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Cousin Mia


It was a tradition going way back, where all of my cousins, and myself of course, would meet up and hang out together for the weekend, and do whatever we felt like. It was always good fun, and we had maintained the tradition for well over ten years.

We are nine people in total. The oldest at 37 is my brother Bret, who has two kids from a failed marriage. The kids sometimes tag along, but we don't plan it on the days where my brother has the kids, so it's 50-50 if they come or not. Then there's my cousin Corinne who is 2 years older than me, she's happily married and has two small kids, who since they were born has come along since it's a whole weekend.

Next is Will (that's me!) at 30. Also happily married but no kids since we have decided to put it on hold for a while, until we feel we have enough capital to build a house of our own, and raise some kids at the same time. It may sound silly, but we both agree that we'd like some money on the side when we start having kids, so we can go out once in a while and go on some vacations, instead of worrying too much about the money we spend.

Then there's Corinne's sister, Mia, who's 28 and single. She's been in quite a few relationships, but it hasn't panned out just yet. Half a year after Mia, Donna was born. She is the oldest daughter where her family branches out in the family tree. Donna is happily married with no kids, but her husband rarely tags along and instead uses the time to catch up with his family. The last of the "bigger" cousins is Donna's brother Thomas, who is 23.

The last three are the children of my mother's youngest sister, and they're John at 16, Jane at 14 and Julie at 11.

I went over to my brother's house Friday afternoon after work so we could go out shopping for food and such. Everyone was scheduled to arrive at dinner time around 19:00. Corinne and her husband wouldn't be able to attend this year, since they had some conflicts at work, and had to stay and work through the weekend. Bret's kids were also a no show, since his ex wife would have the kids this weekend. Lastly, John, Jane and Julie would not join us until Saturday afternoon.

It's always nice hanging out with my brother, and despite having to stand in line for entirely too long, you can endure a lot with good company. We bought a nice supply of wine and beer, since there would only be adults present and we could hit the town later on.

Although the weather was not particularly great, we decided to have a barbecue, so Bret and me set everything up around 18:00 and sat around throwing back some beers and got the barbecue going until everyone arrived. My wife picked Mia up at the train station, and Donna picked up Thomas, who was staying with a friend in town.

My wife arrived first with Mia in tow. I gave my wife a hug and a kiss hello, and went to greet my cousin. It's a wonder how Mia can't seem to find a boyfriend to settle down with. She's always smiling, happy, up for a lot of fun and she's very sharp. Not to mention that she's very good looking. She has the whole package if you ask me, but then again that might be keeping her boyfriends back. Then again, if that's what's holding them back, she's better off without them.

Donna and Thomas arrived pretty much exactly as the clock struck 19:00. And of course they brought extra beers and wine. Both very outgoing people, they like to cut loose and party all night.

With everyone one there, we got into the same routine we do every time we get together, sharing stories about what had been happening over the past year. We still see each other a lot over the year with family gatherings, birthdays and so on, but this is our "cousins only" time, so everything comes up even if we've heard it before.

I don't usually drink a lot, and my wife doesn't drink at all, so my cousins and my brother had their fair share of the beers and wine, and everyone was quite tipsy when midnight rolled around. My brother was anxious to hit the town and maybe end the night on a very happy note, so he was urging everyone to go change and get ready to go out. My wife had to go to bed early because she had some stuff to take care of the next day, so she offered to drive us down town.

It's always completely random where we put our stuff and where we sleep, so I'd just thrown my bag into a room. Mia and Donna had also put their bags in there when they arrived, so I had to dig through the enormous amount of luggage woman seem to bring for just three days. I eventually found my bag and started changing my clothes. The girls came in as i was taking off my pants, but I don't even think nudity would bother us so it wasn't a big deal. Donna just needed to change her shirt, so she quickly changed and ran off to apply make up. Mia had to change everything it seemed - everything came off except her thong. Mia has quite the body, a slender built with flaring hips, a nice round ass and perky breasts that are a nice handful. Again I had to wonder about her ability to dodge boyfriends. I softly whistled, and she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

"I'm not turning around, you dog," she said as she slowly winked.

