Cousin, Oh My!


I almost had an orgasm just from him being rough. I loved it! The kiss grew from passionate to hungry for each other. He reached down and pulled at my shirt. It was sticking to my body from the drying ice cream but he quickly had it off me and tossed it across the kitchen. I was breathing heavy anticipating his next touch. He started kissing and licking his way down my neck and chest. Simultaneously, he reached around me and unhooked my bra. When he peeled it away he worked his way down to my nipples. He took one into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. I moaned and shuddered from the contact. I began pulling at his shirt and finally removed it from his sticky skin. He returned his lips to mine and moved one hand down to the top of my pants. After skillfully undoing the button and zipper of my shorts he moved both hands under them and over my ass. I couldn't take this teasing another second and cried out, "I can't wait anymore!"

Chad took the cue and shoved my pants down to my ankles as I stepped out of them. He then ripped my panties off and flung them away. I reached for his shorts and fought with the button until it finally released. I shoved them down and he kicked them off to the side. Surprised, I found that he wore nothing beneath them. All that was there was his very hard cock. It was probably about 7 inches but a lot thicker then any one I've had before. I shuddered at the sight of it. With the undressing complete he suddenly picked me up and held me tight. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he carried me down the hall to my bedroom. We kept kissing as we made our way to the room. Panting I half moaned and half said, "Fuck me! Now!" A big smile crossed his face and he dropped me to the bed. Grabbing my hips he pulled me to the edge of the mattress and leaned down to kiss my breasts. I was moaning and writhing beneath him. I started begging for him to fuck me. Standing by the bed he spread my legs wide and moved his hard throbbing dick towards my waiting whole. At first he slowly moved the head inside, but once it was in he threw a forceful thrust into me. I screamed out in pleasure with a touch of pain as his the complete length of his cock buried into me. He paused as if to figure out if it was a good or bad scream. I moaned, "More! Ohh please fuck meeeeeeee!" As I hit the last word he began to thrust into me, hard.

My body was shaking and my tits bouncing as he pounded his dick into my stretching tunnel. He grunted and said, "Shit. It's so tight!" I felt like every inch of my body was on fire. Everything was super sensitive and I swear I could feel every inch of him in me. My orgasm was building. With my legs still spread wide he moved one of his hands to pussy and flicked my tingling clit with his thumb. He then moved it in fast circles over it as he continued to slam into me. With a loud drawn out moan my orgasm crashed into me and wave after wave of pleasure rolled over my entire body. Forming no words I just shook and cried out. From the power of my orgasm my pussy repeatedly twitched around his invading tool. The tightening around Chad's dick made him grunt and say, "Oh fuck," as his orgasm exploded. With a final thrust his load filled my insides and the overflow ran down my ass. I couldn't catch my breath and couldn't even see straight. It was the best sex I had ever had! Chad collapsed on the bed next to me and pulled me towards him. I curled my legs onto the bed as I lay on my side facing him. We didn't speak, just panted and stayed in each others arms. A few moments later, we were out cold.

------ ------ ------ ------

Dear Diary,

June 30th

I can't believe I'm writing this but Chad and I had the most amazing sex ever yesterday! One minute we were having an ice cream food fight and the next we were fucking on my bed. It was amazing! If any of my ex boyfriends could make me explode like that they would still be around. When I woke up later he was still holding me. We were still covered in dried ice cream which was now all over my comforter. The kitchen is an ice cream disaster!

It gets better though! I can't explain now but wait until you find out what happened in the bathroom!


--------- ------- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------

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