tagIncest/TabooCousin Laurie Ch. 2

Cousin Laurie Ch. 2

byBill Stevenson©

Laurie lay there on the sofa, eyes half-closed, totally relaxed. Her running shorts were pulled slightly aside, the hem of her tee-shirt was up to her neck, and her legs were spread apart. To me, she was the most beautiful, sensual girl in the world. I wanted to see more of her, though. I wanted to see her as I saw her in my dream: stretched out with nothing at all on. She opened her eyes wide and looked up at me. "I didn't know anything could feel that good. Thank you for doing that to me. Now I know what girls mean when they talk about 'coming'."

Seeing Laurie reclined like that, I couldn't help but say, "Do you know I dreamed about you the other night?"

"You did?" Pleased, Laurie asked, "What was the dream about?"

"Well, you were stretched out like you are now, but you were completely nude. Not one stitch of clothes or shoes."

She was silent for a moment, thinking of what I said. Then in a small, soft voice she said, "Would you like for me to make your dream come true?"

"Yes," I whispered. Laurie then sat up and in one sweeping motion pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She stood up and was reaching for her shorts when I stopped her. "Wait, Laurie. Please, let me do that." Laurie looked puzzled, but then she smiled softly.

"Yes," she said very slowly, "that would be nice. I would like for you to finish undressing me." I gently pressed Laurie back down on the sofa, then down onto her back. I took off her shoes and socks slowly, running my hand up her calf and thigh after each sock and each shoe. Her breathing became faster and her thighs quivered slightly with each stroke. Then there was just her shorts and panties to go. When they went, not only would my dream come true, not only would I be seeing my first live nude woman, but I would be seeing in totality the most beautiful girl I knew.

My hands trembled and my heart beat faster as I reached for the waist of her shorts. I took hold of them and gently started tugging them down. They stuck when they reached her buttocks, but Laurie helped by lifting herself so the shorts could finish sliding down. Finally, down to her feet, then off and on to the floor. Now, only her panties were left. Her panties were just as I had imagined--pale blue bikini, cut high in the hips with a French cut. The whole crotch area was soaked and was almost completely transparent. I could see swirls of pubic hair and I could dimly see the crease that split the three-inch splay between her legs.

I could smell Laurie, too. A rich, musky, but still pleasant odor welled up from her. For the first time, I experienced the aphrodisiac aroma of a woman sexually aroused, a woman in heat. I tugged further at the silken panties, pulling them down in the same way I had done the shorts. Slowly, they came down, inch by inch, revealing Laurie's softly rounded tummy. The first curl of pubic hair appeared, then a whole swatch. My hands shook as I pulled the fabric down even more. There it was--the beginning of the crease between Laurie's legs, the swollen lips of her saturated pussy that the view through her panties had only hinted of. I tugged the panties down more, down to her thighs.

Her whole pussy was there right in front of my face. I paused, taking in the vision, reveling in the sight and smell of Laurie's sexual core. I came back to my senses then and pulled the panties down over her legs and feet, caressing the thighs and legs as I went. I wadded up the panties and put them to my nose, closing my eyes and taking in the heady aroma. It truly was an aphrodisiac. My cock was already throbbing in my jeans, but the musky smell made it spurt out even more pre-cum. Laurie's panties had been soaked, but my Jockey shorts were even worse. A spot was soaking through the front of my jeans, and the whole inside area around my cock and balls felt wet and hot and slick. I dropped the panties to the floor and just continued to kneel there, my senses almost overcome by the sight of Laurie totally revealed.

One leg had dropped to the floor, leaving her vulva area spread apart. The lips and valley between were shiny, glistening with her secretions. Her pubic hair was arranged in a swirling pattern, damp and still pressed to her skin from her panties. The curls were blonde, perfectly matching the hair streaming over her shoulders. The little nubbin that had given her so much pleasure was barely visible at the top of the lips. It looked swollen and ripe and was a deeper color than the surrounding area. My eyes traveled upward, to her softly mounded belly, to the area just below her ribcage where the rapid beating of her heart showed on the surface.

