Cousins, Snowed In


Being with a blood relative shouldn't feel like this, he told himself.

It should feel like he was doing something wrong. It didn't feel that way. It felt like she was made for him.

He slid all the way inside Caitlyn, marveling at how wet she'd become. He felt honored to have done that for her, and delighted in the sharp intake of breath that came with his first thrust. It made her breasts look even bigger, especially when she held it. She couldn't hold her breath for long, though; by his fourth thrust, she let it out quickly with a shrill squeak.

Caitlyn reached up to grasp her lover, lunging forward to kiss him on the neck. She was gentle at first, but soon began nibbling on him, sucking to make sure she would leave a mark.

Naughty girl, Eric thought breathlessly.

He thrust at her harder, possibly even overdoing it; she let out another grunt as her tailbone hit the floor forcefully, but kissed him even harder without missing a beat.

Eric made love to her like her life depended on it, her hip bones jabbing his as they collided, forcefully and quickly.

Caitlyn turned her head to work on his lips next, kissing him more and more deeply until his bottom lip was between her teeth, biting down so hard he could barely feel that part of his body any more.

Just as Eric thought his lip would bleed, Caitlyn released another, louder squeak and let go of Eric.

A warm fluid soaked him, from hips to thighs and everywhere in between. The sheets were wet as well; Caitlyn's pubic hairs glistened with wetness.

"You had an orgasm before me?" He marveled.

"To be fair," Caitlyn gasped, locks of hair plastered to her face with sweat, "I was hornier than you."

"Really?" Eric asked skeptically.

"I've held off on masturbating for at least a week before I came, hoping I could get some of this," she explained. "But anyway, now I have to do the same for you."

She turned over, presenting her round, smooth bum for him. A heat grew in Eric's stomach. That was the most erotic part of it all; she was offering a part of herself to him, like a plaything.

"If you even do backdoor stuff," she elaborated. "If not," she licked her lips, "we can work something out." Eric didn't even know how to approach what was being offered to him, but he swallowed his nerves and straddled her again.

Lubrication was important for anal, but he was still soaking wet from her copious squirt moments before, and figured that would suffice.

Caitlyn tensed as the tip of Eric's manhood entered her tight, pink entrance, bunching the sheets up in her palms.

Eric gave her bum a quick slap, admiring her tan line, wrought by a summer of bikinis.

"Does it hurt? Or am I good?" He was a couple of inches in already, astonished by how warm she was.

"It hurts a little bit," she responded, "and that's what I want." She flashed a naughty smile behind her. Eric pushed deeper in, savoring the feeling of knowing that he was entering her most private orifice, and the privilege of her allowing it was a marvel in and of itself.

When he had fully pressed between her sumptuous butt-cheeks, Eric took it more slowly than he had around front; he didn't want to go past the threshold of pain she wanted.

He took the opportunity to rub her back while he made love to her, hands kneading the stiff, college-stressed muscles beneath her tanned back.

She had quite a few moles, all of which Eric found cute. Soon, the back rubbing wasn't enough for him. Eric began kissing the back of her neck.

He nestled his nose into her hair and took a deep whiff of her shampoo. His hands soon moved to massaging her shoulders, then slid around to her chest, to the boobs jiggling between her body and the floor with his every thrust.

"I knew," Caitlyn giggled as she bowed forward once more under the force of his body, "I knew I had you when you got hard in the airport, just looking at my shirt." She gritted her teeth in satisfaction. "You were mine."

Eric would have been mortified, had he known at the time that she knew. It didn't much matter now though, he supposed.

Eric held her soft breasts in his palms, gently examining and massaging her nipples with his fingertips. His orgasm came rather suddenly. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it came as he touched her boobs.

Eric shuddered, pushing deeper into her. "Caitlyn," he moaned, teaspoons of semen pouring into her backdoor. Any fears he had about her pullout preferences were alleviated when Caitlyn gasped.

"Yes, cum in me," she begged, flexing her butt-cheeks to tighten her sphincter around him. Eric moaned, a second wave of fluid leaving him against all odds.

Soon, Eric pulled his member from her and lay down, breathless.

Caitlyn threw the blanket back over them and rolled over into his embrace.

"If there's any way I can thank you..." Eric breathed.

Caitlyn was silent, closing her eyes as if asleep.

"I love you," she stated simply, as if it was a thing they'd told each other a million times, a reaffirmation of what was already known. Then again, if it wasn't, it should've been.

"I love you too," Eric replied, in the same spirit.


