tagErotic CouplingsCoveting Ch. 01

Coveting Ch. 01

byParis Waterman©

The Earth didn't move, nor did lightning strike Danny Persons when he broke the Tenth Commandment for the third time that afternoon. Nubile Margie Morgan was the cause each time; the last occasion coming when she stopped several feet away from Danny and innocently adjusted her bikini bottoms by hooking her fingers under the skimpy material to pull it out of the crack of her ass. Margie was tall, quiet and sensuous.

There was no question that she could have become a model. Her dark hair highlighted her light hazel eyes. On this day it was pulled up and fastened, showing off a graceful neckline.

Jesus, I'd love to nail that, he thought.

Margie was Vince Morgan's wife of four years; Vince and Danny worked together at Battinger's Manufacturing and were friendly rivals on the job. They were at the annual company picnic, or more accurately at the lake where Danny and Vince were seeing the other's wife in a bathing suit for the first time.

The two men had worked alongside one another ever since they were both hired; and on the same day at that.

They had even bought homes on the same block, although Vince had purchased his approximately a year before Danny. Their wives, Margie and Tessa had become best friends, usually went shopping together and alternated car-pooling their children to the first grade.

The Morgan's had a girl, Tabby, and the Persons, a boy named Win.

While Danny was ogling Margie's delectable derrière, Vince was attempting to peek down Tessa's cleavage as he stood over her talking about one inane subject after another. Tessa was well aware of his eyes devouring her chest, but didn't object, in fact she seemed flattered to some extent. But, like Margie she was were well aware that flaunting her boobs at a company run affair was tantamount to ending their respective husband's career. And so after letting him have a good look, she reached behind her, found a T-shirt and pulled it on over her shoulders, obscuring his view.

On their behalf it should be stated that both Tessa and Margie wore conservative bathing attire. Tessa, of Scottish ancestry, stood 5'5" with cinnamon colored hair, cut short for the summer months. She had an overly large nose and a slim body with generous breasts that other women erroneously thought fake.

Margie, on the other hand, was Italian and stood 5'8", with a winning smile, curvaceous body, somewhat smaller breasts than Tessa, and tipped the scales at about 115 pounds.

The Guys

Of course, neither Vince nor Danny mentioned the attraction they felt toward the other's spouse that day; but both began looking for an excuse to mention how hot they found the other's spouse.

That opportunity came two weeks later at the local camera club, when watching the slide presentation put on by the members a nude picture of a member's wife popped up on the screen.

This was unprecedented as far as Danny and Vince were concerned, although they soon learned that while unusual, it was not a first for the club.

They learned a little later that the woman in the slide was the wife of a fiftyish year old lawyer, and that she was thirty-two and his third wife.

Both men managed to corner the lawyer at the end of the meeting and were stunned to learn that the lawyer and his wife were swingers. They were shocked because he invited them to bring their wives to his home the following weekend for, as he put it: "Some fun and games."

On the way home, Vince bought the subject up, saying: "Imagine that guy putting up a picture of his wife like that."

"Imagine asking your wife if she wanted to go to a swinger's party next weekend," Danny countered.

"Never happen," Vince said and laughed nervously.

"Ever think about it?" Danny said, wanting the conversation to continue in this vein as he imagined Margie walking toward him totally nude.

"Are you kidding?" Vince shot back, "Never happen, guy. My Margie would never pose for any pictures like that, even if she knew I would be the only one to see them."

"I'd love to have a chance to fuck some strange," Danny said, adjusting himself so that Vince wouldn't see the bulge in his slacks.

"So would I, buddy boy, but not when you consider the price you pay if you're caught at it."

"Yeah, you're right about that. A messy divorce, maybe lose the house and kids."

"And alimony up the gazzo," Vince agreed.

But by this time both men were visualizing themselves fucking the other's wife. The seeds had been planted.

"Would, um... Tessa..." Vince hesitated, but Danny waited him out. "I mean has she ever posed for any cheesecake shots. I mean, you know, in a bathing suit, or such?"

"As a matter of fact, she's a bit of an exhibitionist, Danny said. "Not that she'd let me show any of her at the club."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know," Vince said, and realized his heart was pounding having learned that Tessa had posed for Danny. What would it take to get Danny to show him the pictures?

