tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 02

Coveting Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

The Girls

A few days later, Margie and Tessa were out on Margie's patio sharing a bottle of wine.

"I swear to god he did!" Margie laughed.

"Details, girl, I want the details," Tessa said.

"I think my husband's gone over the deep end, really I do," Margie said her voice now serious.

"But what did he say, or do, Marge?"

"He tried to get me drunk. Well, he did get me drunk; but when he brought out these handcuffs and said he was going to tie me to the bed I guess I panicked."

"I don't blame you, Marge, that's some serious shit he's proposing there."

"Ah, you don't understand, Tessa. I kinda like the idea of being helpless. That can lead to some kinky sex, you know? And kinky sex solidifies a marriage. I think, anyway."

"But he caught you off guard and you panicked."

"That's right! More wine?"

"Yes, please."

"So what do I do, Tessa?"

"The obvious thing is for you to change your mind."

"Hmmm, it is a woman's prerogative, isn't it?"

"It certainly is. This is a good wine. Where did you get it?"

"Berryman's Winery. It was only $8.95 a bottle. I bought a half dozen. Take one home with you."

"I couldn't, but thank you so much," Tessa said.

"You have too. You just solved my problem. That's worth at least a bottle of wine."

"All right, I accept. So tell me, Marge, has he tried to take any more pictures of you?"

"No, not that I'm aware of. Of course, he might be doing it when I'm not aware of it."

Tessa laughed. "Actually there's hardly any harm in it."

"So you say, but can you swear your darling man hasn't put any of them up on the internet?"

"No I can't. But he knows what's good for him and if he wants any pussy for the next five years, he won't even entertain the idea."

"Mmmm, that is the best way to keep the boys under control, isn't it?"

"It hasn't failed me yet, Marge."

"Me either!"


Margie let another week pass before letting Vince convince her to try some light bondage where he used the handcuffs on her. She managed it artfully, so artfully in fact, that he had no idea how willing a participant she was. For her part, Margie liked the idea of being helpless.

There were many things she had always wanted to try, but was afraid to suggest them to Vince for fear of being rejected and worse, being accused of being a whore or the like.

And so, when he rolled over and grabbed Margie and started tickling her, she started laughing uncontrollably. Vince used this as an opportunity to pull the fur covered handcuffs from under the pillow, where he'd hidden them.

Before Margie realized what was happening he had snapped one cuff over her left wrist and then wrapped the cuffs around the bedpost and snapped the other cuff around her right wrist.

Thinking, I'll give the little devil his due, he was quick to take advantage of me; she made her eyes as big as saucers and bleated, "What the hell are you doing Vince?"

But he was already reaching for the scarf he'd hidden under the bed and tied one of her legs to the foot post on the bed and the other to the bed-frame. Margie found herself securely tied in a spread-eagled position on the bed.

Margie strained her neck to watch his every move. Tessa won't believe a word of this when I tell her about it tomorrow, she thought. Vince opened a drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a large feather and ran it lightly across her shoulder and down her arm.

It would be better if he'd blindfolded me, she thought then chastised herself for being overly critical, he must have spent a lot of time planning this; he couldn't know how I'd take it and so he'd probably dropped the idea of blindfolding me.

She shivered at the unexpected sensation. "Stop it, Vince!" but the tone of her voice said otherwise and he continued.

Vince used the feather on her breasts, up both legs and finished with a long tease up and down her freshly shaven pussy.

"Vince," she moaned, stretching his two syllable name into a much longer word.

Margie tested the scarves that bound her legs to the bed. They didn't budge.

Much more confident after hearing her moan, Vince blew gently on her left breast, hardening the nipple. The sensation was so intense that Margie begged him to do it again. He blew on the other breast and the pungent, musky aroma of his wife's arousal filled his nostrils.

"Like it?"

"Mmmm," she replied.

He hovered above her bald pussy and counted to ten, and then expelled the breath he had been holding in. Margie's reaction startled him. Of course she was tied hand and foot, so her movement was limited, but even so when her hips leapt off the mattress, her vagina came into contact with his lips. That provided the impetus for Vince to go down on her with a vengeance.

The Guys

"I'm tellin' you when I blew on her pussy she went berserk," Vince said.

"You didn't stop then, did you?"

"No way, man, I started licking up her leg. I began at the inside of her knee like you suggested. Right to the juncture between her thighs then I started all over again on the other leg.

