tagIncest/TabooCousins With Mutual Feelings Ch. 02

Cousins With Mutual Feelings Ch. 02


Thank you, all for reading my story and for your email. I had some feedback good and bad. I am not a writer and my language is other than English. So for those who don’t like my structure and my writing I am sorry but I do my best. I will give you the rest of the story but I don’t think it will be in one final part cause it is too long and if I cut anything out of it, you won’t enjoy it and understand the present status between us.

…We were both drained of energy cause when I woke up cause I looked at my watch, over Daphne’s shoulder who was still on top of me sleeping, and it was 2pm. My body was numb from the weight of Daphne but I didn’t care at all. The only thing that I could think of was what I was going to do and if I should let this go on. I know that it would complicate our lives but I was seriously thinking to take the chance.

Her beautiful body over mine, her smell got my cock up and it was touching now her pussy lips. But I didn’t want to wake her up. She was sleeping so quietly. I felt as if her body was saying “I love you”.

I could not control my cock any more cause it was making me thrust to get in her pussy. My dick found its way after a couple of thrusts and started to penetrate her slowly. Even though she was sleeping (I know she was cause she was breathing deeply) she was getting wet. I don’t know how but she was and also, so damn hot. I moved slowly in and out trying not to wake her up and see what she would feel in her sleep while I was awake.

After about two minutes my mind said once again “what if she gets pregnant? I immediately stopped and slowly got my cock out of her. But her hips, kept moving searching for my cock. I slowly tried to lift her and get out from under her. Then I left her down very gently on her belly as she was sleeping all night over me. I went to the bathroom and I was lost completely in my thoughts and present situation.

Minutes later I went back to see if she was sleeping. She was and she had one leg spread to her left and I was in full view of her luscious pussy. How could I hold myself away from that inviting site? I lay slowly on the bed and was going to try to give her an orgasm in her sleep. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it but I just wanted to see her reaction. I came in my dreams plenty of times but I never knew if a woman could do the same.

I placed my lips on her “still wet” pussy lips. Her smell was getting me dizzy. I was licking her up and down, in and out until I opened her lips completely. Her hips were moving towards my tongue. Then I grabbed her clit with my tongue and started sucking on it with my tongue doing circles every few seconds. Suddenly she became steadier than moving, and started braking into spasms one after the other. Suddenly she woke up and turned around and came down where I was and kissed me like she was kissing me for the first time. My respond was the same.

“I love you Alex. I was dreaming that you were making love to me and when I was cumming, I woke up and realized what was going on. That was a great experience. Now it is your turn to cum.”

She got right over me once again and grabbed, my already hard cock that was about to explode, and placed it on her wet from my saliva and her juices pussy. I was in her in no time and holding myself from cumming while she was moving up and down looking at me straight in the eyes.

“I love you. Please come in me now. Please I need your cum in my hot cave to cool it off.”

“No Daphne, please. We are not ready for something like this. You might get pregnant.”

“But Alex a…! You’re right. But I still want your cum.”

She got off my dick and took it in her mouth like she was starving for it. I didn’t need more than 10-20 seconds and I exploded once again in her mouth. She sucked on him slowly for about two minutes and cleaned him up really good. Then she lifted her head and looked at me.

“Not a drop wasted. You are all mine. In and out. I love you Alex.”

“I love you too, Daphne. That’s why I am so careful. I don’t want to lose you. If you get pregnant now you know the consequences.”

“You are right Alex. As usual you show your mature ness the right moment. And that is one of the reasons I love you so much”

“Daphne it is past lunch time and we got to go to my house. My mom is going to call us any minute.”

The phone rang like I said. “Hi mom. No we’re ok. We over slept. We watched a movie last night and it was good so we stayed up to the end. We are on our way.”

We were dressed in no time and arrived shortly after to my house. Guess who was waiting there? Crystal was sitting on the couch with my parents watching television. Now this was going to be tough.

“Alex can I talk to you?” Crystal said. I looked at Daphne and saw a bit of jealousy but I couldn’t expose what was going on so I took Crystal to my room to see what she wanted and maybe decide if I was going to break up with her or not.

