tagIncest/TabooCousin Madison Ch. 03

Cousin Madison Ch. 03


10 years later the war is over. In early November the major farm activity is winding down and there is time to relax a bit. Abby is all grown up. Madison, Colleen and Abby all have children and the farm is prosperous once again. Uncle Preston has found new meaning in life. But sometimes a girl needs something only another girl can give. Yet new things that are learned can be taken home. If a woman is happy, her man is happy too.

Note: All locations are fictitious.


Colleen sat in the kitchen with Madison, listening to the rain from the sudden thunderstorm drum on the roof and beat against the windows. The house shook with the rumbles of thunder. She reached for Madison's hand.

"It's been a while since we've been together alone like this."

"It's sure been busy with the kids and all. It was a great idea for Uncle Preston to take all the kids AND our husbands up to Adventure Land for the weekend. I know they're all having a blast." Madison laughed. "And it gives the guys a chance to see what it's like to keep up with the kids all day."

"I guess my pa is the only male left on the farm at the moment. Now that he's not responsible for keeping everything going all by himself I think he's spending more time with ma. She sure seems happy. When he's not drunk he can be downright affectionate."

Madison stroked Colleen's long red hair. "Speaking of affectionate..."

Over the wind and rain they heard the splashing of hoofs outside followed by sharp knocking on the door. Madison opened to door to a shivering bedraggled Abby.

"What the...Get on in here, girl. Colleen will put Thunder in the barn."

A sopping Abbey came in and stood amid a growing puddle at her feet. Colleen pulled on a slicker and boots and went out to lead the horse to shelter.

"I went out for a ride and the storm came up so suddenly. I was way over on the other side of the farm and it started to hail so I didn't want to risk sheltering under the trees. Your place was the closest so I took a chance you were home or would have just taken shelter in the barn until the storm passed. At least there's no hail over here."

"You get out of those wet clothes and come with me. You need a hot bath."

Abby left a sopping pile of clothing on the kitchen floor. Madison ran hot water into the tub for a shivering Abby, who gratefully sank down into the warmth.

Back in the kitchen Madison found Colleen wringing out Abby's clothes in the sink and spreading them out to dry, draping them over kitchen chairs in front of the stove. Madison threw some more wood in the stove to heat the room a bit more, and put a kettle of water on the new cooking stove.

The two paused to embrace and kiss, a lingering kiss, and gently stroked each other's breast. Wrapped up in each other all sense of time was lost.

"What's going on?"

They both turned to find barefoot Abby standing in the kitchen door, wrapped in a towel. Madison blushed but Colleen, as always, was matter of fact.

"We were sharing a moment."

"But...you were kissing and you're both married. You have kids."

Madison recovered just as the teakettle began to whistle. "Sit down, Abby. I'm fixing us all some hot tea and we can talk."

With their hands wrapped around hot cups they sat around the kitchen table.

"Abby, do you love your husband?"

"Dylan? Of course."

"Well, I love Jeffrey. And Colleen loves Jake. We both love our kids. But sometimes a girl needs something else."

Colleen added "Something our husbands can't give us. They satisfy us, but there are times when the touch of another girl is comforting. Guys have a way of loving that is wonderful, but they don't know how to touch us like a girl does. Only a girl can truly know the needs of another girl."

"I don't understand."

Madison scooted her chair closer to Abby. "Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"Of course."

"I don't mean, like your sister or your mother. I mean a real kiss."

"I...I don't think so. Maybe Darlene in third grade. But that was a dare."

"Kiss me, Abby. The world won't end, I promise. It's different from kissing Dylan."

Madison leaned toward Abby who tentatively leaned forward until their lips were almost touching. Madison whispered "Go ahead."

Abby brushed her lips against Madison's and, when Madison didn't draw away, initiated a real kiss. Madison reciprocated and stroked Abby's still wet hair.

When they broke the kiss Madison asked "What do you think?"

"Umm...it was different, just like you said."

"Does Dylan kiss like that?"

"Not exactly. I have to admit this was nice. It was soft. Warm."

Colleen drew her chair up to the other side of Abby. "What about touching? Have you ever touched another girl? Even been touched by another girl?"

Abby cocked her head and furrowed her brow. "Nnnnoooooo?"

"Ever touched yourself?"

It was Abby's turn to blush. "Well, yeah."

