tagIncest/TabooCousin Sister Pt. 03

Cousin Sister Pt. 03


Last couple of weeks had changed my life. I was masturbating two to three times every night thinking about Honey Didi.

I am sure my brother in law was also having the time of his life. As soon as I left them, within minutes I could hear my sister's voice in ecstasy.

I never used to mind them having sex, in fact, I used to get off at the sounds of them having sex.

Our arrangement had changed since last month. Didi and Shan started watching television in their room every evening and they had no hesitation when I joined them

One thing was clear though that I did not have the authority to make the first move. It was always Didi initiating the first move.

There was no awkwardness now between the three of us. We became quite comfortable in our arrangement.

I did not hide the desire to have my sister. I freely used to have an erection while making out with her.

Then one day everything changed.

My sister was sitting on top of me and we were making out as usual. My hands were all over her body and our tongues were in each other's mouth. After sometime Shan received a call and he left the room.

This was the first time when the two of us were left alone in their room.

I found this situation very arousing. Having my sexy sister sitting on top of me and making out in her own bed was very erotic.

Then with a swift movement I rolled her on the back and started to frantically kiss her entire face.

She was making all kinds of moaning sounds and my erection was poking her groin region.

Then I went towards her belly, lifted the tshirt and started to plant kisses all over her belly.

An idea struck me. I thought I am in my sister's bed making out with her. She lets me grab her ass without any hesitation. Although she has made it clear earlier that her breasts are off limits, but she was very excited and Shan was also not in the room.

I decided to risk it all and go for it. I slid my hands slowly upwards and rested over her breasts.

Didi panicked and immediately stopped. She just held my hands over her breasts.

I looked at her and said "Oh please. Let me just feel them over your tshirt. Shan is not here anyway. If he comes I will remove my hands from your breasts and he would never know."

"I don't know bro; it might go out of hands." She replied.

I said "Listen my baby, I love you with all my heart. We will take it at your pace. I do not want to disrespect and offend you. But this is harmless my sexy woman."

With this she moved her hands and I could not believe that she was allowing me to squeeze her breasts.

Her breasts are medium sized. But, felt very firm. I just wanted to rip her clothes and suck those gorgeous tits hard.

I started to squeeze them hard and my sister immediately said with a smirk "Please take care of my babies. Don't hurt them, Shan is really protective of them."

My hands still on her breasts, I started to smooch her wildly and slid my hands under her tshirt. My hands were now over the bra of the sexiest woman on this planet.

Didi wanted to break away from our kiss, but I kept the pressure with my lips over her mouth and stuck my tongue inside her mouth.

Then after struggling for some time, she broke away from the kiss and said "This cannot happen. Shan can walk in any time."

My hands were still squeezing her breasts and I just gave her a peck.

Sucking her lower lip I asked "Do I have your permission? Do you have any problem?"

She just nodded.

I said "Listen if I can convince Shan to allow me to play with these beauties, will you let me?"

Didi replied with a blush "One thing is never going to happen; I will never go topless and let you see my bare breasts. That's going too far and you have to accept and respect this."

I just smiled and kissed her.

I just looked at her and said "These are the most gorgeous breasts. I wish I could suck them."

Didi just raised her eye brows playfully.

At this moment, we heard Shan come in. I immediately removed my hands from under her tshirt, but kept them over her breasts. She gave me a stare indicating I should move my hands away, but instead I started to kiss her.

Shan came and sat on the other side of the bed.

I could see him from the corner of my eyes. Shan was about to say something, when I interrupted and asked him "Bro, you mind if I remove Didi's tshirt. It is unnecessary as anyway I kiss her entire belly and neck. She might as well be in her bra."

I was very nervous at this point and felt everything could go down south.

Shan replied "I guess so and I believe you want to squeeze her breasts too from now on?"

I was surprised, but asked him "Can I?"

"That's up to your Sanjana. If she allows, then I have no problem. But she will never go topless."

I just looked at Honey Didi and said "Sit up and raise your hands."

She raised her arms and I removed her top.

She was wearing white bra and I felt she was very uncomfortable.

I held both her hands with my left hand, held them behind her head and started kissing her breasts over the bra.

Didi was making all kinds of sounds...uh uh uh...uff...uff...umm.

I had an erection that was quite clearly poking her thighs

Then after some time Shan interrupted us and said "ok bro, enough for tonight. We are going to sleep."

That was an indication that they would soon be having sex.

Surprisingly, that night I did not hear them have sex.

I don't know when, but I dozed off as soon as I hit the bed.

That night, at around 1 AM, I felt something move in my bed.

I turned to the other side and too my surprise my sister had snuck into my bed. I was speechless at first, but then gathered some courage and asked her what was she doing here?

Didi just kept her head over my chest and I realized that she was sobbing.

I raised her chin and asked her "What happened love. Did you and Shan get into a fight?"

She replied "He does not care for me. He is going to work again tomorrow. It's the fourth Saturday in a row that he is working. We got into a fight and I left the room."

I asked her "Did you tell him that you were coming to my room."

She replied "No. But, I think he knows."

Without saying a word, I moved her on top of me and started to remove her tshirt. She simply raised her arms and just like that her top was off.

But, I could not believe what had just happened. My sister was not wearing her bra and was now topless sitting on top of me. Her breasts were as beautiful as I had imagined. She had small pink nipples that were begging to be sucked.

We had an eye contact and my hands started moving towards those gorgeous tits. When she did not stop me, I grabbed her boobs.

They felt so nice. I could not believe what was happening.

I then brought her towards me and we started to kiss. I don't know for how long we kissed but after a while I stopped and asked her "Can I suck them."

