tagInterracial LoveCousin Ruthie Ch. 04

Cousin Ruthie Ch. 04


During dinner Ruth had told us she was going home in a few days. She and her deadbeat husband had reached some sort of agreement and she thanked us for our hospitality and help.

She and my wife chatted and laughed through the remainder of the meal, but I was too distracted to participate fully. I knew Ruth would be leaving at some point, but I was certainly enjoying having her here. Actually, I was enjoying having her ... period.

The following morning I took my time getting ready. I let my wife leave for work and then I padded down the hall to our guest room. The door was open and I entered quietly.

Ruthie was packing her things, casually tossing clothes into a suitcase on the bed and dropping other items into various boxes on the floor. She was wearing a large, very large, t-shirt and nothing else. It was wonderfully obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Her huge breasts were in constant motion beneath the faded shirt as she went about her task. Her thick, black legs were bare and led to her equally bare ass that peeked boldly out from under her shirt, wide and smooth.

"I don't want you to go," I told her when she stopped tossing and looked at me.

She stood up and her breasts rolled off her belly, coming to a stop at her sides.

"I know," she said in her sing-songy voice. "But I got to."

I stepped forward, cupped her breasts and pushed them together in the center of her chest. I leaned in to kiss her neck and shoulders.

"Stop," she whispered, "You need to stop. This isn't right. I'm going home."

"It sure feels right to me," I told her, my hands pinching her stiff nipples through the soft t-shirt. I pulled the shirt up in a bunch and palmed her warm, naked tits. My fingers struggled to hold them; they were huge and fleshy and spilled over my eager hands.

"Stop," she said meekly, "I need to pack."

I didn't stop and she really didn't seem to mind. Her tits bounced wonderfully as I pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it into the suitcase.

"Don't move," I said, stepping back to look at her more fully.

She started to cross her arms in front of her chest.

"No," I said, "Don't do that."

Her arms dropped limply at her sides. She stood there, naked, with a silly, impatient look on her dark face.

"What are you doing?" she asked in mock frustration.

"Hopefully, you, in a few minutes," I replied, letting my eyes explore her from top to bottom.

Ruth was a large African American woman. Her skin was very dark, almost jet black. Everything about her was big – big head, big hands, proud forehead, full lips, thick legs and wide hips. Her breasts were tremendous and hung pendulously across her round belly. Her areolas were the same black as the rest of her body and her nipples stuck out like small doorknobs.

I walked slowly around her, gazing in open admiration and lust. I dragged my hand across her broad ass. I hadn't had an opportunity to enjoy it and decided to rectify that oversight immediately.

"I've got an idea, big girl," I whispered in her ear as I came around in front of her again.

"Stop," she said again, "I gotta finish."

I took her hand and led her across the hall to the bathroom.

I stood her in front of the mirror and leaned against her back, looking over her shoulder at our reflection. The harsh lighting made her dark skin shine erotically. My hands drifted under her arms and lifted her heavy breasts playfully.

"You are so sexy, Ruthie," I told her while I kneaded her tits with my pale white hands. I pressed her nipples together and pinched them lovingly. My crotch pushed into her butt and my cock sprang to life.

"You're getting me started," she hissed, "Stop it."

"I'm not going to stop," I informed her, pushing her forward. She leaned heavily onto her arms against the sink counter. Her tits danced pleasingly and I marveled again at their magnificent size. They hung, swaying, above her full belly. Ruth's full ass was lifted invitingly and her dark back curved up in front of me.

"Shake 'em," I told her as I quickly pulled off my clothes. She rocked her shoulders gently and her tits rocked with them, swinging back and forth in the mirror.

Naked and painfully erect, I dropped to my knees behind her fat ass. I pushed her cheeks apart and gazed into her crack. Her puckered butthole was as dark as the rest of her, making it hard to see, but her wet crease was pink under her tangled, rough bush. I jabbed my tongue into her slot, swirling it madly and she sighed loudly.

