From author: Hello i am once again trying a story, Now let me know how good/bad it is and what i should add to make better stories. Enjoy the story! *This was in October. A hot October to tell the truth.*

About a year ago I was with my cousins, And her parents. There was Haven, And Avery. Parents are named Ike and Janelle. I am 23 years old, a Two year difference from Haven, Haven is 21. Avery is 19. Avery is a little shy, Still a virgin. Her breasts are a good 32 C, She has a nice tight little body, About 5'7. Is very athletic. She is fit. Haven is not that shy around men, She too is still a virgin, Have has a-bit bigger breasts than Avery's. Haven i was the perfect girl in the family, She went to Soccer, Gymnastics, And a Cheer leader. Haven was more of a show off type. Nice legs, Perfect body, Perfect breasts and she is 5'8. And me, I'm 6 2. Not to tall.

Last year we all wanted to get to gather, We all were far away, We all separated one year, Haven lived in a nice apartment, Avery with her parents, Me i lived alone. I lived near the Pacific Ocean, My day was perfect, I had a nice job, I had a nice house *For rent of course* I would always go to the beach and get a tan, Go for a swim. And so on and so on. But one day i got a call from Avery.

She said "Hey. Haven, My parents. and me are getting together at our house. Want to go there? It will be fun!"

I said "Sure. Sounds great."

She said "Oh and Mason is going to be there"

Now i did not mention Mason. He is there brother, He was 1 year younger than Avery, And was sort of a brat. He always wanted it to be about him. He was the type of guy that thought he was king of the world. And he wasn't. He was tall, And wasn't to smart in fights. He would always get beat up and rely on his dad to help him out, Well hes 18 now and has to do it himself. No more help in fights, College or school.

Anyways back to where we are. There house was pretty big, A nice pool and a huge yard. And a nice two story house. Haven had her room exactly the same, Pink blinds, Pink bed, Pink covers, Pretty much pink everything. Avery had Stuffed animals in her room, Bunnies, Bears, And pink covers and pillows. Mason... Well, lets not get into his. Haven was shocked to see she can fit in her old clothes, I was sleeping in the guest room. Next to Haven and Avery's and there Parents. Mason's room was down stairs. Haven rooms was pretty much connected to Avery's. They had a door in their closets that were either locked or unlocked.

After we got all organized and unpacked, Mason said "I bought water balloons in-case if it gets hot"

Everyone said "Sounds great"

Mason said "We can play with them when it gets hot out tomorrow"

By the time we arrived, It was already getting late. So there was really no point going out. So like i said, We unpacked. We all went down stairs and watched T.V. We didn't eat dinner, We just watched a movie and went to bed. When i was in my room i just took my clothes off, Opened my window, And jumped in bed with my boxers on, Then after awhile i passed out. Next morning i woke up around 7:00 A.M. and i stretched as i heard no noise, I realized either there still asleep or just waking up. I look out the window and got a-bit chilly so i grabbed some clothes and went for the shower, While doing so i bumped into Avery in her silk bra and panties.

She said "Oh your awake! How was your sleep?"

I replied "It was great, How about you?"

She replied "Oh it was great!"

I said "I'm going to take a shower."

After that i went into the shower, Locked the door of course, and turned it on. I was a little confused about Avert, She's never like that she would just go straight in her room and avoid a conversation, I guess she was glad i was there. After i took a quick shower i step out and put my clothes in the basket, I walk to my room when i see Haven's door i cracked open, So i assumed she was awake, So i took a peek in and saw her sleeping, She was in a Pink bra, And pink panties, Haven loved her pink. Her legs were spread wide open giving me full view, And i thought to my self Wow I'm checking out my cousin, Wat is wrong with you.

So i walked out quietly, And went to the living room, I saw Mason was awake and was looking well. So me and him watched T.V. for awhile.

Around 8:15 Avery walked in and said

"Want some coffee"

Me and Mason replied "Yes"

She said "Cream and Sugar"

We replied "Sure."

So she brought us some coffee and we sat down, Haven walked in and said

"I'm going to take a shower."

None of us replied, I realized Avery had clothes on now, I didn't even notice until now. She had nicely colored shorts and a white T-Shirt. Mason just had on Shorts and a shirt. I had on Shorts and a black shirt, Haven walked out of the shower in little shorts all the way up to her thighs, and a silk T-shirt, It was a hot day, Even in the morning, So none of us dressed in long clothes. After we had break-fest Mason said

"Lets go throw Water balloons at each-other!"

Haven said "Sounds good"

Avery said "Sure!"

I said "Sounds like a great idea!"

Mason said "No need for swim suits!"

We were like "What? Why?"

He said "I think it will just be more fun being our selves in our clothes"

We agreed.

So we filled the water balloons and split up. I was sneaking around the left side of the house. I bumped into Avery and she threw a water balloon and it did what they all do. Explode with a water splat. She got me good and ran off. I followed but she was quick. Then I saw her and threw a balloon and I got her chest. And the water went everywhere up there. Then I saw her nipples were getting hard and pressing up against her shirt, I don't think she even realized it cause Mason was throwing balloons at her and me. So i went behind the house at the pool searching for Haven. I couldn't find her anywhere.

Then I was going behind a corner till I heard something. So i hid. I took a quick glimpse to see who was there. No one. Until i see Haven Glimpse her head and I quickly drew my head back and prepares a balloon, Then i throw one to the side of her and she did the same to me! SPLAT! I was soaked in water and she was too. I easily saw her nipples peak threw. And she didn't even no. Then I started to feel my cock nudge and twitch, So I throw another balloon and run off.

