tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 05

Coveting Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Danny & Vince

"We're in deep shit, buddy, let me tell you," Danny said as he poured them each another shot of scotch.

"Margie hasn't said a word to me," Vince said with a puzzled expression.

"She knows, damn it. I'm tellin' you she damn well knows. Tessa told me she was going to tell her everything."

"But Margie hasn't said shit. That's not like her. I mean, look what I got her to do. She didn't want to pose. I forced her to do it. And now... now you say she knows all about our scheme, but hasn't said shit?"

"Could be they're planning to spring something on us."

"Danny, you don't mean lawyers?"

"Why else? It's too quiet on my end too, Vince. We had it out once, but that's nothing. I expected to be harped at every fucking minute we were together. But nada, nothing further."

"Jesus... maybe I should bring it up," Vince said, "You know, air it out."

"You might try it, see what happens," Danny agreed.

"I... um, I've talked to Mark Elliot, my attorney."

"No!" Vince barked. "You figure it's that bad?"

"Hold on, Vince. I talked to him to get a grasp of how serious this situation is. You know the financial ramifications and all."

"What'd he say?"

"They can hurt us bad. But only if we admit to what we did. I... I've erased everything from my computer. I had a guy come in and clean it up so there's no trace of any of the photos. You want; I'll give you his name and number."

"I... I don't know," Vince said. "Margie's always home and all; I don't see how I could get a guy in to do it."

"Well don't admit anything. Don't sign or write anything that's an admission of guilt either," Danny said.

Both men remained glum and worried for the remainder of the week, and were more than a little surprised when their wives informed them that they were getting together Saturday night at the Morgan's.

The Swap

Tessa began to shed her inhibitions when she chose to wear the red and white flowered, backless, and thus necessarily braless, scooped necklined sun dress she'd never had the nerve to wear anywhere to the Morgan's that evening.

Margie went complexly overboard, having purchased a very short, skin-tight, black dress from which her breasts all but hung out of. She would never have worn it in public, for it kept riding up her thighs any time she sat down. But this was a 'special' night for her and her man and she wanted to look especially sexy.

Vince and Danny, completely puzzled by their wives actions, went along with the idea of a party grateful for any break in the week-long silent treatment they'd received. Although both men knew their behavior was being monitored by their respective spouses, they still couldn't help but gawk at the women and their scanty, revealing attire when they had gathered together at the Morgan's.

After greeting Danny, Vince carefully weighed his every word, "I have to say you ladies look especially good this evening."

"Thank you, Vince," Tessa said as she glanced a second time at Margie. My God, her tits are going to pop out of that dress before we put the plan into motion, she thought.

Margie followed with, "Vince has an eye for nice things; he always has," she winked at Tessa, thinking, and if Vince gets his hands anywhere near your dress he'll have a hand on your boobs before you can say Happy New Year. But look at me... the pot calling the kettle black.

Both women giggled. Tessa over Margie's comment and Margie over her last thought.

Making certain neither man was looking in her direction; Margie quickly adjusted her breasts so that a tiny bit less cleavage showed. She received a knowing smile from Tessa, and laughed.

Danny was having a problem keeping his eyes off Margie's tits that threatened to spill out of her dress at any moment.

Vince was having similar problems with Tessa's dress, which kept providing revealing glimpses of her breasts when she turned or leaned forward. He knew Danny was mesmerized by his wife's tits because he had been bowled over when he'd walked into their bedroom and gotten his first look at her in the black dress. In fact, he'd attempted to pry them out to suck on them beforehand, but Margie had slapped his hands away, and laughed at him. "No touché," she'd said, and he knew she meant it, but was puzzled all the more as to why she would wear such a skimpy dress to a get together with Danny and Tessa.

Margie had cobbled together some fruit and cheese to go with the wine Danny had presented to Margie on arriving. Vince put on some music and Danny immediately invited Margie to dance.

As Vince and Tessa looked that direction Tessa said, "I haven't seen that 'hunting' look in Danny's eyes since we were dating."

Vince replied, "Looks like Margie has given him back the thrill of the chase."

Tessa nodded in agreement, for Margie and Danny seemed totally oblivious to their spouses who sat watching them as they danced a Cha-cha.