I just laughed and said, "That's OK, I'm an ass man anyway. You know that!"

She learned over the table she was standing at and arched her back as she replied, "What, this thing?"

I laughed again and pulled on my shirt. As I exited the room, she picked up her bra and was clasping it as she wiggled her ass and smiled at me over her shoulder. I entered the living room and quickly sat down to hide the increasing bulge in my pants. I love a good ass, and Mia had one prime example on her, so it was had to tell mini-Will that it was attached to my cousin. Bret, Thomas and me had a few beers while we waited for the girls to get ready. After about 15 minutes, Bret announced that he'd just walk downtown, since we could not fit six of us in the car anyway, and he wanted to get going. Thomas offered to go with him, so off they went, leaving my wife and me to wait for Mia and Donna.

Mia was the first to come out, which wasn't shocking since Donna could spend an hour applying her make up. Donna also had a thing for suddenly deciding to wear something different, so even though she at first only changed her shirt, it could quickly turn into a whole change of wardrobe. Mia sat down and I poured her a glass of wine, which she started to sip. Mia had dressed casually, in a pair of tight jeans hugging her curves, and a shirt showing off only mild cleavage, but hugging her waist so her hips were even more noticeable. Her curly hair was down, hanging to her shoulders and she had large hoops in her ears.

After five minutes, Donna, as could be expected, called out for someone to come help her zip up her dress. My wife rolled her eyes and got up, saying she'd go help. Mia finished her wine and got up to get a beer. When she got back she decided to sit sideways in my lap, bouncing a bit she asked, "Am I too heavy?"

"Heavy? Hah, it's like having a feather in my lap. I can't even feel it," I replied.

She laughed and ground her ass into my lap and whispered, "How about that? Can you feel that?"

I just smiled and nodded slowly. Mia stood up and went around the table to sit down in her chair again, just as Donna and my wife came into the living room, and Donna announced that she was ready to go.

We drove the short distance down town, which only took about ten minutes. Bret called and said they were going to the largest club in town. I really didn't like that place, as the music was always loud, and even though you were only an arms length away from someone, you had to shout for them to hear you. I asked the girls where they'd like to go, and they both preferred something more quiet, so I suggested an Irish pub where we could sit and talk.

My wife dropped us off only a minute away from the pub, and after a quick kiss and her groping my cock for a few seconds, I got out of the car and she drove off.

The pub was almost full, but we managed to get a table with four chairs in the corner, where we had a nice view of the entire place. I got up to get us a couple of beers and when I got back, two of Donna's friends had joined us. I knew both girls and they got up to give me a hug. I put down the beers and asked Mia to get up so I could sit in her chair with her on my lap. She got up and once again I had that great, round ass in my lap, and once again, Mia was softly grinding away.

The night went by in a blur. We went dancing, had more beers and drinks, and as the night went on, the air between Mia and me got more and more charged. Neither of us did anything elaborate, but her learning towards me, holding my thigh as the laughed at something I said, or me rubbing her back or thighs, was something that went on all night.

At around four in the morning, we decided to head home. We hadn't heard from Bret or Thomas, so we figured they had gotten lucky or that were still at the club. Donna was so wasted she could hardly walk, while Mia and myself could still walk straight. We got back to my brother's house, and sure enough there was no one home. We made room for Donna on the floor in the guest room where our bags were. Mia and me silently agreed that we would be taking the much more comfortable double bed in the same room.

Mia was sitting in the sofa in the living room as I got out from Donna's room. "So... what're we gonna do now? Are you tired?" she asked.

"Just a bit, but I think I'm going to hit the shower and rub one out before I go to bed," I answered with straight face.

She burst out laughing and asked the obvious, "Can I come watch?"

I just shrugged and nodded before heading to the bathroom. Mia followed closely behind, and as we got into the bathroom, we both started to undress. As i took of my boxers, I looked down on my dick. I was not fully hard, but it presented itself rather well. I guess the alcohol and the constant teasing all night was getting to it, and it would take a little more to get it fully up.

Mia stripped down to her thong, and stood there looking at my cock for a bit. Then she turned around, and bent a bit over the sink while she looked at me in the mirror. "Aren't you going to shower?" she asked coyly.

