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Cousins Enjoy a Day on the Lake


I started water skiing when I was just six years old and after fourteen years of practice I don't think it would be bragging to say I've gotten to be a pretty good slalom skier. My dad traded up for a really nice ski boat last year with a big inboard motor that is a dream to ride in and ski behind. Unfortunately it seems to spend more time on a trailer in a storage building than in the water.

As the years have gone by we've gone out less and less as my parents became more involved in their jobs so I am always excited whenever there is an opportunity for a family day out on the lake. For the past week we had all been excited by plans to head out to a nearby state park but then on Friday my dad came home from work with a grim look on his face. He explained that his firm was having problems with one of their cases and that he would have to work the entire weekend.

Rather than letting all our plans go down the tubes, my mom and I decided we would try to make the best of it so she called her sister and asked if she and my cousin wanted to spend the day with us. Needless to say they jumped at the offer.

My cousin Kristi (at eighteen she was two years younger than me) was excited and asked if she could bring her latest boyfriend with (or to be more accurate if I knew her, her latest boy "toy"). My mom actually thought it would be a good idea as the boat was hard to handle sometimes, especially when it came to getting it in and out of the water so a strong guy would probably come in handy.

"Mommmmmm!" I whined, "It's not fair that Kristi gets to have a guy come with and not me."

My mom laughed and relayed my complaint to my aunt who passed it on to Kristi. A few seconds later my mom motioned for me to get on the phone and when I put it to my ear my cousin was on the other end.

"Now don't get all hot and bothered girl," she said quickly, "Mike's brother should be available and from what I hear he would be just your type."

For a moment I was tempted to ask Kristi exactly what she considered to be "my type" of a guy but I thought better of it. After all, she probably knew better than me! Kristi went on about how she would call Mike and find out if Sam was available so I handed the phone back to my mom after which she and her sister made plans for the day.

Kristi called back later and said her boyfriend's older brother was not only available but ready and willing to come. Again I was tempted to ask Kristi exactly what he had been told about me to make him agree so easily but then again, I really didn't have to ask if I knew my cousin. I hung up when we were finished and told my mom who just shook her head in mock despair.

"Oh great," she said with a long theatrical sigh, "Now instead of having one guy along to do the work we'll have two guys who will be thinking more about trying to screw our daughters than helping out with the boat!"

I just laughed, twirled around and headed up the stairs to my room. It was now time for the first big decision of the day - which bikini to wear. For a girl this is NOT an easy decision to make, trust me! On the one hand we were heading out to a public beach so I knew despite how much fun it would be that I couldn't wear my "Kelly's little slut bikini" (as my dad referred to it) since odds were I'd either arrested or tossed out of the park for indecent exposure.

Eventually I settled for second best and chose my new yellow thong bikini. It was pure bright yellow with no markings or designs on it. The bottoms were extremely high cut and barely concealed my pussy - one of the reasons I shave! While the rear wasn't just a few strings like my sluttier bikini, it wasn't exactly a whole lot more as none of the material was ever more than a couple of inches wide at any point. My bikini top tied behind my back and neck. I liked to keep it loose so that it didn't take a lot of maneuvering to give anyone I wanted a peek at my boobs.

Checking myself out in the mirror I smiled as Kristi had not seen this one yet so I was excited to see what her reaction to it was.

"Well you go girl!" my mom exclaimed from my bedroom door.

I turned to see her standing there in her own bikini. My mom may not have the same figure she had twenty years ago but she was still pretty outstanding for her age. Most women in their forties that tried wearing a bikini like hers would just look a bit silly, sadly appearing as an older woman trying to recapture her lost youth. Not my Mom! She didn't have to recapture anything because she still had a better figure than most women did ten years younger than her.

As if to prove that genetics work, my mom's younger sister, my Aunt Linda, was blessed with similar youthful looks and more than once when I was in bed with them I found myself praying their lucky genes had been passed on to me. Judging from how slowly I had matured in my teens compared to many of my friends, I was betting the odds were good! Hopefully there would be a payback in my later years for the suffering I went through as a young teen who always felt years behind her friends when it came to her development.

