tagIncest/TabooCousin's Sexy Surprise

Cousin's Sexy Surprise


I had been in a relationship with my cousin Mandy for about eight months when her sister Jane moved in with us for a few weeks as she had split up with her boyfriend.

Like Mandy she was very pretty even though at thirty two she was fourteen years older.

Jane was very tall and slim, she had smaller boobs than Mandy but they were still a good handful. Being tall she had great legs and loved to show them off. She was very flirtatious and wore skimpy clothes especially in her night wear in the evening.

She would wear a t shirt or short nightie that often gave me a flash of her panties, sometimes I think she done it on purpose.

One night I woke very early about 2:30am and needed to pee, I went to the bathroom and while I was in there I saw a pair of Jane's panties in the laundry basket. It was a white silk thong and looked very sexy, I picked it up and was about to smell them. I heard movement outside the bathroom so I put them back quickly and left the bathroom, outside was Jane, naked except for a pair of panties. Her tits looked great and I tried not to make it obvious that I was staring, she made no effort to cover up and I was struck dumb at how brazen she was. Many sexual thoughts about her flooded my mind as I stood there looking at her beautiful body.

"Are you ok?" Said Jane.

I said "yes I'm fine." And walked away.

I went back to bed and pulled back the duvet, my Mandy was naked except for a pair of sexy lace short panties that shown her beautiful arse perfectly to me, I got into bed and cuddled Mandy, she means everything to me so why was I having these thoughts about her sister.

After another few hours sleep I got out of bed and went downstairs, I sat on the sofa and mentally gave myself a good telling off. Mandy is the love of my life and to put our relationship in jeopardy or even think sexually about someone else is wrong.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, the door opened, it was Mandy.

She looked stunning, with her blonde hair, white skin, red lips and sexy black nightie she was irresistible.

"Morning babe" I said.

She said nothing, but walked over to me and straddled me on the sofa and hugged me really tightly. I asked "are you ok."

She kissed me then whispered in my ear "I'm fucking horny as hell, I've been playing with myself in bed hoping you'd come back to bed."

I could feel Mandy grinding her pussy against my ever stiffening cock, even though I had thin pyjama shorts on I could feel the head of my cock was between her pussy lips and trying to enter her, "have you got panties on baby." I asked.

Mandy just smiled reached down, released my cock from my shorts and slid her soaking pussy down on it. She was riding me slowly as I reached up to caress her tits, her nipples were poking prominently through the satin material of her nightie, I sucked them and felt them getting even harder in my mouth. Mandy pulled her tits out of the neckline of her nightie and fed them to me, I sucked on her nipples and felt her reach between her legs, she rubbed her clit furiously and said "cum in me baby."

I grabbed her tits and cum as I felt Mandy's pussy pulsate around my cock. She was screaming in ecstasy so I pulled her face to mine and kissed her.

I said "wow babe, it's still early in the day and you really are horny."

"I'm always horny, it's just sometimes it overwhelms me and I have to act on it."

"When I was at school I was bullied by a gang of girls because I looked a bit geeky, they were also jealous because I'm a natural blonde and didn't get my hair out of a bottle like them. I wore braces on my teeth and was flat chested."

"The bullies convinced me that I was ugly and nobody would ever love me. But in the last two years at school my boobs grew rapidly and my braces were removed, I started wearing makeup and blossomed into a pretty girl."

"Suddenly I received attention from the boys, so the bullies became jealous and still picked on me.

I stayed away from the boys to prevent the jealousy, but once I left school and met you years of pent up frustration, lack of love and feeling unwanted was unleashed. The love and attention you give me is something I've never known so I make the most of it in case it ever ends."

With tears in my eyes I said, "it'll never end, I love you so much."

Mandy said "I love you too."

We hugged and I held her tightly into me never wanting to let her go, the door opened and Jane said "oh, I'm sorry".

Mandy was still half undressed with her boobs were still hanging out of her nightie, luckily they were pressed against my chest.

"It's ok Jane, we're just talking." Said Mandy.

Jane left the room and went into the kitchen. Mandy and me went upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed. A short time later Jane left for work, and we laughed about how close we had been to getting caught having sex.

Mandy asked me "how often do you masturbate?"

