tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCourtroom Strip

Courtroom Strip

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, non-consensual sex of any kind is illegal and immoral, and not condoned by the author.


I heard the phone ring, and Linda, my wife, must have grabbed it upstairs. A few minutes later she came down with a startled look on her face. "That was the police," she said. "They want me to go to the station."

"What?" I asked. "Why? What's wrong?"

Linda stared out blankly. "They said that when I had my tooth pulled last week that the oral surgeon molested me while I was asleep."

I was shocked and momentarily speechless. "Why do they think that? Do you remember anything?"

"I don't remember anything. They say that they have a video tape of it."

Linda asked me to go with her to the police station, and I did. We asked for the officer that called her, and he took us to his desk in a large room full of plainclothes and uniformed officers. We sat down, and he and another plain clothes officer asked my wife questions, confirming that she visited the oral surgeon last week, and what she remembered. We asked him what had happened. He told us the story, loud enough for several nearby officers to hear. "After the oral surgeon removed your tooth, his assistant left the room, and he was alone with you. He allegedly pulled up some of your clothing and fondled you. He apparently videotaped the incident for his own pleasure. Later in the day, his assistant found the camcorder and tape and contacted us."

Linda and I sat in silent shock. I glanced around, and several other officers were looking over at Linda. "Mrs. Cooke, we need you to view the video tape to confirm that it's you on the tape." The officers took us to an office with windows facing the larger room. There was a TV hooked up to a VCR in the corner facing the door. We sat down, and the officer started the VCR.

The first thing on the tape was a close-up of Dr. Jenkins turning on the camera. As the middle aged, bald doctor backed away, there was a reclining dentist's chair centered, with a brunette woman who appeared to be Linda lying motionless in it. Since I had driven her to her appointment, I recognized the light blue top and black jogging pants that she was wearing. Dr. Jenkins walked over and stood on the opposite side of the chair. He looked at Linda, who had a mask over her mouth. He put his hand on her stomach, and when she didn't move, he placed his hand on her nearest breast. He squeezed her breast over her top and bra. Then he grabbed the edge of her top at her waist, and pulled it up past her bra. He grabbed the bottoms of both of her bra cups and lifted them, exposing her breasts, and resting the bra on her chest.

Linda is 39 years old, tall at 5'9", with brown hair, a curvy figure, long legs, and very large breasts, a 40C bra. Her big round white breasts were sitting high on her chest, with just the slightest sag to the sides. Her wide, very dark areolas contrasted the pale breasts. One officer paused the tape with Linda's exposed breasts on view. "Mrs. Cooke, is that you?"

Linda, still looking at the screen, cleared her throat and quietly said, "Yes." I looked at Linda watching herself on the TV. The two officers were also looking at the screen, then back to Linda. Several other officers passed by the windows, saw what was on the screen, and stepped through the open door. I felt intense anger at the oral surgeon for molesting my wife while I waited in the next room, as well as embarrassment for my wife, not only knowing that this happened to her, but that she had to go through the humiliation of watching it with these men. But I also felt a tingling in my groin and my penis stiffening in my slacks.

The officer started the tape again. Dr. Jenkins grabbed Linda's exposed breast and fondled it. He leaned over and licked and sucked on her breast and nipple. I thought that was going to be it, but then he untied her jogging pants, and pulled down her pants and white panties, exposing her thick bushy triangle of brown pubic hair. His fingers combed her bush as he rubbed her mound. He inserted a finger in her pussy and briefly finger fucked her while feeling her breast.

I looked up to see that several more men had entered the room to watch the tape, and more were watching through the window. I looked at my wife, silent and blinking. I noticed that her nipples were clearly popping through her shirt. I thought about asking the officers if they brought popcorn. One officer in back must not have noticed Linda in the crowded room and said, "Look at those tits! It's hard to blame the guy."

On the tape, Dr. Jenkins pulled Linda's bra back over her breasts and pulled her shirt down. Then he pulled her pants back up, and walked over and turned off the tape.

As I drove Linda home, she asked me not to tell anyone about this, not even our families. When we got home, we went upstairs to continue to talk. As I lied on the bed, Linda got undressed and changed clothes, including her panties. For some reason I picked up Linda's dirty panties off of the floor. The crotch was soaking wet. That night, despite still being visibly upset, she insisted on having sex, and she was wet and passionate.


Two days later, we read that Dr. Jenkins was arrested for molesting a patient. The story told about the videotape, but Linda's name was withheld. We didn't hear much about it for several months until Linda received a summons to appear in court for Dr. Jenkin's trial.

On the opening day of the trial, I accompanied Linda to court. Linda wore a navy wool pinstripe skirt and blazer over a white blouse. We sat in the first row behind the prosecutors. Before the trial began, the prosecutor introduced himself. He looked like a kid, young and reserved. I asked him if Linda would have to testify, and he said that he didn't plan to call her.