"Close your eyes," I said, "I'm shy."

She laughed, but closed her eyes. I swiftly moved behind her, grabbing the string of her thong with my left hand and pulling it to the side. I then pushed my index finger into her pussy as far as it would go.

"Fuuuuuuck," she moaned.

She didn't come, but she kept moaning loudly and her knees gave in. I grabbed her with my left arm to support her, while I drove my finger in and out of her pussy as fast as I could.

"Will, that feels so fucking good," she breathed.

She was so wet, it was running down her thighs. I added more fingers, and moved my left arm down, so my left hand could rub her clit. In two minutes flat she came, with a low guttural moan. I could feel her pussy pulsating, squeezing my fingers, milking them while her knees went soft yet again and I had to move my left hand up to support her.

She went wild. She pushed herself backwards towards me, and I had to slip my fingers out to keep my balance while walking backwards. My dick was solid as a rock at this point, and she reached around to get a hold of it. She got it, and guided it to her pussy, and lunged backwards just as I pushed forward. It sank in to the hilt and her knees gave in once again. She fell to the floor and my dick slipped out, glistening with her juices. I'd never been with a girl this wet, it was insane.

Mia lay in the ground panting, looking up at me with a smile on her face.

"Well, cousin?" she asked while she rolled onto her back, her left hand going to her pussy, where she pushed in a few fingers. I stroked my dick while looking at her, her fingers going in and out faster and faster. She was just the epitome of hotness sitting there, playing with herself, looking up at me with those sultry eyes. That she was my cousin only made me want her even more.

I straddled her chest, pushing my dick into her mouth. I'm not huge, but I do alright and she almost took it all. I could feel her gagging, her throat constricting and tears were coming to her eyes, as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and plunged it in again and again. After maybe ten thrusts, I pulled all the way out and stroked my cock while looking down at her. Her eyes were glazed over and she was only looking at my cock. She swallowed and whispered, "More."

I gave her more. Her hands had moved to my thighs, and I reached behind me to push three fingers into her pussy, as I continued to work my cock in and our of her mouth.

Her left hand went down to her clit, and she started rubbing it as I focused more on my fingers in her pussy. I pushed in and up, trying to make her come again. Suddenly her eyes went wide, and her right hand pushed at my stomach, making my dick come out of her mouth.

"I'm coming!" she gasped.

She screamed. Not loudly, but still a scream. I could feel pressure on my fingers in her pussy. I pulled them out so they were just out of her, and I felt them getting drenched. Juice kept pumping out of her pussy, and I was amazed at how much she seemed to have inside her. I've never experienced a girl squirting before, and I craned my neck to look. Man, I was glad we were in the bathroom with the tiled floor. My knees hurt from kneeling on the floor, but the juices flowing from her would have been hard to explain if we had been doing this in the living room on the carpet.

"Baby, I want to taste your pussy so bad," I said as I looked down on her smiling face.

She gave my dick a few licks and said, "Mmm, yeeeessss."

I pulled a few towels from the closet and put them on the floor, so she could have her knees on them. I lay down on my back and pulled her pussy to my face. She got the idea and got up on all fours to crawl over me. Her pussy was very red, there was juice everywhere, and it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Trimmed, but too much, it was just begging to get licked. So I did. No teasing. No kissing the thighs or slowing licking the labia. I did one long lick from the clit to her asshole, and then went straight to work on her clit.

"Mmmm, yeah, baby. Work that clit," she moaned as she stroked my dick slowly.

She was doing quite well on my dick, and she was nasty, which is just fine with me. She was spitting on it, jerking it in long strokes, licking my balls, taking it into her throat. I was still working on her clit, and I could feel that she was coming fast. Suddenly she stopped sucking my dick, and was just stroking it with her face pushed into my hip.

"I'm coming, baby, keep it right there. Right there. Right there," she moaned loudly as she worked my dick faster with her hand.

Louder and louder she went until she unmistakably came. She flopped down on me, so our bodies were mashed together, and she pushed backwards, rubbing her clit against my chin.

She came down after about a minute. She moved to one side to lie on her back on the floor. "I can't move," she said, "but I want your cock in me."