After several drinks it seemed to Danny that Vince and Margie were eager to be wild and naughty. Margie kept bending over and showing off her breasts which all but fell out of the dress each time she handed her guests a drink or passed a tray of hors d' oeuvres' around. And Vince had already made several off-colored remarks very uncharacteristic off him.

So when Vince cupped Tessa's rear when they were alone in the kitchen briefly, keeping it there for much longer than warranted, Tessa wondered if her friend had told her husband what they were up too. Later it turned out it was only nervousness on their part. Still, their enthusiasm and the succession of tropical drinks containing more powerful portions of alcohol with each serving proved infectious in removing any barriers to what was to come.

Danny tried, but couldn't keep his eyes off Margie's tits, and when she sat down her dress rode up and provided him with a view of her crotch. Danny would have sworn she wore nothing underneath. What the hell is going on? He wondered.

Vince was worried because he now had a raging hardon and wasn't sure what would happen if Margie saw it. He snuck a glance at Danny's crotch and saw that he too had one. He figured they were both in deep trouble.

At ten after eleven, Tessa sent Margie their secret sign and the swap was underway.

Tessa glided over to Margie's husband Vince and teasingly asked, "So, Vince, do you like the way I'm dressed?"

"I love it," he whispered back, hoping Margie wouldn't hear him. He had been concerned about how Tessa would react to his grabbing her ass earlier, but wasn't worried about offending Danny at all, for they had shared too many confidences about their wives to worry about any flirtation.

"Then why don't you ask me to dance?"

"Just stupid, I guess. Come on. Let's give it a whirl."

As Vince put his arm around Tessa and began to dance with her, facing each other a few feet apart, she realized for the first time that she was a little wet. She noticed it mostly because of the movement of her own body. As she moved her hips to the beat of the music she could feel that her panties seemed very tight against her labia, meaning they were swollen with excitement.

Tessa looked into Vince's eyes, took a step towards him and put her arms around his neck. She let their bodies synchronize and press against each other, teasing him with her breasts resting against his chest. She let his leg slide just slightly between hers so that if the desire struck her, she could grind on him a little bit. She smiled as his muscular arms dropped to her lower waist and teased the top of her hips and butt. He smelled good, a pleasant musk to his cologne that drew her close enough to him that she could hear his words.


Margie walked over to Danny and leaned over, letting her tits all but hang in his face. "What about you, Danny, gonna sit there like a log when the music is so sweet?"

Moments later, both couples were dancing. Danny caught sight of Tessa across the room, dancing with Vince; even seeing her molded against his friend for the first time brought a twinge of jealousy, but he was quickly distracted by the way Margie was mashing her tits against his chest, and then he felt her crotch against his thigh. She's actually rubbing her pussy against my leg! He thought, and her hip is pressing against my crotch! What the fuck? I wonder if she feels my boner.

Margie could feel him all right; other than Vince she hadn't danced with anyone who'd had a hardon since her sophomore year in college. Of course, she'd met Vince at the start of her junior year and that had been that, until tonight.

After another minute or so of intimate contact between them, Margie innocently inquired, "Are you enjoying this as much as I am, Danny?"

"You bet I am," and then he looked around guiltily for Tessa, only to see her dancing even closer to Vince.


Something vibrated to life between Tessa's legs and she involuntarily pressed her hips hard against his leg. A gentle sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she pulsed to the rhythm of the music in his arms. It felt so good she actually was concerned she might stop dancing and just grind against him, but to her surprise as her clit throbbed to the beat, she found it impossible to stop dancing. It was as though the music was moving her pussy from the inside and in doing so, forced her hips to sway to the music. She felt her face getting hot, her breathing quickened, not just because of the movement of dancing, but because of the excitement that seemed to be pulsing through her body.

Dear Lord, please tell me Marge and I are doing the right thing. Nervously, Tessa glanced around and saw Danny dancing just as close to Margie as she was with Vince. Her guilt vanished instantly, and she had to hide the rush of pleasure she felt when Vince pressed himself against her belly. She pressed her body hard against his, moving full into his arms and hiding her face on his shoulder. She had never been so turned on dancing before, and she tried hard to hide the fact that dancing with him felt the way foreplay did with most people. She saw Danny glance her way and she smiled at him and received a smile back. Reassured that he was okay with what was going on, Tessa gave herself to the music's beat, felt it being absorbed by her body and grew wetter.