Without warning I pulled my tongue upward and pressed it into her backdoor. She yelped, but I held firm. Her asshole was tight and pinching tighter, she hadn't showered this morning and she tasted raw. I pushed in deeper and screwed her butt with my tongue, hoping to get it as wet and aroused as possible.

She moaned when I finally removed my tongue and stood up. Leaning across her, I pulled a tube of lubricant from the medicine cabinet and slathered it onto my throbbing penis. I rubbed a glob onto her tight hole for good measure.

With my hand around the base of my cock, I guided it toward her pinched exit. I gently pushed my swollen head into her ass and watched in wonder as my white prick disappeared into a real black hole.

I continued to watch as I pushed in deeper, the gel pooling around my cock where her butt clung tightly to me. Soon I was inside her completely and she grunted when I came to a halt.

"Now," I told her, "I'll stop."

"Oh, no," she cried, her eyes closed tight. "Take it out. Please, take it out."

I retreated, but not fully and Ruthie sighed with relief. I pushed in again forcefully and she howled. With my pace steadily increasing, I fucked her taut ass.

"No," she begged with each penetrating thrust, but as I continued her plea soon became, "Yes. Yes. Yes!"

Faster and faster I pushed, watching her tits flop madly under her.

"Don't stop," she told me through clenched teeth and I kept going.

I reached under and held Ruth's firm belly as it swung to our rhythm. I felt myself getting close and shoved even harder. Her gigantic tits jumped and flopped and bounced crazily.

Ruthie exploded unexpectedly and fell to her elbows, mashing her breasts onto the counter, as her arms gave out. Her ass clamped down on my cock like a pit-bull and wouldn't let go. She threw her hips left and right and I had no choice but to follow, my dick still in her. With an audible pop, my dick sprang free as my eruption began.

My spunk splashed wetly onto Ruth's shiny skin, pooling white at the base of her spine. I pulled her up by her shoulders and watched as my semen dripped down her ass and legs onto the floor.

I pressed my body against her and reached around under her hanging gut. My hands found her muff and rubbed passionately. She clung to the counter as I increased my pace. Her pussy was slick and warm and my fingers fumbled at her stiff clit. My cock and thighs pressed into her backside and were sticky with my own cum as she exploded a second time. Her legs wobbled and she held onto the sink desperately. I slid my wet hands up across her belly, leaving a shiny trail and palmed her heaving chest happily.

"I told you to stop," she said smiling.

"I'll stop," I told her, turning her around and guiding her to her knees. She groaned at the effort but gazed eagerly at my erectness.

"Oh, you're a mess," she told me reaching for a wet washcloth. Slowly and methodically, she cleaned my stiff penis with warm water and kisses. Once she was confident she had done a good job, her lips wrapped around my expectant prick. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed my cock again and again, pulling at its mushroomed head with her thick lips as she pumped me vigorously.

I bent to grab her breasts and mashed them in my hands while my cock ducked in and out of Ruth's warm mouth.

I felt a tremor and told Ruthie I was about to cum. She pulled me out abruptly and jerked on my prick with her hand.

"On my titties," she told me, "I want it on my titties."

There was no arguing the point and my load burst onto her waiting chest. She continued to pump my prick, taking the occasional lick, until I was dry. She struggled to her feet and I could only stare in amazement.

Earlier she had said I was a mess, but she looked worked over – in a very good way. Her hair was mussed wildly, her magnificent tits were dripping with my spunk and so were her ass and the backs of her legs. Her thighs and stomach were wet with her own juices and sweat trailed visibly over the breast rolls under her soft arms.

I began slowly rubbing my cum into her chest like lotion and she leaned heavily on the counter. I squeezed and rubbed her tits attentively.

"I'm going to miss you," I said, "If you ever need anything ..."

"They just titties," Ruthie told me, guessing correctly I was talking directly to them.


Ruth went back to her husband and we rarely heard from her; he was uncomfortable knowing she had spent time with us during their separation. My wife and I hung in there for a couple more years, but eventually divorced. Ruth is no longer "family," but I think about her often and, having put these tales to paper, I have decided to try to contact her.

I'll let you know if anything comes of it ...

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