"How does that compare with how Dylan touches you? Is it the same?"

Another blush. "No, it's not the same. Of course it's not the same. He's a guy."

"Exactly. Dylan wants to please you, but he can't touch you the way you would like best. You know your own body better than your husband does. We know that's how it is with our husbands."

"Abby, you know Colleen. You know me. You know we're not...funny...but we discovered some time ago that there is something special about a girl relationship. It's something our husbands can't truly understand. Jeffrey knows about it and says he understands, but a man can't really understand, even if he wants to."

"You mean you two do this a lot?"

"Not really. We're busy and never plan things ahead of time. Sometimes it just happens. This weekend is the first time we've planned to get together since...I don't even remember when."

"I remember. It was just before Jake got home from the service and Jeffrey was out hunting with a bunch of men."

"Yes! That was it. Gosh, that was a long time ago." Madison sighed "we were looking forward to this weekend together."

"Well, don't let me interfere. I'll just sit here in the kitchen while my clothes dry."

"Your clothes won't be dry for some time, so spend the night, Abby. You can join us."

"I'll stay but I don't know about that other thing."

"Since when have you ever been shy about trying out something? You were very precocious growing up."

"This just seems different."

Madison laid a hand on Abby's arm. "Just dip your toe in the water, as they say. You don't have to participate if you don't like it."

"You'll never know what you're missing unless you at least try to experience it."

Abby pursed her lips. The women were older than her and had been married longer also. Yet there seemed to be something natural in what she had observed between them. "Maybe I will. But it still feels weird to be talking about something like this."

Madison stood up. "We were about to eat when you arrived. I've made enough stew for us all."


"That's what's on the menu, along with biscuits."

"I can't resist your stew. It beats even what Colleen's ma makes. Sorry Colleen, but it's true."

Colleen laughed. "I know it is. So does ma. She shakes her head in wonder when she eats Madison's stew. She can't figure out all the spices and how Madison gets the meat so tender and not gamey but Madison keeps it a secret."

Madison laughed "It wouldn't do to have just anyone make my stew, would it? I wouldn't have anything to take to a potluck."

Madison dished out steaming bowls of stew and Abby put away two bowls of it along with three biscuits. It helped to warm her up inside while the stove warmed her outside.

After cleaning up the three got ready for bed. Abby had nothing to wear and only had the towel wrapped around her but the other two put on nightgowns.

The lightning eased up and the rumbles of thunder gradually died away as the three snuggled under a comforter, crowded in the double bed. Abby shed the bulky towel before crawling into bed. The roar of rain on the metal roof turned into a soothing steady patter. Colleen and Madison were beside each other and Abby beside Colleen. Abby giggled nervously as she felt Colleen's warm body touching hers.

Colleen turned her face to the younger woman and caressed her hair. "You don't have to do anything here. Just learn what is possible between girls."

Colleen and Madison kissed and resumed the breast caressing they had been engaging in earlier. Abby noted the contented sighs and soft kisses. Bodies undulated under touches as hands began to roam. Before long the nightgowns came off and kisses took over for the breast caresses. Abby watched as hands stroked up thighs and heard whimpers as fingers explored. Bodies arched and moans were muffled by harder kisses. It looked like there were some different touches on breasts.

Almost simultaneously the two bodies arched harder several times and then relaxed. Kisses turned gentle again and hands caressed faces and hair. The two murmured affection to each other.

Abby suddenly realized her own hand was plunged into wet between her legs and she was breathing heavily. Colleen rolled over and saw what Abby was doing. She caressed a breast and joined Abby's hand down below. Abby withdrew her own hand and put her arm around Colleen's neck to draw her closer. Colleen leaned in for a kiss and Abby readily responded. Colleen touched places Dylan had never found, and before long Abby writhed on the bed.

Abby pushed Colleen onto her back and continued her writhing on her chest, breast to breast, nipple to nipple. Colleen entered her with a finger and used her thumb to massage the spot that drove Abby wild. Abby clamped her legs together as she came, kissing Colleen hard and moaning.

When the pulsing within her stopped she rolled over onto her back, eyes closed and breathing heavily. Madison reached over Colleen to stroke Abby's hair as she came down.

When she opened her eyes she looked at the others in wonder. "I see what you mean. That was...wonderful."

