tagIncest/TabooCousin Lacey

Cousin Lacey


Every summer growing up, my sister and I would go stay with our Aunt Betty and our cousins Lacey and Michelle. Lacey and I were roughly the same age, with Lacey being about a month younger. We always looked forward to seeing one another, especially once puberty hit and we began getting curious. Over the years following our thirteenth summer, Lacey and I shared a few firsts: our first serious kiss, our first groping.

By the time our sixteenth summer came around, Lacey began half-jokingly telling her friends that her 'boyfriend was coming home.' Our respective mothers thought that our 'relationship was cute,' and my sister Jean (a year and a half older than I) teased me about it all the time. But no one ever really seemed to think Lacey and I would get serious with our curious antics.

Aunt Betty owned a ranch in Kansas, a fairly sprawling tract of land with a spacious house, large barn, and over three hundred acres of rolling hills. Lacey and Michelle were both accomplished riders, Lacey especially. She spent at least a couple of hours nearly every day on the back of a horse. I found myself, once our sexual curiosity really kicked in.

The afternoon of our return to the ranch that summer of my eighteenth year, my sister and I got out of the car with Aunt Betty after she had parked before the house. After the cloistering feel of the city, the fresh air and wide open space of the ranch was welcoming. I really did feel like I was coming home.

"Jeanie! Mark!"

My sister and I looked as fifteen-year-old Michelle came charging from the horse corral toward us, her long blonde hair flying behind her. She leapt into my arms, squeezing me tight, smearing her lips on mine for a moment before jumping down and hugging my sister. I looked around, searching for Lacey, and saw her as she trotted up on her favorite horse, a roan mare named Ellie. She gave me a little smile as she approached, holding onto the reigns of another saddled horse, a spotted grey stud named Hal.

Oh my God did Lacey look good! In the nine months since I had last seen her, Lacey had really filled out. She had a sexy, curvy body she showed off in her tight Wranglers and loose pink blouse, which was unbuttoned and tied in a knot just under her mouth-watering 34Cs, revealing quite a bit of sun-bronzed cleavage. Her richly tanned abdomen, flat and toned, was bare, her sun-kissed, freckled face round and beautiful. Her naturally blonde hair fluttered around her face.

"Hey, Markie," she said casually, and tossed me Hal's reigns. I caught them with a grin, gave my sister and Aunt Betty a questioning look.

Aunt Betty laughed, my sister rolled her eyes. Michelle stuck her tongue out at her sister.

"Go ahead, you two," said Betty. "Dinner's in two hours."

"Hey, Mark," said my sister as I climbed up in the saddle, feeling Lacey's eyes on my soccer-player body. "I'm not unloading your suitcase."

I fixed her a look. "I'll get it when we come back." I turned Hal about as Lacey lead her mount away. I watched Lacey's tight, firm ass bounce in the saddle. Damn . . . .


I looked back to Jean. She gave me a knowing look and mouthed the word 'protection.'

That startled me, and I nearly fell off the horse. Neither Michelle nor Aunt Betty had witnessed Jean's message to me. I gave my sister a funny look, even as her lips curled in a knowing smile. Then I followed after Lacey, thinking, did she really just do that?


I chased after Lacey, who laughed and giggled euphorically as she spurred her horse on. Lacey was a hell of a better rider than I was, and literally ran circles around me. She smiled, laughed, and more than once, as she passed by, smacked my butt or leg with end of her reigns. Not hard enough to leave a welt, of course; she was just being playful.

"If you catch me, you get a kiss!" she shouted as we rode along a shallow valley between two hills.

A kiss? That was worth risking my neck! So I dug in my heels and slapped the reigns, urging Hal on. His hooves thundered across the ground, digging up clumps of dirt and grass that flew behind us. And wonder of wonders, as we approached the ancient, massive prairie oak Lacey and I had long ago christened Mr. Gnarly, I shot past Lacey, then pulled back on the reigns.

"You let me win!" I said as I turned Hal around and approached Lacey.

My beautiful cousin cocked her head as I came up beside her. "Of course I did, silly," she said. She leaned toward me. "I want that kiss."

I smiled, reached for her, leaning in. Our lips touched, then pressed. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her hands fluttered along my arm and settled onto my left leg. My hands went to her back and upper thigh. Mmm, damn, Lacey was a good kisser, a hell of a lot better than any of the city girls I had fooled around with. She sucked sensuously on my lips and tongue, moaning softly all the while.

We finally parted, and I stared at Lacey's sun-kissed face. Damn, not a bit of makeup, and she was absolutely, undeniably, gorgeous. Little button nose, bright hazel-amber eyes, freckles across her cheeks and nose, and those soft pink lips . . . oh, man . . . .