I turned around slowly to show off my bikini to my mom since she was the one who had bought it for me although she had not yet seen me wearing it until now. I heard her enter the room and when I turned to face her she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me to her. We gently kissed and I put my arms around her waist, feeling the softness of her as she pressed against me.

"Oh mom," I whispered huskily, "I love you soooooo much!"

My mother looked at me with that look I rarely saw but the one that never failed to make my heart flutter and my stomach feel like it was filled with butterflies. It was that look she would give me when somehow in her mind I went beyond being just the daughter she doted over and loved and became her lover and confidante.

"Mmmmmmm, Kelly my little darling, you are so beautiful," she responded. "I want you... Oh god I want you so much right now."

We kissed again, this time though it was more passionate in the way that two lovers would after a long separation. My mom and I have a fantastic mother- daughter relationship and I also consider her to be my best friend. I trust her more than anyone else on earth and share everything with her - all of my experiences, dreams and even my deepest and most erotic fantasies. Even so, maybe 99% of the time our relationship is strictly that of one between a mother and her daughter. But then there were those rare moments like this, when the line between mother and daughter blurs and actually disappears to where my mom becomes my lover.

Looking back over my life I can think of many profound moments that literally changed my life but only a few that happen on a recurring basis. For instance, losing my virginity was a milestone in my life but needless to say you can only do it once. The first time I had sex with my dad is a moment I will never ever forget and although it thrills me to please him as much as possible since then, that "first time" feeling was something unique.

With my mom, though, it's different. We've made love only a couple dozen times whereas I've fucked my dad probably hundreds of times. Each time had such a profound impact that I can actually remember each and every one in detail. I wish every girl could know her mother in this way as even in our daily lives it has an impact because when things start to get rough I always remember what we share and it helps things from getting out of hand.

My mom and I spent the next hour in bed and when it was over I just laid in her arms, feeling incredibly loved and secure. My pussy was still tingling from her lovemaking and the aftertaste of her strong yet sweet cum was still fresh in my mouth as we kissed softly, our tongues tenderly reaching out to explore the other. I think we could've spent the entire morning this way if the realization of the time had not finally sunk in and we knew we had to get going if we were going to make it out of the house at all today!

We didn't bother showering - let the others smell our sex and be envious! Instead, I put back on my bikini and then added some really short shorts and an ultra-tight cami along with a pair of pink canvas sneakers over my bare feet. Tying my hair back in a ponytail made me look even younger than people say I already do and left the makeup off except for a little lip gloss. My face had a radiant glow after my time with mom which was better than any blush I could've applied.

My mom was walking out of her bedroom as I left mine. She was dressed similar to me although her shorts were not quite as revealing as mine and her top wasn't quite as tight. Together we drove over to Aunt Linda's house and just walked in the back door unannounced? just as we usually did.

Well, maybe it was just that kind of mother-daughter day or something because when we arrived we found Kristi and her mom in each other's arms kissing, just as my mom and I had been not long before. Seeing it was just us, they didn't allow our interruption to stop them. My mom and I looked at each other and we both winked. Yep, I knew exactly what she was thinking - it would take only a small suggestion and our boating trip would be cancelled for a day of lovemaking. For a brief moment I considered it as it HAD been a long time since the four of us had played together like that but I was excited about boating too. Frankly, it was all to easier to arrange a time together than to get us all on the boat.

"Hey you two!" I finally said sternly as time was growing short. Then like a parent catching her kids making out I added, "Get a room or let's get going!"

My aunt released her lip lock on her daughter and Kristi just sighed as she rolled her eyes melodramatically. I had a feeling their morning had been similar to ours and I knew only too well the conflicting feelings that Kristi must be having. Kristi was just as close if not closer to her mother than I was to mine. Her father had left town immediately after the divorce and never returned.

