tagIncest/TabooCousins Ch. 03

Cousins Ch. 03


From Author: Here's part 3 Of Cousins. Enjoy!

EDIT: Sorry guys, This is a terrible story I already know that. And it was a Halloween story but I lost track of time. Sorry everyone. But this is a old Halloween story. And yes, I know you'll hate it. And this is supposed to be in the future. Sorry I didn't add it in the first. Date is: 2532.


So there was the tentacles in hiding. Havens pussy is dripping her juices, Avery's nipples are hard and cold. None of them no where the tentacles are. The tentacles went quiet after it extended longer. The girls thought the tentacles had to of left. So they moved on, Then green tentacles slowly came down from the ceiling. The purple tentacle was in position for Haven. And the green tentacle were in position for Avery. Then the purple tentacles grabbed Havens legs and arms and brought her down. The tentacles grabbed Avery and brought her into the air. Haven couldn't see anything at first. Until she felt something rub her pussy. That made Haven bend into a U form. Havens mouth was open wide as a tentacle slid in it. Havens pussy was ultra sensitive to anything. One tentacle rubbed against Havens fresh soaked pussy. Haven was in pure pleasure.

But if that happened it would make the chemical even stronger. Haven twitched at the touch of the tentacles touch. Soon the tentacle pushed itself in her. And the tentacle started sliding in and our. Haven couldn't move from the instant pleasure. Her juices were covering the tentacle. There even was a puddle under her pussy. The tentacle started fucking away at Haven. Avery was in the air. Tentacles tangled her wings. Hold her arms and legs. One around her waist. And then the tentacle starts spreading Avery's legs. She tried to fight it but the machines were to strong. So they spread her legs. Avery's panties were soaked. But not dripping. Avery had different tentacles. These could open there tips.

Avery moaned out "Fight it girl. Fight it."

She heard Haven moaning. Avery heard her gagging as well. Then the tentacle wrapped around her tits and Avery then got it. Her eyes rolled up and she started moaning. Her tits were ultra sensitive, And Havens pussy was ultra sensitive. Avery then felt the tentacle pull her panties down to her feet. And felt a tentacle suck her clitoris. Avery twitched and tried to move. But the tentacles had such a good grip she couldn't. She was trapped. Avery was glad her bra was on and that the touch of the tentacles wouldn't effect them that well. Until one of them rubbed her nipple. And saw the outline of it when milk came threw. One of them went behind Avery and rubbed her back. Finding the pin for Avery's bra. It undid the pin and her bra fell to the floor. Avery's eyes opened wide as she felt cold air beat against her nipples.

She screamed as the tentacles rubbed her nipples. She was in pleasure. But to much for her to handle. Same with Haven. I watched and laughed

"Oh please. Your enjoying it, Look at your hips. Your thrusting Haven. Look at your nipples. Your hard Avery."

Avery then saw the tentacles tips open up. She saw a slippery tongue on the inside. Skinny but good enough to see. Then they sucked Avery's nipples and that's when she lost it. She came as her pussy shot out over Haven. Haven came onto the tentacle. The tentacle in Havens mouth came. Avery's nipples were being sucked on, Each suck got gushes of milk. The tentacles tongue wrapped around her nipple and made Avery cried out

"Feels so good."

But in a soft voice. Avery was in pleasure and her tits wouldn't stop cumming. Havens pussy came around four times. Then the tentacles Haven as the tentacle left her mouth. Haven laid there as she felt the chemical grow stronger on her. Avery felt the chemical grow stronger on her as well. The tentacles finished up with Avery and let her go. She hovered over to Haven and said

"Help me find my bra. I have my panties."

Haven said "My pussy is so sensitive. But yeah. I will help you."

Avery and Haven searched the ground for her panties. Haven was wishing for panties but Havens costume came with a mini skirt. a bra. wings a halo, and stocking for her legs. Avery got a bra, panties, short stalkings. a wand, wings, And little elf ears to fit her fairy costume. Haven found Avery's panties. Haven grabbed them and felt they were soaked. Haven wasn't surprised. Havens pussy won't stop leaking. Haven brought them to Avery and Avery thanked her as she out them on. Haven asked

"I think we're in the kitchen."

Avery looked around and said "Yeah. I think we are."