"Miss me?" she asked.

"Of course," I said, as if there was any doubt.

Lacey glanced around, then slid from her saddle to straddle me. I took in a deep breath as her legs wrapped around my hips, her warm crotch pressed against the growing bulge that was stretching down the left leg of my jeans. Lacey glowed, smiling, as she wiggled her butt a little, getting comfortable. Casually, she untied her blouse, letting it fall open, exposing her unnaturally firm, full breasts.

"Miss these?" she asked coyly.

I sighed with arousal, my penis twitching and throbbing against Lacey's thigh. I knew she had to feel it. Her breasts were perfect, as uniformly tanned as the rest of her body, capped with dark pink nipples that jutted out half an inch, with broad, saucer-sized areolas. Immediately, I cupped my cousin's incredible tits.

"Oh, man," I said, and lowered my head. I had waited so long for this! I kissed and licked and sucked the firm flesh, those stiff, warm nipples. Her skin was sweet, a little salty. She tasted better than I remembered.

Lacey moaned, leaning back a little, encouraging me to suck her nipples. Her blouse slipped from her shoulders, leaving her half-naked. I took as much of her tit in my mouth as I could, sucking hard, even biting slightly into her flesh. Lacey had real sensitive nipples, despite the size of her breasts, and she started breathing heavier and more passionately, grinding her crotch against mine. How often had I fantasized about doing this very thing, I wondered?

It did not take long. I knew girls' buttons fairly well, and pushed the right ones on my sweet cousin, gripping and squeezing her ass as I sucked one nipple, then the other, pulling on them with my teeth, flickering my tongue across them. Lacey bucked, moaned, threading her hands through my shoulder-length, wavy black hair. Her crotch humped against mine, and she gasped and shuddered as she came.

"Ohh, Markie . . . oh, yes!" she cried hoarsely, trembling.

I kissed and licked my way up her neck, meeting her lips as Lacey lowered her head. We kissed hungrily, passionately, rolling our bodies together. Hal shifted beneath me, perhaps affected by mine and Lacey's passion.

Lacey pulled back, eyes and face glowing. Her breasts were flushed. She gave me a satisfied smile. "Mmm, God I missed you," she whispered.

I smiled, then chuckled. I caressed her face, smoothing back a few strands of sun-bleached hair from her sweaty forehead. "You're beautiful, Lace," I said. "This is the best welcome-home I could ever ask for."

She gave me a sweet look. "I wish this really was your home," she said. "I wish you really were my boyfriend."

I frowned. "Why can't I be? We're eighteen now. Isn't this what we've been waiting for?"

Lacey touched my nose, then lightly kissed me. "You're my cousin, remember?"

I shrugged. "So? Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin."

Lacey giggled. "So, you wanna marry me, now?"

I laughed softly. "And if I did?"

Lacey's smile faded slightly, replaced by one of nervous arousal. "Oh, Markie, don't say that," she said. She shuddered, swallowed nervously. "I-I mean, we're cousins . . . ."

I looked down. "I know," I said forlornly. "I wish we weren't."

Lacey cocked her head, nuzzled my lips, tilting my head up. "Hey . . . hey, Markie . . . I still love you. God, I would marry you in a heartbeat if I could."

I looked into her eyes. "You mean that?"

Lacey smiled. "I do."

I smiled, looking her over. God, she was so sexy, naked from the waist up, her bronzed skin, toned body, beautiful blonde hair . . . she put any model or porn star to shame. My eyes returned to her face. "I love you, too, Lace."

We kissed again, deeper and more loving, passionate and more needy. Lacey's hands tugged on my jeans as she sucked on my lips and tongue. I helped her, freeing the button, and sighed when Lacey pulled down my zipper and pushed the denim apart. She dug for my engorged cock, pulling it out. I moaned at the warm, firm grip of her hands as she started stroking my stiff cock.

"Mmm, Markie . . . yeah, I really missed you . . . ."

I chuckled, then sighed as she really began jerking my cock. None of the girls I had been with since the previous summer gave as sensuous a hand job as Lacey. She kept kissing as she rubbed, stroked, caressed my rod. Just as I seemed to know just how to suck her breasts to make her cum, my sweet cousin knew how to masturbate me to get me off.

"Oh, God! Lacey!"

"You gonna cum?" she asked in an excited whimper.

"Yes!" I grunted.

Lacey leaned back with a grin, tilting my cock toward her taut abdomen and cupping her left hand under the head of my straining dick. We both watched as my thick white sperm gushed out, the first shot splattering Lacey's belly. But most of my load pooled thick and warm in Lacey's hand. She cooed and giggled, jerking out every drop of fluid from my dick. I groaned, my cock spasming with pleasure. My entire body tingled.

