tagIncest/TabooCousin Mia Ch. 02

Cousin Mia Ch. 02


I woke up with a slight humming in my head, but other than that I was feeling just fine.

I noticed that Mia wasn't in the bed anymore, and raising myself up on my elbow I couldn't see Donna anywhere either. I lay back down, thinking about the night before. I hadn't been very drunk, so although it felt like a dream I knew it wasn't. I didn't want it to be, either. It had been too good to just write off as a dream.

I could hear the noises from cars on the nearby road outside, and despite the drapes being pulled, there was still a lot of light escaping around the edges, so I figured it was getting around noon.

I listened to the sounds of the house, but I couldn't make out anything in particular. Maybe Mia and Donna were outside, or went to get some breakfast. I decided I'd just stay in bed for a few more minutes before getting up.

I suddenly heard the bathroom door open and close. In the time it had been open, I heard the shower running.

Ten seconds later, Mia was standing next to the bed. She was wearing my t-shirt from yesterday, and I couldn't see if she was wearing anything else because it came down to the top of her thighs.

She looked stunning as she stood there with her damp, curly hair hanging around her face. The soft light filling the room just made her even more wonderful to look at. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked down at me with a big smile on her face.

"Good morning," I said. "Beautiful as ever, I see."

Her smile grew even more radiant.

"Any regrets?" she asked and looked intently at my face, searching for a response.

"Only that I wasn't so tired and that we didn't have more time," I replied and reached our to take her hand.

I pulled her down to me and embraced her. Our lips met in a soft and tender kiss, and she moaned happily.

"Donna is in the shower," she said. "Bret tried to call you, but I picked up so you wouldn't have to get out of bed. Thomas and him will be home in half an hour or so."

"Aww, shoot," I replied. "What time is it?"

"It's about two. The teletubbies will be here soon," she said. The teletubbies were our nickname for the three youngest cousins, John, Jane and Julie. "We better get up and get dressed."

Mia gave me a quick kiss and stood up. She turned around and pulled her t-shirt off, revealing her naked body underneath. She looked even better now that I could see her more clearly in the daylight. She looked no less than magnificent. The curves of her body were the definition of sexiness and her perfect ass was the crown achievement.

"Best ass ever," I said as I admired her entire package.

She looked at me over her shoulder, that wicked and playful smile from yesterday was back. "Oh, just you wait. I have a surprise for you."

My curiosity was instantly peaked. "What?"

She shook her head slowly and winked at me. "You'll have to wait and find out."

Bret and Thomas got home at around three, just five minutes before my aunt arrived with my three youngest cousins. My aunt quickly took off again, and we all started preparing some lunch, since most of us were starving.

After lunch, my wife joined us and we all went down town. There is a yearly five day festival running from Saturday to Wednesday, and we try to schedule our "cousins only" weekend around this, as there are a lot of activities for everyone. We mostly head into town in the afternoon, return when we're hungry to cook some dinner.

The one thing we can agree on when we get down town is that no one really wants to see the exact same thing. I love my cousins one and all, so I don't mind tagging along to see something I really don't find that interesting, as I get to spend some time with them. Everyone knows that's how I feel, Which is why I found Jane and Julie tugging on me, wanting me to come with them to see some ballet.

It was around four, and we huddled up to talk about who would go where and where we would meet up at around seven.

My wife, Donna and Mia had talked about going to a fashion show. What a shocker. John, Thomas and Bret also wanted to go to the fashion show, but not until later when they would be modeling lingerie. First they wanted to go see some martial arts show, where some guy would attempt to break a lot of bricks for some record.

"Will, you're off to the ballet with the girls then?" Bret asked, looking at me with a small smile.

"Yeah, I've always liked those tight outfits. Especially on the men," I replied.

"Eeeeeewwww!" it came almost simultaneously from Jane and Julie.

We all laughed at the expression on their faces. It was like they had just eaten a whole basket of lemons.

"You all sure no one else wants to come?" I asked, as I looked around at everyone else.

"Heck, I'll come," Mia innocently offered. "Looking at the shows just makes me want to buy a bunch of clothes I know I can't afford anyway."