As close as Kristi and I were with our moms it wasn't surprising that we enjoyed those time when the four of us could be together sexually but during each of these times I had a strong sense that there was something between Kristi and her mom that was even closer and more intimate than what I had with my mother. It was just a feeling but I know it is something that I will never be able to understand, just as people who don't embrace incest cannot fully understand the relationship between my parents and me. Along those lines, I've read about identical twins and how close they are, in some cases in an almost supernatural way, and it was almost something like that when I saw my aunt and cousin making love. I really don't know how else to describe it and unless you have witnessed it I doubt I can ever fully make someone understand what they share.


We all wanted to go boating so any further thoughts were put aside as we gathered up the picnic supplies and piled back in the SUV. Kristi gave directions to my mom on how to get to her boyfriend's house which was only about ten minutes away. My mom pulled up to the curb in front of this huge Victorian brick house with a slate roof and immaculate lawn - their parents obviously were doing well! Kristi went running in and disappeared inside.

Just moments later Kristi came bouncing out (literally), followed by two REALLY good looking guys dressed in jean shorts and muscle shirts. Each of them was carrying a small bag with who knows what inside. As they walked up to the SUV I quickly sized them up. Now I've been criticized for making first impressions based solely on how people look and how they carry themselves but usually I find that I'm correct in my assessments.

Although I'd never met him, I knew instantly that Mike was exactly the typical Kristi "boy toy" type. She had told be before that he was the same age as her but a year behind in school. Kristi had always preferred younger guys and now that she was eighteen she was having to be a little more discreet in her choices but she still wanted them as young as she could legally get away with.

Mike was the more muscular of the two brothers - another characteristic that I knew which turned Kristi on given I think she's fucked the entire wresting team at one point or another. A few inches shorter than his older brother Sam, Mike was built like a tank - compact and strong. Damn, the kid must live in a gym! His head was all but shaved off along with the rest of him and he sported a great tan. He was a Kristi guy alright, no mercy fucks for her, just the hot guys.

Sam, Mike's older brother, was almost twenty and even though that made him at least year older than Mike he looked much older. Taller and thinner but not scrawny by any means, Sam looked more like a men's clothing model than an athlete - a nice build and he carried himself with an air of confidence but not a swagger either. Instead of going to college he chose to work at his father's store. Based on the house the store must pretty successful!

Unlike Mike's shaved look, Sam had a thick head of light brown hair that was trimmed nicely in such a manner that while he looked mature he didn't look "old" or nerdy. I was intrigued by one thing though - his mustache. Like his hair, it was well trimmed and extended just to the edges of his mouth and down to his upper lip. It had filled in well and was probably one of the reasons he looked older than his years. He was registering about a nine out of a possible ten on the Kelly boy meter with the only thing keeping him from getting a ten was his height. Taller than Mike, he still looked well shy of six feet and I loved a taller man the best.

My quick fifteen second assessment finished just as they had made it to the SUV and Kristi made introductions. I smiled inwardly as I noticed the second look they were getting from my mom and aunt as well. Still, when it came to my mom I knew it was just curiosity as she would never cheat on my dad by doing anything with them in that way. However, for he sister I knew it was a different story. It wouldn't be the first time by any means that my aunt had helped herself to one of her daughter's playmates! Not that I'd ever heard any complaints!

Making room for everyone I sat in the front seat between my mom and Aunt Linda while Kristi sat in the middle of the two guys in the backseat. I guess the four of us could have crammed in the backseat but for now it seemed the best solution. Depending on how the day went, I would hope that the seating arrangements would be different on the way home! It only took about 45 minutes to get to lake but there was already a long wait at the launch area so we got in line and everyone bailed out of the SUV. The guys took off the boat travel cover and removed the tie-down straps between the boat and the trailer.