“Alex I did some thinking about us this weekend and I have made a decision”.

Was I getting lucky? Was she going to break up with me? That would save me from the lies that I would have to launch out of my mouth. But that was not what she wanted to say to me.

“I want to complete our relationship. I want you to make love to me. I want you to be my first.”

Oh! No! This couldn’t be happening to me. Now what was I going to say? I thought quickly. “Crystal I think you are rushing things a bit to fast. You don’t really know if you want me to be your first. After all we haven’t been seeing each other lately and I was thinking about…”

“You want to break up with me after all I just said to you? Are you seeing someone else?”

She started crying. I had to think better before I blew up everything else. “No you silly I wasn’t going to say that. I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking about our future. I think we are going fast and have to slow down. I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“But Alex, I don’t care if we make a mistake. I love you. You are the best.”

“No I’m not. There are a lot better guys out there that might make you very happy. I want to be 100% sure before we do anything.”.

“But at least could we get together next week and see how far you are ready to go with me? My parents are going out of town for a week and I can’t leave my part time job cause I need the money, of course that was my excuse since a didn’t work last week when I was with them. I want to feel your naked body on mine. We wont have to make love unless you are ready to.”

Now what was that? Ok Crystal is a beautiful girl with an excellent body and her breast is something that all my buddies were jealous about. But I was not giving in completely to this offer cause Daphne kept spinning in my mind. But Crystal’s breasts naked in my sights and hands and mouth or maybe my cock between them were making me think. I know it was my dick thinking and not my brain but I couldn’t help it.

“I’ll think about it and will answer to you before they go. Ok?”

“Alright. But please think about truly. I have so many things that I have been fantasizing with you and I want to do them cause I am tired of dreaming and want to put the reality in place. And you know what else?”.

“What?” I said.

“I have been on the pill two weeks now and if getting me pregnant is one of your concerns, you can just forget it.”

What was I going to do? I was going crazy. Now what guy wouldn’t want to have sex with a girl like that? But my cousin is whom I really wanted. I guess because it was forbidden and an unsure relationship I wanted to have some back up. Now I was thinking about telling or not to Daphne what I was just proposed…

…We had late lunch and were discussing about some breaking story that we heard about on the News. When it was about 9PM we were all getting tired and it was time to head back to Daphne’s house but I had to take Crystal home first.

“Daphne? Can you make some sandwiches to take back to your house while I take Crystal home? I know you don’t have any ham at home and I am a little bit hungry. Are you? Can you?”

“Sure Alex. I will be waiting. Hurry up.”

She seemed to be very sad. But I was thinking of her and that is why I was taking Crystal alone to her house and not with my cousin cause I know she was going to kiss me and I didn’t want Daphne to see that again. Of course I was thinking of my self too, cause I wanted to think about my next answers I would have to give Crystal. I wanted to see how much I could resist Crystal.

“Did you think about it at all, Alex?” Crystal said on the way to her house.

“I can’t decide about something so serious, so fast. Please don’t force me to do something that we both may regret later. Please give me a few days.”

Her parents weren’t home yet cause I didn’t see their car and she told me that they were out for dinner.

She grabbed me and kissed me very passionately when she opened her door slamming it at the same time. Grabbed my hand and placed it directly on her breast under her shirt and bra. She held it really tight and moaned deeply with her lips and tongue in my mouth. I was getting horny as hell but at the same time I thought of Daphne and stopped immediately.

“There is a sample of what it will be like this weekend and something to think about. I know you wont disappoint me.”

I said goodnight and left with my mind spinning into my thoughts and dilemma. But I also had a hard on with the thought of her lustful breast I had my hands on a few minutes ago.

“Good night mom and Dad. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Daphne grabbed my arm and held it really tight all the way back to her house. We didn’t even say a word the entire time. I was thinking that she was mad about me taking back my girlfriend home but at the same time that she knew that I was acting the right way.

“Daphne, I…”

“Hushhhh… I know. You don’t have to explain anything.” She stopped me with her hand over my mouth.

“No Daphne. I have to tell you. I can’t hide anything from you.”

“But not now please. This may be our last night together, Alex.”