"Um, you say she's an exhibitionist?"

"Oh, yeah..." Danny thought about what his wife would say if she learned he'd told Vince about her little fetish. "Look, Vince if I say anything about Tessa it stays here. It's just between us. You breathe a word to anyone and I'll kick the shit out of you. Understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Vince said. "Look I swear to God, I won't say a word to anyone."

Danny decided it was all right, and began to tell Vince about her.

"Tessa told me that the summer after she graduated high school she was at the beach with a couple other girls trying to work on their tans. She was wearing a small, string bikini to try to avoid tan lines. Well, you know how girls love to tan."

"Jesus, do I know... Margie's always laying out catching the rays, but go on."

"After a while," Danny went on, "they ran into the ocean to cool off. But when the other went back to lie back down on their towels, Tessa stayed in to ride the waves and swim around. As she tells it, the beach was pretty crowded; there were tons of families with their kids too. Anyway, she was standing up and looking to see where her friends were when a wave knocked her over and when she finally managed to regain her footing she was coughing so much that she didn't notice her boobs were totally hanging out of her bikini."

"I gotta tell ya, Danny, Tessa's got some big hooters," Vince said. Danny noticed that Vince's voice had gotten hoarse, and gave him a strange look, but he was thoroughly into the story and quickly returned to it.

"Yeah, well she does, doesn't she? Anyway, she wasn't aware of it at first. Then she realized people were pointing her way. It didn't take an Einstein to realize it was her they were pointing at and when she spotted a mom covering her son's eyes she put her boobs back in the bikini and started to swim away, thinking she'd go ashore some distance down the beach and make her way back to the others from some point behind the people in the area.

"As she tells it, she was kinda embarrassed about the whole thing, only as she swam away she recalled the older guys and how they had probably gotten hard looking at her. She got turned on thinking about them jerking off later as they thought about her tits. And as she waded ashore a few minutes later she decided to try an experiment."

"Tessa told you this?" Vince croaked.

"Yeah, don't you and Margie share stuff like this?"

"Yeah, sure..." Vince rasped, but his face was flushed and Danny caught sight of it, but he too was turned on by the telling of Tessa's beach exhibition and he chose to ignore it.

"So what was the experiment, Danny?"

"Oh, it went something like this... but I wasn't there, I mean, this is Tessa's story."

"I swear to God, Danny. What happens in this car stays in this car."

"Yeah... Vegas like!" Danny laughed, and was quickly joined by Vince.

"So Tessa joined her friends and lay down on one of the blankets. Sitting close by were three couples, and as it happened the men sat facing Tessa and her friends, ogling them in a nice sort of way, you know, not staring too hard, but just enough so that the girls kind of enjoyed the attention and their wives didn't get pissed off.

"Tessa positioned herself so she faced the guys. Her so-called experiment was to see how turned on she'd get by revealing a little boob to them. And so, like a zillion girls had done before her, Tessa untied the bikini strings to her top as she lay on the blanket and waited.

"Oh, she mentioned that she'd kept her sunglasses on and that allowed her to peek at the men to see their reaction when began the experiment. Maybe ten minutes went by then she pretended to be startled and pushed herself up so that her whole upper body was off the ground. Her tits hung free and were swinging back and forth for a moment. She looked directly at the men. Remember she had the sunglasses on, so they couldn't tell. Anyway who in his right mind would have been looking at her eyes?"

"Jesus, yes," Vince agreed and reached between his legs to adjust his hardon.

"Got a woody, do you?" Danny laughed.

"Fuck you," Vince replied, but his embarrassment was obvious.

"Oh, I don't mind. In fact if I tell Tessa about this conversation she'll probably laugh and jump my bones."

"You're gonna tell her?"

"I might."

"Jesus, you're fucking crazy."

"Maybe, you want to hear the rest of the story?"

"Yeah... I do, man, Jesus!"

"So Tessa let her tits hang out for a second or two and watched as the one guy elbowed the other and he in turn nudged the third. She held the pose until satisfied that all three had had an opportunity to check her boobs out then she lay back down.

"Now here's what got me. She tells me she was so aroused she had a mini-orgasm. She actually thought about rising up again to give them a longer look, but decided against it, knowing her girlfriends would think her a slut if she repeated the process.