My vision crept up even more, and there were her breasts. Round, white, with nipples standing erect and little bumps speckling the brownish-pink circles of her areolas. Her breasts blended into her neck with a flow that was like music. Her barely-cleft chin added a counter-point to her mouth, lips damp and slightly open as she breathed rapidly. Then her eyes--round, blue, soft and languid. For a long moment I stared with awe and wonder into those eyes and she returned my gaze, silently.

She broke the silence with words. In almost a whisper she said, "Do I look like your dream?"

"No," I whispered back. "You look a hundred...no, a thousand times better than in my dream. There, you just existed in my imagination. Here, you're real, right in front of my eyes, right where I can feel and touch you." I reached down and lightly stroked her belly mound and the area under her breasts. "Even in my dreams, I never realized a girl's body could be so beautiful. Can I look closer, Laurie? Can I explore? I want to find out all about a girl's body."

Laurie kind of half-smiled and said, "Okay, but only on the condition that I get my turn with you. Is that a promise?" Her words made my heart beat even more rapidly.

"My God," I thought, "she wants to do me like I'm doing her, and she's asking my permission." It was my turn to smile now. "Yes, Laurie, that's a promise." I knelt between her legs and spread them apart so that I could see right into the area between them. I could see all her pussy and down into the crack between the globes of her buttocks. Her little brown rosette nestled there between those cheeks. I took my hands and spread the lips of her pussy even further apart. I realized it was more complex than I had imagined, composed of several folds and sets of lips. Down near the bottom I could just see the opening into her cavity, the place where I had had my finger earlier. At the top of the lips was that special little nubbin, her ultra-sensitive clitoris. The whole area was wet and coated in a slippery fluid. I ran my finger up and down the crease, feeling the wetness and slipperiness.

I put one finger into the cavity and slowly pushed it in to past the knuckle. I pushed it the rest of the way so that it was totally inserted into her. The cavity was slick, just like the outside, and warm. I pushed the finger in and out and the walls of the cavity seemed to cling to my finger, as though they wanted to take it captive. I added a second finger to the first and pushed them in and out, twisting them slightly. As I did, some of her slippery secretion flowed out of the cavity, coating my fingers and dripping down so that it ran down the crack between her buttocks. Laurie moaned softy as I did this.

"Does that hurt, Laurie?" I asked in alarm.

"Noooo....," Laurie said in a choked voice, "that doesn't hurt at all. You don't need to stop." I realized then that she wasn't hurting at all, but was getting as turned on as I was. It was as new and exciting to her as it was to me, and she was getting sexually aroused like me. I had heard about boys eating pussy and had wondered what made them want to do something like that. With my face so close to Laurie's pussy, with the sensation of the touch and smell of it, I realized what made it so attractive. I withdrew my fingers from her and lightly rubbed my thumb over her clitoris. She gasped, moving her hips up and down just slightly. I took my fingers and spread the lips of her pussy wide apart and, bending my head closer, pushed my tongue out and lightly stroked her nubbin with it. With a sharp intake of breath, she hunched her center up to me.

"Danny, what ARE you doing?"

"I'm teaching you what it's like to have a boy eat you."

"Oh, God, Danny, I've heard about eating, but I never thought it would happen to me. If that was a sample, I don't know whether I'll be able to stand it."

"Well, I've never done it before, Laurie, so I don't know whether I'm doing it right or not."

"Nothing could be more right than what you just did." I put my mouth back between Laurie's legs and stroked my tongue up and down. I ran my lips up one side, caressing the swollen pussy lip. Then I went down the other side, suckling and licking. I extended my tongue as far as it would go and bored it into the cavity down below. I made love to her with my tongue, pushing in and out, twisting my head from side to side. Slowly, I pulled my tongue out of the soaking hole and pressing it so it was broad and fat ran it up and down, right in the middle of her crease.

I covered the area all around her vaginal opening, alternating pressure and light, fluttering strokes. I lifted Laurie's legs and put them over my shoulders so I could have completely uninhibited access to the center of her sex. I reached up and caressed her breasts, rubbing my thumbs lightly over and around the nipples. Laurie was moaning almost constantly, a low crooning sound of pure pleasure. With her legs draped down my back, she pulled me in even closer. Her thighs squeezed and unsqueezed against the sides of my head, in perfect harmony with the actions of my mouth and tongue. I lifted Laurie up higher and moved my mouth down to her little brown star. It was coated with her secretions, just like my face and all the area of her sexual center. I extended my tongue and rubbed it lightly over the wrinkled surface.