That killed me. I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that it would end like that.

“Do you think I am going to give up on you after all that has happened between us?”

The smile came back to her face. It was like I gave her the world in her hands.

When we got back to her house and closed the door I hugged her really tight and we stood there for a few minutes without saying or doing anything.

“Daphne, I think I should sleep in Angela’s room cause your parents might take the early ferry back and if we over sleep we may get caught. I don’t think any of us would want that.”

“Ok Alex, I think you are right. Yesterday we woke up very late.”

“I am going to take a shower and go to sleep ok?”

“Ok Alex. I will take one too after.”

I got in the shower and was expecting to see her come and shower together but she didn’t. I walked back through the hall to Angela’s bedroom and on the way I heard some music from Daphne’s room.

“Alex please wait for me until I take a shower in my room.” She said when I entered to see what she was doing.

I laid on her bed listening to the soft music she had on her stereo. I was still wrapped in the towel around my waist. Listening to the music I fell a sleep with the decision I had to take and how I was going to handle in general the entire situation.

I woke up after a while with Daphne’s mouth sucking my cock that was hard and ready to explode. She was completely naked and on her knees.

“Will you make me come like you did yesterday when you took me from behind? I cleaned myself and am ready for you. I want you so bad in me Alex.”

I got her on her back and then got down on her and started licking her pussy lips and her little butt hole that I was going to enter in a while. She was holding my head and moaning and saying all the time “I love you Alex”.

When I was ready and cooled off from my near orgasm she just gave me with her mouth, I brought her pussy in front of my cock pulling her from her legs. She was so light. That is one thing I liked about her. She was so petite.

Then I entered her so fast and started moving really fast in her pussy that she was getting so loud and her hands were moving violently on my back and ass.

“I’m coming Alex, I’m com…”

I stopped the moment she was coming and pulled my cock out and while she was coming I slid my cock in her little but hole that was wet from my saliva and her juices that were running out of her pussy.

“Alex yessss, aaah!”

She wasn’t able to make out clearly any word and was moving with me, meeting me cause I was ready to explode. I was plucking her ass in and out completely and she was still continuing her orgasms until it was my turn.

“I love you Daphne” I said and shot my load in her ass. I rested on her chest and kissing her nipples at the same time. Then I looked at her eyes and reached for her lips and kissed her for a long time.

When our lips parted, I took her by the hand and went to the shower once again but this time together. We were kissing each other the entire time and when we were done I picked her up in her towel and took her to her room with my eyes on hers all the time.

I helped her change her sheets that were full of aroma of our past passionate days. We didn’t want to give any evidence to my aunt Anna. We put them in the washing machine and then back to our separate rooms for the rest of the night. I was soon sleeping.

Now what happened next was the next weird thing that happened and that for a moment made me think if I was cursed or something like that. When I sleep as I said in the beginning of my story I wear only my underwear.

I felt a hand that I thought was Daphne’s at the beginning. It was rubbing the tip of my cock that had slipped or was pulled out of my boxer opening. I then felt her lips and tongue on my cock. I thought she came back for one last one. But when she started moving her head up and down on my cock I opened my eyes and to my surprise, who do you think it was? Yes it was Angela.

“What are you doing?” I pulled my self back.

“Didn’t you like it Alex? I thought you liked it. You sounded as if you were enjoying it,” she said.

“Of course I was enjoying it but I was in my sleep and didn’t know who it was. What would you do if you woke up with me raping you?” I thought she was going to say sorry but to my surprise, her reaction was different.

“I wouldn’t mind at all. In fact I would love it.”

“!!!??? Angela, are you crazy. I am your cousin. And you are sixteen. I could get in serious trouble.”

“I wont tell Alex, please let me finish what I was doing?”

“I will tell your mother this minute what you did while I was sleeping.” Angela was a beautiful girl as her sister, but she was less social. And I wasn’t attracted to her.

“Please Alex, don’t say anything to my parents cause they will kill me.”

The little brat got away with it but she was still not going to give up. She had her own plans for the future. I was not going to give in but she was going to make her move a few times before she realized that she wasn’t going to get anything.