My wife laughed, "Yeah, I know what you mean. But I'd still like to see some of the dresses."

Mia looked at me and said, "I'll go with Will. Maybe I'll see some men in tight outfits."


We all laughed at Julie and Jane once more before heading off in our different directions. As the martial arts and fashion show were both reasonably close by where we started, the others didn't have to go very far. The ballet, along several shows displaying all kinds of dancing, was about fifteen minutes away on foot.

We stopped for some ice cream and soda on the way. Mia and me listened to Jane and Julie going on about how fantastic ballet was, and when they grew up they'd both be famous ballerinas. Mia and me smiled and agreed with everything they said. It made a lot of sense, really.

We got to the place and there was no line, so we headed straight in. It was quite a large building, where people usually play indoor soccer, basketball, badminton and even tennis. Lots of huge spaces, totally ideal for dancing and of course ballet.

"For anyone who'd like to try any of the dancing for themselves, feel free to visit hall C, where instructors will guide you through the basics!" it boomed from the loudspeakers after we had been watching various kinds of dancing for about half an hour.

"Can we go? Can we go?" Jane and Julie shouted as they pulled on my hands.

"Sure," I said, "let's go track down hall C."

We quickly located hall C. Jane and Julie ran to the back, where there was a sign saying that this was were the ballet party was at. Mia and myself sat down on some benches nearby where we could sit opposite each other and talk for a bit.

"So what's the surprise?" I asked as we sat down.

"Haha, I'm not gonna tell you! You'll have to wait, but trust me, it will be worth the wait," she answered with a devilish grin on her face.

"You're such a little tease. How about a hint?" I asked.

"I'm not going to tell you now, so you can save it," she answered. Damn, that approach didn't work either.

I suddenly felt something between my legs, rubbing against my dick. "So I'm a tease?" Mia asked with an innocent look on her face, as her foot kept rubbing my dick.

There she was. That beautiful face framed by the blond, curly hair. Those bright green eyes, the mirth sparkling in them matching the small smile playing around her lips.

"I think us sitting here, surrounded by hundreds of people, and you doing that pretty much confirms my statement," I said as answered her smile with my own.

She leaned across the table and whispered into my ear, "If I could get away with it, I would crawl under the table and suck your cock until you came."

This wasn't helping my erection, which was making a tent in my pants.

Jane and Julie came running over. "Will! Mia! Did you see us there? Did you see me spin?" Julie squealed and pulled on Mia's hand. Jane was spinning around on the spot next to her.

"Yeah, we saw you, you looked awesome!" I responded. I thankfully noted that Mia's foot had retreated when the girls came over.

"This place is the best, I wish we could stay here all day," Jane said.

I looked at my watch. We had only been here for an hour. "Guys, we can stay here as long as you'd like. We just have to meet the others at seven."

"Yeah!" Julie and Jane burst out in unison. They high-fived and ran over to talk to the instructors again.

Mia's foot came back on my dick, rubbing slightly. I shook my head at her, and she laughed at me. We sat there talking until it was time to go. Jane and Julie occasionally came over to show us some moves, or to drag us with them, because you know five meters is too far away.

As it was custom for our second day, we ended up fighting at the local DVD-store over which movies we wanted to see. It was, also as always, split up into two camps, and a few who would go either way. My wife, Jane, Julie and to some extent Donna, preferred romantic movies in particular the comedy variety. My brother, Thomas and John, and to some extent me, preferred action movies, sci-fi, horror, or comedy of the more rowdy variety. Mia, and her sister when she was there, didn't really care and would watch whatever. This year, however, we had more options, as my wife and me had moved to a bigger place, and also invested in a rather huge TV and a sound system. So after dinner, we split up into two groups, and my wife took Donna, Jane and Julie to our house along with sleeping bags, blankets and pillows, where they would watch their romantic movies and talk into the night. The rest of us stayed at Bret's, and would settle in for a night of action, sci-fi and loud noises.

While the others put some mattresses on the floor in front of the TV, Mia and I went into the kitchen to microwave a vast amount of popcorn, and get glasses and soda for everyone. We could hear the others in the living room moving stuff around so that the mattresses aligned perfectly with the TV. Mia popped the first bag into the microwave and came over next to me as the oven noisily prepared the popcorn.

