tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 03

Coveting Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 3

Margie & Vince

That same evening, Margie relented to some of Vince's demands and allowed herself to be bound to the bed again and didn't resist the blindfold when it was introduced.

"It will heighten things," Vince said vaguely.

"What things?" Margie said, "We're going to have sex, right?"

"Right, honey, but it all adds to the...."

"It adds to what?"

"To the... um, thrill of it all. It makes things more exciting."

"More exciting?"

Feeling that he was on a roll, Vince continued. "Yeah, sweetie, I mean we can do all sorts of things..."

"Name two," she said, getting tired of his game.

"Um, we could pretend it isn't me doing things to you. Suppose it was another guy?"

"Another guy? You're going to bring another guy in here when I'm tied up? I'll cut your balls off!"

"No, no! Marge. A pretend guy. I mean wouldn't it be different if... we do it all the time. Doesn't it seem like the same old same old to you after a while?"

"I happen to like the same old, same old as you call it."

"I don't think you understand what I'm saying," Vince protested.

Margie's thoughts drifted away to that afternoon's lovemaking with Tessa. Her loins dampened and she felt a need for Vince to put himself between her legs.

"I'm tied up here and I can't see a thing, Vince. You going to jump my bones or what?"

Vince decided to go for it. He didn't answer her but walked away and left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"Vince! Did you leave me?"

He stood outside the bedroom fighting the need to answer her.

Margie grew panicky. Did he have the nerve to leave her tied to the bed like this?

Did he know about her and Tessa?

She began to sweat, and then she thought she heard him on the phone. Who was he calling? Why would he be calling anyone?

He wouldn't have the nerve; he wouldn't dare bring some guy in and watch him rape her. He wouldn't... would he?

She heard the bedroom door open. "Who was that on the telephone?"

"No one you know, Marge."

"But you called someone, I distinctly heard you talking to someone."

"I did call someone. Don't get upset Marge, it won't do you any good."

"Don't get upset! Let me out of these god damn cuffs right now!"

"Can't do that, Margie."

"You'd better do it or you'll regret it the rest of your miserable life!"

"It should be a couple minutes yet, Marge."

"A couple minutes for what?" Her voice rose in volume and pitch. "You called some guy... you've called someone over here to see me like this!"

"Excuse me a minute, Marge. I gotta see if he's here."

"You fucking maggot; lemme off this bed! Lemme loose you cocksucker!" I'll kill you; I swear I'll put a knife between your ribs!"

Vince was sweating now. Have I crossed the line and gone too far? Jesus, I hope not, it would mean the end of our marriage.

He went about disguising himself as best he could, following a plan he had spent the last two days formulating. He gargled with a cheap rye whiskey, rubbed a greasy solvent on his forearms that he hoped would cause his wife to think of a mechanic at the garage. And as the last touch he donned a pair of coveralls and then a rubber mask bearing a likeness of Richard Nixon.

Using his own voice, he said, "She's waiting for you... in there."

Margie, already fearing the worst called out, "Vince... don't you dare! I'm warning you!"

Vince stuffed his mouth with cotton, hoping it would modify his voice enough to confuse Margie even more. Still, he wasn't sure if he would speak at all during the sex about to take place. He picked up the camera and walked into the room, took several pictures of his wife lying spread-eagled on the bed, blindfold in place, and smiled as the shutter whirled almost soundlessly as advertised.


"Sorry," he said attempting to add gruffness to his voice, and for the most part succeeding because of Margie's fear that he had brought someone else into their bedroom.

Breathing heavily, Vince ambled over to the bed and rested a knee on it, signaling his arrival to Margie.


He ran a hand along her calf up to the top of her knee and stopped.

"Jesus Christ, Vince... Don't do it! For the love of God, don't let him near me!"

Too late to stop now, he told himself and ran the edge of his hand over her mound.

Margie screamed. She was actually terrified of being raped and started to pray. "Holy Mary, protect me from evil...."

Vince couldn't stand tormenting her any longer and tearing the cotton from his mouth, whispered, "It's Vince, honey. It's always been me. There is no other guy..." To support his words he removed the blindfold it and watched as her eyes widened in recognition.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Had her hands not been cuffed to the bed she would have thrown as many punches at him as were possible before he restrained her. As it was she hurt her wrists and would feel pain in them for almost a week.

