tagIncest/TabooCousin's Visit

Cousin's Visit


Jennifer's eyes opened and her mind came back to reality as she felt the change in the airplane's sound and feel. It was nearing the end of its journey, taking her to visit her cousin Amanda, who was just a month younger than her own 18 years, and had also just graduated from high school. Jenny blushed as she came more fully awake, and realized that her right arm had been across her lap, and somehow her hand had crept upward, her fingers lazily brushing over her left breast, adding to the delightful feelings that moved through her head as she flew, recalling all the amazingly erotic things that she had already learned this summer. Her Aunt Sarah had taken her on a graduation present adventure to a very open minded place, and the many things they had not even quite dared to talk about over years of "girl time" had come to pass. (See "Warming Up the Tropics" for details.)

She also realized that the bottom button on the short denim skirt she was wearing, with buttons right down the front, was undone, and the way it had ridden up as she zoned out left a pretty clear view of her pink nylon panties, at least to anyone with the right angle of vision, like anyone walking down the narrow aisle of the aircraft.

She noticed her seatmate was stealing glimpses when he could, but she just smiled inwardly, with the confidence of a girl who has learned the excitement of being a little naughty, and the incredible high of being an exhibitionist when possible. In places like this, where she was safe and anonymous, it was so alluring to her, and as the moisture seeped downward through the warm channel of her sexual center, she knew that thanks to her Aunt Sarah, she had become filled with the desire to explore it, had maybe even become addicted to it, and she could hardly wait to see if she dared add it to the secrets that she and Amanda had shared when they were younger.

So she didn't try to close her skirt, but even turned a little to her seatmate, a nice looking, well-dressed man of maybe 40 something, and asked if he knew how long until they landed. He smile a warm smile and said, "about ten minutes. It looked like you were having a nice dream." His eyes drifted from hers to her breasts, and then lowered to her exposed legs.

"Oh!" Jennifer exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand in pretended embarrassment, "It was....I mean....I was just, well....remembering some things....." She dropped her hand back to her breast and smoothed out her blouse, pressing it back to display her cone shaped B cup figure as best she could. Then, looking up at him, she simply said, "Yes, it was quite nice, thank you."

Jennifer continued to flirt with him as they landed, and stood in the aisle to retrieve her backpack from above. She regretted wearing the double layer of lace bodice camisole under her V neck top, with a bra. As she reached up high, she knew at least that her low rise skirt would allow some skin to show between it and her top, and she could feel his eyes on her as she hesitated, spreading her feet unnecessarily to entice him a little further. When she looked down, she saw his eyes fixed on her midriff, and she leaned down to thank him for his company.

Smiling to herself, she exited the plane, and then found Amanda and her step-mother Ellie waiting for her at the baggage claim.

Jennifer's tummy flipped a little as she saw her cousin Amanda, a little shorter then Jennifer's 5'8" slim, leggy body, but bustier. Amanda went 5'5", about 120, with strawberry blonde hair that was shorter than Jennifer's. Her skin was light, with a few summer freckles, and she beamed in joy at seeing her cousin Jenn again. Her full rounded C cup breasts stood out firm and proud from her smaller body, and Jenn was immediately a little envious that her own B cups hadn't kept up. Jennifer's shoulder length brown hair swayed smoothly as she hurried to them, and she could feel the easy, friendly joy of reunion in the air. She gave Amanda a big hug, and they laughed and looked at each other with the glee of best best friends reunited.

It had been two and a half years since Jennifer had visited, and they had both changed, grown, and had experiences to share. Jen had met Amanda's step mother just that once, as Ellie had only been with her Uncle since the year before that. Nonetheless, Ellie also stepped in to give Jennifer a warm hug, the full body type that pressed from knees to hips to breasts, and included a little kiss on the cheek. Jennifer couldn't help but notice how full and firm the 40 year old woman's breasts felt against her, and how Ellie lingered with the body contact, just enough to suggest familiarity. Ellie was also tall, and obviously worked to keep her shape. Her dark blonde, nearly light brown hair was shoulder length, and flipped in a saucy manner, with bangs, dangling earrings, and a style that suggested she was young at heart and comfortable with herself. Her breasts were at least C cups, Jennifer thought, catching on her own as Ellie moved sideways a little when they hugged. As Jen stepped away, she also noticed that Ellie simply couldn't have been wearing a bra, or else it was incredibly thin, or else she had the largest, thickest nipples Jen had ever seen, or a combination of all those. She caught herself staring just a moment too long, and realized that Ellie was watching her face, probably noticing.

