Jenny? Little sweet innocent Jenny? Jesus... that is so fucking hot. You're going to make me cum again. What next."

She rotated her cum filled pussy against my semi-hard cock. I could feel it grow inside her. She rubbed her clit hard against the base.

"Tessa came back with two guys and we went to their place only Becky and Jenny got shitfaced. When Tessa went into the bedroom to get fucked by her two friends Becky and I kissed and I fingered her pussy and then Jenny fingered her. Then I ate Becky's pussy."

"No way. Jenny fingered Becky? Oh god... keep talking...I'm getting ready to cum."

"I rubbed my cock across Jenny's pussy while she kissed and fingered Becky. Then she asked me to fuck her so I did. Jenny had this huge orgasm and came everywhere."

"YOU FUCKED HER? God I wish I'd been there. Keep going."

"After she came Becky sucked my cock and then she stood up and I fucked her against the counter. I went back and forth fucking both of them and then they got on their knees where I shot cum all over their faces."

"Oh god... that's so hot.... Okay, get on top of me and finish me."

Jill rolled onto her back. I climbed on top and shoved my hard cock back into her cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around me. I slowly moved in and out of her hot pussy going really deep on each stroke.

"I'm not finished yet. Tessa saw what we had done so on the ride home she pulled off onto a dirt road. Becky and Jenny were passed out in the back seat. She sucked my cock with her incredible mouth and fucked me with her incredible pussy until I was about to explode but she wouldn't let me and that's when ... well I shouldn't tell you this part."

"Yes... yes... you have to tell me."

Jill was really close. I looked down into her pleading eyes and pumped my cock steadily into her hot pussy. Her heels dug into my ass cheeks and her fingernails raked my back. She was trying to hold back and waiting for me to tell her what happened next.

"I fucked her in the ass."

Jill lost it. She screamed and bucked and jerked underneath me. My cock pounded her pussy over and over until another explosion of cum blasted into her pussy sending Jill on a second wave of orgasms. When she could no longer stand the pleasure she pushed me off. It took her most of a minute to catch her breath.

"You fucked her in the ass? Holy shit. What was it like?"

"It was tight and, well the way she moved her ass was incredible. And the filth that came out of her mouth made it even more so. She loved it... I mean really loved it."

"God, that is so hot. I want it like that... do it to me."

"What... you mean... in the ass?"

"Yes. I want you to fuck me in the ass just like you did with Tessa."

"I don't know Jill. I don't think it's that easy. I mean Tessa had done this before... a lot I'm pretty sure. I think it takes some practice or something."

"I don't care. I want to do it. You put your finger in there and it felt good. I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please."

Jill stood and put her hands against the wall with her ass tilted in the air. I took some Crisco and rubbed it over my cock and my fingers. I pressed my finger against her tight sphincter and felt it push into her warm ass. She flinched when I put in a second finger.

"Look, maybe this isn't such a good idea."

"Quit stalling, dammit. I want it in the ass. If Tessa can do it I can do it."

After digging my fingers around inside her she seemed to relax. I pulled them out and pressed the swollen knob of my cock against her tight hole. I pressed slowly until it popped inside. Jill gasped. I could feel her tighten around my cock. I held it there until she relaxed and then pushed another inch up her dark passage. Jill stiffened again and clenched her ass against my cock.

"Are you sure you..."

"I said want it in my ass... just... just go slow."

I slowly buried my cock up her ass an inch at a time, occasionally pulling back until she could catch her breath. Finally my entire cock was inside her asshole.

"Oh god... it's so big and so hard. I feel so... so stuffed. I think I'm ready but go slow."

"Look Jill, how about if you fuck me? I'll just hold my cock steady and let you move, okay? That way you can go at your own pace."

Jill rotated her ass against me slowly and pulled forward just a little. She pushed back and my cock disappeared back into her ass. She continued to slowly fuck her ass onto my cock taking a little more each time. I reached around and squeezed her tits. Jill reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

"Okay, I'm ready. I want you to fuck my ass now... just like you fucked Tessa's."

I was gentle at first but that was not what Jill wanted.

"Harder... I said fuck me."

And so I did. Pretty soon I was pounding into her and jerking her head forward on each thrust. My hand crushed her tits and my fingers tugged on her nipples. Her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy and over her clit. Her breathing was erratic between the gasps and moans.

We continued on and on. Sweat was dripping down my face. Jill stayed on the verge of an orgasm for a good ten minutes. I had her pressed face first against the wall and was driving her head up it on each powerful thrust. I could feel another load of cum churning in my balls and knew it wouldn't be much longer. I bit into the side of her neck and fucked my cock up into her ass until she was on her toes.

"I'm cumming baby... in your ass... oh god... here comes... AAAARRRGGGHHH..."

My cock swelled inside her tight sphincter. Cum exploded from the tip into her bowels again and again. Jill screamed and shook as the huge orgasm that had been building finally consumed her. Her legs were wobbly but I held her up and kept thrusting my cock into her ass and spewing cum into her bowels.

I held my cock deep in her ass and turned her head so we could kiss. Our tongues were lashing out as we tried to hold onto the moment. My hand moved to her pussy and rubbed her clit. Jill shuddered with another spasm. My cock fell from her ass. She turned to face me. There was a puddle of cunt juice on the floor below us.

"It looks like I peed... and it felt like it too. God I've never cum so hard."

We kissed some more.

"Do you mind if I let Brad do it to me... fuck me in the ass?"

"Can I watch?"

"Sure... maybe you could even join us. I think I'm ready for two cocks."

Yes, I thought to myself, at least two.

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