"You miserable son-of-a-bitch! She exclaimed again as relief washed over her. She was not going to be raped. He was a fucking fool, but she wasn't going to be raped by some smelly stranger.

"Why? Why Vince?" Her voice softened, and for the first time since removing the blindfold, he felt she might forgive him.

"I don't know," he began. "I guess I wanted to add something to our lovemaking.

"You wanted to add..." but then she thought of how she and Tessa had added something and stopped.

"See, Margie, you always go on about not wanting to do this, or try that. You have a thing about doing it the same way all the time. I was hoping to put some variation into the sex, you know?"

She hasn't demanded that I let her loose, he thought. Is that a good sign, or not?

"You want... variation?"

"Yeah... variation."

"Like what? I let you tie me up and blindfold me. Isn't that variation?"

"It's a start."

"It's a start? Well, where does it end?"

"I don't know, Marge. That's a road we haven't been down."

"Vince, you think you thought this... this scheme out, do you?"

"Um, yeah, sort of."

"What were you going to do when I started screaming?"

"You were screaming."

"No, I mean really screaming. Screaming loud enough to wake Tabby."

"Um...." He had no answer.

"So, you'd risk ending our marriage and traumatizing your daughter for a little... variation, would you?"

"Okay, I didn't think it through."

"Damn right you didn't. Now get me out of these cuffs, and be quick about it."

He freed her and to his surprise, she didn't attack him, but walked calmly into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and relieved herself without bothering to close the door.

After washing her face and hands, Margie came back into their bedroom and found Vince exactly where he'd been when she left.

Without a word, Margie climbed back into bed laid on her back and slowly spread her legs and arms out as they had been when cuffed to the bedposts.

He stood immobile watching and waiting.

"Hey, dummy!" she called out.

"Um, yeah... what?"

"Aren't you going to put the cuffs on?"

He couldn't believe his ears. It took him a second or two before he could react; then he rushed into action, fastening each hand and ankle to a post before stepping back as if to admire his work.

"The blindfold," Margie said laconically.

Vince hastily fixed the blindfold to her eyes and again stood back as if to admire his work. He was in a mild stage of shock. What is she doing? What the fuck's happening here?

"What I propose," Margie said, "is to have me pretend you're another guy. Pretend being the operative word here, understand?"

"Um, yeah, so who is it you... I mean that I'm supposed to be?"

Margie laughed, "I don't know... give me a second. Mmmm, maybe the mailman."

"Margie, our mail is usually delivered by a woman."

"Whoops, my bad," she laughed and Vince joined her.

"I... um, let's see...."

Vince slapped her thigh with his erection. Margie giggled. "In a hurry to use it, huh?"

"I guess...."

Realizing that she might just be spoiling the mood, Margie blurted out, "okay, I'm going to fantasize that you're Danny."


"Why not, I see him often enough. He's good-looking, has a sense of humor and Tessa loves him like crazy."

"Okay, so it's Danny, want me to renter the room?"

"Sounds like an idea that might work," she said.

This is fucking crazy, Vince thought. It's almost like she's deliberately playing into my hands.

It's amazing; why after what I just did I'm lucky she's not suing for a divorce.

He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door then reopened it.

"Who's there?" Margie said, trying to act frightened, but not succeeding.

"Vince! Who's with you?"

He didn't answer, but fell into the role playing by touching her on the shoulder. It was something he'd seen Danny do to Tessa countless times. Moreover, Margie had commented on it more than once.

What the hell? How did he know that about the shoulder touches? Tessa's mentioned them to me and that they give her the chills. Exciting chills. It's his way of telling her she's about to get some... how in hell does Vince know about that?

"Ohhh!" she moaned.

He went to her breast and tweaked a nipple.

I remember her saying Danny was really into breast play... how does Vince know all this? Of course, Danny must have told him!

Of course, Danny hadn't told Vince anything of his lovemaking techniques, but Vince had paid close attention to the couple whenever they were together. The breast play was just coincidental, he liked playing with Margie's tits as much as anything else. It was just that when Margie had been with Tessa in the motel she had learned firsthand that Tessa loved having her tits played with.

"Oh, Danny!" she'd blurted without thinking, and that triggered Vince's response.

