tagIncest/TabooCousin Monica – Tales Ch. 01

Cousin Monica – Tales Ch. 01


It was unthinkable. The receiver slipped down in my hand.

"Hello?" came my aunt's voice.

"Yea.I'm here," I stammered in reply.

My mind had gone blank. My aunt's words wiping everything away. She'd just told me that Mike, Monica's husband, was dead.

Monica and I hadn't spoken in some time. After high school our passions gave way to practicalities over the years. We'd fooled around a little while she was engaged to Mike. One of the more memorable was a blowjob in the changing room at the mall. At the time my new job had been keeping me busy and we hadn't time to see each other. We met for lunch and she told me she was engaged. It was quite a shock. The more she told me the angrier I grew. The safety of her arms, the passion of her soft kisses would all be gone. On the outside I embraced the pretense of happiness. I told her how I thought it was great until she gave me an incredulous look.

"Really?" asked Monica.

"No. I hate that you're engaged. I always wanted to have you, all to myself." I said.

The words fell out of my throat and I swallowed hard. I was able to choke out a few more.

"But if it's what you want." I said. All the warm nights we'd spent together came flooding back into my mind. They lined the edges of my vision as she talked more. She put her hand on mine and I looked at it. It brought me back to the table. The volume of her words rose in my ears at once, "I know, but you will always have a special place in my heart and be able to take my breath away. But we can't go on forever. It just can't." Monica said.

I nodded numbly. We say awkward for a few minutes.

"Hey let's finish your shopping," I said, trying to smile.

"Ok." she replied. She seemed to hope that everything would just be that.

We hit the stores for DVDs where we got told we were a cute couple. Smiling, we looked each other and laughed. The tension abated somewhat and we went on to the department store at the end of the mall.

"I want to get you some cute clothes you can find a nice girl. Ok?" Monica said playfully. Her eyes opened and she gave me a big smile. I groaned in grudging reply. "C'mon, Mr. Happy." she said.

She tugged me along to the Men's section. "This shouldn't be tough. You're cute enough." Monica said. Picking out several shirts and pants, she loaded them into my arms and pushed me towards the changing rooms. I shuffled my feel the whole way. Monica go behind me and pretended to push me like an obstinate mule.

"Ok. Try those on and come out one outfit at a time." she said.

I shuffled my way into the dressing room. I got undressed and sighed. God this is difficult. I slid on a pair of straight-cut faded blue jeans, rolled the cuffs and threw on a shirt.

"Well. Whadda ya think?" I asked in a sliding voice, my arms extended.

"Nice. Simple. What else you got in there?" Monica asked.

"I'm full of surprises," I said and winked at her.

Going for the Johnny Cash look I put on tight fitting black slacks and a button-down black shirt, with striped stitching.

I swaggered out with one hand in my left pocket. "May I present myself as Mr. Cool," I said.

She sighed. She looked me over and bit her lip. "Yes indeed," Monica replied.

My cock twitched as she did that. I checked myself that I was still part of this space and time. I blinked. I silently walked back to the dressing room and closed the door. It opened right back up and again and Monica came bursting through. She kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed her and ran my hand through her hair.I massaged her back and ran my hand down to her ass. She slid her right hand up my chest and pushed. I resisted her pushing me back against the wall. Her hand became a finger and put it over my lips, locking my gaze.

She undid her blouse and pushed up her bra. Her luscious, full breasts fell out dividing my attention. She unbuttoned two buttons in the middle of my shirt and knelt. Tugging at the belt and nearly ripping the zipper she exposed my boxer briefs. Her hand surrounded my bulge and stroked it through the fabric.

I got harder.

My mind raced, stopped, did four push-ups, twirled, whirled and flipped. She was engaged and didn't want me, did she want me, was this a one-time thing, was this the last time, would she let me have her, should I stop her, NO! were all thoughts invading my mind at once. She pulled my pants down over my ass, the underwear along with it. My cock aimed accusingly at her mouth. She swallowed me whole. My cock reached the back of her throat in one thrust and I gasped. Her eyes returned the accusation and demanded my silence, finally softening when I leaned back against the wall. One of her hands was busy playing with my scrotum and taint. The other found its way to the opening in my shirt, nabbing a nipple.

This was too much. I had missed her so. She propped her breasts under my balls so I could feel them. This drove me insane with pleasure. She grabbed my ass, pulling it towards her as she sucked. She wouldn't let me touch her. Relinquishing all control I felt her tongue swirl around my shaft. She looked at me as if to say, "I want all of you in my mouth. I am now and forever will be yours. Vulnerable, horny and insatiable."

She took my cock out.

My mouth opened and she closed it with another look. Placing her hand on my shaft she began to twist her wrist, moving back and forth along my length. She then capped it with her warm, soft mouth. This was her technique for making me cum. She started slow. I knew what she was doing and I wanted it to last forever. Trying to think of other things to last longer I drifted. She sucked harder, moved faster. There was no escape. She was gravity and I was a stone. I became a meteor, caught in an uncontrollable free fall. She moved faster and faster. My orgasm was threatening to erupt at any moment. And just as it did, Monica pulled me out sending what seemed like tons of gushing semen onto her breasts. Several strands boldly bridged her cleavage and she blew a kiss on my cock.

Slowly she gathered up as much sperm as she could and ate it. She rose to meet my descending kiss.

"Thank you," she whispered, "Meet you out front," in full voice and walked out.

Too stunned to do anything I stood there. My knees unsteady and threatening to walk out by themselves. Gathering myself and the rest of the clothes I beat them to it. I bought the jeans and the shirt as I reminder. We finished shopping, mostly in one word exchanges.

Hugging her good-bye I said nothing, squeezing her as if it was the last time. I watched her ass wiggle across the parking lot.

She got in her car and pulled away.

The phone was still in my hand and the C-flat dial tone remained, echoing in the room. Mike was dead. Jesus. A small amount of guilt rose in my ear. Guilt for doing things with his wife, guilt for the urge to rush over and comfort her, guilt for letting her go so easily. I hung the receiver up and dialed Monica's number.

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