tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 07

Coveting Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

Vince and Margie

After Danny and Tessa left, it became evident that Vince and Margie were uneasy in each other's presence. Both were careful not to comment on what had gone on the previous night and that morning and it was obvious to both that they were going out of their way to avoid one another rather than discussing their feelings about what had happened.

When Vince came downstairs the following morning, Margie was sitting at the table still in her dressing gown. By this time she was normally already dressed and ready for her daily routine. She didn't look up from the paper as he entered the kitchen. He walked quietly over to the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee.

As he turned and leaned against the counter, he began to worry that she was upset by what had happened the day before. She didn't look up from her newspaper when he walked over and sat down. "Aren't you going to say good morning?"

Margie lowered her paper and smiled self-consciously at him. "Good morning," she whispered and her face flushed.

It was obvious that she was uncomfortable about what had happened. However, Vince was in a good mood, only slightly embarrassed about his complicity in what had transpired. "Aren't you going to go shopping today?" he asked, in an attempt to break the ice.

"I thought I'd stay home today. We don't really need anything in particular."

"Oh," Vince said. "Honey, are you okay... with... you know... what happened yesterday?"

Suddenly, she looked like she was going to cry. "I... I... don't know." Then tears started to form in her eyes. "I... I just..." she said and her voice trailed off and she started to sob.

"Oh, God, baby, I'm sorry," Vince said coming around the table. He went to his knees and grabbed her hands in his. "I didn't mean for this to upset you. I love you so much. We shouldn't have done it. It was all my fault." He held her hands to his cheek and felt like crying himself.

Margie looked shocked as she stared down at her husband. "Your fault? It wasn't your fault, Vince. I... we... Tessa and me... we thought it through. We wanted it to happen as much as you and Danny did."

"But I encouraged you."

Margie started to answer but no words came out. She didn't know what to say. The tears poured down her cheeks as her heart filled with love. She slipped from her chair until she was on her knees in front of him.

"God I love you," she whispered as her lips met his.

Vince was surprised and moaned in his relief then pulled her to him, his tongue entering her willing mouth. The kiss quickly turned passionate.

"When we figured out what you and Danny were up to..." she said then groaned as his hand found her soft breast under her robe. A second later he was searching for the opening and slipped his hand inside.

"Tessa and I... Oh, yes, do that again!"

Encouraged, Vince pulled on the opposite nipple and a second later, Margie was pushing him to the floor and falling on top of him struggling to fee his cock from his slacks.

"I'll be late," Vince protested weakly as Margie pulled his hard cock from the opening.

"Shhh," she whispered as she moved her head down. A second later she took his penis into her mouth.

"Ohhhh!" Vince moaned as he looked down and watched her begin to suck him. He could see her eyes looking up at him as her tongue worked on the pulsing head. Suddenly, he recalled her lips wrapped around Danny's penis last night. Another moan escaped him and he closed his eyes, chastising himself for remembering her with another man while she pleasured him. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get the image from his mind.

Strangely enough a similar vision flashed into Margie's mind. She moaned and sucked harder, her hand pumping the shaft in an attempt to banish the image of Danny's member, recalled how it had throbbed as he released his sperm into her mouth and she'd greedily swallowed it all.

When she couldn't shake the image, she pulled away, bringing a moan from Vince. She stood up and looked down at her husband on the floor. With a smile filled with lust, she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor, standing naked above him. She moved until her feet were on either side of his legs. Then she slowly squatted and reached for his penis.

Vince's face was wild with passion now. He watched as his wife held his penis to her moistened lips. He let another moan escape as she brought the head into her hole. When he tried to push upward, she moved away and giggled. It was her turn to tease him.

"C'mon, Marge, don't tease, not now."

But Margie knew him better than he knew himself. She did it again and again, letting only the head enter her. It wasn't long before they were both mad with passion. Finally, she centered the head on her hole and pushed downward.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" they moaned together as his cock slipped all the way into her body. A second later, Margie started to bounce up and down, groaning with pleasure.

Finally, Vince lost the image of his wife sucking Danny off. Now all he saw was his gorgeous mate with her eyes closed in the throes of passion. He reached up and grasped her breasts.

Margie opened her eyes and smiled at Vince as she moved up and down with a regular tempo. Her heart was pounding with excitement at the love she saw in his eyes. Suddenly, without warning, her orgasm was upon her.

Vince could feel her trembling in pleasure as her vagina began a series of contractions around his shaft. He was unable to contain himself any longer and exploded, moaning, "Oh God baby," as he joined her, intensifying her climax and causing her to hump him with a renewed energy.

She was grunting from both the exertion and the waves of pleasure sweeping over her. Her climax went on for a long time.

Finally, she collapsed onto Vince's body, gasping for breath. When she could breathe again, she looked down at his face and smiled.

"You had better change your pants and get going or you're going to be late for work." With that, she pulled away, letting his rapidly shrinking penis slip from her; a gush of sperm followed his penis, and streamed down her thigh as she smiled at first then giggled helplessly at the sight.

Vince lay exhausted on the kitchen floor for several minutes trying to figure out what had just happened. A smile was on his face as he pulled himself to his feet and shook his head. That was better than make-up sex, he thought, and we hadn't even had a fight. The smile was still on his face as he left the house for work.