Avery walked around as a spider opened its mouth from above and sent down Eight little tentacles to creep up on Avery. Once they were under neath Avery they sprung up and Jabbed her nipples once again, But there were only 4 of them on Avery. Her tits shot milk like crazy and Avery started rubbing them. Avery was masturbating in front of traps and Haven. Haven felt some jab her clitoris four times and Haven rubbed her pussy. Two sisters masturbating rite next to each other. Haven stuck a finger in her pussy and worked away. And she came. She went to Avery and sucked her nipples to make Avery cum a few times to reduce the chemical. And Avery did cum in Havens mouth. Havens swallowed her milk and got up and said.

"Job done. Lets find that basement."

Avery nodded as they search around. Avery found the basement door and yelled out

"Haven I found it."

Haven got to Avery and they started to walk down. Once they hit the ground a gas puffed in there face and knocked them out. I grabbed them and dragged them into the room. I tied Avery up and moved electric machines to shock her nipples and dildo to fuck her pussy. Haven got a two electric machines, One to shock her clitoris and one to shock her pussy. And her tits got little vibrators that I strapped on. I blew a horn and hid. I had the girls face to face. Avery came rite away and her cum went on Havens legs. Haven was tied up. Her arms were connected to rope from the ceiling, And her legs were tied down.

Her legs were also spread. Avery was just in a chair with electric machines next to her nipples. After about five cums from Avery, Haven came. And it went everywhere. Havens tits shot milk on Avery's face.

After more gas puffed on their face. And they fell asleep. It was almost morning so I wished it to be around 2:00 A.M. I got to admit. I am one lucky man. I made the basement into a maze. I wished my cock to be harder than stone for fucking. I then prepared to fuck the girls. They awoke, Clean and horny. The chemical drove their bodies crazy. But not their mind. They read another note saying

"Can you beat the maze."

They both nodded and entered it. I was in a ogre costume that made me a-bit more tall and really buff. And my cock was perfect for it. There was a hole at the crotch so my cock could fit threw. I prepared at the end of it to fuck the girls. Haven and Avery split up. Haven tripped and immediately got a red tentacle on her. It pinned her. Pulled both legs apart. And stuck its end in Havens mouth. It stuck its cock shaped head into her pussy. Haven felt it fuck her and the head of it vibrated. Haven loved it. But she still tried pulling it out. But there was no use. It came inside Haven. They smacked her ass disappeared.

Avery was looking around as she got pinned against a wall by tentacle and went into her pussy sucked her nipples. One of them went into her mouth. Avery enjoyed it this time. As she shot milk and squirted on the tentacle inside her. They came on her belly and in her mouth and in her pussy.

They let her go and she moved on. Soon they moth got to the ending and saw each other. The entrances they came from closed. They walked to each other as smoke and fog came in blocking there vision. They could only see about two feet in front of them. Not enough time to react to anything. Until in front of them cleared and all they saw was a ogre. But threw the mask had two see threw holes for my eyes. I walked to them and they saw my rock hard cock throbbing for them. They knew it was me, And looked at each other. And nodded, Avery took her bra and panties off. Haven took her bra off. They were going to fight me. But in a sexy way. They were doing it one at a time.

Avery jumped in the air and spread her legs. The help from her wings made her go up in the air more. Avery screamed in a sexual way. I grabbed her legs and stuck my cock straight inside her and started fucking her. Her tits bounced in the air as I fucked her insides. She screamed

"So good. Mm, More. Harder. Squeeze my tits, Cum inside me."

I laid her down to the floor and licked her nipples tasting her milk. I felt my self preparing to cum, I wasn't gonna cum inside her, So I pulled my cock out and came on her face. And wished inside my head to refill my cum rite away. And it worked I came on Avery's head and pinched her nipples as she came.

I grab Haven and squeeze her tits and push her against the wall. I stick my cock in her pussy and fucked her recklessly. I felt her juices cover my cock and drip to the floor. I fucked away at her. I licked one nipple and pinched the other one. Haven said

"Oh yeah. Fuck me. So good."

I fucked away at her as I grunted. Soon I felt my self cumming. So I quickly pull my cock out and cum on her breasts. I then say

"How was that for a Halloween morning."

Haven said "Incredible."

Avery said "I wanted it to last forever."

I nodded and said I got a idea. Tonight I put a sign saying

"Girls only. Have to be 18 or older. Have to be younger than 31."

Haven and Avery said "You want the house to be a haunted sex house."