"How many times did you do it?" asked Danny, who was very uncomfortable in his crotch.

"I'm not sure. I think maybe twice on each thigh. But when my tongue found her labia she screamed."

"What happened next?"

"I moved up to her clit."

"Jesus Christ!"

"That's what she was gasping; only she was saying it over and over. So I took her clit in between my lips and sucked on it like it was giving me life."

The Girls

"I'm telling you, Tessa, when he did my clit I went over the top. I came hard. He hasn't done me that good in ages. Next thing I remember he's got a couple fingers punching into me and he's still munching away on my clit."

"Jesus, Marge... that must have been..."

"Heaven! I was in heaven! I'm telling you I came and came and came again. I was pleading with him to stop so I could catch my breath, but he either didn't hear me or wouldn't stop out of perversity."

"Nothing perverse about making your lover come repeatedly, Margie."

The Guys

"Vince," she yells, you better put it in me before I pass out!"

"She actually said that?" Danny said, not believing what his friend was telling him. It was unlike any conversation he had ever had with anyone.

"Words to that effect, anyway," Vince said breathing hard. "I don't know where I got the nerve. Yes I do, I had her coming and going wanting it. So I pushed the envelope and dangled my dick in front of her face."

"Were you still fingering her?"

"Yeah, sure I was. I told her ...."

The Girls

"He said... and I still can't believe he said this..."

"What did he say, Marge?"

"He said, 'You want to get laid, you'll have to earn it.'"

"Oh, Marge, this is sooo hot!"

"Isn't it? I'm ready to cum from talking about it."

"Me too," Tessa agreed, "so what happened next?"

"I grabbed him and put him in my mouth."

"Ohhh," moaned Tessa.

The Guys

Vince was almost shouting as he told Danny: "She gobbled me up. Ran the old tongue around the head like a fucking pro."

"Pardon me asking, but does she give head often?"

"Are you fucking kidding? It's the exception, unless she's hotter than a two-dollar pistol.

This was obviously one of those times. I kept my fingers going, you know? Kind of stirring the honey pot. Margie was bucking and bobbing up and down on my sausage at the same time.

"Wow man, this is wild," Danny said, hardly able to contain himself from whipping his cock out and jerking off. He pictured the couple on the bed – Margie shacked to the bedposts, aroused by both Vince's love making and the feather that had generated intensity to their sex that was usually missing in the most erotic encounters. He told himself that if Margie could get that hot from his instructions to Vince she would be almost uncontrollable if he got the opportunity to fuck her.

It was at that point that Danny promised himself that he would get into Margie's pants at any cost. He just had to figure out how to accomplish it without losing his own wife as a result.

"You think that's wild?" Vince said, "Wait until you hear what happened next."

The Girls

"I found myself begging him for it. I would have done anything he wanted at that moment, I swear to God, I'd have licked his ass, even let him piss all over me. No degradation was out of the picture. I just wanted his cock inside me. I didn't know if it was because he'd handcuffed me to the bed, or if that damned feather of his got me that way. Maybe it was both."

"Jesus Christ, Marge... I... I can't believe he got you that hot!" But even as she spoke the words, Tessa was envisioning how she herself might feel with Vince's cock pummeling her. She had a mini-orgasm savoring the image and missed most of what Margie said for the next few minutes.

The Guys

"She actually begged you for it?"

"Bet your ass she did, and I'll tell you what else she did, Danny, I mean, we were slappin' bellies for a while as I screwed her but after she came for the hundredth time or so, I released her hands and legs and flipped her over on her stomach.

She bawls out, "You're not thinking of...."

"That's exactly what I'm thinking, baby," I told her.

"Her ass?" Danny said unbelievingly. "You put it up the shitter?"

The Girls

"He... he took the cuffs off and turned me over."

"A little doggy-style, huh?" Tessa said excitedly.

"If only," Margie replied.


"That what I said. And I said it loud enough so that he heard me."

In a low, voice, Tessa said, "He didn't...." But she was imagining Vince spreading her own ass and driving his pulsing cock into her anal passage.

"Oh, but he did. But first he used that damned feather again and when he blew a breath or two on my back hole... suddenly I wanted nothing more than to feel his cock going into my poop chute."

The Guys

"I told her it was my ass," Vince said. "She says, "Oh, Vince you're so nasty!"

"She didn't!"

