tagBDSMCousin Pt. 03

Cousin Pt. 03


The three headed upstairs. Dan didn't bother putting any clothing back on at all, but had the two girls leave on their wrist and ankle cuffs so they "could stay used to being captives." This brought a couple of giggles, but actually both of the young women found it exciting, knowing they could be restrained at any time. Lisa had spent almost all of the time she had been here before completely naked, but this was Diana's first experience of going without clothing for any length of time. To her own surprise she had quickly adjusted to the constant nudity and loved the feeling of both freedom and bondage that seemed to go with it. She had never spent much time out of doors naked except for some private sunbathing - she and Lisa had done that last week, in fact - but up here was so isolated and quiet that it seemed natural to go outdoors without worrying about who might see.

The three dug around in the kitchen and put together some sandwiches, fruit, and snacks and shoved these into a picnic basket they found. Lisa picked up a couple of beach towels and Dan disappeared for a minute and returned with a large cotton blanket and a small cloth bag and the three headed out the back and down to the pond. The day had warmed up again and the lack of clothing didn't bother them. They spread the blanket, but Lisa wanted a swim before they ate. Dan had them remove their cuffs - no use ruining the leather. The three spent the next twenty minutes swimming and playing grab ass around the float until finally hunger drove them back out. They dried off and Dan replaced their cuffs. The three flopped down on the blanket and began to attack the food.

Diana asked Dan, "Lisa said you hadn't really played many of these games before, but you seem to know just what to do - and how hard, for that matter. You're really new at this?"

"Before last week I'd only played a few spanking games, but I'll admit I have a rich fantasy life. Not as good as this reality, but rich. And I do read a lot."

"I'd like to see your library," Diana said, only half teasingly. "I don't care where you learned, but I've loved every bit of it. And I expect to leave here with stripes like Lisa had last week."

Dan looked sharply at Lisa, who shrugged. "I guess they weren't all gone before she got a glance. I'll have to be more careful next time."

Still looking at her, Dan said, "Humm. That kind of carelessness probably calls for more punishment, don't you think?"

"Most certainly," Lisa grinned. "I'm sure you'll really have to whip my ass."

"Well, since I saw it," Diana added, "I think you should whip my ass too. OK?"

"I'm sure there will be enough to go around for both of you. You know, you two are the sexiest women I've ever met. In fact you are hotter than any I've ever imagined. This all seems so much like a wild dream I think maybe I should pinch myself. But I think I'd rather pinch you two." As he said this Dan reached out and caught a nipple in each hand and squeezed them between his thumbs and forefingers. Lisa and Diana both sucked in their breath, but both also arched to thrust their breasts farther towards him. The three of them spent the next forty five minutes feeling, kissing, stroking, and in general making out. Dan would be locked in a full length press with one girl and the other would push herself against his back and let her fingers play with his balls and anus. Once, at Lisa's silent urging, Diana wet her finger and worked it inside Dan's rear hole. His response indicated he liked this stimulation and Diana, to her own surprise, also found it exciting. She had had a few fingers in her own ass and during the last day Dan had introduced her to all kinds of anal stimulation, but she had never done anything along those lines to any of her own boyfriends. She was finding she liked a lot of things she had never tried.

Finally Dan reached into the cloth bag he had brought and pulled out a couple of lengths of rope. "I think we should stretch one of you now. I think maybe Diana first." he tied the rope ends to her wrist cuffs and then had her lie back on the blanket. They were in a small grove of shade trees and Dan used two of these to tie her arms widely spread. He then added two more ropes to her ankle cuffs and used another tree and a stake which he drove into the ground to spread her feet four feet apart. With Diana now stretched tightly on her back, he turned and embraced Lisa. After a long, deep kiss and a bit of feeling, he said, "Come on Lisa. Let's see if she's ticklish."

Diana's eyes popped wide open. She was not only ticklish - she was very, very ticklish. Dan began to run his fingertips lightly up and down her sides, across her stomach, and along her thighs. Diana broke into fits of laughter and strained and twisted against the ropes. "Come on, Lisa. Help me out."