"Oh, by the way, none of her friends saw the boobs escape when she was in the water. But they all saw her expose them on the beach blanket, and thought nothing of it."

"That was some story," Vince said wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead, "Um, any chance I might get a gander at some of those cheesecake pictures you took of her?"

Only the faint glimmer of an idea kept Danny from refusing outright. Instead he replied, "I kinda doubt it."

Vince seized upon his words, He didn't say no! And at that moment he began to plan on providing Danny with whatever he wanted in order to get to see the nude pictures of his wife, Tessa.


It occurred to Vince the best way to get Danny to show him Tessa's pictures was to provide similar pictures of his own wife. But he botched his first attempt when Margie caught him pulling the shower curtain to one side with a digital camera in his hand.

"What the hell are you doing?"

He hadn't planned on being caught, and therefore had no explanation handy.


"Vince... I asked you what you think you're doing. Were you going to take my picture?"

"Um, no, I...."

"You were, weren't you? You were going to put me on the internet, weren't you?"

"No, no! I swear to God I wasn't."

"What were you going to do with them?"

"I... I was ... I was going to save them."

Margie climbed out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. "What for?"


"Vince, you are the worst liar ever. You were going to take my picture in the nude. You must have had a reason; if not the internet, then what?"

"Ah, you won't believe me so why bother. I'm sorry. I thought... I thought... well, we're not going to be young forever, and I thought I'd take a couple pictures of how fine you are ... you know, in your prime. We could look back when we're older and say wow; you had some fantastic bod back in the day. Even compare to see how well we held up over the years."

"Vince, you are so full of shit."

"No, I mean it, Margie. I really mean it."

"Get out of here; I have to finish my shower. Oh, wait a minute! Did you take even one picture?"

"Um, no. You saw me just as I stuck the camera past the curtain."

"You'd better not have. But leave the damn camera here so I can check the review button when I finish up."


The next day, Margie told Tessa all about Vince's failed attempt. Both women were laughing over their wine glasses.

"So did he get your tits in focus?" Tessa giggled.

"I swear, that's so sophomoric of him."

"Actually, he didn't even snap the shutter once. I must have caught him just as he pulled the curtain back."

Tessa couldn't stop giggling and it turned to laughter.

"It's not that funny, girl," Margie said, but began to laugh along with her girlfriend.

Tessa held up a hand as if to say, 'Wait, wait, I have to say something, but I can't at the moment.'

Eventually she regained control and after pausing to take a sip of her wine, she said, "It's really funny. Well you know that. The thing is Danny's been taking pictures of me, and I of him for some time now."



"How could you let...."

"I asked him too; right after he bought that camera. He was so proud of it. He kept showing me what it could do, and when I realized that he could take a picture and put it on the computer without having to send any negatives out in order to have a picture made, why I..."

"You what, Tessa?"

Tessa took a long sip of her wine then put the glass down on the coffee table and looked at her friend. "Give me your solemn word you won't tell a soul and I'll tell you."

"I swear to God, I won't breathe a word to anyone, and that includes, Vince."

"All right. I have to confess that I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, Margie."

"You, an exhibitionist?"

"Have been for years." Then Tessa went on to tell Margie about her first experience at the ocean and how she had lost her top and later flaunted her breasts to the men sitting nearby.

"How could you?" Margie asked. She seemed stunned by the news of Tessa's streak of exhibitionism.

"You like your orgasms, Marge?"

"Do I? Who doesn't?"

"I had several that day... without touching myself."


"So, girl, don't knock it until you've tried it," Tessa picked up her wineglass, drained it then held the glass out to Margie until she filled it to the brim again.

"I can understand the thing at the beach and all, but posing for pictures...."

"That certain feeling returns every time he snaps the shutter, Marge, every fucking time, excuse the language. That's what wine does to me. Anyway, I do take a good picture... well Danny does. I meant I seem to pose well or whatever," she said, as the wine imbibed was now clouding her mind and not allowing her to formulate her sentences with the clarity she usually was capable of.

Margie refilled their glasses again, and then said, "I have a sort of confession of my own, Tessa.

"Good, I'm tired of talking."

"My first time involved exhibitionism. I just never thought of it as such until now."