"Ooo . . . damn, Markie," she said, staring at the glistening pool of cum in her hand. She giggled, looking up to me. She bit her lip. She tugged my dick a little more, her face glowing again. "You've been saving up for me."

I sighed in satisfaction. "Oh, man . . . I've been waiting for that."

Lacey giggled again, then, staring into my eyes, lifted her hand and slipped her tongue out. I watched in amazement as Lacey lapped up the sperm from her hand, moaning softly as she tasted my seed. Her tongue was streaked with semen over and over as she licked it up. She slurped it up hungrily, even sucked her palm and fingers to get it all. She savored the taste of my cream, then swallowed and licked her lips. "Mmm . . . yummy," she said, then smiled sweetly. She returned her hands to my dick, stroking it gently. A last thick bubble oozed to the tip, and she wiped it up with a finger, sucking it off.

I stared at her. I never knew Lacey would be so kinky! "Oh, baby," I breathed.

Lacey grinned. "I've been wanting to do that since last summer," she said. She sucked her lips. "Hmm . . . sticky."

I chuckled, noticed the glob of cum on her abdomen. "You missed some," I said, and scooped up the milky paste with my finger. Lacey kept her eyes on mine as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I watched in fascination as she sucked my sperm-coated finger clean. She swallowed with an "mmm" sound, then leaned in for a kiss. Her lips were, indeed, sticky. The aroma of cum on her breath turned me on.

Lacey settled her forehead against mine, draping her arms over my shoulders. "Are you still a virgin, Markie?"

I kissed her softly. "Yes."

She smiled. "So am I," she whispered. She pulled back, stared into my eyes. "I don't wanna be able to say that by the time you go back."

I trembled. We had never talked about actually having sex, but I had always wanted Lacey to be my first. "You serious?"

Lacey nodded, biting her lip in arousal. "But we gotta get back, baby," she said. My cousin gave me a sexy smile. "Don't worry, Markie, we got all summer."


Satisfied and feeling closer than ever before, Lacey and I rode back to the house. I grabbed my heavy suitcase from the back of Aunt Betty's station wagon and Lacey held my hand, giving me little wistful looks as we went inside. The aroma of chicken fried steak wafted out from the kitchen. Jean was in the living room, talking on the phone to one of her boyfriends back home. Michelle was laying on her stomach on the floor, watching afternoon cartoons on the TV. She looked up as Lacey and I came through the door.

"Hey, Lacey, cousin Mark," she said, and gave us a suspicious look. "What have you two been doing?"

Lacey rolled her eyes. "Shut up, Mickie," she said. She gave me an almost apologetic look. But I just dismissed Michelle's words. For years, it had been a running joke that Lacey and I were 'summer lovers,' but I always assumed no one ever really thought my cousin and I had become intimate in any way. Still, I remembered Jean's suggestion of using protection . . . .

Lacey took me up to my room. Aunt Betty had a big house, with five bedrooms. Two of them were always set up as guest rooms, allowing Jean and I to have our own accommodations. I set my suitcase on the floor by the bed, and turned to my cousin. Lacey kissed me deeply, pushing me back onto the bed for a moment.

"I want you, Markie," she whispered heatedly, staring down hungrily into my eyes. "I've been saving myself for you."

I trembled, my cock getting hard again in my jeans. Lacey felt it as she rubbed her crotch against mine. I groped her breasts through her shirt, kissed her deeply. "Oh, Lacey . . . ."

"After dinner," she whispered. "I wanna go to the pond with you. There won't be anyone else around for miles."

I shuddered, staring up into her beautiful eyes. "Y-you wanna . . . I mean, tonight?"

She smiled sweetly, licked her lips contemplatively. "We can't, not yet," she said, then blushed. "I just got on the pill. I have to wait a few weeks, but . . . we can still do some things like what we did today, things we've always wanted to do."

I sighed with relief and arousal. I mean, I wanted Lacey, I wanted to make love to her more than I wanted to breathe. But I was apprehensive and nervous about having sex for the first time. I didn't just want to jump into it. So I was glad that we had to wait.

I smiled, and for a moment, tugged aside her blouse and cupped one of Lacey's nipples with my mouth. My cousin hissed with pleasure. I gave that dark pink nub a hard suck, then eased back.

"I can't wait," I said.


Dinner was a time for us all to get caught up on the events of the previous nine months. Jean went on and on about her two 'best boyfriends,' Kevin and Rick, trying to decide which one she wanted to be with. Michelle proudly shared the news that she was on the academic decathlon team at her high school. Lacey, who had just graduated high school – as had I – was nervous about going away to college.