They walked to the exit, Jennifer and Amanda hand in hand, chattering away, to find Uncle Todd waiting at the curb, and Jennifer got another warm lingering hug as Ellie stowed her suitcase and backpack. She and Amanda climbed into the back seat of the SUV, and they maneuvered through traffic for the half hour ride from the airport to her cousin's lovely suburban home.

As they drove, Jennifer glanced up to see Uncle Todd adjusting the rear view mirror, and it seemed to her that its position was meant to give him a view of her, not the higher window behind. She had chosen to sit in the middle of the back seat rather than the window, in order to chat with Amanda more easily, so the visual path was open between the two front bucket seats. "OMG what am I doing," Jen thought to herself as she felt the addictive urge flow through her again, just because of the situation. She wanted so badly spread her legs and give him a shot, just to do it, and just because it thrilled her so. She wondered if she was going to go through life with those kinds of thoughts every day, everywhere she was. Inwardly, she thought it would be delicious, and then admonished herself that the little devil fox inside her seemed to be in control.

"Jen?" Amanda queried, "Earth to Jen, anyone home?"

Jennifer snapped to, and giggled, "Sorry Amanda, I sort of spaced out there for a moment. She reached down to button the bottom button on her skirt, then unbuttoned it again purposely and looked up at Amanda, who glanced up at her, then down at her legs, then up again and smiled in silent recognition of Jennifer's purposeful action. Amanda nodded, and mouthed the words, "beautiful....go for it if you want."

Jennifer stretched her right foot out into the empty space on the floor and then turned to half face Amanda, knowing that her knees would separate in a way that looked casual and not on purpose, but also thinking that if there was any kind of view in the mirror, it would go most of the way to where her slim swimmer's legs came together, and the thin patch of baby blue nylon hugged her vulva. She felt the familiar butterflies in her lower tummy again, and wondered if the dampness in her panties was showing through.

When they reached the house and pulled into the driveway, Uncle Todd popped out quickly to open the back door of the SUV on Jennifer's side, bowing in gallant chivalry as Jen slid across the seat, put one foot on the ground and the other on the edge of the car floor. The act of sliding had slipped her skirt higher under her butt, and for the briefest moment, Jen could even see her own panties, fully on display as she moved to get out. She paused, one second, two seconds? Only for a split moment, she justified to herself, but she knew that she had at least acted without the slightest hint of modesty, and clucked a bit of resignation to herself that this must now be who she is: Jennifer the tease, Jennifer the girl of self-stimulation, maybe Jennifer the burgeoning exhibitionist, Jennifer the girl who disregards even the taboo element of showing for her own uncle.

And it all felt soooo good.

Jennifer smiled inwardly at Ellie's warmth as she followed Amanda up to their room. She wondered the the immediacy of the feelings that shot through her when Ellie's fingers lingered on her hips after their greeting hug. It was clear that Ellie wasn't wearing a bra, or hiding any of her very firm figure behind the athletic shorts and sleeveless tank top. Well, it WAS a warm day, Jennifer made a mental note, but somehow the clear image of Ellie's full nipples, on full display through the very thin top sent a message of relaxed attitude about her body, at a minimum...and Jennifer shivered at the memory of how she could actually feel them rigid against her own breasts as they stood face to face. Well, she mused, some women simply have larger, harder nipples all the time, and even have to wear a slightly lined or padded bra to keep themselves from showing all the time, so maybe it is nothing. Still, she nearly tripped on the top step with her mind swimming somewhere else.

In here, Amanda giggled, taking Jennifer's arm and pulling her into her room. There was soft light from the window overlooking their back yard. A door led to a bathroom that Amanda said was shared between her room and her brother Robert, who was a year older and still away at college. There was a large closet on the other side, a dresser with a big mirror opposite the foot of the double bed, a chest of drawers on the wall to the right of the door, a soft armchair with a reading lamp in the corner, and a small trundle bed along the far wall under the window. The room was decorated in light yellows and pastel greens, which made it feel like a garden, warm and sunny.