"We know the special places to touch and how to touch them. Jeffrey, Jake, Dylan - they don't understand because their bodies are so different than ours. They like a little rougher treatment. Ready to try something else new? Something that may even be better?"

"What could possibly be better?"

"The second one is usually stronger." Colleen grinned and rolled toward Madison, who welcomed her with open arms. The comforter had gotten pushed down and Abby watched the others play with breasts. The blond and red triangles were clearly visible and already matted from earlier. Hands and kisses roamed over bodies, with kisses now concentrated on torsos.

Abby's eyes widened as she watched Colleen's kisses move down to the blond triangle. When a tongue separated the lips Madison grasped Colleens head and pushed it in harder. It wasn't clear exactly what Colleen was doing, but it was abundantly clear that Madison liked it.

"Oooh yes! Right there! Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. Don't you dare stop!"

Madison writhed on the bed more violently than before and her body became covered in sweat. "YESYESYESYESYES...OOOOOOOO."

Colleen held Madison's hips to steady her enough that she could stay attached as Madison tried to thrash about. Madison gave out a loud moan and threw her legs around Colleen's head, pulling her hair as she arched hard time after time. Colleen's face became smeared with wet.

Madison finally collapsed and Colleen kissed up her body to her mouth.

"Mmmm. I love the taste of me on you. That was the best ever. I may tingle for a week."

Abby, curious, wiped a finger over some wet on Colleen's face and tasted it to see what Madison found so interesting. It was not what she expected, different from the brief taste she had once made of herself. Once Dylan had tried doing what Abby had just observed, but her reaction was nowhere near what she saw from Madison. Maybe there was something to learn here after all. Maybe girls did know things men couldn't understand.

When the others had recovered Abby saw Madison give Colleen an 'it's your turn now" look, but Abby tentatively interrupted "Can you do me like that?"

The older pair both turned and looked at her.

"I want to know what that feels like."

Colleen turned to Madison. "You were ready to do me, so you go ahead with her. I've never watched it before."

Madison and Colleen switched places. "Are you sure Abbs?"

"I want that. I want what you had."

"Well, I know I've done it with Jeffrey, even if he is nowhere as good as Colleen, so maybe you can teach Dylan something."

"We tried it once but it was kind of clumsy. It felt nice, but nothing like I just saw. I...uh...wasn't very good at doing him, although he said he liked it."

Before they kissed, Abby licked around Madison's mouth. "I think I can taste a bit of you from when Colleen kissed you. That's kind of exciting."

"Can you now? Well, soon you'll taste yourself on me. I hope you like it."

Madison repeated what Colleen had just done to her, but took it slower to give Abby a chance to absorb each new feeling.

"Ohhh Madison! This is wonderful! I can't believe it!"

Before long Abby wasn't so coherent. Her abdomen clenched and she felt a bolt of pleasure streak through her body. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" She reached down to cup Madison's face while her tongue and lips explored, tonguing and sucking.

Abby squealed with a particular tongue touch. Madison used a straight-on approach, leaving both of Abby's legs free. She kicked her legs and bounced her body. Colleen surprised by leaning over to kiss Abby. Abby grabbed Colleen's face to hold her kiss and Colleen's tongue played in Abby's mouth.

Abby's body went completely rigid and flushed. She would have screamed except for Colleen's mouth tight on hers. Stars crossed her field of vision and fireworks exploded in her head.

She relaxed and Madison continued slowly with her tongue, taking up orgasmic fluid from Abby's vagina. Abby pulled Madison up for a kiss. "Oh! I do like the taste of me on you!"

The others lay on either side of Abby and helped her come down slowly.

Abby touched a breast of each. "Thank you. You were right. Dylan could never give me what I've experienced tonight. But I'll try and teach him anyway."

"That's the spirit. So, what do you think of girl relationships now?"

"I was really wrong about it. I'd never give up Dylan, but this was..."

"That's exactly the way we feel. I love the feel of Jeffrey inside me, but Colleen's tongue can't be beat."

"I can't imagine it being any better than yours Madison."

"We don't do comparisons here. We just enjoy."

"Wow. On the one hand I'm so keyed up I don't think I could ever get to sleep, but on the other hand I'm exhausted."

"Ahem, Madison. I haven't had my second one yet."