"I still wanna be a veterinarian," she said. "I'm just kind'a scared about going away."

"Hey, it's no big deal," said Jean. "College is a lot of fun."

"Yeah, but, I'm gonna have to move away," she lamented. She looked to my sister. "You didn't have to leave home to go to school. I do."

Jean nodded sheepishly. "Yeah, that's true," she said. Her eyes flickered between our cousin and me. "So, uh . . . you have a boyfriend, Lacey?"

Michelle suddenly laughed. "Yeah, he's sitting right next to her!" she said, her dark brown eyes shining as she looked at me.

Lacey blushed deeply, and I felt a little warmth in my cheeks.

"Okay, that's enough, Mickie," said Aunt Betty. But I caught a look in her eye, even as she smiled, that suggested she thought the same thing as her youngest daughter. And I suddenly wondered if that smile meant she had no problem with Lacey and I being as close as everyone evidently thought we were.

Lacey and I shared conspiratorial smiles. I couldn't wait to get to the pond and be alone with her.

After dinner, we all had some of Aunt Betty's homemade rhubarb pie – two-time winner for best in the county, I might add – and watched a little TV as the sun went down. Betty broke out the Trivial Pursuit game from the closet.

"Who wants to play?" she asked with a smile. Jean and Michelle eagerly got down on the floor with Aunt Betty, but Lacey and I held back.

"Um . . . we're going for a ride," said Lacey, taking my hand. "Is that okay, Mom?"

Betty seemed to hesitate a moment, then nodded. "Sure, baby," she said affectionately. "Just be careful, okay?" It seemed to me that her words conveyed more meaning than simply warning of the dangers of riding at night.

Lacey blushed slightly. "We will," she said, then tugged on my hand, leading me to the door. Jean uncurled her legs and got up, following us. Lacey noticed, and gave me a nervous look.

"Um, I'll go get Ellie and Hal ready," she said, then slipped out the door. I watched after her, admiring her perfect ass. I tried to control my arousal.


I looked back to my sister and sighed. "Jean, don't start," I said.

My sister just smiled, glanced back over her shoulder to the living room. Aunt Betty and Michelle were busy getting the game ready. Jean looked back to me, brushing back a strand of long brown hair. She pulled her hand from her pocket, even as she grabbed one of my own, and settled a small plastic package in my palm.

"Just in case," she said, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. She spun away, heading back to the living room. "Okay! Who wants to get their butt kicked?"

I peripherally listened as Michelle and Aunt Betty responded to my sister's challenge, glancing down at what my sister had given me.

A condom.

I swallowed nervously, and quickly stuffed the package in my pocket. Feeling both embarrassed and anxious, I opened the door and stepped out.


It took about fifteen minutes or so to reach the pond. Flanked by elms and poplars, the pool was like an oasis between two hills, bordering the fence line of the ranch's property. The moon was rising when Lacey and I reared in the horses and slipped down from the saddle. We slapped the reigns around a low-hanging branch of one of the trees, giving Ellie and Hal room to graze on the grass and moss around the trunk.

Lacey gave me a nervously excited look as she took my hand and lead me to the pond. It was shallow, no more than three feet deep in the center, and about thirty feet across. The cool water reflected the moon above, and the entire glade seemed to glow ethereally.

At the edge of the pond, my cousin turned to face me. Without a word, we kissed softly and lovingly, our hands wandering. Like it was the most natural thing in the world, we began peeling off each other's clothes. Lips caressed naked skin as it was revealed, and Lacey sighed as I gently suckled her breasts once more. Jeans and shirts fell to the ground, then finally, underwear.

I had never seen Lacey naked, and took in a deep breath as she was totally revealed to me. She had such a tiny waist, which made her hips look sexy and voluptuous. Her blonde pubic mound was naturally sparse, and she trimmed only barely. The golden, wispy hairs above and around her sex seemed to vanish in the pale light reflected off the water.

Lacey trembled before me, as nervous as I. But she slid her fingers around my thick, engorged penis, tugging gently as we kissed. The sounds of her yearning sighs mingled with the chirps and burbles of unseen forest creatures.

Taking a blanket from her saddle bags, Lacey lead me to a soft patch of grass beside the pool, and spread out the blanket. We kissed some more, staring into each other's eyes. We did not have to say anything as we slowly settled onto our knees on the blanket. I caressed her firm breasts as her hands fluttered along my shaft and swollen balls. Her thumbs smeared pre-cum across the head of my dick while mine rubbed her stiff, swollen nipples.

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