"I have to tell you something," the young prosecutor said. "I was assigned to this case at the last minute. I think that the original prosecutor backed out because he knows this judge and the defense attorney. The judge is very old, past retirement age. His views on sex cases are very old fashioned, even sexist. His decisions can be biased toward the defendant. Plus, Dr. Jenkins hired a very high- powered defense attorney. His outrageous courtroom theatrics are legendary. He has been investigated for bribing witnesses and judges, but nothing has ever been proved."

With that the thin, elderly judge entered the courtroom, and the trial started. In the morning, the prosecutor entered the videotape into evidence. A fat bailiff wheeled in a large TV monitor, and the prosecutor took the remote control and started the tape. Again, Linda had to endure the humiliation of seeing herself naked and molested on screen while others watched. The jury of ten men and two women watched, as did the judge, the prosecutor, the bailiff, and a good thirty other people in the courtroom. As I held Linda's hand, I again found myself getting hard watching the video, and the prosecutor repeatedly paused it and rewound it.

After lunch, the defense presented their case. The defense attorney, a nattily dressed, tanned man with a full head of silver hair, said, "Your Honor, the defense calls Linda Cooke to the stand." Linda looked up with a shocked expression. She looked at the prosecutor, who just shrugged. With everyone looking at her, Linda slowly stood up and approached the bench. The bailiff motioned her to the witness stand, and she stood in front of the chair behind the thin railing as the bailiff swore her in. The defense attorney began asking her questions about when she last had her hair done, and the clothes she wore on the day that she had oral surgery. The prosecutor objected, asking what these had to do with the case.

"Your honor," the defense attorney replied, "the defense intends to prove that the woman on the videotape is not Linda Cooke, but a similar looking woman who consented to have relations with Dr. Jenkins after hours." He picked up the remote control and started the tape again, pausing it where Linda was exposed on the table. "We believe that if Mrs. Cooke were to disrobe here in the court, we would quickly see that she does not look like the woman on the video."

Linda looked up with wide eyes and an open mouth. The prosecutor objected to the suggestion as absurd. The defense attorney handed the judge a brief, explaining that it was a precedent, of a 1920's case where a prostitute exposed her breasts in a courtroom to prove that she wasn't the woman in a pornographic picture.

"I will allow the motion," the smiling judge announced. "The witness will disrobe." As the courtroom buzzed, the prosecutor objected vehemently. Linda said "What?" and looked at me. The judge banged his gavel until the room was silent. He told the prosecutor that he was close to being held in contempt. Then he turned to Linda and said, "Remove your clothes."

Linda, in a shaking voice, said, "No!"

"Lady," the judge said, "Do not argue with me in my court, or I'll see that you spend a long time in jail for contempt! Now take off your clothes!"

Linda, visibly shaking, stood up. I stood up and yelled, "Stop! This is ridiculous!"

The short-tempered judge said, "Bailiff, handcuff that man and gag him!" The big fat bailiff walked over and slapped handcuffs on me behind my back. Then he took out a handkerchief and tied it over my mouth.

Linda, visibly shaking, unbuttoned her blazer, and removed it, displaying her large breasts in her white blouse. She looked at the judge, and started unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled the blouse out of her skirt and opened it, revealing her white bra. She dropped her blouse and stood in her bra, looking around the courtroom. With another glance at the judge, she reached back and unhooked her bra, pulled the straps down, and slowly pulled it off. Her big heavy breasts hung loose, as Linda stood in the witness stand with her head down, topless. You could hear a pin drop in the courtroom, as all eyes were riveted on my wife's breasts. Of course her distinctive large dark areolas looked like the ones still paused on the screen, although her equally distinctive long nipples now capped them. But the judge was merciless.

"Continue," he said. Linda looked at him like a scolded puppy, then unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. As she bent over, her big boobs hung down and shook. She pulled her white slip off, and stood in her white panties and hose. She stepped out of her shoes as her breasts jiggled, then she hooked the sides of her panty hose, and wiggled them off. Her white cotton panties were tight over her crotch. I could see that there was a large wet spot on them. Linda tugged down her panties, and stepped out of them, exposing her hairy triangle. I was enraged and humiliated, but I was also rock hard looking at my wife nude and humiliated in front of dozens of strangers.

But the judge still wasn't done. "Step off of the stand and walk past the jury and the tables. Let them get a close look." Linda stepped down from the stand, and walked slowly past the riveted eyes of the jury, with her head down. Then she walked past the prosecutor's table and on over to the defendant's table. She was trying to move as little as possible, but as she walked her breasts still jiggled, and her ass cheeks rose and fell and quivered. As she walked by the defendant, both he and his attorney had insolent smirks on their face.

The courtroom was starting to buzz again and get out of control. The defending attorney then said, "Your honor, maybe if she laid on her back on your bench..."

That's when the prosecutor lost control and started yelling and swearing at the defense attorney. The judge banged his gavel several times, and as things got out of control, he yelled, "I'm declaring a mistrial. Court dismissed, jury, you are excused, bailiff, clear the court." The jury and the gallery and the stenographers were quickly led out of the courtroom, and the prosecutor stalked out in disgust. This left the judge, the bailiff, my naked wife, Dr. Jenkins and his attorney, and myself, still handcuffed and gagged, in the courtroom. Jenkins and his attorney laughed and shook hands, and then shook hands with the smiling judge.


