tagIncest/TabooCousin Throws a Twist

Cousin Throws a Twist


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I was surprised when my cousin called me out of the blue. I have heard from her in years. I knew she and her husband got separated a few months back, but I didn't hear from her until now.

We made small chat for about twenty minutes when she told me that she was coming to Florida with her sister and wanted to get together. I told her I'd love to and she gave me the details of when she was coming in and where she was staying. I hung up the phone and sat back thinking about Julie. For years I wanted to get her in bed. She was extremely sexy and I drooled after her all the years we grew up. When she got married, my hopes of having sex with her disappeared. Now that she was free, maybe I would be able to get her in bed.

I am thirty-eight was an average build, nothing spectacular and I wouldn't turn any heads, but I had such a naughty personality, I felt that I had finally got my chance to get my thirty-three year old cousin in bed. I would have to find a way to get rid of her younger sister, Emily. I never met Emily since we live several states away. Even though she was my cousin, I just never connected with her. I guess twenty-five year olds have no interests in their older cousins.

Well, the day of their flight came and I was going to meet them at the airport and take both of them over to their little cottage on the beach. I waited and waited as the flight came and everyone got off. So many people in the airport I could not find her. I headed down to baggage claim and watched as people claimed their luggage and disappeared into the Florida sunshine. Just as the last few picked up their belongings, I turned to head out the door wondering what happened.

"Robb..." A soft voice called me from behind.

I turned to look into the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen. They belonged to this beautiful young woman. She was about 5'6" with soft brown shoulder-length hair and she had an incredibly sexy pair of well-tone legs. She had the hint of being 'the girl next door' with a softer innocence. But those eyes!!!

"Robb?" She said again to take me out of the innocence in her eyes. Then it hit me. This was Emily. "Cousin Emily" I said with a grin. Her smile was infectious and she seemed to relax a little. I think she was uptight about looking for someone she never met.

"Where is your sister?" I asked.

An embarrassed grin came across her face and she seemed shy all of a sudden. "Well, Julie decided at the last minute to cancel since her legal settlement issue was due tomorrow."

"Well, I..." I stammered.

"She thought it best that I still come." Emily said. It felt like there was more to it. It was like she was hiding something I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Well, let's get your things and off to the beach cottage." I said smiling.

We got in the car and headed to the beach. Emily's cottage was a little further south of the beach and there really wasn't too many other cottages close by. The conversation to her cottage was pleasant. We chatted about the two of us and things we did. Every time I looked over to Emily, she seemed scared, yet exhilarated. I tried to glance at her breasts since she was wearing a satin shirt that accented her breasts. They were pert and definitely had the shape of her sister's, but they were a hint smaller. One time she caught my glare at her 34B shirt shapeners. She smiled and played coy. Just as we were getting to the cottage I asked innocently, "So, what are your plans while you stay at the cottage all alone?"

Looking at me as if the cat was out of the bag. Her beautiful white teeth showed through her smile as she answered, "Julie said that you would stay with me and keep me company. She thought you would be the perfect guide to take me around the cottage and beach."

This smelled of a set-up. I'm not sure why or what they had planned, but how could I pass up this beautiful offer? I agreed to be her personal guide and made the arrangements for me to stay with Emily.

As we settled into the cottage I noticed that Emily looked excited yet terrified. She seemed to beckon me to her, then away. It was like she was confused. I decided to take my time with her and see if things would grow.

Dinner was nice and we settled on a nice bottle of wine on the patio overlooking the beach. As we watched the beach darken with the setting sun, I decided to sit next to Emily. The wine helped her relax as she cuddled into my shoulder. There wasn't much talking or sound except for a subtle splashing of the waves cleaning the shore. I decided to make a move, I was getting the feeling that Emily was receptive and I wanted to try. I turned to Emily and looked her in the eyes and in slow motion I brought my lips to meet hers. A second of hesitation from her gave way to wanting. The first kiss was soft and tender, lips touching and warmth between them.

Now, I was nervous, but I wanted to continue. I kiss her again and this time she kissed back very sensually. The kiss didn't break as she opened her mouth and her tongue danced with mine. Our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed with a little more fervor as our beach background faded into darkness. We kissed passionately for a long time until Emily decided to get up and move into the cottage.

We sat on the couch and I moved in front of her and started kissing her neck. I nibbled and kissed her ear and below her ear. There was a soft moan escaping her mouth as I nibbled away. I brought my hands under her shirt and moved up her body to find that she was braless. My hands played with her firm breasts and soft nipples as I was kissing away around her neck.

"Ohhh... mmmmm..." Emily's little moans of pleasure were increasing.

I moved down to her breasts and massage them more as I took a good look close up of my cousin's work of art. She had the softest looking firm breasts I have ever seen and her nipples were a pale pink with a hint of red. I brought my mouth down to one and sucked it into my mouth.

"OMG!" she gasped.

I started letting my tongue roll over the nipple and around the areola. I was letting my tongue lick and massage as I latched on to my cousin's incredible breast.

"Ohhhh... Robb... Ooohhh..."