Now I better play my part, Vince told himself and placed the head of his cock at her wet and swollen opening then split her labia and surged into her.

What don't I usually do when we fuck? He wondered as his full length rested inside Margie. He pumped into her several times in rapid succession and then stopped except he continued making his cock jump. Not that it actually jumped at all. But Margie could feel it as it jerked ever so slightly and the light movement excited her simply because she had never felt it before.

"Yes, fuck me, Danny. Give it to me!"

He backed up then slammed into her.


He repeated his movement and Margie responded in kind. And for the next two minutes they matched one another stroke for stroke until both were covered with sweat.

Mid-way through this scenario, Margie began chanting his name, loudly, wantonly -- "Danny, Danny, Danny," accompanied by incoherent fragments of speech that begged him to continue as her orgasm intensified and then repeated as he kept slamming into her.

As far as Vince was concerned this was nirvana; his every wish was being fulfilled, and he went at her harder and harder, until he was panting from the exertion.

Suddenly, Margie quivered three times in succession. In the process she squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles -- something she had never done before.

"Oh, Danny... I'm coming. Cum with me!"

Vince grabbed her ass with one hand then slipped two fingers from the other past his cock and into her cunt, wetting them with her body fluid. A second or two later, he sent the fingers into her anus. Margie squealed, he spasmed and came in her flooding her vaginal chamber with his load.

Margie lay there trembling for several minutes. Then she whispered, "My God, Tessa is blessed. I've never been screwed like that before. Thank you, Danny. Please tell me you're gonna do me again."

"Nothing could please me more than repeating this performance, Margie. But please, not a word to Tessa."

"On that my lips are sealed, now if you don't mind, I'd like to get out of these handcuffs."

Sure thing, Margie," Vince said, and removed the cuffs, but left the blindfold on.

They lay there a while longer, and then Margie said, "That was one hell-of-a romp, Vince. It never occurred to me that playing games like this could add so much to the sex, you know?'

Vince removed the blindfold and said, "You really bought into the fantasy, didn't you?"

"I guess I did. But you had me going at the start. I really thought you were bringing in another guy. I couldn't have taken that, Vince."

"I was wrong to do that to you. But I think you could have taken it."

"What gives you that impression?"

"Well, like I said, pretending to bring in a stranger was wrong. Yet when we were pretending I was Danny it seemed all right with you."

"Oh, no, I knew it was you, Vince."

"Really?" he began mimicking her voice, "Oh, Danny... I'm coming. Cum with me!"

"I was into it by then. I knew you weren't Danny!"

"Probably true enough, but you liked the idea of thinking, or fantasizing about him. Have you ever thought about him while we were doing it before?"

"NO!" she protested.

"Hmmm," he said, and she shot back, "No! I don't do that, Vince. I'm thinking of you."

"Roll over, Marge," he displayed his renewed erection and she readily complied.

"Doggy-style?" she inquired, looking over her shoulder at him.

"Yeah," he replied his voice already hoarse with lust, his hands roaming her back, her rear and her upper thighs until she purred with excitement.

"Do me good, Vince," she cooed.

"I want to take your picture like this," he said and rolled away from her to pick up the digital camera.

"Vince, you know how I feel about...."

"You have no idea how sensual you are at the moment. Let me show you."

He took three shots of her, front, back and from the side.

"God damn it, Vince, I told you...."

"Here, see for yourself. If you don't want them saved, I'll delete them right now."

With some reluctance, Margie accepted the camera from him and looked at each picture. The first one was a poor picture in that Vince's hands had shaken at the moment he clicked the shutter. But the others were fairly good shots and took Margie by surprise, for she had no idea how enticing her body was having always thought the worst about her figure. Yet here she was, looking every bit the glamorous woman she saw everyday in magazines and on television.

"I... I had no idea... I mean, you made me look so sexy...."

"That's what I've been telling you. You are sexy. Hell, you're beautiful. And I'm proud of you. But we both know that as time goes on, those looks will..." he searched for the right word, and came up with "... soften."

"Wow, okay then, but no pictures of us during sex. That's nasty. It's grotesque to see people copulating. It's just... just to dirty."

"Stick your lovely ass up a little higher, I want to get a better view of it," he said as if they had just agreed to have a photo shoot.