Without letting her answer, I rolled her on to her back and started to vigorously suck her breasts. First, her left tit and then her right. I was alternating between the two and Didi was also allowing me to have my way with them.

I must admit that I was very rough with her breasts, biting them and pinching her nipples. But she did not stop me. I guess it was a way of revenge.

She then said "I don't think he loves me anymore."

I did not understand at first and asked in between sucking her breasts "What?"

She repeated "I don't think Shan loves me anymore."

I stopped and went towards her face and planted some kisses all over her beautiful face.

I said "Listen to me very carefully sis. Every marriage comes with its share of challenges. I hardly ever see the two of you fight. He is working hard to give the two of you a good life. In fact, I remember you working on Saturdays as well. The guy practically worships you. This a misunderstanding. Although, I am not complaining as I have the most beautiful woman on this planet in my arms. But, Shan really loves you. I can tell the way you both fuck most nights. I mean he is allowing me to make out with you so that you so that I am happy. Making me happy would make you happy and he is allowing us to do this. I don't think there is even a single guy in this world who would share his wife with his brother in law. Especially if the wife is as hot as you are."

We started to make out again and I don't know when but we slept in each other's arms.

It was about 10 in the morning when I opened my eyes and Didi was not in the bed.

I was very nervous regarding what had happened yesterday. What if Shan gets to know it and stops everything? What if I had ruined my relationship with my sister?

With some courage, I was able to drag myself out of my room to the living room. I did not see anyone and their room was closed.

I thought they were out of the house and opened their door just to check it ones and what I saw next made my jaw open.

Shan was lying naked on the bed and my sister was giving him a Blow Job.

I then had an eye contact with Shan and panicked. I though he will be pissed and as I was about to leave, he just moved Didi's hair covering her face and held it in his hands.

I could now see her face move up and down his cock. She was sucking him expertly and was going all the way down to the base of his dick. She then used her tongue to lick the tip of his penis and then was back to sucking it.

All this while Shan was staring at me and when we had the eye contact the second time, he just smiled.

He said "Ok baby, I am about to cum." And stood up in front of Didi. She opened her mouth and sucked his penis for a while and then he came inside her mouth.

I just left the room. Although my sister did not see me directly, but I was sure that she knew I was present in the room.

I was sitting in the living room thinking about what I just saw and just when I was about to leave, Shan entered the room. I thought it would be awkward and decided to leave.

He said "Bro, just sit down for a second, we need to talk".

Nervously, I sat down.

He said "I was really not happy what happened last night. My wife spent the night in your bed. Before you say anything, I know she was topless. She has love bites all over her breasts. I was pissed and wanted to confront you. But, then Sanjana told me how you convinced her that I loved her and all the work I am doing is for the two of us. Thank you."

I could not believe what I was hearing.

He added "My wife was naked in your bed. Well, she was topless. I should be mad at you, but I am grateful to you for patching things up for us. What you saw inside is what your sister does when she is extremely happy, or when she wants to show me how much she loves me. And today it was both. I knew you could see her and she was also aware of your presence while she was sucking my dick. So here's the deal, you can have her breasts as a token of my appreciation. God knows much you sucked her breasts last night. But as a token of appreciation, I am allowing you to suck her breasts from now on."

I said "Are you sure bro?"

He replied "Yes. But, please be tender with them, they are my babies. I love them too. From now on they are going to be our babies."

Just as I was about to say something, Didi, entered the kitchen wearing a tshirt and shorts. I decided to test if Shan was serious. Knowing very well that he will be able to see us in the kitchen, I proceeded to wards the kitchen. Didi was about to start heating the milk, when I stood behind her and turned her around.

Looking into her eyes "I said you are so sexy baby. I can't believe my sister can give such a good BJ."

I kissed her and stuck my tongue inside her mouth.

She blushed and said "You do know that my husband came inside my mouth. You still want kiss me. At least give me some time."

Without saying anything, I gave her an opened mouthed kiss. We kissed for some time and I saw that Shan was looking at us.

It was then that I decided to remove her top.

I asked her to raise her hands and she obeyed.

I removed her top and not wasting any time started feasting on her breasts. I could not believe what was happening. I was sucking my sister's breasts in front of my brother in law. Her breasts were covered in my saliva and I could also see the love bites Shan that was talking about.

Didi said "Please be tender with them, they actually hurt from all that you were doing last night."

I asked her "So is it true that I have full access to your gorgeous breasts?"

She just nodded.

Knowing very well that Shan was looking at us, I decided to try one more thing. I wanted to push all the boundaries today. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up in my arms.

She said "What are you doing?"

I want to try something and started to walk towards her room. As soon as I was about to enter their room Shan said "Don't be long, we have to go shopping babe."

This was the sign of approval and I laid her on the bed.

Removing my tshirt I asked her "I thought Shan was going for work today?"

Didi replied "He cancelled because he was feeling guilty and is now taking me shopping. But please tell me why is your tshirt off and why are we in my bed? You could have munched on to my boobs in kitchen."

"I want to feel your body against mine. That is the reason for the tshirt coming off. As for your room, I want to be tender this time. I want to lick your breasts, covering them in my saliva".

Needless to say what happened for next half an hour. I had no intension of leaving my sister. I was switching from time to time between her breasts and kissing her.

Then Shan entered the room and said "Babe, we should leave. You guys can carry on later. Bro her breasts are not going anywhere and you have full access to them."

My sister got off me and said pointing towards my erection "Please take care of that thing. Go and masturbate. we will do this again once I am back"

To be continues...

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What a wierd arrangement.

When will Shan allow them to fuck?

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