I decided to pull Emily's shirt off while I was still suckling her breast. As I moved to do it, she pulled it off more me and begged my to continue with my massaging. I was so hot and excited and really enjoying the taste and feel of my cousin's breasts. It was amazing how sensual I felt and how incredible excited I was enjoying sucking on the beautiful breasts of Emily. I went from one breast to the other sucking, nibbling and tongue massaging. Her moans were driving me to keep going and her calls of excitement made me nibble a little harder.

I wanted to go lower. I needed to remove Emily's shorts. As my hands found her waistband she lifted her hips to make it easy to slide them off and my mouth didn't have to leave her breast. Now, I had my cousin naked. I moved down her torso kissing my way down as I went. I reached her belly button and kissed on that for a little while. On cue, Emily raised her legs and allowed me full access to her pussy. I kissed my through her little triangle of fine fur right above her lips. And continued south. Instead I went right for her inner thighs and kissed and licked them slowly. My hands were caressing her legs with my fingertips just rubbing softly.

"Yes... Mmmmmmm..."

I licked and sucked both thighs narrowing in on Emily's Garden of Eden. As my hands opened her love box a little I noticed how relatively small her lips looked. They were red and very wet, but lips from her clit to her brown pucker eye were mildly small. Her clit on the other hand was clearly excited and quite enlarged. I brought my mouth close to her clit and blew warm air over it. Sensing the nice feeling Emily was trying to make my suck on her clit, but I had other plans. I moved south to just about her pucker smile and started tonguing the area in little circles. I worked up to her love canal and let my tongue work from one side of her hole to the other. Licking her lips very slowly.

"Ohhh. Feels nice," she panted.

As I continued up I brought my tongue so close to her engorged clit, then I licked downward on one lip and up the other. Slowly sucking in the pussy juice that was flowing. I was in pussy heaven. The tasty twenty-five year old pussy of my cousin was coating my face with a sweet film of raw pleasure. I got to a spot on Emily's pussy just below her clit that I started to suck in her tiny lip into my mouth and she let out a very intense moan. From her breathing I knew she was close to an intense orgasm that was building. I sucked a little harder and her breathing was getting to peak laboring. I slid my middle finger into her pussy in a smooth motion.

"AAAAAAahhhhhhh..." Emily let rip. He body bucked up and she let loose on the building passionate orgasm. Her body was convulsing to the heat of the orgasm she was experiencing which only fueled my sensual desire to continue.


I fingered her pussy through her orgasm and made sure that I went as deep as I could. Sliding in and out, not fast, I rocked her pussy with my lips latched onto her pussy lips. I inserted a second finger. It was tight but she accepted it as she was pushing her body on me. I could see that the height of her orgasmic wave was coming down and her panting was relaxing. Just as she seemed to find that relaxed state, I pushed my two fingers all the way into her and I sucked her clit into my mouth.

The electrical orgasmic shock arched her up into my face. "OMG, OMG, OMG..." A larger wave slammed into her and she was screaming in a passion.


I didn't let go. I suckled and licked her huge clit with my tongue. The wave rocked Emily hard and she was coming hard. Her pussy was flowing a good amount of juice from this second powerful orgasm. I looked up into her eyes when she did open them and the incredible sense of sensual satisfaction told me that she was exhausted from her experience. My mouth let go, but my eyes never left hers. My chin was covered in a cloudy film and I crawled up her body to get as close to those eyes as I could. As we stared nose to nose I felt her wanting desire flood me. There was no hesitation or fear in her anymore. There was mutual passion. We hugged fiercely.

We got up and she led me over to the bed. Standing in her birthday suit she proceeded to disrobe me. Not that I was wearing much anyway, she took her time and made sure that the passionate heat between us stayed as hot as ever. Her eyes never left mine even as she pulled my shorts off. She never once glanced at my hairless cock that was sticking straight out at her. She placed me on the bed and she climbed over and on top of me. The fire in her eyes wouldn't let me watch what she was doing.

The raw sensual desire in her eyes had us locked together. With her hands she guided my cock to the entrance of her saturated pussy. Rubbing her lips slightly with my cock, she pushed the head of it to the entrance of her womanhood. Positioned just right, she slowly and methodically pressed down. From her eyes I could see that she was enjoying my manhood spreading her pussy open and getting closer to her g-spot. And I know she could read how incredible I felt from my eyes. It was slow and tight as I finally filled her with my seven inches of solid manhood. When she hit bottom, her eyes started to fog over but never leaving mine.

My hands on her hips, she started a rocking motion in just her hips that was giving her well-lubricated pussy a grinding on my cock. The gyrations of her hips increased with speed and her intensity was bordering explosion. No words were said. No sound could be heard except for the juices between our two bodies. Emily was fucking me furiously and I was so lost in her eyes that my cock had staying power before blowing my hot cum deep inside her passionate pussy. We rocked hard and intense for several minutes as Emily's hips hit their peak speed. I couldn't take anymore and let out a scream of orgasmic intensity as my seed exploded out of my cock and deep inside my cousin's womb.

As I was pouring out my seed, Emily's eyes lost contact with my eyes, glossed over completely as they were closing and her head tilted back and she screamed. I know if anyone were on the beach, they would have heard Emily's major orgasmic scream. Her hips locked hard as the last of my cum drained out of me into her and her orgasm subsided. In a smooth motion, Emily fell onto me and into a nice comfortable position in my arms. We didn't say a word as exhaustion took over and brought us both into a restful slumber.

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