I nodded. They agreed and went to their beds to get some sleep. While doing so I walked to Avery's room and stared at her. I waled to her private drawers and prepared some clothes for them. Avery got panties with a vibrator going away at her pussy. A bra with her nipples showing that said on her right tit


And on her left tit


I nodded as I checked Avery out. I walked into Havens room and prepared her clothes. Her mini skirt saying

"Fuck me"

Black panties that let her pussy out. A bra covering around her tits. So her melons were out lined. And I wrote on her belly saying

"I love cocks."

I kissed her pussy and walked out. They woke up and came down in there suits and said

"Morning girls."

They laughed. I saw Havens pussy got a-bit better cause it was dripping tiny amounts of her juices. Avery's nipples had some milk showing and as hard as rock. They said

"I can't believe we're doing this."

I laughed and said I even prepared the outside. Only girls can enter. Until I heard a car pull up. I look and see its a taxi and see Janelle come out of it. No Ike or Mason. She walked to the door and knocked. I told the girls to hide. I opened the door and she said

"I thought I should stay for Halloween. The boys will be gone all week."

Then her eyes opened wide as she saw the entire house decorated. She said

"Whats going on."

I said "I made a haunted house. A dirty one." I slapped her ass inside since shes seen my cock. Her jaw dropped when she saw her daughters. I said

"You like."

Janelle didn't know what was going on. I wished her to fall asleep. I carried her to her room which was also decorated. I got some clothes from Avery's drawer as the girls watch what i did to their mom. I put on a bra that showed most of her tits and showed her nipples. I wrote on her forehead

"Adorable Slut."

I put on see threw panties that were black. I pulled the panties down and put a tiny vibrator on her clitoris. I thought to my self. I wonder if there's a Demon Girl game. Turns out I said it out loud and Haven said "There actual is.." I looked at her and said

"Show me."

Haven went to my room grabbed my computer. And typed in Demon Girl. And there it was. Sort of like Angel girl but a different girl with a different dress. The girl had slightly larger tits. And had a red mini skirt. So short half her ass cheeks are showing. The mini skirt top wrapped around her tits and around her back. Nothing holding it up so her tits had to be big. Haven said

"I even ordered a demon girl costume."

I said "What."

She brought the box to my room. And took a box on the bottom out and opened it. I said.

"Perfect. But your moms tits need to be bigger."

Avery said "Can't we use the venom from the spider tentacles and mix it with milk? Or something?"

I said "That would do it."

So we mixed them and lat them wait. After a-few minutes I grabbed them and put them into shots. I walked to Janelle and put one shot in one nipple and the other in the other nipple. We sat there and watched. Her tits started growing. It was like Havens breasts plus Avery's. So they were real big. I put the demon girl costume on. I put little red horns on top of her head. I put the mini skirt top on by sliding it over her head. I put the mini skirt in, And asked

"Anything else to the costume."

Haven gave me some red lipstick to put on her lips. I put it on her lips.

Haven then hands me two red demon wings. I put them on Janelle's back. Haven then hands my two red boots. I put them on and see Janelle looking like a demon girl. Haven then says

"Hm. Red die. We have to die her hair."

I say "Hm we can do that."

But instead I wish her hair to be red. And I also wish her wings would work. But could only go 1 foot in the air. Haven and Avery think that we died Janelle's hair. So it all worked out. So there was Janelle. Dressed as a sexy demon girl. Her hair was straight just like the picture. Nor curled. She had the mini skirt top. The mini skirt. Wings. boots. And horns. I think to my self. What if the machines don't pick up her pheromones? I walk up to Janelle and pull up her skirt top and lick her nipples hardening them. I pull the skirt top down and see her nipples out lining threw the skirt top. Haven said.

"Perfect. Only if she was younger."

I thought to my self I wish Janelle to look like she was 25. With a nice tight body. A new virgin pussy. Same tits she has now. A perfect demon girl. Haven said.

"Wow. Weird. Now she looks like shes 25."

Avery agreed. I said oh well. We took off out side working on some things. A girl named Tiffany came by. In a nurse costume. Around 19 years old. She walked up and said

"So this is a adult haunted house?"

Haven said "Where you sexual desires come true."

Tiffany laughed as she walked in. We just kept on working on the outside. So we'd have a haunted yard. We started hearing moans come from the house. Shes being fucked alright. I set some tentacle traps at the sides of the yards. So girls would be fucked in public. Perfect! Before you knew it the house looked haunted. The girls and I went inside and watched my computer to see Janelle reaction.

Janelle woke up. With tentacle around her tits. She said

"What the fuck."

