tagGroup SexCourtship Ch. 2

Courtship Ch. 2


The following day we had more fine weather. I was not alone with Marc until shortly after noon when we made ready to return. Once again we were in the cockpit motoring and Sylvie was below. Marc opened with, "I hear you had a great time yesterday."

Me coyly, "Very much. You know how much I like the boat and the water."

"I meant later, last night."

"I enjoyed the whole day, thank you."

"I know that Sylvie went to your cabin, and she says the two of you were more than hot."

"If Sylvie says so, I suppose it must be true."

"What if it had been me instead of her?"

"We'll never know will we?"

"I'm hoping to find out someday."

I was beginning to enjoy this repartee. "Someday perhaps you will."

"I was hoping it might be today."

"Oh, that's much too fast. A woman likes to be courted before yielding her favors." I was close to laughing, but managed to merely smile.

"You didn't need much courtship from Sylvie for those favors."

This was almost insulting. "Oh, I don't know. It was she who invited me on board last weekend for a drink. It was she who invited me this weekend too. And she told me that this is her boat, so I think she has done a quite nice job of courtship. Now let me think what you have done." I paused for reflection. "No, I can't think of a single thing."

Marc gave me one of his charming smiles. "Touché, Sonia. You are completely in the right, and I am certainly an idiot to think that I deserve to share those charms that I have seen on two pleasant occasions."

"Don't give up hope mon cher. In the meantime you have Sylvie, whose charms are certainly more than equal to mine."

"I can't compare until I've sampled both, and I assure you that you wouldn't be disappointed either. But tell me, what can I do to win your approval?"

"I've heard that any date should contain at least two of food, entertainment, and affection. And since you won't be getting affection right away, you need to concentrate on the other two. And make sure that Sylvie knows what you're up to. She and I are going to be best friends now, and I'm sure we'll confide everything."

Marc grinned and went forward. A short time later Sylvie came on deck. She said, "I heard everything you said. You were brilliant. He's not used to women resisting his charms. The only reason he's been faithful to me for so long is that I stand up to him, and of course I own this boat."

I had heard the story of Mouette earlier. Marc was the avid sailor, and when Sylvie had had the opportunity to buy a "tax boat" at a very good price, their relationship had been cemented.

I wanted to pursue another line of thought. "Listen Sylvie, I want to know why you are being so accommodating about sharing Marc. What are you looking to get out of it?"

Sylvie gave me a sly smile. "You are very perceptive, ma chere. Ok, I'll come clean. Marc is very ambitious and it is clear that he is going to leave St. Martin as soon as he can, no matter how much he loves fucking me, or sailing my boat. And I am not going to leave here when he does. So when I met you it was almost a dream come true."

"You think I am a female Marc?"

"I am hoping so. You seemed to like sex with me too, and I know you like the boat. I won't be jealous of the boat you know."

"I've never met anyone like you. But why include Marc in this?"

"He will be around for a while. One year, maybe two. And I do love him. And now I think I love you too. I certainly don't want two people I love to be jealous of each other. And then I have other reasons."

"What reasons?"

I love sex with men and women, and I love to watch and be watched, and I think it would be great for the three of us to have sex together too." She paused. "Is that shocking?"

To be honest, I was somewhat shocked. I'd never been in a partouze, group sex, before. But with attractive people like Sylvie and Marc it did not seem at all an unpleasant prospect.

"If that's the case, why should we be playing games with him? We could just hop to it right away."

"We need it to be his idea. I assure you that once he has sex with you his next thought will be a ménage."

I couldn't help but smile at that. "Just like a man." Of course it was we women who were thinking of it.


After this weekend it was not too surprising that Sylvie and I arranged a regular rendezvous at my small villa almost every evening. The route between Marigot and Oyster Pond leads through Grand Case, so Sylvie could stop to see me on her way home. She was a skillful lover and imaginative as well, so that I could consider myself to be in a finishing school in lesbian sex. But she was also a warm, loving person, and I began to feel for her the same affection and love I had previously know only with Florence.

We were into the second week of our liaison before I next heard from Marc. It was a Tuesday, and Sylvie and I were lying together on my bed after lovemaking when my mobile phone sounded.


"Sonia. It's Marc. Have you seen Sylvie today?"

I looked at Sylvie questioningly, mouthing the word 'Marc' silently. She put a finger to her lips and joined her head to mine so that she could hear everything. I said truthfully, "We talked earlier today. What's the matter?"

"Nothing at all. But tomorrow is the street festival in Marigot, and I thought you might like to have dinner with me there. If Sylvie were there I would invite her to come with us at the same time."

Sylvie pointed at me nodding, then at herself shaking her head. "I bet you were hoping she was not here. But in any case I would be happy to go with you, and perhaps we can get to know each other better á deux."

"Very well. Shall I pick you up at home?"

"No, I'll just stay in town after school. Meet me in front of the dock master's office at the Porte Royale marina at, say, 17:30?"

"That should be fine. Where shall we eat?"

"Anywhere you chose. Of course I'll be judging your taste by your selection."