"I'm not wearing any panties," Mia said, as if she was commenting on the colour of the wall. "Aaaand, I don't think you should be wearing anything under your sweat pants when we sit down to watch the movie."

I tried to remain cool, as I answered, "Great idea. It's pretty hot in here today." I looked at Mia as she stood next to me. She was wearing a light dress black that came down almost to her feet, and a thin cardigan to cover her bare arms. The dress was hugging her in all the right places.

"Are you sure you're not wearing any panties?" I asked. "I'm sure i can see a little outline here," I continued as I ran a finger over her hip.

The popcorn were done, and Mia smiled as she sauntered over and replaced the bag in the oven with a new one.

Mia came back over, and leaned into the kitchen counter. "Maybe you should come over here and check," she said softly as she bent over the counter even more, until her elbows were resting on the counter top.

I smiled at her boldness. She had positioned herself so she could see into the living room where the others were still moving around furniture and getting the sound system ready to go, but they would only be able to see her from the shoulders up as she was leaning forward. This also meant that they wouldn't be able to see me.

"I think you should check right now," she said as she drummed her fingers on the counter.

I went down to my knees and slowly lifted her dress up from the floor. I kissed her knee calves, knee pits, and thighs as the dress slid up her smooth legs.

As the dress started to lift past her buttocks, she leaned further into the counted, spread her legs a little more, and murmured, "Surprise."

I was a bit confused at first, as it didn't really surprise me that she didn't have any panties on. But then I realised what she was talking about. Her slightly swollen pussy was completely smooth. I recalled from last night, that there had been very little hair, but, as far as I could see, what little there had been was now gone.

Mia reached back and put a hand on each of her buttocks and pulled up slowly before letting go. Her buttocks bounced a bit before settling back into their position of perfectness. She pulled up slowly again, and I took the opportunity to move forward and drive my tongue between her pussy lips, and slowly lick upwards. Mia moaned softly as my tongue went the length of her pussy, and continued up to her anus. I leaned back and looked at her ass. She was already wet. I could see a little of my saliva mixing with her fluids and making a thin trail down the inside of her right thigh.

Mia slowly pushed herself up, leaving the dress folded around her waist, and strolled over to the microwave oven to replace the bag in there with a fresh one. We still had three more bags to go, as everyone of course wanted their own pile of popcorn. She turned around facing me and pointed down between her legs.

"Surprise again," she said with a playful smile and batted her eyes seductively. I looked down, and this time I really was surprised. Her pussy was not completely shaved. Her pubic hair was light brown, and she had left a few stripes of very short hair, and they stood out clearly forming the letter W.

"It's because it's your pussy now," she said as she walked past me and leaned over the counter again. "Are you hard?", she asked as rocked back on her feet so her ass was just in front of my face.

I was hard alright. I stood up and pulled my pants and boxers down to my thighs. I snaked my right hand between her legs and collected some of her fluids which I smeared over the end of my cock.

"What are the others doing?" I asked as ran my left hand over her ass.

Mia stretched her neck a little forward. "They're still tryyyy-fuuuuuuck", she whimpered softly as I shoved my cock into her.

I fucked her slowly with long strokes, running my hands over her perfect ass. She put a hand between her legs and started fingering her clit. We had been doing this for msybe s minute before I realised that we had to put a new bag in the microwave. It was just in time, too, as I was close to coming all over her ass. Mia protested a little as I pulled out, but she nodded her head slowly and kept working her clit. I stepped back, picking up my pants slightly as I wobbled over to put a new bag in. Definitely less elegant than Mia's dance across the kitchen with her dress around her waist.

As I turned back around, Mia was busy with an arching back, reaching back with her right arm to shove two fingers in and out of her pussy, and the other hand working furiously on her clit.

"Hey! Are the popcorn ready soon or what?!" Bret shouted from the living room. Mia slowly pulled her fingers out of her pussy and left a shiny trail of juices as she dragged her hand between her buttocks and up to the small of her back. She breathed slowly in and out a few times and called back, "Two bags to go! Just start watching the movie, it's all music and credits for the fist five minutes anyways!" She never stopped fingering herself, though.