Amanda jumped up on her double bed and said, "Maybe your suitcase will fit under here, and I've emptied two drawers in the chest over there for some of your things. You can hang things in the closet too. I'm sorry the little bed is so small, but it should do for you while you are visiting. It will be fun! We will have so much to talk about and catch up on.

Jennifer answered, opening her suitcase on her bed and pulling out a few items and putting them away while they chattered about finally graduating from high school and what they have been doing and who they have been dating.

"I'm sure this will be just great, Amanda; it feels really comfy." Jennifer sat back and bounced on the little bed, feeling the softness of the comforter. I might not need this much bedding though. It is really warm for this time of year, isn't it? I....uhhh.... noticed that your step-mom sort of dressed for the heat." Jennifer blushed at her sudden words and added, " I mean, it just seemed like she was pretty relaxed and informal. I didn't mean anything bad."

Amanda cocked her head and looked at Jennifer, realizing that Jen had keenly noticed the predominant attitude in their household. "Well, Jen, I guess I have to tell you that for some time now, I mean, even before your last visit three years ago, but moreso since then, we haven't paid much attention to how we are dressed around each other, or, wellllll... " she hesitated, " I have to admit, sometimes even whether we are totally dressed or not.

Jennifer's tummy fluttered a little as she recalled the lessons from Aunt Sarah, and the new feelings she had about showing herself, the excitement that so easily jumped into her insides when she even knew it was going to happen. "Ohhhhh...." She smiled, "ahhhhh, do you mean, like between you and her, just girls, or does that include everyone in the house?"

Amanda grinned right back, "OK, I'll be honest with you, but you have to do what is really comfortable for you, ok?... we all are pretty relaxed about nudity, or partial nudity, even dad and Robert. I mean, we don't like flaunt it, I guess, but it has just sort of grown into a way of being around."

"How does that make you feel," Jennifer whispered, one hand absent mindedly running up and down her right thigh, and the tingle in her tummy returning to hear Amanda talk about casual showing.

Amanda hesitated, and Jennifer moved over to a corner of the double bed, sitting cross legged facing Amanda, who was stretched out on her side, diagonally across the upper half. " I mean, really, tell me, because we have a pledge, remember? Jennifer crossed her fingers on both hands, touched her thumbs together beneath them and made the figure of an upside down heart, then she rolled her hands forward and pressed the heart to her chest, between her firm breasts, in the sign that they had made and used with each other as youngsters, a friends forever no secrets ever pledge.

Amanda smiled, realizing that Jennifer really did want to slip back into the close girl to girl relationship they had enjoyed when they lived closer to each other, and she felt the warmth of her love for her cousin return, and the desire for the closeness, the intimacy of a really trusted friend with no secrets swept into her again. "I love it that you remember our sign! So, well, OK, here goes nothing."

Amanda hesitated again, and then talked so fast that Jen could hardly take it all in. "I went through some sort of strange feelings when I first saw Robert naked. Ellie was in the hallway with me when he came up the stairs from the back yard pool holding his towel, not wrapped around him, and went across the hall and into his room. The whole thing maybe lasted ten seconds, but I suppose Ellie could see the look on my face. She just made light of it and said that among family there isn't really a need to cover up, if you don't feel like it and that he really has a very nice body, doesn't he? I realized that she was in the kitchen in just a bra and skirt sometimes, or in a long tee that maybe she sleeps in, and panties, even in front of him and me, and that dad sometimes is around in just his boxers or a towel, and it made me wonder if maybe she was doing it on purpose or what."

She hesitated again, then continued, locking eyes with Amanda, "When I got back to my own room and thought about it a little, and I thought about seeing Robert's penis sway back and forth, and him looking right at us, not covering up, I realized that my panties were damp, that I was already leaking a little excitement. And so, that's how it made me feel, and since then, it has just been like that. I feel so excited when it happens, and when I make it happen too. So there, I told you, truth." And she made the crossed fingers heart sign back to Jennifer.