Madison laughed and thrust a leg between Colleen's. She thumbed a nipple and kissed her. Colleen vigorously humped on Madison's leg. Abby reached in and stroked the free breast. Madison shifted a bit and Abby was then able to get her mouth in to kiss the breast and nibble on the nipple. She tentatively reached a hand down to feel what was going on down below and managed to work one finger into the action.

Colleen threw her arms around the necks of the two others as she bounced on the bed with her thrusting. With a string of curses she came hard. Abby felt pulses in Colleen's vagina and her fingers got very wet.

Colleen lay gasping and Abby for the first time explored the vulva of another woman. Colleen was still sensitive but let the younger one feel around until she was satisfied. "I never realized we were all so different down there."

"I don't know if the guys even realize that. I think they're so interested in getting inside that they don't really explore to the fullest."

"Jeffrey has done some exploring and I like it. But it's nothing like we have here, even though I try to guide him."

Colleen stretched and yawned. "I'm worn out. An afternoon or night with Madison is great, but with two of you I'm overstimulated." She reached out and caressed a breast on Abby. "I don't know if we'll ever have a time like this again. It would be great, but difficult to arrange three busy schedules. Abby, I think Madison would agree that you are welcome to visit either of us if you decide you like and need it."

"Oh, I do like it! This was wonderful tonight! I feel so energized. Either one of you is welcome to visit me if we can't all get together."

Colleen grinned at Madison. "Maddy, I think we've created a monster"

The three laughed, snuggled together and went to sleep.

Abby awoke to find the others still asleep, wrapped in each other's arms. Madison was closest to her, so she ran her hand gently over the warm body, feeling the contours. Touching Madison like that was so different from touching Dylan. Hard muscles were replaced by softness and curves, yet she still liked the steely feel of Dylan's muscular arms and legs.

When they were all awake Madison dashed to the kitchen to put on the coffee percolator and quickly dashed back to dive into the warm bed. The rain had ceased and sunlight streamed through the bedroom curtains.

With much laughter the three had another round to start the day. Abby felt satisfied like never before and resolved to be more adventurous with Dylan. There was so much more to sex than she had ever experienced before!

After breakfast Abby mounted her horse and trotted home. Colleen helped Madison in the kitchen garden, getting it ready for winter and Madison drove them back to the main farm and helped Colleen in the barn. While it was chilly they managed to snuggle into some hay and have a session with their clothes on. Reaching up under dresses wasn't the sexiest thing but was satisfying nonetheless and they sighed as they lay together.

It was dusk when the caravan of cars arrived back at the farm. Madison drove to the big house to join the others forming a knot of welcomers.

Children spilled out of the cars, although the youngest, Colleen's little Rose and Abby's Delores, had to be roused from sleep.

The children ran to their mothers to be enveloped in warm hugs.

Nine-year old Bobby excitedly told Madison about catching a pike when he and Uncle Preston went fishing. Helen, 7, and Anna, 6, told how they had ice cream for lunch one day. Madison cut her eyes toward Jeffry, who grinned and shrugged.

Nine-year old Danny proudly related to Colleen how he had watched over his younger siblings, Rose and Michael.

Abby scooped up Delores and swung her around before kissing Dylan soundly.

Except for Uncle Preston the rest of the men looked wrung out. Madison laughed at them "not as easy as it looks, is it?" and got weary nods from them all.

Bobby, Helen and Anna were keyed up and claimed themselves not ready for bed, but after some freshly baked cookies, the promise of some of mom's stew the next day made them eager to at least try and sleep.

Madison snuggled up to Jeffrey. He kissed her and stroked her hair. "I don't know how you do it. Keeping up with the kids, working with the animals and running the house."

"I thought a little time riding herd on them might open your eyes."

"Right now my eyes are ready to close, but I missed you. Maybe before the kids get home from school tomorrow we can sneak in a little together time."

"I think that can be arranged."

"I am curious about something, though. Did you and Colleen, you know, get together?"

"Nosey. As a matter of fact we did. It's been a while for us. But we may have a new addition to our little group."

"And that is?"



"She's not a little girl any more. And an idea came to me this afternoon, an idea for the three of us girls."

"Care to share?"


He laughed and kissed her, then rolled onto his side and was dead to the world. Madison spooned against him. "I spent time with Colleen, but I missed us" she whispered to her sleeping husband and caressed his cheek.

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