"Remember the diet coke as well!" John called. "I knoooooooooow!" Mia called back as I covered my thumb in her fluids and pushed it into her ass.

"Pull your dress up further, so I can come all over your ass, baby," I whispered into her ear as I leaned over her and worked my finger in and out of her ass.

"I'm coming," Mia whispered back as she tried to steady herself without using her hands as support. I stood back up and watched as she came. Her anus closed tightly around my finger as her whole body shook, and the juices flowed slowly down her legs, leaving thin and shiny stripes.

This was all too much input, and I only had to stroke my cock a few times before I blew everything on her ass. After a heavy night and morning of fucking, I was quite surprised at the amount of come I was able to dish out. Four or five ropes of come lay neatly across her buttocks and lower back when I was done.

Mia was still fingering herself, and I was still working my thumb in her ass. I slowly pulled my finger out and grabbed her hip with my free hand. I guided my cock to her pussy and pushed it in. She must have been really close, because she came again almost instantly, leaning heavily into the counter and lying flat down on it with her upper body. I grabbed her with my other hand, so I had a good grip on her hips. I slowly fucked her until the spasms were over.

I pulled out, pulled my pants up and hurried over to the microwave. We had been caught up in the moment and the fourth bag contained more burned and black popcorn than actual edible ones. I quickly replaced the bag and grabbed some tissue as I went back to Mia. She had gotten up on her arms and was stretching them out. I wiped my come off her ass, and looked at the tissue. I couldn't just throw this in the trash in the kitchen, because it was rich with the smell of our combined juices. The smell of sex was probably also heavy in the air, and it would be hard to explain if someone came into the kitchen.

"You fix the popcorn and the sodas, and I'll open a window and get rid of this," I said as I started to move towards the kitchen window.

Mia grabbed me and pulled me in for a quick, deep kiss. "Or you can fuck me in the ass for two minutes while we wait for the last bag," Mia whispered in my ear as she ran her fingers up and down my back.

I can't say I wasn't tempted, because I was. But we were already pushing it, so I smiled, bit her ear softly and moved towards the window.

"Promise me you'll do it later," she called after me as I moved away, and she pulled her dress down.

"Oh, it's a promise," I answered.

After everyone had gotten their bowl of popcorn - Mia had tossed the burnt bag and cleverly divided the four remaining bags into five bowls - and soda, Bret pressed play and the movie came back on from pause. It was straight an action sequence with guns, cars and explosions. I looked at the clock. It was 10:15pm, so the first movie would be done around midnight. I wondered how many would be asleep by then.

Brett, Thomas and John were on the floor on the mattresses and were already commenting on the movie, while Mia and me sat together behind them on the sofa, leaning a little into each other.

My cell phone hiccuped, and I picked it up to see who had texted me. It was my wife, wishing me a good night and writing that everything was going great at our house. The text ended with an "I love you".

I leaned back into the sofa and thought about my wife. I had been with her for ten years, and we'd been married for three. As I looked sideways at Mia, I realised that many of the feelings I had for my wife, I also had for Mia. I loved my wife, and our sexual attraction and match were also almost perfect. It was the same with Mia, although there was a difference in their attitude towards sex. I also felt I knew my wife a lot better, even hough Mia had been in my life as long as I could remember. Maybe I loved them both? I also didn't know what Mia's motives were, and I knew I had to have that talk with her before she left, so there wasn't anything unclear when we went our separate ways the following day. Loved them both? I felt a bit like a pig as I played the sentence over in my head again.

I quickly texted my wife back, also ending with an "I love you". I wondered how my wife would respond if she knew about last night, this morning and just fifteen minutes ago. I have never cheated on my wife, or even considered it, so it would be impossible to tell how she'd react. I did however have my suspicions that it wouldn't be overly positive.

I put the phone on the table and leaned back. Mia also leaned back and put her head on my shoulder. Normally, I wouldn't have thought about it when any of cousins did that, but it felt different now that we had crossed that invisible line. I felt closer to her, more connected, and I leaned my head softly against hers.

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