I dressed up and went to the kitchen and found my aunt, “hi aunt Anna. How was your little break from the daily routine?”

“Oh it was wonderful Alex, maybe you and Daphne should’ve came with us but I know you guys prefer to go to parties and kill your ears with loud music. Just hope you didn’t let her drink.”

“No I didn’t. She doesn’t like it any way. She told me once she had a sip of uncle’s glass of scotch and hated it. She said she couldn’t understand what people find in alcohol.”

“Well I glad she realizes that. So what did you guys do Saturday and Sunday?”

“Nothing much just sleep all day watch TV, go to my house and back to sleep again.” What a liar I was.

“I better get going but I have to say bye to Daphne too and I am out of your way”.

“Don’t say that Alex, you are not in our way? You know you are always welcome to our house. You have done a lot for Daphne.”

I kissed her and said bye and went to Daphne’s room and closed the door and slowly went to her bed. I kissed her on her neck as she was sleeping on her belly. She turned around and said “Good morning. Did you sleep well? I missed you from my side. I wanna be naked in your arms.”

“Daphne, I have to tell you some things but I can’t now cause we haven’t got any time. Your mother is downstairs and your sister is in her room.”

“Ok Alex, I will call you later.”

What a weekend! Daphne first. Then Crystal and now Angela? I was losing my mind. Back at my house and then I had to get back to my studies. Even though we have two weeks Christmas break I had to constantly study or better should say practice. I never mentioned what my study was but I might as well say that too. I was studying Classical guitar. That is what I also do today. Not classical now but anyway that is not important.

I couldn’t get my mind of the problem that I had to figure out. Not being able to concentrate on my exercises, I stopped and sat on my porch and gave myself some time to think.

Ok. Angela was completely out of the question but I had to find a way to get her off my back cause I was afraid she would attempt something similar again. I know I love Daphne and if I could have her with everybody’s consent, I wouldn’t be thinking what to do about Crystal.

Anyway there and then I made my decision that would change my life forever. No matter what was going to happen and how it was going to end I wanted to take it as far as I could with Daphne.

“Alex! Telephone.” My mother called from inside.

Great. I hope that is Daphne.


“Hi Alex”

“Hi Daphne”

“Alex you couldn’t guess what is going to happen next week.”

“Your parents found out?”

“No, silly! How could they find out?”

“Tell me please. I have been driving my mind crazy all day and can’t take it anymore.”

“They are going to go back next weekend to the same island. They had so much fun that they wanted to go back before school starts. And I don’t have to go cause I told them I have a lot to study and they agreed to let me stay if you agree also to watch over me like the past weekend. Well?”

“Well what?”

“Can you ask your mom if she will say yes again?”

I told my mother everything and also pointed out that I could study better at her house cause there wasn’t going to be any kids and noise or friends coming to the house and I had to be concentrated on my practice.

“Ok Alex.”

“Yes!” Said Daphne that heard my mom over the phone saying that.

“I am going to study all week so that I could be free on the weekend. I miss you already Alex!”

“Daphne I need to talk to you, its important. Can you meet me at the park?”

“Ok in twenty minutes?”

“Ok. See you in twenty. Bye”

She was already there when I got there and she was wearing an orange mini skirt and a tight shirt that would reveal her wonderful breast.

“My god you look so sexy!”

“Thanks Alex. What’s going on?”

“You aren’t going to believe what happened to me yesterday and today”


“Crystal asked me something that I know you wouldn’t like at all to hear.”


“Yes she did. She said that she is ready to take our relationship all the way. She told me her parents are going away for the weekend and that we could do it then.”

“Well what did you tell her?”

“I tried to change her mind saying that I wasn’t ready and that I would regret it maybe later but she insisted that I should think about it. I didn’t want to break that moment cause I would cause her suspicious and maybe discover what was going on between you and me. I don’t want to lose you Daphne. At least not now.”

“You really mean that Alex? Or is it just about sex?”

“Of course I do. Otherwise I would’ve accepted Crystal’s offer. I am sorry I took her back home by myself but I didn’t want you to see her kiss me (and much more) and make you feel uncomfortable.”

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