"No problem," I answered, feeling energized at the prospect of fucking my hot cousin. I scooted over and lifted her legs, getting in position on my side to fuck her while she was on her back. My dick was so hard, I could feel my heartbeat as I held it and ran it up and down her slit. She was still so wet. How could she be this wet? I slowly pushed into her, and paused when I bottomed out.

"All the way, baby," I said.

Her right hand clawed softly at my chest, and she whispered, "Good. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard."

She started rocking back and forth, urging me to move, which promptly I did. It didn't take long before I got that buzzing feeling in my dick. I pulled out, and she looked down at me with an annoyed look on her face. "Hey, I was just enjoying that," she said teasingly.

"On your side," I said. She grinned wickedly and turned onto her side. It looked amazing. The curves of her body were mind numbing, and she looked at me over her shoulder with a smile on face as if she knew a secret and she wasn't going to tell me. I got behind her in spoon position and lifted her right leg up so she was a bit more open. It wasn't necessary at all. There was pussy juice and saliva everywhere, even her ass was glistening with it. I slid right in to the hilt again. My right hand went over her and to her clit, while my left hand reached around to grab her throat.

I pulled back and thrust in sharply as I whispered into her ear, "You like it hard like that, baby?"

"Y-Y-Yes," she responded as I kept fucking her slow and hard. I continued with the slow movement, while my right hand worked faster on her clit.

"I'm gonna come soon," she moaned as both her hands went to her clit, where they started fighting my hand to get in on the action. Maybe I wasn't hitting the spot, I don't know, but I let her control the action as I moved my right hand to her lower back to push a bit on her so her ass stood out more.

I pulled almost entirely out, and as I slid back in, my index finger went up her ass. That did it for her.

"I'm coming!" she gasped and I could feel her pussy milking my dick. I kept working her pussy and ass as best I could while her orgasm washed over her. After she had come, I slowly tried to pull out as I was about to come myself. She tried keeping me in her, clenching her muscles and moving her ass backwards.

"Mia, I'm coming," I said.

"Come in me," she replied, "please."

"I want to come on your face," I said. It was not something I practiced a lot, but the whole scene just invited me to finish it off by coming on her face.

"Come in me. I'll scoop it all out again and drink it, and I'll suck you dick until it's hard again. I want to feel you come in me. I'll swallow your come every day you want, but right now I want you to come in me," she responded, while rocking her hips back and forth, nearly putting me over the edge.

Well, not nearly. All her dirty talk and the look of her ass did the work. I came in her. It blew my mind and I nearly blacked out. I was vaguely aware of myself groaning as I emptied myself in her.

"Yeessss, more. Please, more," she groaned.

After a few minutes of my orgasm slowly subsiding and her pussy milking my dick, she moved away from me and sat up with her back against the tub. I looked up at her, and she looked down at me. Her eyes sparkled, and I felt a stupid grin was plastered across my face.

She started rubbing her pussy, putting a few fingers in her mouth. The she moved her hand from her mouth to her pussy, collecting some of my come. She sucked her fingers clean as she moaned and looked me right in the eyes. It was so incredibly hot. I've had my share of sexual adventures, but this topped everything. It was so dirty, so nasty, and it was my cousin. Again, the epitome of hotness. Right there.

"You are the fucking hottest thing I've ever seen," I said while stroke my dick.

Her eyes sparkled. "And you have the tastiest come I've ever had."

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost six in the morning, so we'd been fucking for a little over an hour. It was also getting light outside, and it was probably a good idea to get to bed.

"Well, time for me to get in the shower and rub one out," I said.

She laughed and said, "Yeah, good idea. You look like you need it."

I got up and she immediately crawled over, took my dick in her mouth and started sucking softly. She worked in it for a couple of minutes, taking it deep, spitting on it, stroking it and licking my balls. Despite having just come, it quickly got hard again.

My phone suddenly beeped. I bent down to pick up my pants where it was in the pocket. Mia valiantly kept sucking through the process. It was a message from Bret saying that he and Thomas wouldn't home until around noon. I told Mia, and she smiled wickedly.

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