"Oh, God, Danny! Uuuuhhh...Dannieeee..." Laurie moaned, wrapping her legs completely around my neck and squeezing. I shaped my tongue into a little spear and delved the wrinkles until I found the center. Twisting my tongue around and around, I worked a space for it to finally enter. Laurie kept squeezing and softly crooning as I paid homage to her little nether spot. Gently lowering Laurie, I moved back up to her vaginal cavity, using my tongue like I imagined I would use my cock if it were in her. I made it as long and slender as possible and pushed it into her and out, using a slow twisting motion. At the same time, I rubbed my thumb over the opening I had just abandoned, lightly rubbing her anal opening in small circles. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own, undulating up and down as I ministered to their center. To now I had just barely touched her clitoris.

I was getting much pleasure from what I was doing and I didn't want to chance it's premature end. I had already seen how sensitive her nubbin was, and I was fearful that attention to it would bring on her orgasm and an end to my pleasure. Laurie was not to be denied, though. She moved her hips so that the nubbin was right under my tongue and I had to pay attention to it. At the same time, I moved my fingers back to her vaginal opening. I inserted two fingers into the hole and stroked them in and out.

I sucked her nubbin up between my lips and ran the tip of my tongue over it. I could feel where the nubbin's little sheath had pulled back and its ultra- sensitive head protruded. I concentrated on this area, using the lightest strokes I could manage. Laurie started trembling all over, her legs pulling around my neck in spasms. She moved her hands down to my head, stroking my hair, making love to me with her hands. Her moan continued, soft and whispery, and then she started chanting, very softly, "So good...so good...soooo goooddd...."

Suddenly, Laurie clamped her legs around my neck, arched her back, and strained against my mouth. I could feel her pussy pulsating against my fingers inside, and then it clamped down on them, holding them in a vise grip. Laurie moaned, "Oh, God, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm commmmmminnnnnggggg." Small convulsions wracked her abdomen, and her stomach, buttocks, and thighs shuddered. They seemed to go on and on as her orgasm continued in wave after wave. The leg-clamp she had on my head relaxed little by little, and I moved my tongue through her crease and over her clitoris very slowly and lightly, matching pace with her orgasm's slide down from peak.

Gradually, her legs relaxed and she unwrapped them from around my neck and let them fall back down on my back. I took them from my shoulders and gently put them back on the sofa. Laurie lay there totally spent, absolutely still, savoring the slowly ebbing after-shocks of her orgasm. From between her legs I gazed at her and was filled with a mixture of both pride and pleasure. The realization that I was the one responsible for her pleasure, the knowledge that it was possible for me to give so much pleasure to a girl, thrilled me and filled me with awe. I had been so worried about how I would act with a girl if given the opportunity, and now I had the assurance that I could give pleasure in its fullest measure. Laurie's tremors had stopped and she now lay completely still. Her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled weakly at me.

"Oh, God, Danny, I can't even begin to tell you how that felt. I thought I had to be in heaven. And you said you didn't know how it was done."

"I guess that sort of thing just comes natural. Besides, I had you to inspire me. I can't imagine that anyone could look more beautiful and sexy than you."

"There you go again, Danny, and I love every word of it. You still have to kiss me for saying it, though." She held out her arms to me and I knelt over her, moving my lips down to hers. One arm went on my shoulder and caressed the back of my neck. The other went around my back and lightly stroked. Our mouths blended together, wet and open. Her tongue was the aggressor, moving under my lips, under my tongue, and all around it. Her vaginal juices were all over my face and in my mouth and I knew she could taste them the same as I had. As we broke the kiss, she reached out and licked all around my mouth, trying to get even more of them. Then Laurie stirred. She put her hands to my chest and with the soft smile she had used before, pushed me away gently, saying, "Now it's time for you to keep your promise."

"I always keep my promises," I said, smiling back at her. "What do you want me to do?"