As they moved about the floor, Tessa watched Vince's eyes. They were all a glitter with excitement. Vince had found Tessa's dress revealing from occasional side views of her breasts when she turned this way, or that. It was obvious she was naked under it. Her tits, though firm and tight-looking, jiggled slightly with every movement.

His hands patiently explored her bare back, and when he pulled her even tighter against him she countered by grinding her pelvis into his crotch and felt his erection prodding her stomach.

Tessa whispered, "Do you like?"

"Oh my, yes!" Vince croaked, "I... I've always thought of you as a beautiful, sexy woman."

"Oh, you're so sweet," she said and kissed his cheek, and feeling his erection prodding her pelvis, "I see that you're still keeping in shape."

The comment through him for a loss and he blurted, "Huh?"

Tessa could only respond with a small bump and grind into his tumescence. He understood that less than subtle message and replied, "Well, you kinda bring out the best in me, Tessa."

"Oh, you are a sweet man, Vince," and gave him another bump and grind.


Margie pulled away from Danny's arms and turned around, afraid she might just start humping his leg if she stayed pressed up against him. She wanted to show him her tits and bent forward letting them all but spill out of her dress. She bent over, shaking her ass to hide the fact that she could swear she was being fucked right there, in the middle of the dance floor. Part of her was saying that she should be embarrassed for being so turned on by just dancing, and part of her was so excited by it that she didn't care. She decided that she would just try to hide the pleasure she was feeling, after all, as long as she kept dancing, no one would ever know. Margie whispered into Danny's ear, "Oh, my, you've got a hardon!"

"I'm sorry, Marge," he said, "I just couldn't help it."

"Don't apologize," she giggled. "I think of it as a compliment." As she said this, she reached down and boldly rubbed her hand over the outline of his hardon.

Danny gasped with pleasure.

"Do you like my tits? I bought this outfit with you in mind?"

"Fantastic," he said as she gave his member a light but unmistakable squeeze; which prompted him to amend himself, saying, "I mean they're fantastic, Marge, but I have a confession to make."

Margie briefly wondered if he was going to chicken out and force them to call the whole thing off. "Oh, really?"

"I... I've been lusting after you for several months now. I mean, I always thought you were sexy as hell, but lately I... well at the company outing I got a good look at your ass and thought it was the greatest I'd ever seen. I mean, I thought for sure your ass was your best asset."

"My ass?"

"Yes, but tonight... this dress... it's your tits that set you apart from other women."

"OH... "He had definitely moved her with the compliments, still, Margie pressed him further. "But what about Tessa?"

"Tessa is the love of my life. She's the perfect woman for me... but I also desire you, and I think tonight I'm going to possess you. Of course I also think that Tessa wants Vince."

"And you know this how?"

"I'm not sure, but I suspect the two of you have set out to swap husbands for tonight. Am I right?"

"I... I don't know how to answer that," she said, cursing herself inwardly for giving their plan away.

She felt his hands on her ass and it sent shivers down her spine.

"Turn around, Margie," he said while his hands squeezed the globes of her ass.

Margie turned and immediately felt his erection bear down on the cleft that separated her asscheeks.

She looked back at his smiling face, only barely aware of the ravenous look on her own, "Oooo! Danny... what are you doing?" she murmured over the pulsing beat of the music; her body now moving in ways she had never even tried while alone in her room as a teenager. Moved as she had witnessed a stripper dance once while in college.

Danny was beside himself, fighting off the urge to let loose; to cum while dry humping her magnificent ass. He knew of guys who had done it while supposedly dancing, but while he had had some enormous boners, even a case of blue balls while courting Tessa, he had never cum in his pants. Yet he knew he was close to doing just that, and he began looking for a means to end the dance while still keeping Margie close; perhaps even getting her to go off into the house somewhere and fuck her brains out.


Encouraged by Tessa's actions thus far, Vince sent his left hand inside her backless dress. Realizing that he was halfway to her breast, Tessa shrugged her left shoulder and brought the underside of her breast into contact with his greedy hand.