"In that case I shall be considering it carefully. Bisous! Á demain!"

Sylvie was smiling as he disconnected. "He'll have to take you to an expensive restaurant now, and dress nicely as well. He hasn't taken me to a nice place for some time. I'm almost tempted to come along, but that would ruin our game."

The following day I took my one nice dress, a black thigh-length number with a plunging back, to school with me on a hanger. Although I normally commuted to work on my motorbike, I had to take a taxi this time. After school I went over to the marina, where the dock master is a good friend, and used his office to change. Inspecting myself in a mirror, I thought that I looked pretty good. With the low back I wore no bra, and panties that were made so as not to show lines beneath a tight dress. Low-heeled black pumps and sunglasses completed my look.

Marc showed up promptly, determined to make a good impression. He was nicely dressed in a yachting blazer, open-collar shirt, and slacks. I made him wait for several minutes on the dock before showing myself. He gave me a low whistle of approval before kissing my cheeks. "You look scrumptious tonight, Sonia my dear."

"Thank you Marc. You clean up well yourself."

"I've reserved a table at 'La Vie en Rose', but since it's not until 18:30 we can have a drink here first."

"I see Sylvie didn't come with you. Didn't she want to?"

"She said she has a headache."

I was planning to see if he had indeed asked her, but in the meantime we passed an enjoyable evening drinking, dining, and then dancing in the street to the steel band that provided musical accompaniment to the festival. The festivities closed down at 22:30, and Marc asked to see me home. This was welcome since my motorbike was still at the villa.

We walked to his car hand in hand. I was feeling very good from the wine I had drunk and the fact that I was in the company of a handsome sexy man. Had I not conspired with Sylvie I'm sure that he and I would have spent the night in my bed. As it was he delivered me to my door, certainly expecting to be invited in for a drink. But instead all I said was, "This has been an enjoyable evening. Thank you so much."

"It could continue to be enjoyable."

"It would be ecstatic, but I have to be up early tomorrow for school."

"That's not a problem. I'll wake you in time."

"I'm sure you could, but you might make me late even then."

"If I promise to be good, can I come in for a drink?"

"You're driving. I wouldn't want to be responsible for you driving drunk. And remember, we've had food and entertainment tonight. I'll let you know when the affection part comes in." So saying, I kissed him lightly on the lips and went inside, closing the door behind me.

I immediately went to the phone to call Sylvie, who answered on the first ring.

"How did it go Sonia?"

"As you said cherie. He is coming home to you very frustrated. Is your headache better?"

"Headache? Is that what he said as to why I wasn't there tonight? He is such a charming liar."

"Did he actually invite you to come?"

"Yes he did, but not in a very convincing fashion. I bet him he wouldn't bed you tonight."

"You are wicked. But you won your bet. What's the prize?"

"I get to chose how we make love tonight."

"He's certainly in the mood. Have fun, and think of poor Sonia here playing with herself."

"I wasn't sure I was going to win that bet, so I've already been doing that myself. I'll see you tomorrow night to make up for it."


She was true to her word, and as we lay together on Thursday evening we contemplated our next step. Sylvie asked, "The next time you see Marc, do you want to fuck him? I think your resistance is getting him down."

"Oh that poor dear!" I laughed. "My resistance as well. You know I find him attractive but since he's your man I'll let you decide."

"I certainly want the three of us to be together. Why don't you invite him here for dinner? It's always a good idea for the first time to be on your home territory."

"Shall I invite the two of you together?"

"Oh no! The partouze needs to be his idea. Once he seduces you the thought will come to him naturally."

We decided to put our plan into action immediately, so I called Marc's mobile phone. "Allo mon cher. I wanted to thank you again for a lovely evening yesterday. Can I repay you with a dinner at my place?"

"That would be super. When?"

"How about tomorrow night? Can you get away from Sylvie so it's just us?"

"Since you two tell each other everything nowadays, I imagine you already know the answer. But I'll ask her tonight if she has anything scheduled."

"OK. Call me when you know."

Sylvie smiled. "As it happens I have a business dinner tomorrow night, so the coast will be clear."

All went according to plan, and the next evening Marc was at my door at 19:00 carrying a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. I had dressed carefully in a demure cream silk blouse, no bra, and a dark skirt that came to mid-thigh. We kissed at the door and I led him into the salon, where a bottle of good Bordeaux was already open. "Pour us some wine while I finish cooking. We can eat soon." He brought my glass into the kitchen as I was grilling the meat.

"It smells delicious. What's on the menu?"

"Lamb chops, haricots verts, lyonnaise potatoes, salad."

We dined at a small table I had set for two in the salon, with a sole candle in the center of the table. Marc ate as if famished. "This is so good. You know Sylvie can't cook at all so I have to make dinner if we want something other sandwiches at home."

"Sylvie has other talents."

"Yes. I love her very much."

"But you're here with me?"

"You invited me for a friendly dinner, and Sylvie was busy. Nothing more."

"I wanted to thank you for the other night."

"You are most welcome. I think I was obnoxious at the end. It was clear you didn't want me. I'm sorry if you were upset."