"Trade places with me, so that I can do you just like you did me. I want to get you naked and look at you and explore everything there is about you." She pushed at me even harder and then slipping around to my side stood up. She reached down for my hands and stood me up right against the sofa. Then she pushed me so that I had to sit down. She stood there, completely nude and unselfconscious, and reached down for my tee-shirt. She pulled it up, and I put my hands over my head so that she could pull it free. Putting her hands back on my chest, she gently pushed me down so that I lay supine on the sofa. She moved to my feet and removed one loafer and then the other. Then the socks, one at a time. She stroked her hand up my leg until it reached my crotch and then gently rubbed her hand across the bulge of my hard-on.

I gasped loudly and moaned, "Oh, God, Laurie, do that much more and I'm gonna go off in my pants." She withdrew her hand and put it on the top button of my jeans. She couldn't get it loose with one hand and had to put both hands down to undo it. Her nipples rubbed against mine and little electric sparks of pleasure shot through them. I realized that being horny made a man's nipples erogenous just like a woman's. Seeing the goosebumps come up around my nipples, she lowered her head and licked across each one, slowly and sensually. I couldn't help but moan "Ummmmmm" as she did. At last she got the button undone and reached for the tab to the zipper. She found it and slowly lowered the zipper to the bottom. She rubbed across my crotch in the process and my cock quivered and oozed out more pre-cum into my already soaked underwear. She rubbed her hand back up the bulge as she reached for the top of my jeans, enjoying the exquisite pleasure she knew she was giving me.

She tugged and struggled to get my jeans down. I lifted my bottom from off the sofa to give her room to pull them from my hips. At last they were down to my thighs and she was able to easily take them off the rest of the way. I now lay there naked but for my Jockey shorts. They bulged out even further with the restriction of the jeans removed, and my hard-on made a tent of their front. I looked down, and even though the shorts were white, I could see the whole front and crotch of them was soaked with my pre-seminal flow. Laurie traced her hand slowly up my bare leg to the edge of my shorts. Her touch was light and fluttering and I gasped as the fingers barely touched the sensitive area high on the inside of my thigh. She dipped the tips of a couple of fingers under the edge of the shorts and rubbed them very lightly against underside of my balls. My hips jerked up in a pleasure reaction and I moaned again.

Then her hands moved to the top of my Jockey shorts and I knew she would soon be seeing a sight. They came down easier than my jeans, and I only had to lift my ass slightly to get them past my buttocks. My hard-on was major obstruction, though, and Laurie had to lift the shorts high to get them over my balls and rigid, tumescent cock. She strained and jerked them down in one motion. My cock, restrained for so long now, leapt up and stood there, quivering up and down with little movements in time with my heartbeat.

Laurie froze, her hands still, as she whispered, "Oh, my God! Sex-Ed didn't show this. It's beautiful." Hardly taking her eyes off my cock, she drew my shorts down and over my feet. She felt how damp they were and said, "Your underwear is wet just like my panties were. Do boys get wet like girls do?"

"Yeah. It's almost the same. When a boy get horny and gets a hard-on, pre-cum comes out. It's like a lubricant. It makes it easier to put it inside a girl. I've had a hard-on for almost an hour now, and I've almost soaked my shorts." While I was saying this, some more pre-cum oozed out the head of my cock and ran in a rivulet down the head. Laurie moved up between my legs, dropped to her knees, reached out a finger and touched the glistening bead of liquid. She smeared it around on the head with a little circular motion. My hips jerked involuntarily and I gasped at the touch.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Danny," Laurie said. "Did that hurt?"

"No, no, it didn't hurt. It felt good, real good. It's just that I've gotten so horny seeing you naked and touching you and seeing you go off that I'm right on the verge of going off myself. It would take hardly anything to make me come right now."

Laurie's eyes widened and she asked, "What does a boy do when he comes? Does stuff come out your penis like they said in Sex-Ed?"

"Yes. Jism shoots out the end. It comes out in spurts. It's what contains sperm, the stuff that makes girls pregnant."

"Yeah, we learned about that in Sex-Ed. Teacher told us that if a girl doesn't want to get pregnant she should never have intercourse unless the boy wears a condom. Or be on the pill."

"Yeah, that's so. Only we boys call them rubbers, not condoms." It looked like Laurie couldn't keep her hands off me, and she ran her hands up and down my thighs from my knees up to where they just barely touched my balls. She stared at my cock as she did so, seemingly mesmerized by it.

Finally, she spoke, and asked softly, "What makes a boy come, makes him shoot the stuff out the end?"

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