I'll never forget the day my dad forgot the straps holding down the stern. He was sitting in the boat as my mom backed it into the water and nothing happened! He started the motor and gunned it until finally he realized what he had forgotten. He looked soooooo embarrassed! I learned long ago that if you wanted some perverse entertainment, just watch people trying to put their boats in the water or remove them - there's always someone who has no clue that gives everyone a chuckle. My dad was mortified to be one of "those people" that day but I hugged him and loved him anyway. You can be assured he never forgot those straps again! Likewise, my mom also checked the drain plug to be sure it was installed - as you might guess that was the culprit for yet another embarrassing moment!

There were still about ten boats ahead of us and even thought there were two launches in operation, it was clearly going to be a while before we got to the front of the line. Since we had our swim suits already on under our clothes it was a simple matter to strip off our clothes and toss them in the back of the SUV. It was an interesting moment because the guys and girls each got their first look at the others in their swimwear and I'm not sure who was more turned on! Kristi and I both were wearing very revealing bikinis as usual and our moms definitely didn't look like the typical soccer moms you saw cruising the mall parking lot in their minivans. At the same time, Mike and Sam were definitely getting all of our attention as well.

Mike cemented his reputation with me as a Kristi boy toy by wearing a tight Speedo which clearly outlined his "package" to such an extent that I had to wonder if he wasn't hiding a sock in there as well. If was all him then he was definitely Kristi material as she loved big cocks - the bigger the better whereas I typically preferred something more in the middle of the road range since it made giving head much easier for me. Kristi enjoyed sucking cock as much as the next girl but what she really looked for was a cock to fill her little pussy so the longer and thicker the better so far as she was concerned.

Looking at Sam, again I saw the similarities yet at the same time the sharp contrast between the two brothers. Whereas Mike was wearing a second skin over his crotch, Sam had on long shorts that were not much shorter than the denim shorts he had worn coming here. They were too baggy to show off his cock so I was left having to figure out for myself what he was hiding underneath.

The four of us walked around the launching area while my mom and aunt hung around the SUV, periodically starting it and inching it along in line as the boats one by one made their way into the water. As I mentioned before, watching people launching their boats can be considered a wicked form of entertainment and so we sat on the cement which lined the launch ramp, rudely commenting on the skills - or lack of them, of some of the people.

Probably the worse spectacle to watch was the idiots trying to back up. My dad had dragged me over to a huge parking lot and made me spend an afternoon learning to back up using the mirrors and I felt I was reasonable adept at it. I hated him for it at the time but now I appreciate what he did. From the looks of things a LOT of people needed my dad's lessons! Still, the circus made the time go by and before long it was my mom turn to back our boat down the ramp - finally! Fortunately Mom was pretty darn good at it and indeed she put on quite the demonstration of proper technique and I was proud of her, especially after all the bozos we'd been watching before her.

Just before she got to the water's edge I jumped in. As the boat settled into the water I started the engine and pulled the boat back off the trailer. I headed immediately over to the pier as mom pulled the trailer out of the water and parked the SUV and trailer. Everyone piled in and finally we were off!! It was an incredible day with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures in the low 90's.

There were a lot of boats near the marina but as we drove further away the congestion dwindled and we broke out the ski gear. For the next couple of hours we alternated between water-skiing and tubing. In reality, it was mostly tubing as neither of the guys could ski and even Kristi wasn't exactly the best. Tubing was fun but for me nothing beats a slalom ski. I loved jumping the wake and throwing up the biggest rooster tail I can make behind me as I lean over and almost touch the water with my shoulders as I cut from one side to the other. It seems not that many people ski anymore with most folks seeming to settle for the easy way out and just lay on a tube. I guess that is part of why I loved to ski as well, to show off in front of everyone on the lake. Plus, laying on a tube doesn't let you show off your bikini nearly as well either!

We were having a great time but it didn't take too long before we all were exhausted and needed a break. My mom drove the boat back to the marina area where we tied up to another pier and grabbed our picnic baskets and coolers from the SUV. We spread out a blanket near a picnic table and watched the action out on the lake as we enjoyed sandwiches and Arizona Teas.

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