Janelle saw her body being touched. The tentacles then pushed inside her pussy and started fucking the sexy devil. Janelle didn't even think about struggling. She was enjoying this moment. She didn't know her two daughters were watching her. Janelle was moaning so much a tentacle plugged her mouth. She licked the tentacle. Only if the tentacle wasn't a machine then it would of gone to heaven. They then cum inside of Janelle and cum in her mouth. They let her go. I walk upstairs to explain to her what we're doing. I walk up to her and say

"You seem to enjoy that."

She replies "What are you talking about."

I say "You enjoy being fucked. Admit it."

She blushes as her daughters walk up smiling.

She then says "Yes. I enjoy being fucked."

Haven said "I do to."

Avery also said "Yep. Really hard."

Janelle's jaw dropped when she heard that. I said

"Keep your jaw closed if you don't want something to pop inside it."

She replies "Is this a haunted house?"

We all said "Yep."

Janelle said "A sexual one."


We said. She then said

"Who put this costume on me?"

I said "Me."

She said "You wrote Adorable slut on my forehead?"

I said "Well you did enjoy those tentacles.."

She said "Well yeah, I guess I'm a dirty slutty girl."

Haven and Avery giggled. Janelle said

"How did you do all this."

I said "I ran to allot of stores."

She nodded. As we walked down the stairs seeing Tiffany being fucked by tentacle. She said

"Help me."

We reply "Nope. Take it all in."

We walk down to the basement to monitor the cameras. I watch as the gate is closed. It is around 12:00 P.M. I see about Three girls out side the gate. A sexy Police officer. A stripper. And a Firefighter. Perfect thing is their all young. Around 18,19 or maybe 20. I like it. The girls enter. Looks like their all friends. I hear a girl say

"Like I would be fucked."

I hear another one say "A girl named Tiffany walked in, I heard moaning a-few minutes after."

They explored the yard. I see a-few guys walking by the fence watching the girls. Then one girl gets launched in the air and gets held up by tentacles. That got the guys attention. They had a clear view between the girls legs. Seeing her crotch made the guys point at her. Then a tentacle rubs her crotch. I hear her scream. The stripper tries to help her but ends up being held in the air as well. The police girl then tries pulling a tentacle down and gets pushed to the ground, Then a tentacle goes in her mouth to muffle her. Now all three girls are held up. Being violated.

Then the tentacles remove all the girls panties and start fucking the girls. The guys had their eyes glued to the girls crotch's. The girls moaned in pleasure and screamed. Soon the tentacles came inside the girl and lowered them down. The girls got their stuff together and ran inside. The guys then left. I started hearing weird voices in my head. A guy named. Summoner.

I tried ignoring it until I heard him say

"You have been chosen to help fight evil. You will be transported when you are ready to go. Your female companions will be joining you. Since you have bonded with them."

I was confused but as long as I didn't have to go yet so I was fine. I look at the girls and I tell them to go outside and wait at the gate to introduce girls the the Sexual Haunted House. Haven. Avery. And Janelle went out there and Waited for girls to walk in. I see about 5 girls walk up. All sexy in bikinis. Haven asks

"Are those your costumes."

The girls say "Yes."

Haven says "You'll gonna be covered."

The girls looked at her confusingly and just walked in. After they entered the house I heard screams and moans rite away. He. Haven, Avery, And Janelle walk back in and in the basement. Haven asks

"Can I wear my Angel Girl costume."

Avery asks "Can I wear my Fairy costume."

I say "Go ahead. Careful. The sex machines might go after you."

They get their costumes and start put them on. Haven asks me

"Can you help me put it on."

I say "Sure."

I walk over to Haven and pull her stockings up and move my hand over her pussy and rub it. Then she leaked more juices again, I forgot she had the chemical. But she liked it. I pull her mini skirt up and put her bra on. I put her halo over her head and put her wings on. I see Janelle helping Avery and After done I was looking at Three sexy girls. Two I have fucked, One I have not. I tell the girls to go and have fun. Then Halloween night. We were getting loads of girls. I was down in the basement watching. At least 20 girl were in there being fucked. Haven and Avery and Janelle I had them be trapped in webs.

Tentacles, And spiders for looks. And being fucked at the same time. Each time a girl tried helping them they would get fucked. Perfect.

Then a-few girls head to the basement naked. I dress up and prepare. I see one girl walk in and I grab her and silence her mouth, When a tentacle came to her mouth it muffled her screaming. I stuck my cock inside the lovely girl and started fucking her. I squeezed her tits as I came inside her. The tentacle leaves her mouth and i put my head next to her and ask her

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