"I wasn't at all upset. It was a first date, and I had expected Sylvie to come with you."

"This is the second date, and you wanted it to be just the two of us, remember?"

"That's right, because tonight I have food but no entertainment. That means we need affection to have a correct date."

"What kind of affection shall we have?"

"Come to the sofa and I'll show you."

He moved over and sat down. I then straddled his legs, pushed him deep into the back of the sofa, then put my arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. We held this a long time as I pressed my breasts into his chest and he wrapped his arms around my back. When we broke the kiss, he smiled up at me.

"This is the kind of affection I like. Let me undress you." He pulled the blouse out of my skirt and slowly unbuttoned the front, exposing my breasts to view. My nipples were as hard as little cocks. As the blouse settled to the floor, Marc slowly tongued each of them as he cupped both breasts in his palms. "Your breasts are so lovely. I've been aching to touch them since last weekend."

After long minutes of this attention, I told him, "All right, it's my turn." I climbed down from his lap and knelt on the floor between his legs. I undid his belt and zipper, and then pulled his jeans off along with his loafers. He was wearing bikini briefs, with his cock evidently straining within. I eased the waistband down allowing his penis to escape and press up against his belly. After the briefs had joined his other clothes on the floor, I was able to pay attention to the organ that heretofore I had seen only dimly in their cabin as it repeated disappeared into Sylvie's cunt.

He had a quite nice cock, slightly larger than normal but not gigantic, and uncircumcised. The foreskin was pulled back and the head was purple and engorged. Taking it into my mouth I worked my tongue and lips over the head and down the shaft as far as I could. Marc was breathing hard and stroking my hair as I worked on him with my mouth.

Freeing him from my lips, I said, "Tell me how you like this." I pushed his legs further apart and moved in close so that I could imprison his cock between my breasts. Then pressing both together I stoked him so that both hard nipples rubbed up and down his shaft.

"God, fantastic!" He caressed my cheeks with both hands as I fucked him with my breasts. My own juices were flowing and I felt that my panties were becoming very damp. I could see small amounts of pre-cum seeping from the tip of his cock.

I rose up, saying, "I'm going to fuck you now. Stay still." I pulled up the skirt so that I could pull my panties off. Leaving my skirt hiked up around my hips, I climbed onto the couch, straddling him once more. Taking his cock in one hand, I brought it between my pussy lips and then slowly let myself down as his cock head pushed my cunt walls apart. When he was fully inside I paused a moment to savor the sensation of being so full.

As I started to move up and down on him, our lips came together and we kissed deeply, tongues twining and searching in one dance as our hips writhed in another. This seemed to go on for an hour, although I suppose we fucked for five minutes or so. As his crisis neared, he whispered, "I'm going to cum." I rose up slightly so that it was he who could thrust as his sperm pulsed into me. After five or so such thrusts he slumped back onto the couch, as if totally spent. I felt him grow soft, and as his cock slipped out of me a small stream of semen mixed with my juices flowed afterwards.

I hadn't orgasmed yet, and Marc seemed to realize that after a moment. He gently rolled me off and onto the couch beside him, and then he applied his lips to my soaking and musky slit, licking and tonguing so skillfully that I came hard within another few minutes.

We were both spent and covered with sweat, me holding his head in my hands as it rested on my thighs. I can truthfully recount, however, that our fatigue was only temporary, and we had two more passages in my bed. First he took me from behind comme les chiens. For a finale he asked if I also liked to be fucked in my ass. To please him I agreed, although this time with a condom.

This last loving exhausted our passion for the night, and afterwards we lay side my side drinking the last of the wine. Marc turned to me to say, "That time I saw you and Sylvie naked together on the island, covered with sand, I think I fell in love with you."

"Love? You fell in lust."

"Call it what you will. I knew I had to make love to you as of that moment."

"If you hadn't been so prompt with the dinghy you would have seen Sylvie and me together. She was in the process of seducing me."

"I know. She told me later and was vexed about my interrupting."

"What would you have done?"

"Watched. Maybe asked to join in. Would you have minded that?"

"I don't know. Maybe not."

"And now?"

"Now all three of us have had sex with the others. It might be a lot of fun."

"I'm going to ask Sylvie. If she says yes will you?"

"You ask and we'll see."

Shortly thereafter Marc got dressed and I showed him to the door. He said in parting, "This has been one of my most memorable days on St. Martin."

"For me too. Now go home to Sylvie and explain why you can't get it up any more tonight."

When he had gone, I rushed to telephone her. "He's on his way home now, quite tired."

She laughed. "How tired?"

"He came three times in two hours, and it was pretty limp when we put it back in his pants. Slimy too. And you were right, his immediate thought was getting the three of us together. You must be able to read his mind."

"When he thinks with the little head, yes. I hope it was good for you as well."

"He's a good lover. Not as good as you, but very satisfactory. The first time I hadn't orgasmed and he ate me afterwards. Not all men will do that."

"I have trained him well. We'll need to arrange a little party very soon."

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