Linda skulked back to the witness stand to retrieve her clothes, but the judge said, "Just a minute, honey, I'm still going to charge you and your husband with contempt."

"No, please," whimpered Linda.

"Maybe we can settle out of court, so to speak. Come around over here. Approach the bench." Linda walked back behind the witness stand, up on the riser behind the judge's bench. "Those are the nicest tits I've seen in a long time, let me feel 'em." He reached up and took hold of both of my wife's breasts and rapidly jiggled and tugged at them. Dr. Jenkins and his attorney watched and laughed. I started to stand up, but the big fat bailiff pushed me back down.

"Girlie, you've had me hard all day. Take care of me here, and I won't throw you and your husband's asses in jail." He lifted his robe, undid his pants, and whipped out his hard dick. "Kneel down here." Linda knelt in front of the judge's chair. He grabbed her breasts, and wrapped them around his hard dick. Linda was forced to arch her back and hold her heavy tits up and press them around the judge's cock. He thrust up as she moved her chest up and down.

Then, at his command, she wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked him. The judge threw his robe over her head, and said, "I've always wanted to conduct court like this," and the other three men laughed. Jenkins and the attorney walked around behind the bench and stared at my wife's ass sticking in the air. They groped her ass cheeks, and reached between her legs and rubbed and fingered her pussy. Linda whimpered a weak protest as she sucked cock.

"Hey, Your Honor," the attorney said, "She's real wet! She must be loving this!"

"Let's see," the judge replied. He pulled his chair back and made Linda sit her bare butt on the edge of his wooden bench, and rolled his chair between her thighs and buried his face into her muff. Linda whimpered and wrapped her hands around his head. Jenkins and the attorney stood on either side of her and played roughly with her tits. Linda moaned in a rhythm and thrust her hips in the judge's face. The judge picked up his wooden gavel and inserted the handle into Linda's pussy as Linda squealed.

The judge removed his gavel, and Linda cried, "No, don't stop!" The men laughed, and the judge said, "Don't worry, sweetie, I'm going to give you something bigger." He stood between her legs and slid his cock into her pussy, and pumped her. Linda lied back on the table and the other two men continued their tit groping. Linda was whimpering and squealing. She started thrashing around uncontrollably. The judge hung on as the others commented on her intense orgasm. Then he grunted several times and came in my wife.

As the judge pulled out, Dr. Jenkins climbed on the bench, sat on my wife's chest, and slid his dick between her tits. He pressed them together, surrounding his cock, and he fucked her tits rapidly. As he did this, the attorney replaced the judge between her legs, and fucked her standing up, as Linda whimpered. Jenkins shot his load on her tits, chest, and neck. After he climbed, off, the attorney stopped his humping, and told her to get up. Linda objected, pleading, "No, don't stop." But the attorney sat on the edge of the bench, made her lean over, and suck his dick. She stood in front of him, bending over, her ass in the air, her tits hanging down.

The bailiff approached Linda from behind, whipped out his dick, and slid it between her legs. He thrust his fat belly into her hard. The judge and Dr. Jenkins stood on either side of Linda and milked her free-swinging tits. Linda sucked the cock that was just in her pussy, got screwed from behind by the bailiff, and felt by the other two. I could hear Linda moaning as she came up for air, The attorney came, choking my wife with his first squirt, which dribbled down her chin, and the second blast shooting all over her face.

Now Linda's mouth was free, and she squealed, panted and moaned constantly. "Oh, Oh, fuck! Oh god, I'm going to cum! Oohhh!" She let out a string of unfeminine grunts, screamed and thrashed, then quieted down. The bailiff must have cum too. He pulled out, and Linda fell into the judge's chair behind her.

The four men laughed and slapped each other on the back. "Did everyone cum?" Dr Jenkins asked. "She obviously did."

"He didn't cum," said the attorney, pointing at me. "Let's see how she does it at home." The bailiff and the attorney picked up Linda by the arms and led her over to where I was sitting handcuffed. The bailiff roughly undid my belt and my pants, and pulled them down until my stiff cock sprang free. They all laughed and joked about my hardness, how I obviously enjoyed watching them fuck my wife.

Linda was made to sit on my lap facing me, her legs straddling me. She worked her pussy over my dick, and started fucking me, wrapping her arms around me. She started panting and whimpering immediately. "I'm sorry, honey," she panted, "they got me so hot and I kept cumming and cumming."

"It's OK," I replied. I've fucked my wife hundreds of times, but this was certainly the most intense. I leaned over and grabbed one of her cum-covered tits with my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned and cried out, and bucked her hips faster, as the others watched.

"I'm gonna cum soon," she warned, and started to thrash and gyrate. "I'm cummng" she yelled. I let loose with a huge load into my wife's used pussy. We rested naked together as the bailiff took off the handcuffs, and the others straightened their papers and departed.

The End

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