"Oh, but she did. She wanted it back there. Fuck man, she spread those heavenly ass cheeks apart for me, made it easy for me. I mean, I hadn't done it before."

"This was your first piece of ass... figuratively?"

"Like you've gotten into Tessa's ass on a regular basis, huh, Danny?"

"Um, yeah. We do it sort of regularly, yeah."

Danny admitted. "Not all that often, but say every other month or so. We have at it."

The Girls

"Have you... you know, Tessa... have you and Danny done it back there?"

"Every so often, yeah. I kinda like it to tell you the truth. So how did it go for you?"

"For someone in a hurry to cop my ass, he took his time. I almost reached a point where I demanded he stick his pole in there and be done with it."

"You didn't!"

"No, I didn't. But I came close. What I came to understand was that he was letting my muscles guide him. When they seemed to relax he nudged ahead then waited for the next relaxation."

"That means he's a good lover, Marge."

"Yeah, maybe. But I was wondering where the hell he learned to be so fucking patient. I sure wanted him to go faster."

"He might have hurt you if he had," Tessa said.

"He must have banged some other slut back there. But when?"

"If he did, and I say if, Marge, it had to be before he met you."

"You think?"

"Yeah, I'm fairly certain neither of our guys has been unfaithful."

"That's reassuring, Tessa. Thanks."

The Guys

"She was so fucking tight I couldn't get it in her."

"So you waited until she relaxed and then pushed, am I right?"

"Yeah, Danny, that's what I did and it seemed to do the trick. Another thing I did was to pull on her nipples. She moaned something fierce at that, almost feral."


"Anyway there came a point when I felt my dick...."

The Girls

"Suddenly he broke through the anal barrier and I wanted nothing more than for him to pound the shit out of me," Margie exclaimed.

"I know the feeling," Tessa said as she wormed a hand under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy.

"Go on, play with yourself, I don't mind," Margie said but her voice had grown husky with lust.

"I... I can't help it," Tessa moaned, "I'm... you've made me so fucking hot."

"No hotter than I am," Margie said as she moved into Tessa's arms and kissed her. As the kiss lingered on longer than either woman thought it would, or should, Margie began to gently rub Tessa's calves almost up to her knees. Margie's breathing was very deliberate and as their lips finally parted she saw that Tessa had her eyes closed and the proud curves of her breasts were rising and falling much faster than normal.

As Margie's hands continued caressing her friend's calves she made sure that each sweep of her hands the hem of Tessa's skirt rose slightly up her thighs.

Both women were intent on the sensations they were receiving. Margie had almost begun to purr and Tessa was making light humming noises in her throat. They kissed again and Tessa sent the tip of her tongue into Margie's mouth.

Margie returned the favor and within seconds they were full on Frenching.

Tessa began squeezing Margie's left breast and at the same time deliberately spread her legs apart. Margie's hand dropped to cover Tessa's crotch with her palm.

"Yesssss," Tessa hissed, and any chance they might have ended it there evaporated.

The Guys

"I couldn't believe it," Vince said as his voice rose in pitch until he almost sounded child-like. "I really never thought I'd hear her say anything close to what she began shouting. Shouting, I'm telling you!"

"Go on, man. What the fuck happened?"

"She's screaming, 'Fuck me... Fuck my asshole! I want to cum like the whore I am!"

"Margie called herself a whore?"Danny said not believing his ears.

"It wasn't the last time either," Vince nodded.

"I kept pumping into her. God was I laying pipe to her."

"Did you get it all in there?" Danny asked, heatedly.

"Did I? My balls were slapping against her pussy. And that's not all, when I was getting set to cum, she screamed for me to cum on her face!"

"No way!"

"Yeah, way... all the fucking way, man. I yanked it out of her shitter and aimed it at the bridge of her nose. She actually had her mouth open ready to catch what came her way."

"Christ, I can't believe what you're telling me."

"Better believe it, you can't ask her to corroborate my story, man."

"Why not?"

"Because it would probably end our marriage and I'd have to kill you."

"I'm kidding, Vince."

"You'd better be."

"So what happened then?"

"She kissed me. I should say she made me kiss her."

"Well, why wouldn't you?"

"Shit man, she had cum all over her face!"

"What a fucking wuss you are, Vince. I mean you came on her face. It's your stuff man, you can't stand your own stuff? What kind of man are you?"

"Fuck you, Danny! I did kiss her!"