Soon Mason was the only one not soaked. So I planned to get him. I heard him running around the corner so I hid. Once i saw him i threw everything I got at him. He dodged all of them! Then he says

"Ha ha! You can't get me."

Then he throws one at me and it explodes and blocks my vision. So he runs off near the Pool. Then I remember Avery running near there. Before I saw Mason getting tons of balloons thrown at him. He was blind from his vision, Haven and Avery formed a team and kept throwing them till he fell in the pool. And everyone just laughed. Then before we knew it there parents were up, They were up for quiet awhile. So they said

"Get in here. Launch is ready."

So we got towels and and dried off real quick, Then we got inside and ate Grilled cheese. After so we watched more T.V. and before you knew it, it was even hotter so i said

"I'm going to go in the pool."

Haven said "Sounds good ill join you."

Mason said "Sure! Ill meet you there."

Avery said "Ill be there."

So everyone went to there rooms to change, I started going up the stairs and went to my room, And changed into my Swim trunks. I go to the pool and see Mason is already there. His room is down stairs. Haven said

"I bet i can beat you in wrestling Chase."

*My names Chase by the way, Not the best name i know.*

I said "Sure you could."

She said "Land i would lose but in water, Its like a hole different story."

So i said "K Your on."

So we jumped in the pool. I realized as I was in the water my boner was still there, Throbbing. So i had to be a-bit careful here. Haven immediately started splashing water to distract me. And then she started pushing me around. And pushing me in the water. And then I balanced my self and grabbed her arm and pulled my self up pulling her into the water as I laughed. Then she jumped on me and her weight made me fall in the water I get up as she does it again. But this time i felt my erection touch her crotch so I immediately dive in the water hoping she didn't feel it or see it.

Then Haven says "I win."

I say "Yep."

I was avoiding to get in another won cause of my erection. Before we knew it the sun was coming down. So we went in had dinner and watched a-few scary movies, Avery wasn't the type of person to watch them so she got all scared I cuddled with me, I felt her breasts on my chest. Sort of made me get another erection, And i thought to my self I'm going to have to masturbate in bed tonight. After a-few scary movies the time was 10. So we prepared for bed. Avery said

"Haven can I sleep with you."

Haven said "I guess. I do have a king size bed."

Haven was spoiled. So it all worked out. After we went in our rooms, i stood up masturbating think of Avery's breasts. And Havens. But i couldn't finish my self. I felt like i was far from it. They were to cute and hot to be virgins. I started fighting my self thinking

"What is wrong with you. Your thinking of fucking your own Cousins."

I tried fighting it but i couldn't do it. So i got out of the bed and opened my door very slowly. Checking the hallway. I saw no one. I heard no one. So i crept over to Havens door. I very slowly opened it. There i saw Haven and Avery in bed. Sleeping. Avery in a silk bra and silk panties. Haven in pink bra and pink panties. I very slowly crept over to the bed on Avery's side. Hoping I don't alert them or worse. Wake them. Soon I was standing by Avery, I said quietly

"Avery? Avery are you awake."

No reply.

I do it again. No reply. Coast is clear. So i slowly rub her belly. Feeling her soft skin made me want to do so much to her, I very slowly moved my hand and rubbed her bra exactly where her nipples would be. Soon her nipples were showing threw. I watch her face and i saw her frowning, She didn't like it... But I did. I then want to unstrap her bra... But that's going to be a pain. Its underneath her. Id have to turn her facing Haven, But I went this far. I'm not turning back. I very slowly lean Avery to face Haven, Soon i had her facing Haven. I unstrapped her bra and made it come loose. Then i lay her on her back again. There i stared at her perfect tits, Hard nipples, I looked at her face and she was still out cold.

So I made my move. I slowly bent over and used my tongue to make her nipples hard as rock. After rolling my tongue all over both nipples I started sucking on one nipples and pinching the other while watch her face. She started to breath more heavily now. There was no going back from here. So i start rubbing her panties. I could tell she was getting wet. I then start to push my finger against her panties and I felt some of her juices. I knew she was still a virgin, But i couldn't resist her. I then had to remove her panties, now it wasn't that hard when a girl is sleeping on a bed and starts to spread her legs perfectly for easy entrance.

So I slowly slid her panties off and exposed her perfect. Young. Virgin pussy. I then started licking it. I watched her face blush. I wondered if she was awake. But I could tell she was asleep. So i start to move my tongue I little faster. I tasted her like I have never tasted any girl. I lost my virginity around 19. Then i took my cock out of my boxers. I could tell she was almost awake. I saw the look on her face. She knew her body was being violated. So I then move my cock to her mouth and very slowly slide it in. I then started moving in and out. I did that for about 5 minutes. Then We were ready. Mostly she was.

I got between her legs. And I started pressing my cock against her pussy, Rite then and there her eyes opened wide. I immediately put my hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly. I went slowly so I didn't wake Haven. I could tell she wanted to scream. But i was in good shape and held her down with ease. I soon started to see her realized what was going on. Her body started to betray her as her hips reacted with each push, Then I see her face go from frightened to pleasure. So I let go of her and put one hand on her right tit and squeeze it while fucking her.

She came up to me and whispered in my ear

"I want you inside me."

I happily replied by pushing my 11 inch cock deeper inside Avery. I started fucking away at her. I couldn't believe what i was doing, Fucking my little cousin next to her sister. I was not afraid if she would wake up. And I highly doubt she would. Soon after about 18 minutes of fucking her, I hit her G spot, And she came on my cock as i slid it out of her and pointed it at her body and face. I came on her little body and some of it went on her face. Some of Avery's cum went on Havens hand and face. So i kissed Avery and said

"Good night little princess."

She said "Tomorrow."

I said "Sure."

To be continued. And yes. this is not my best work.

How was it?

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