Eric stirred awake in the morning, his ears picking up the sounds of another Christmas special. The power must have been back on.

Eric ruminated on the idea of getting up to make breakfast, but the vision in front of him was too beautiful. Caitlyn lay topless facing away from him, covers folded down to her waist now that the heat was back on.

The fireplace was still on in front of them, but no longer the sole source of light. Instead, it was completely overruled by a brilliant white glow coming in the window.

Eric kept his arm on her waist, and set his head back down. Breakfast would be nice, but this was priceless.

Eric thought as he stared at his beautiful cousin that, from someone's perspective, they should probably feel ashamed. Their families would tell them to. He didn't care; against what anyone would tell him, Eric only felt happier than he ever had.

He had barely gotten back to sleep before Caitlyn stirred, rolling over to look at him.

"Morning, Eric," Caitlyn greeted, her brown eyes sparkling.

"Good morning." Eric gave her a kiss on the cheek. He felt an urge to kiss her exposed boob as well, But he'd had his chance for that.

"It's a snow day," Caitlyn continued, a lip-biting grin brightening her face.

Eric nodded and sat up. "Want breakfast?"

"Waffles," Caitlyn sighed indulgently, covers pressed to her chest.

Eric nodded obligingly and set his mind to waffles.

Caitlyn made her way into the kitchen before long, dressed for comfort in her university hoodie and pajama pants.

"Thanks for staying behind for me," she said gently through a big smile, "missing out on the resort like you did. Staying at college would've just sucked."

"I didn't miss anything," Eric replied, staring at the waffle batter because he couldn't make eye contact while saying something flattering, "especially after last night."

Caitlyn approached him and put her arms around him from behind. "I had a great time too," she assured him.

Things proceeded more or less as normal until Christmas Eve, the Saturday before their parents were set to return. The snow had slowed down, so it seemed likely they would return on time. The cousins lamented this, but not even a heavenly winter staycation could last forever.

On Christmas Eve, Eric lay in bed, a Christmas movie playing on TV. The networks had run out of stop-motion specials and were now cycling through the usual holiday comedies.

"Eric?" The door inched open; Eric turned his head. "Room for one more?" Caitlyn asked, peering bashfully inside.

"You know it," Eric replied, hoping his presumptuous excitement wasn't too obvious; Caitlyn could easily just want company.

"Thanks; it's lonely in my room." She tiptoed to the bed and slid onto his bed over the covers, resting her head next to his.

She dropped some kind of small tube onto the nightstand, but Eric didn't pay attention to what it was.

Caitlyn put her arms behind her head, smirking slightly into the shifting bluish lights of the TV.

Eric crossed his legs as soon as he saw her shirt; her breasts nearly spilled out of it, pushed up into prominence by her position.

The bra that peaked out the top was made of red lace.

Despite seeming barely conscious of his arousal, Caitlyn grabbed the remote and switched off the TV. The only light that remained was the colorful glow of the neighbors' Christmas lights.

"Stop me if you're not into any of this," she whispered, rolling over on top of Eric.

Caitlyn reached behind herself to unhook her bra, but Eric beat her to it; she pulled her shirt over her head instead, leaning down to put her chest in his easy reach.

Eric held her boobs in his hands, alternating lustful, sucking kisses between each of her nipples.

When she was ready, Caitlyn sat back up, still pinning Eric helplessly down.

She unbuttoned her pants and leaned up on her knees to pull her panties down to her mid-thighs.

Caitlyn climbed off of Eric and sat up beside him.

"In the event you need a breather, the safe word is sous-chef," she instructed, half tongue-in-cheek and half-serious.

Eric giggled his acknowledgement, and Caitlyn proceeded to push down his pajama pants and lay over him.

Eric hummed in gratitude, burying his face in the warmth of her vagina. He relished her flavor and scent, and the unique comfort of being lost in her world.

He held Caitlyn's thighs in his hands, caressing them as he worked his tongue. He delighted in the way her pubic hair chafed against his face.

This was all so perfectly right, despite its ostensible wrongness. Caitlyn writhed against him, letting out small squeaks of delight in reward for his efforts.

Eric could barely contain himself when Caitlyn finally slipped her mouth around his dick.

Her lips felt heavenly, much as he'd been reluctantly imagining they were over the past several days.

Eric went to work harder on her pussy as a reward, shuddering as she got almost half of him into her mouth, then more. He felt the tip of his manhood squeeze into Caitlyn's throat, then collide with the back of it.

Unfortunately it didn't take long, with her giving him that treatment, before Eric felt an orgasm coming. He grasped her butt-cheeks tightly and stuck his tongue inside her before letting out a moan as his cum erupted between Caitlyn's plump lips.