Lisa thought, "What the hell. Why not?" She knelt on one side of the stretched brunette and began to let her own fingers dance across the taut skin along with Dan's. Soon Dan began to let his fingers wander across her breasts and along her pussy lips. Lisa hesitated only a second and then joined him in tormenting these areas too. She even let her own finger tease Diana's anus and actually penetrated her pussy a couple of times. Finally Dan stopped the tickling and began to run his tongue across her swollen nipples and down her now sopping slit. He was sucking on Diana's right nipple when he suddenly reached up and put his hand behind Lisa's neck. He gently urged her down, and with only a second's resistance, Lisa lowered her mouth to her friend's left nipple. Diana didn't object. She arched her back as much as possible, bringing her tits closer to the two hot tongues busy working on her.

Soon she was squirming uncontrollably and started begging, "Fuck me, Dan. I need you inside me. Fuck me now."

"Not quite yet," Dan said. "I want to get you properly aroused first."

As Diana cried out in frustration, Lisa suddenly stood and started for the house. "I'll be right back. Just keep on with what you're doing."

Dan didn't lift his head, but gave what might have been a wave in acknowledgment. He continued to stimulate the bound girl, driving her higher and higher. He was now getting almost too aroused himself to wait much longer. Somewhere in the back of his mind he heard Lisa come out of the house and saw her start back towards them, but he was too busy to pay much attention. He stretched himself out above Diana, supporting himself on his hands and knees. He lowered his head and sucked hard on first one and then the other nipple. He placed the tip of his rock hard cock against the entrance to her slit and pushed just the head inside. Diana strained upwards as far as her bonds allowed to try and get him in deeper. Dan finally let himself sink in all the way and pressed her hard against the ground. For half a minute the two ground their genitals together, not withdrawing at all, but pushing and twisting against each other. Suddenly Dan felt a slick finger at his own anus. He looked back and saw Lisa kneeling between his own (and Diana's) legs. She had her finger extended and was twisting it deeper and deeper inside of him. As her finger probed and lubricated, he pressed even harder against Diana's tight pussy. Suddenly Lisa withdrew her finger, but almost immediately Dan felt the end of something - must be a dildo, he thought - press against his now open rear. Slowly the plastic shaft began to penetrate him and suddenly he realized that this fake cock was mounted in a harness around Lisa's waist. She was fucking him with a strap on as he fucked Diana. In fact, although Dan didn't know it at the time, the other end of the dildo was deep within Lisa's own pussy and she was also fucking herself as she fucked him. Dan responded and began to move in and out of Diana as Lisa moved the hard shaft in and out of his own rectum. Lisa stretched herself against Dan's back and, not surprisingly, the intense stimulation very soon had all three exploding in the convulsions of incredible orgasms.

Finally they collapsed in a hot, sweaty heap. Diana reveled in the weight of both of them pressing her against the ground and tightened her internal muscles around Dan's shrinking member. At last the three pulled apart and Dan turned and embraced Lisa for a long kiss. Then both of them turned and, without a word, bent to suck hard at Diana's nipples. Suddenly Lisa began to let her mouth move down across Diana's taut stomach and on over her newly shaved mound. She moved between Diana's legs and began to lick the length of her slit. For several minutes her tongue darted over Diana's clit and in and out of her pussy. Dan sat back and stared intently, his hardening cock indicating his reaction to this show. Soon Diana came again in another loud climax. Lisa made one more long lick from just in front of Diana's anus, up through her slit, across her clit, and on up her stomach and over a hard nipple. When she finally pulled away, she and Dan began to release the stretched girl from her bonds.

As Diana sat up and worked her sore arms, she turned towards Dan and gave him a hug and deep kiss. Then she turned to Lisa and gave her one too. As she pulled back she quietly said, "Well, I guess we know how we feel about this, now, don't we."

Lisa looked into her eyes, nodded and said, "I guess so. It feels awfully good, but don't expect me to give up men."

The three sat close together and talked about the experience. Diana wanted to examine the strap on. She had never seen one and now ideas of using it on Dan - and Lisa! - were flooding her head. Dan admitted the experience did really turn him on and that playing with the three of them together was even better than he could have anticipated. They agreed that if anything bothered any of them that they would let the others know, otherwise everyone was free to experiment.