"Oh, my, how did that happen?" she asked innocently, "Thank goodness your hand is warm."

"Mmmm," Vince croaked, "Not the only part of my body that's warm," he said, and added, "You're much friendlier than usual tonight, Tessa."

"Am I? I suppose that's a compliment?"

"It is," he replied. Vince's hand was now cupping her breast.

Tessa's right hand moved between his legs and gripped his balls. "Well then, let me compliment you, big boy. That's some heavy equipment you're lugging around down there."

They stopped dancing and with her eyes fixed on his, Tessa licked her lips and glanced down at her chest. Her nipples were hard and visible under the light material.

"I bet you asked Margie," he croaked hoarsely.

"Maybe I did, and maybe I didn't."

Having no verbal response to that, Vince flicked her nipple with his thumb.

"Mmmm, nice," Tessa purred and ground her pelvis into his. His cock aligned itself with her steamy slit and she moaned, "Oh, God!" and widened her stance while thrusting back at him. In a moment they were dry humping, not caring what their spouses thought.

It was as though the beat of the music slid up inside her and throbbed, then slid back out and vibrated. Then back in, filling her, and back out making her ache for more. Each beat of the bass felt as good as real sex. The tightening, throbbing and pulsing inside became so intense that she buried her face in his shoulder again to hide the pleasure she was feeling.

But even as she hid her face, her body said everything to him on its own. Her hips rocked to the beat, teasing her wet panties against his leg in little dancing circles. She could feel his dick rock hard against her thigh. Her breasts felt hot and swollen against his chest and yet, even in the heat, her nipples were as hard as though it were freezing outside.

As the beat pounded inside of her she began to feel her pussy responding to it uncontrollably. As she ground her wet pussy against his leg a particularly strong beat pounded against her g-spot and her pussy involuntarily twitched. A chill ran the entire length of her back and she moaned slightly into his ear as her hips shivered against him. It was in this moment she decided the term "dry humping" was a misnomer.

"I want you," Vince croaked.

"Do you? What about..."

"I want you, and nothing's going to stop me. Understand, Tessa?"

"I... I know you're hot, Vince. I mean, I am too... but...."

"No fucking buts. Look at them, they're practically fucking on the dance floor." he said heatedly, hardly able to contain himself from picking her up, tossing her on his shoulder and carrying her off to his cave.

His words had more than there intended effect. Something pounded her g-spot. She couldn't help but press up against him, her clit throbbing against his leg to the beat of the music. His body seemed to vibrate against hers wherever they touched and it sent tingles and chills down her spine.

She let her breasts bounce and press against his chest as she moved her body in closer to his. She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes with pure astonished lust, her hands locking behind his neck as she lost all control of everything happening below her belly button.

They kissed and the world faded away. Tessa was no longer encumbered by a marriage certificate. She wanted Vince to ravish her; to bring her to orgasms undreamed of prior to this moment and she couldn't care less if Danny was offended by her actions.

Tessa managed to blurt out, "We should go to your bedroom, Vince," before he actually scooped her up in his arms and moved quickly toward his bedroom, leaving his wife, Margie and Tessa's husband, Danny still grinding into one another.


"They left us," Danny said quietly. So quietly that Margie had him repeat himself.

"They're gone?" she said.

Danny nodded. "Why don't we go out on the patio where we can be alone?" he suggested. "Besides, it's cooler out there."

Margie took his hand and led him out to the patio where the hot tub bubbled away several feet from them.

"Will you take them out for me, Marge? I like to really get a good look at them."

"What did you just say, Danny?"

"I... um, asked if you'd show me those fantastic tits of yours," he said then blushed like a schoolboy.

"My tits? I'd be honored, Danny." And with a deft, feminine movement she scooped her breasts from her dress, letting them rest on the material so that they pointed straight ahead, with no sag whatsoever.

Danny licked his lips and went for her right breast. Margie cradled his head to it with both hands, murmuring softly, "Suck it, baby. Suck it good," and moments later she was squeezing his cock and rubbing its tip with her thumb, chanting, "Suck 'em good, baby, suck 'em good."


However, once Vince deposited Tessa on her feet in the bedroom, he had a rush of guilt. "Tessa, I... I can't."

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