She eagerly sucked out all he had to offer, then rolled off of him, reversing her position on the bed so that her head was level with his.

"But you didn't finish yet," Eric protested sleepily.

Caitlyn threw an arm around him. "I'll wait until you're ready again," she assured him.

"Am I that bad at giving head?" He fretted.

"No, you're too good in fact. I just really want it in the ass, and I know you enjoyed it a lot before, so I want to save myself for that."

There was something magical about a girl proclaiming her desire for anal, and it was apparently magical enough to make Eric ready again almost right away.

Eric kissed his cousin's neck, beginning to subtly attempt to flip her over.

"Let's do it like this," she suggested, leaning up and putting a pillow beneath her back so her undercarriage was angled more upward, for easier access.

"Why are you so creative? I thought you were a virgin until recently," Eric giggled.

"I read a lot of smut," she explained, then closed her eyes in eager preparation. "Put it in my pussy first, please."

Eric eased inside her, watching her face as she registered the pleasure.

This position did afford him a very good view, he mused. He could see her blessed boobs, jutting from her chest like twin mountains, and between them her beautiful face, bottom lip bitten as she groaned with every push between her legs.

"Okay, okay... now," she instructed breathlessly, putting her hands under her thighs. Caitlyn lifted her legs into the air, giving him access to her back entrance.

She let go of one of her legs momentarily to toss the tube from earlier at him.

"Not even I like it so painful that I want it without lube," she added, smiling slightly. "Not yet at least."

Eric amiably lubed himself up, then smeared two fingertips' worth onto her eager entrance. He tossed the tube to the side, impatient, and put his hands on her hips. grinning, he slowly slid into her.

Caitlyn tensed, a shrill breath taken in and released.

She braced her feet against Eric's shoulders, letting go of her thighs in order to massage her boobs while he fucked her. Eric eagerly took over the job of boob massage for her, grinning as her eyes rolled in ecstasy.

Eric waited for instructions to return to her pussy, but instead, Caitlyn's moans grew louder and longer each time. Shortly, Caitlyn let out a yowl, tensing her anus tightly.

Excited by her satisfaction, Eric climaxed inside her.

Apparently Caitlyn wasn't done yet, however; as her screams died down, a stream of hot, gooey liquid sprayed out of her pussy, soaking Eric's chest.

Eric grinned. He'd never felt more honored in his whole life.

"This is the best present ever," Caitlyn gasped, wiping at the makeup that smeared and ran with her sweat.

"Tell me about it," Eric agreed. He had gotten some cool things for Christmas before, but an amazing lover he'd already loved for his whole life was the best gift yet.

A few days before New year, Eric and Caitlyn sat on the couch together, fresh from eating yet another set of Christmas leftovers.

With nothing more interesting than infomercials on TV, they each turned to one another, gauging whether they had the same thing in mind.

Just as Caitlyn pursed her lips to go in for a kiss, headlights shined in from Eric's parents car, slipping into the driveway.

The cousins returned to watching TV, unconsciously inching slightly further from one another.

"We'll have to wait until spring break," Caitlyn sighed.

"Or I can come to you for Valentine's day," Eric suggested.

As the door flew open, they both looked toward the entrants, wholly unassuming.

"Good evening you two! Merry Christmas," Eric's mother shouted festively. "How did you guys do by yourselves? How was your Christmas?"

"Oh, it was okay," Caitlyn replied, flashing Eric a wink. "We got each other some good gifts, very satisfying."

"Good!" Eric's mom replied. "Now we know we can leave them alone with the house... maybe we should go on vacation more often," she proposed to Eric's father, who was just now entering with the luggage.

"Maybe so," Eric said with a discreet smirk at Caitlyn, who met his eyes gamely from the corner of hers.

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by Anonymous10/06/18

I find it difficult to believe that:
a. they had a purely platonic relationship up to then
b .after the first night, they didn't spend the rest of the week screwing each others brains out.

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by Anonymous12/12/17


Please make a series out of this one! It's so good!

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by ClevelandRocks11/25/17


Aside from the small things, this is a nice story that I have partially lived. My cousin Hannah and I spent our teenage years, until college, as each other's exclusive sex partners. If anyone expectedmore...

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by Anonymous11/21/17

You had me... two cans of cranberry sauce.

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by Anonymous11/21/17

Try to be yourself.

"...surveying once more her visage..." doesn't quite fit with "...her thighs had a bit of meat..."

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