"Oh, goody, I'm all ears," Tessa chirped. "Don't leave anything out, Marge. I wanna hear how big his dick was, and how many times you did it, and where you did it, and...."

"Okay, okay, enough already. I'll tell it all."

Margie took a sip of wine then put her feet up on the coffee table and took a deep breath. "It was right after I graduated high school. I loved riding, and my father had promised me if I got top grades he would pay for a summer camp at a prestigious riding academy in Virginia. I had the 2nd highest grade in the graduating class, and that got me into Cornell, but you know about that already."

"Go on, I'm all ears."

"What I didn't know was that the girl's academy was adjoined by a boy's soccer camp, and you know what seeing muscular, athletic boys can do to a girl's heartbeat. And so, our Head Mistress took it upon herself to see to it that each of 'her' girls had adequate sexual instruction so they didn't go home with a baby cached in their tummies. Her words, not mine.

"What I didn't learn until a year or so later was that the Head Mistress, whose name I won't repeat, had been a star performer in a Parisian sex show before returning to the states and taking the job at the riding academy."

"Wow, talk about going from the frying pan to the fire." Tessa said before gulping at her wine.

"Our first instruction set the tone for the rest of the camp. 'Ladies,' she said, 'today instead of using pictures and films about the male genitalia, we'll be examining the real thing. You all know Gary and Beau.'

These were two men who cared for the horses. Gary stood about five-eight, and wore a tee shirt over his muscular chest. He had short, black hair and was deeply tanned from working with the horses. Beau wore the same ensemble. He was about six feet tall, had a wiry build, a shock of red hair on his head, and his white face and arms were heavily freckled by the sun. On the wall behind our teacher hung a large, full color poster displaying a cutaway side view of a penis hanging down in front of a testicle. We sat on hay bales waiting for the lesson to proceed.

The men sat on hay bales and removed their boots, then stood and unbuckled their jeans. After slipping off their jeans and under shorts, they put their boots back on. She told them to pull off their tee shirts too, so they stood facing us, naked except for cowboy boots.

'Men's genitals come in two types, cut and uncut,' the Head Mistress said. 'The cut penis is often referred to as the circumcised penis; the uncut as just that, uncut. I've picked these two men as they demonstrate both types.

'As you can see, Gary still has his foreskin, and in its flaccid state, his foreskin conceals the glands of his penis. The gland of Beau's penis is exposed because his foreskin has been cut off. These men also provide a good example of just how men's penises vary in size and shape.'

Margie paused to look directly at Tessa and saw that she was hanging on every word.

"She had a point. Gary had a dark brown dick, short and fat. Beau's was long and skinny, very white, except for the grayish pink knob on the end. To our surprise, the Head Mistress took each penis in hand and measured them. Up to that point I had never handed a penis, except for my cousin Arthur, but he was only eight months old when I learned how to change his diaper, but I digress.

Flaccid, Gary measured 2 inches; Beau on the other hand, was twice that size.

"We were told to give them each an erection in order to see how large the penis became just prior to intercourse. Peggy and Deidre raised their hands as volunteers, thinking they would be jerking the men off. But they were caught by surprise when the Head Mistress ordered them to remove their riding pants and panties.

I was as embarrassed as Peggy and Deidre, and thought they might refuse, but they didn't and quickly removed their clothing and stood half-naked before us all.

"Peggy was told to sit on a high bench that was covered with a horse blanket. All she wore was her black cap, red jacket, and riding boots. I still recall her black bushy twat, and how the hairs glistened after handling Beau's penis. The reason she was so wet was that before she got to handle him, the Head Mistress had Beau lick her long, thick lipped pussy.

"I can tell you I was as wet as I've ever been watching him squatting in front of her and rubbing his nose in her bush while he ate her out. He knew what he was about too. It occurred to me that evening that he must repeat that performance with each and every class at the academy.

"At any rate, Beau's cock began to thicken quickly enough; swelling and growing in length with each unconscious twitching jerk until it stood out at a forty-five degree angle, twitching with each and every heartbeat. His white shaft curved upward slightly and the skinless knob became purple. In the center of the head, a string of clear juice hung from an opening that resembled small vertical lips. His ball pouch sprouted a few hairs, red like his bush.

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