Jennifer's heartbeat had increased as she listened, and realized that perhaps this visit would hold more than she had imagined. She really had no inkling that this might be a visit mixed with the erotic adventures she had come to crave after the tropical resort visit with her Aunt Sarah, but suddenly it seemed like she could take some risks. "I think I would have felt just like you did," Jennifer whispered. "I think I would have been so excited to see him....and.....well....maybe even to let him see a little. Have you ever let him see you?"

Amanda smiled back, "Yes." Her voice was soft, almost mysterious, as if they were sharing a secret that the world should never know. "I never lock the bathroom door that opens from his side when I'm in there, and I'm around in bra and panties a lot, in the house. Sometimes I wear just this one... she unbuttoned her top and pulled back one side to show a sheer demi bra, light tan with barely any top cup, just lace, and sheer enough that her dark reddish brown nipples showed through easily. "I mean, it's not naked, exactly, but I know they can see almost everything anyway, and it just makes me feel so wonderfully wicked when I do it. Do you think I'm awful, Jenn?"

Jennifer felt her nipples harden instantly, as she looked at Amanda's amazing beautiful C cup breasts, firm and youthful, with those nipples that pointed a little bit out to the side and a little bit upward. How she would have loved to have breasts that were like that. She could see that Amanda's areolas were bigger than her own, and that they had a tiny bumpy texture around the outer ring, and long thick nipples that were almost folded back a little by the fabric. Jennifer wondered what they would taste like, how they would respond, and she felt a little of her own fluids begin to slide down the warm channel of her pussy.

"Jen?" Amanda broke into her daze. "Jen? Hello. Anyone home there?"

"Oh, yes, sorry, I mean, no, I don't think you are awful!! No... I, ahhhhh, well..." Jennifer found herself licking her lips and realized that her eyes were still on the uncovered right breast that Amanda almost seemed to be offering, still holding back the flap of her blouse as if she wanted Jennifer to have an extended look. "I think you are doing the kind of things I'm starting to like doing."

There, she had said it, and she hoped Amanda wouldn't think she was terrible. Amanda giggled. "I think there must be more you have to tell me about your vacation with Aunt Sarah, isn't there? You know there have been a few rumors about her, don't you? Rumors about things she sometimes wears to parties, and whether she has a side that she doesn't show to your mom, or to the rest of the family? Tell me about your trip with her. Tell me about when you started feeling like showing a little bit, and how it makes you feel."

Amanda scooted a little closer to Jennifer, and Jen moved forward a little also, vaguely aware that her crossed legs and short denim skirt opened her thighs in a way she wouldn't do in public....well....she thought to herself that maybe she would, if she dared and felt safe, but here, well, it was just natural.

And Jennifer began the story, telling Amanda how she felt free and sexy and at last able to explore that side of her, and how Aunt Sarah had led her to go for it, all the way, modeling sexy behavior in front of other people, and how they picked up a guy named Tony, and how she had done things that she had only dreamed about when she was making out with her high school boyfriends.

When she got to the parts about other women, about letting herself be ravaged by Aunt Sarah's intern, and then, finally, about being with Aunt Sarah in such a totally loving and caring way, her voice had lowered to a low whisper, and she realized that she had spilled her whole story to her beloved cousin Amanda, without holding anything back. When she finished, she looked down to see that Amanda had rested her head on Jen's right knee, and her soft warm hand on her left knee.

"Jen, you have a wet spot, did you know that?"

Amanda's gaze was directed between Jennifer's legs, and her fingers toyed with Jennifer's thigh just above her left knee as Jen sat with her ankles crossed in front of her lovely cousin. "Does telling me all this make you feel excited, even right now?"

Jennifer's mind was racing. This was going back to years ago, when they played together and talked together and compared how they were growing, and examined each other when they first got hair under their arms and between their legs, and compared what their parents had told them about getting their periods and about not getting pregnant and all that and all that. They had been such intimate friends, not in an exactly sexual way, but they had kissed a few times, because they had heard about girls kissing girls and they wanted to see. And they had touched each other's breasts, because even then their nipples were different, and they wanted to see. But now Jennifer could simply nod and say, "Yessss, yes, I know. I can feel it. I've been feeling it ever since I left the kitchen, if you want to know."

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