"Yeah, after she either begged you or goaded you into it. You should'a done it willingly."

"Well... I didn't think it through."

"So is she pissed at you?"

"Naw, we talked about how hot it was and I got her a wash cloth and all; we kissed some more and then I went to sleep. I don't think she went to sleep at all. You know how women are."

"No, tell me I might learn something," Danny said and laughed.

"They analyze every fucking thing you do or say; and I'd done a few things to give her plenty to think about."

The Girls

Margie looked up to face Tessa. Her eyes were shining and her face was flushed. Tessa sat passively but continued fondling Margie's breast. "I like that, Tessa," she moaned softly.

"Me too," Tessa said, referring to Margie's hand which was rubbing her mound in small circles with the flat of her hand.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Margie said, almost to herself. She was about to say something else when Tessa looked up at her.

"It feels wonderful Margie, please don't stop."

Margie let her fingers splay out to cover the whole of the front of Tessa's mound and used the heel of her hand to rub her. Her other hand smoothed and pinched the muscles on Tessa's legs and then she let her fingernails trace from the knee to her exposed inner thighs.

"Ohhh, that feels sooo lovely," Tessa groaned. "Don't stop, please don't stop."

Margie allowed her free hand to swoop up to Tessa's chest and she watched with detached incredulity as her fingers molded around the firm pillow of Tessa's right breast.

"Pinch the nipple," Tessa hissed.

A moment later, her wish was granted. Tessa's hips had already begun the small twitches that showed she was building up to an orgasm. The stimulation on her nipple inched her over the brink and she shuddered with a climax that made her throw her arm over her eyes in reflex. Her voice was low, and she groaned with each spasm of her orgasm. It was a quick one; a mini if you will, and then she seemed to relax, laying back in the crook of the sofa and didn't move.

Margie took her hand off Tessa's pussy and stared at the glistening oils coating her palm. Then throwing away all attempt to control herself, she buried her nose in her hand, letting the scent fill her nostrils.

"You're not angry with me are you?" Margie asked fearfully.

"No... angry? Why would I be angry with you? That was a lovely release. I should thank you, I needed it."

"I've never kissed another woman like that," Margie confessed as she began to stroke Tessa's body. Soon Tessa was returning the favor. A minute later they had removed removing the remainder of their clothing and they lay nude on the sofa.

"We should go into the bedroom," Tessa said suggestively.

The large brass bed was soft and warm and the two women fell onto the soft duvet with a mixture of contentment and passion. Tessa's was the more aggressive this time; moving her over Margie's skin, kissing her neck and her chest, and letting her tongue worm into the button of Margie's navel. Margie returned the favor upon Tessa's back, leaning over and planting kisses from her shoulder blades across her spine.

With balletic fluidity, the two of them managed to slide around each other until they had stimulated every inch of their bodies. They finished naturally in a sixty-nine, teasing and nibbling at each other's ripe, juicy pussies.

After what appeared to be her third orgasm in that position, Tessa looked up to study the sodden mess of Margie's snatch. "You should shave," she said then giggled.

"You think? Then I will, I'll do it tonight."

"What will Vince think?"

Margie laughed. "He'll think I did it for him."

"He probably will at that," Tessa giggled and then planted a wet kiss on Margie's swollen labia. Margie groaned and stretched her pussy upward so Tessa could reach her clit.


"One more cum," Tessa said as if it were a promise.

"Tell me the truth, Tessa; you gonna fuck Danny later?"

"I dunno. I might. We usually do it a couple times a week."

And several minutes later when she wrested her mouth away from her friend's pussy, Tessa asked: "So, you going to let Vince take your ass again?"

"Sure, maybe tonight," she giggled inanely. "If he puts the cuffs on me again; and especially if he uses that damn feather."

"Let's lick one another off really good, then we can shower and be nice and clean for our loving husband's," Tessa said.

"Best idea today," Margie said agreeably.

Later as their pulse-rate slowed toward normal, they discovered that were slipping over each other as their sweat mingled. "Great way to spend the afternoon, huh?" Margie said.

"Mmmm," Tessa agreed as they disentangled themselves from each other. "Marge?"

"Yeah, Tessa?"

"Do you think we rushed into this?"

"I don't think so! I mean we told one another some dirty deeds of our less than sordid pasts...."

"And look where it got us!"

"Yeah," Margie said as she spread her legs in front of Tessa's glowing face. "Have another look?"

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