tagIncest/TabooCousin Love Ch. 01

Cousin Love Ch. 01


This is a story about my first sexual encounter with my hot cousin. I was in my senior year of high school and my cousin was having family problems. Her Mom left her and her Dad and ran off with another man, which of course was causing some strain on their family. My mom decided to help my cousin Anne out and give her the mother figure she just lost. Anne began staying with my family just about every night.

Let me tell you something about her. She is 5'4", about 125 lbs, brown hair, C cup tits, and a perfect ass. Also, she is only a little over two years younger than me. She always used to sleep in a tank top with no bra, and either a thong or some other little skimpy underwear. Sometimes she would walk around the house dressed in just a thong and her tight tank top when it was just her and I there. Needless to say there was many sleepless nights I would lay in my bed thinking about sliding my hard cock deep inside her. I would stroke my throbbing hard cock until i came all over myself just about every night.

Weekends were especially nice because my dad would go to his friend's house and hang out almost all day and my mom usually went shopping or went to visit friends as well. Sometimes Anne would go with her, but most of the time she would stay at home with me. She would always flirt with me and I would flirt right back. We started to get really close, but I never had the nerve to try something with her because I was afraid she would be disgusted by the thought and tell my parents, even though I so desperately wanted to. Little did I know that a few weeks later I would get the chance to finally do something.

My dad had a business trip one week that was going to last for three days and my mom decided she would go with him. So, that left Anne and I alone in the house for three days. I thought the least I could get is some masterbation material from seeing her walk around the house almost completely naked all the time since it would just be the two of us.

We were off from school for spring break and my mom and dad left early one morning on the trip. After I told them goodbye and saw them off, I went to do my usual morning routine of showering and all that other stuff. Anne was asleep in her room lying on top of the covers with only a thong on. I couldn't believe my eyes, I finally got to see her perfect tits without having them hampered up by a shirt. Needless to say I had a raging hard-on and wanted to jump on top of her right then and there. However, I did control myself and went to take a shower. While I was showering, I heard a knock at the bathroom door. It was Anne, she said that she really needed to pee and couldn't wait until I was done with my shower. She asked if she could go ahead and pee while I was still showering. Since the bathroom door has no lock on it, I said it was ok that she could come in and pee. When she was coming in the bathroom I peeked out the shower and couldn't believe my eyes, she was completely naked and her pussy was shaved bald. I grew so hard right there and felt like I could explode.

While she was peeing, she leaned over and looked in the shower at me and saw how hard I was. She asked if she always had that effect on me. I couldn't speak, for so long I wanted to be naked with Anne and do all kinds of things with her, but have never had the chance. I thought this just may be the chance I've been waiting for. However, she finished up and left the bathroom, but for some reason she left the door wide open. I was so hard and wanted to cum so bad I didn't think I could take it any longer so i started to stroke my hard throbbing cock. All of a sudden the shower curtain started to open and it was Anne. She said she knew how I took really long showers and she wanted some hot water too, so she wanted to share the shower with me. I tried to keep my back to her because I was so hard, but somehow she managed to get in front of me.

With her back to me, she started soaping up her entire body occasionally rubbing her perfect ass all over my hard cock. She teased me for about five minutes or so. I was just starting to think how she was just doing this to get a laugh and didn't really want to go any further. Then she turned around to face me and just looked into my eyes. I finally had enough, I had to make a move or regret it forever. So I leaned over and kissed her and to my surprise she started kissing me back. My hard cock was rubbing up against her pussy while the water came down upon us. I thought this is it, we are going to have some fun. Then all of a sudden she broke the kiss and got out of the shower and left the bathroom. I wondered if she got freaked out, so I got out too and went to her room.

She was standing there wearing just a towel and had this really weird look on her face. I started to tell her I was sorry and it will never happen again when she dropped the towel and came over to me and started making out with me. Our tongues danced around in each other's mouths as our hands roamed all over each other's bodys. She ripped my towel off me and we were both there naked, kissing very passionately.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed and got on top of her. My hard throbbing cock was rubbing up and down the length of her wet pussy lips. I started to slowly kiss her neck and moved down to her beautiful perky tits. I started swirling my tongue all around her nipples then I would take a nipple in my mouth and bite gently. This made her moan very loudly. Then I started to make my way down her stomach to that tight wet pussy I have wanted for so long. However she stopped me just as I was about to slide my tongue on her clit.

She told me that she is a virgin and has never done anything with a guy before. She wanted to go slow and would only do things with a person she trusted and loved. I asked her what she wanted to try. She told me to lay on my back. Then she stood on her knees beside me and started kissing me. I reached down to her dripping wet pussy and started to rub my fingers over her clit. This made her kiss me even harder and made her moan at the same time. She then reached down to my hard throbbing cock and started to stroke it very slowly. I had pre-cum dripping out the head of my hard cock and she used her finger to spread it all around the head. I then slid a finger inside her pussy which made her scream out in pleasure and kiss me even harder. The faster I worked my finger in and out of that pussy the harder she stroked my cock. She was really getting into it and I could tell she was going to cum soon. I slid a second finger inside her and she exploded all over my hand. I looked down and she had white cum dripping out of her pussy onto my hand, something I have never seen a girl do before. She was screaming and moaning and grinding her pussy on my fingers. She was so tight that my two fingers barely fit inside her. She really started jerking my cock as fast as she could then. I was so close to cumming, I felt like I was going to explode. Then I couldn't take it any more, thick ropes of cum started shooting out of my big hard cock all over my stomach and her hand. She kept stroking it even harder after I started cumming. It was the best orgasm I have ever had, Yet.

After we both settled down she pulled her hand off my cock and it was completely covered in cum. I started to give her a towel to wipe it off but she put her hand up to her mouth and started licking her fingers and hand clean. After she cleaned her hand clean she leaned over and licked the hot cum off my stomach. Then she laid down beside me and I held her. She just looked up at me and told me that she has always been in love with me and we were going to have alot of fun the next three days. Little did I know that I was about to have the best sexual experiences of my entire life for the next three days...

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