She did and he took four or five quick shots before Margie saw how hard he was and told him to put the camera down and come to her.

They groaned in unison as he entered her from behind, and he hammered away at her and she hammered back at him. He was hoping she would call out either his name or Danny's, but she did neither as all coherent thought vanished. Margie had but one thought and that was to have the greatest climax ever.

There was no time, or need for whispers of names, or love, or tenderness. The only sounds were the wet smacks of their flesh colliding as they rutted and the occasional, "Oh, yeah," and "Fuck me, harder!" flew from Margie's hot little mouth.

His hands mauled her breasts continuously, pinching at hard nipples and using her breasts as grips to slam her light body ever harder against his steel-like member.

Margie started to growl with pleasure as they both neared the finish line. Then Vince's hips began to jerk erratically of their own accord.

"YES! FILL ME!" Margie screamed.

And he exploded in her, coating her vaginal walls with his sperm as her pussy clamped down on him until her orgasm compelled her to relax and release him.

Then they were spent and lay there, Vince on his back, Margie with her head pillowed on his chest, rising and falling with each breath, her hair cascading over into his face.

As Vince inhaled, he breathed in her sweet scent of perfume mixed with shampoo mingled with the odors of sex throughout. He felt the hard nubs of her nipples poking into his torso; he also knew she was leaking the combined fluids of their release onto his leg and probably the sheets, but he didn't care, or want to move.

***** The following morning was Saturday, and after getting Tabby dressed and fed, she went off to play with the neighbors' kids who were her age and would be watched over by Cecilia, an over-zealous mother who was the perfect baby-sitter for the occasion.

Over coffee, Vince broached Margie about posing for several more pictures. To his surprise, she was more than agreeable, asking if he wanted to take some of her in a T without a bra. "I think my nipples will show, making it really sexy. What do you think, honey?"

"I think I'd better get the camera before you change your mind."

Margie found herself enjoying teasing him as she slipped into one pose after the other; finally, she started to giggle.

"What's so funny, Margie?"

"Mmm, how's this?" she asked and peeled the T off, and stood topless while he snapped away for several minutes.

Having grown bolder from her actions, Vince asked her to show her pussy to him.

"Not today, I need to trim all the hair down there. I'd look like a cave girl otherwise."

"No you wouldn't," he protested, but Margie was adamant.

But that night it was she who broached the subject. "Where's the camera?"

"What? Vince said, dumbfounded by her question and its implication.

"Yes, honey, I shaved it all off for you. Wanna see?"

By the time he had finished taking pictures, Margie was willing revealing her pussy to the camera. In fact, she did everything but masturbate for Vince while he snapped away. Finally he tossed the camera onto the couch, told her to get on the bed and mounted her for the most exhilarating sex they had ever had.

Tessa & Margie

"I couldn't believe it," Margie said to Tessa that afternoon on the phone, "I mean, there I was handcuffed and blindfolded and he leaves me there and makes a call to someone telling them to come over."

"Oh, my God! What'd you do?"

"What could I do? I protested, I pleaded, and finally I was begging him not to do it."

"I can't believe Vince was capable of doing it. I mean, it's rape, isn't it?" I mean, you were telling him no in several senses, right?"

"Right as rain, but then I heard a knock at the front door."

Tessa was chewing on her nails, riveted to Margie's tale of the night before. Margie, seeing how Tessa was reacting, decided to draw the story out, embellishing a little more than necessary before revealing that it was her husband all along and that there never was another man involved.

"And then this guy is in my bedroom. Jesus, Tessa, I could smell him! You know? I couldn't see anything, but I could smell the whiskey on his breath as he climbed on the bed and touched me."

"Where?" Tessa asked, having grown wet at Margie's telling of her rape. Not realizing that she was relishing each and every detail, reliving the scene through Margie's eyes.

"My pussy. First it was my leg and then..."

"Holy Mother of God!" Tessa said, horrified.

"I was begging Vince to stop him... I began to pray."

Tessa was crying and nodding, feeling her best friend's pain, until she heard Margie's next words.

"And then I heard him saying: "It's Vince, baby. It's always been me. There is no other guy." He took the blindfold off and I saw it was true. It had been him all along, pretending to be someone else!"

"I would have killed him, then and there," Tessa said.

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