"Not at all since we've been together, but before we met I'd do it every day, how about you?"

"Sometimes the urge to touch myself is too great, like this morning when I woke up I had to finger myself and I desperately wanted your cock, but when I was single I'd masturbate at least once a day, usually four or five times though, do you think that's normal?"

"Yes I think so, it's probably normal. It's a huge turn on knowing that you pleasure yourself, maybe we could show each other how we like to do it. Have you ever used sex toys?"

"Yes, I have quite a few vibrators and other toys, we should go to my mum's house and get some."

We went to Mandy's parents house then upstairs to her bedroom. She took a box out of her cupboard and it was full of various toys. Mandy chose a few things and put them in a bag. Then she got some underwear from her dresser put in her bag and we went back to my house.

Mandy took my hand and almost dragged me up the stairs, she said "I've got a treat for you baby."

In the bedroom she kissed me and stripped me naked, she tipped the bag of toys onto the chair and stripped herself down to her underwear.

"Get on the bed, sitting up with your back against the headboard"

She then took two restraints and tied each of them to my wrists and the other end to the headboard.

Mandy laid down on the other end of the bed, as usual she was wearing a very sexy thong, she put her hand inside her thong and played with her pussy.

I could hear her fingers sliding in and out of her wet cunt, my cock hardened in seconds but I was unable to touch it. Eventually she cum followed by a scream of "oh fuck Yes," I was desperate to touch her, taste her, eat her cunt and fuck her but she had other ideas.

She took her hand out of her panties and took them off, then turned them inside out and wiped up a big dollop of her cunt juices on the crotch area. Then she offered them to my face, teasing me by pulling them away every time I put my tongue out.

"Close your mouth." She demanded.

She rubbed the cum soaked panties all around my mouth then kissed me and licked my lips and tongue as we shared the gorgeous sweet pussy juices. Deliberately she continued to ignore my wanting dripping cock.

Unclipping her bra her huge boobs fell away from her body as she leaned forward over me, teasing me with her hard nipples until she fed me and allowed me to bite lick and suck on each nipple.

Mandy got off the bed and walked over to the chair, I admired her perfect arse as she took each step, she bent over teasing me once again as she opened her legs while choosing another toy. While in that position she put a hand between her legs and using one finger slid it inside her then stood up turned around and greedily sucked it clean. As she walked back to the bed her tits swung gently from side to side making pre cum drip from my hard neglected cock.

"Watch and learn how I love to masturbate."

She got back onto the bed and shown me a large pink vibrator, it was textured to look just like a cock and was a bit bigger than mine, in her other hand she had a small gold coloured metal object.

Mandy laid back down with her legs wide open and slightly bent into the M position. She was really close to me and I wanted to touch her but the restraints wouldn't allow it, then she put the head of the vibrator between her lips and slid it up and down the length of her slit to lube it with her juices. Next she put it inside her gaping hungry hole and switched it on "mmmmmmmm" she moaned.

She switched on the small metal vibrator and it rattled louder than the large one, she held it on her clit and very slowly slid the other one in and out of her cunt. After just a minute or two she pumped it in and out of herself faster and screamed "fuck, fuck aaaarrrggghhh." As she had the most explosive orgasm I'd ever seen.

As she removed the vibrator from her cunt her juices literally flowed from her, she picked her panties up from the bed and pushed them inside her to catch every drop possible.

After removing the panties she said "look at how wet they are." As they hung from her little finger.

"Now it's your turn."

"Yes please baby."

"Open your mouth."

She pushed the cum soaked thong all the way into my mouth and I sucked hungrily on them savouring every sweet drop of juice.

Then as she straddled me she turned around and lowered herself down onto my raging cock, she reached between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. Then she bent forward so that her head was almost between my ankles and started to ride my cock, I looked down and saw my thick cock being given the most amazing fuck ever, as she pulled away from my cock her arse hole was slightly open and her pussy lips were sliding up the length of my cock then as they reached the head they folded back in as she plunged back down onto me.

"Cum inside me baby." She demanded.

The view I had of her arse hole and pussy made it easy for me to cum and with a yell I exploded the biggest load of cum I'd ever produced into her wet cunt.

Introducing toys to our sex life had certainly made me forget the thoughts I'd been having about Jane.

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