The three lay around for another half hour, talking and occasionally necking and feeling a little. Finally Lisa said, "I don't know about you, Diana, but I think I feel the need to be tortured a little bit. Why don't we go back to the dungeon."

Diana immediately responded, "Yes. That sounds great. I won't say that the bondage sex isn't great - you both know I found it wonderful - but I want to try a little more severe stuff. Just as long as you don't hurt me too much. The whippings really turned me on." She looked over at Dan. "So, Captain, if you would like to work over your helpless captives, I guess we're available. They than began to gather the picnic stuff and made their way back towards the house.

They dropped the leftovers in the kitchen, made a trip to the bathrooms, and then headed back downstairs.

Again as they entered the room, all three looked, as the expression goes, like kids at Christmas. Their aunt and uncle had put together a very complete dungeon and they wanted to try all the devices at once. Actually there were enough different devices, restraints, and ways of using them that they could spend a month and not get to them all. Now Dan looked thoughtfully around the room.

"I think Lisa can go on the table and maybe Diana can ride the leather horse. Come on, Diana. You wanted to be tortured a little, so let's get you mounted." He pulled out the narrow leather 'horse' Lisa had ridden the last time and anchored it to the floor. This device had a leather saddle about six inches across with a mount for the eight inch knobbed dildo that Dan now installed. The saddle was of a height that, seated on it, Diana's feet would still be a foot or more off the floor. The horse itself was mounted on springs with ratchet devices so that any small movement would be amplified and the horse would 'buck' mildly as it bounced around. Dan placed step stools on each side of the saddle and had Diana stand on one. He lubricated the dildo and instructed her to straddle the device with one foot on each stool. He then had her bend her knees slightly, impaling herself on the dildo. She gradually sat lower until the shaft was almost completely inserted. When she stepped to the next lower steps of the stools, holding her knees straight just kept her pussy lips off the saddle surface. Dan attached her wrist cuffs to a ceiling chain with enough slack so her arms were forward and above her head, but not stretched tightly. He then added two wicked nipple clamps and attached six ounce weights with the long springs. He tied narrow velvet ribbons around the base of each of her breasts, soon making them swollen and tender. Next he attached a weight to each of her ankle cuffs.

Before removing the stools, Dan found a power cord attached to the base of the horse and plugged it in. Lisa looked surprised at this last: when she had ridden the horse they hadn't noticed the cord. Dan saw her look and explained, "I looked a little closer at some of this stuff last week. Remember Uncle Tom was trained as a mechanical engineer before he decided to farm. Anyway on this I found that there is a timer and motor arrangement set so that it will give random bounces. That way even if you learn to hold the horse perfectly still, it will still move once in a while. Also the dildo is powered. Diana should be in for quite a ride." With this he removed the two stools and Diana gasped as she slid the rest of the way down the shaft and her weight came to rest on the leather ridge of the saddle. Dan gave the horse a quick push and it began to bounce. The sensations Diana was feeling flashed across her face: pain from the leather ridge, the bouncing weights, the knobbed dildo. Stimulation from the vibrations of the fake cock and the friction of the leather against her wet sex. Dan helped with a dozen lashes with a leather cat, bringing several cries from the bound and bouncing girl. Then he turned his attention to Lisa.

He had her lie on her back on the padded table with her ass just at the bottom edge. He then bound her hands to the head of the table and pulled a wide leather strap tightly around her waist, pinning her to the table. A rope was used to connect each ankle cuff to a pair of ceiling rings. When Dan pulled these tight, Lisa's legs were sticking straight up and spread nearly five feet apart. Her pussy and anus were completely exposed and open. Dan used another pair of the painful nipple clamps to connect her tits to cords looped through ceiling rings. Springs and lead weights were added to these, pulling her breasts into stretched cone shapes. Another clamp, not quite so tight, was attached directly to her clit and a cord and small weight were also added to this. Next Dan inserted a large, ribbed, vibrating dildo into her rectum and turned it on. Finally he added a dozen or so clothes pins to the sides of her tits, her vaginal lips, the insides of her thighs and under her arms. He stepped back to watch Lisa struggle with the various pains and then, without warning, began to apply a riding crop to her stretched ass.

For the next twenty minutes Dan alternated between the two women, using several cats and crops on their tormented bodies. And while both girls cried out and screamed a number of times, neither called a safe word. Finally Dan put down the crop he was holding and began to pull the clothes pins from Lisa's pinched flesh. The table was the perfect height so that when he stood between Lisa's spread and raised legs, his cock was directly in line with her open pussy. He picked up a short tailed cat and then plunged his hard member into Lisa's sopping slit in one long, single thrust. He began to fuck her with long, hard strokes while at the same time lashing her stomach and flanks with the cat. Lisa came almost immediately but Dan didn't even hesitate and continued to pound her. Twice more she came in screaming orgasms, the last as Dan suddenly pulled the clip from her clit. Dan followed her third climax within seconds, coming deeply inside her.

Dan released the clamps from her nipples and let her legs down, but left her still bound to the table. He then turned his attention to Diana. Diana had already come three times herself from the stimulation of the horse and Dan's floggings, and watching his action with Lisa had brought her over the top again. He picked up a cat with thirty inch tails and approached her. "Had enough yet, Winch? Or do you still crave more punishment?"

Diana was still bouncing around on the horse and the sudden pains caused by the saddle and clamps flashed clearly across her face every few seconds. But she looked directly at Dan, taking in the whip and coming to rest on his eyes. "Whip me again, Captain. Make me really feel this one."

Dan was once more astonished at how much these two beautiful women were taking to the rough BDSM sex. But he didn't complain. Instead he raised the whip and lashed it across Diana's hip, wrapping the tails around to her thighs. The blow was hard and brought a scream from the bound girl, but it also obviously stimulated her more. Dan delivered another ten or fifteen strokes, all hard and leaving angry red lines and each bringing a scream. With the last Diana began to convulse in the throws of another intense orgasm. When she began to come down, Dan decided she had had enough and stopped the bouncing horse and placed the stools under her feet again. When she had taken her weight back on her legs with a groan as the pressure came off her battered genitals, he began to release her from her bonds. He then went back and untied Lisa, helping her up.

Both girls moved slowly, relieving sore and cramped muscles. Both were marked by many red lines, but none of these welts was severe enough to last too long. They would probably be gone by the next day. Dan looked from one to the other and, from the smiles on their faces, knew for sure that he hadn't gone too far with them. "Do you two still find the idea of torture exciting?" he teased.

Diana started to say something and then turned serious. "I loved this. But the idea of real torture is repulsive. I know I used that word before, and I'm sure I will again, but I just want to make it clear that when I say it you know that I mean 'play torture.' But, yes, I know it seems crazy, but even though that ride hurt and I'll probably be bruised for a while, I loved it! I still can't quite believe how good the whipping makes it when I come."

Lisa chimed in. "Exactly! Diana, Dan and I both know that we're only talking about play. We'll say torture, torment, whipping and so forth, but we all know that we never mean any more than the victim wants. I had Dan really work me over once the week before last to see what it felt like. It hurt like hell, I was sore for a couple of days, but I have never come so hard in my life. Three weeks ago I had no idea how hot something like this could be and probably wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me. But I'm hooked. I think I'm going to have to take a break for a little while to recover, but I want to be back down here being worked over again yet today. How about you, Diana?"

"I could handle that. A little break might be good, but even though the ride was fantastic and I came and came, I still need to be fucked. I'm not letting Dan off that easy."

"In that case," Dan said, "we definitely need to take a break. I know Lisa told you about our bet last week, but I'm still amazed we managed it that many times. I don't think I can handle twelve times a day every day, but I think I'll have enough for both of you a couple of more times today at least. I guess it's the sexy company that keeps getting me hard."

Laughing, the three went upstairs and got some cold drinks. Finally Dan said, "You don't want those sore muscles to set up. How would you like a walk out in the woods?"

"Sure," Lisa said. "Sounds good."

Diana hesitated a second. "You mean like this? Are you sure no one will see?"

"Dan hasn't seen anyone up here all summer and I know the place is always isolated. Besides we'll put some clothes on." Then she laughed and added, "Shoes, anyway."

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