It was nearly 11:00 AM when Vince's office phone rang.


"Hi sweetie," Margie said with a smile in her voice.


"I just wanted to call and tell you how much I enjoyed this morning. It's been a long time since we were that spontaneous."

"I know. It was fun," Vince answered.

"I've been thinking a lot this morning," Margie said.

"Uh oh," Vince laughed.

"Seriously, you are a wonderful husband, Vince. It's not many husbands would forgive their wife after..." Margie said, suddenly very nervous. She had thought all morning about what she was going to say and even practiced it, but now she found the words hard to say.

Margie laughed nervously too and paused. Finally she said, "Vince, I know that the phone is not the proper place to talk about this but I just couldn't wait until you got home. Things went pretty far at the party. I think we need to discuss where all this is going."

"I thought we had. We agreed that it was fun and had spiced up our relationship," Vince said, trying not to sound defensive. Then, when Margie didn't say anything he asked, "Do you want it to end?"

"I don't know," she answered a little too quickly, and in a voice louder than necessary. She caught herself and said, "I mean... I mean it ... it was certainly different. I suppose it will add to... I should have said it will make our love life more interesting."

She paused then said, "But, how far do we let it go?"

"How far do you want it to go?" Vince threw the question back to her.

"I don't know. I know that I love you and that I don't want to damage our relationship."

"We won't let it. I love you too. Listen, why don't we talk about this when I get home?"

"Okay. But Vince, I... I got a call from Tessa."

The words came out in a rush. She obviously didn't want to end the conversation before she told him.

"What did she want?" Vince asked as if he didn't already know the answer to that.

"Uh... she wanted to know if I... if we wanted to come over to their place Friday night."

Suddenly Vince realized that this was the real reason for the call in the middle of the morning. For a moment he felt a sudden anger rising.

Margie had been prodding him without telling him the real purpose of her call. However, the anger just as quickly changed to excitement. "What did you tell her?" he asked in a non-committal tone, feeling the desire for Tessa swell along his groin.

"I said that I would let her know."

"Do you want to?" Vince reached down and gave his penis a squeeze.

"Only if you want us too."

"That's not fair Margie," Vince said tensely. She was the one bringing this up and he felt like she was trying to have him make the decision.

"You're right. Yes, of course you're right. I did enjoy last night. I admit I found Danny a good lover. Not... not that you aren't. He's... he was different in many respects. Oh, God, I hope you know what I mean!"

"Go on, you're doing a good job, honey."

"It's just that... I... I'm not sure if we should. We could be putting our marriage in jeopardy."

He knew it was dumb before the words left his mouth, but he said them anyway. "How could another evening with them jeopardize our marriage?"

"You... you could fall in love with her," Margie sobbed, "or I could... fall for him!"

"I freely admit I'm attracted to her. I won't lie to you. But I love you, Marge. I don't love Tessa. I might want to fuck her, but I love you. I want you by my side at night when I go to bed. I think that you probably feel the same about Danny. Am I right?"

"I... I don't know. That's why I'm so upset."

"Okay, okay. I have to go now, but we'll talk when I get home, okay, baby?"

Sniffling and hating herself for doing it, Margie haltingly agreed, hung up and had a good cry before her daughter, Tabby came home from school.


When Vince walked into the house at six forty-five, the house was unusually quiet. "Margie," he called out but didn't get an answer. He walked through the living room to the dining room and saw that that there were lit candles on the table and it was set with their best china and crystal. Vince heard something behind him and turned around.

"Hi sweetie," Margie stood in the doorway smiling at her surprised husband. She wore a low cut, very short cocktail dress. Most of her thighs and breasts were uncovered. Her hair was freshly styled and she had makeup on.

Vince had never seen the dress she was wearing. Suddenly he realized that she looked like a hooker. A smile came to his face. "What's going on?"

"I just thought you would enjoy a little TLC after working so hard today."

Vince almost laughed. He had barely gotten any work done today, especially after their conversation. Another smile came to his lips as he put down his briefcase and opened his arms. Margie practically ran to him. They hugged warmly and then kissed. Vince's dick was already hard and pressing against his wife's stomach. He was ready to take her right there. However, she pushed him away and spun around and then said, "Do you like?"

Vince's eyes were swimming in excitement as he stared as his wife. "I love it!"

"Do I look like your little slut?"

"Mmmm," Vince moaned and tried to pull her into his arms.

Margie held him back. "Why don't you shower and change and I'll have a cocktail waiting for you." Vince pulled her to him again and kissed her.

"I don't know if I can wait that long."

When Margie pushed him back again he said, "Okay," and reluctantly went upstairs. A few seconds later he was in the shower. As he washed himself, he thought of what was waiting downstairs and his cock began to harden. He lathered up his crotch and used his hand to stroke his rapidly swelling shaft. Suddenly, in his mind he envisioned Margie with Tessa. He felt his legs tremble in excitement as he imagined them going down on one another as they had the night before.

He halted his masturbation before he came, wanting to save it for Margie. The remainder of his shower was perfunctory, and he was finished drying himself off three minutes later.

When Vince came back downstairs, Margie was waiting. She handed him a drink and led him to the sofa. Then she snuggled next to him. The two of them sat quietly for a few minutes, and then with a giggle, Margie's hand slipped down to Vince's already tented pants and wrapped her fingers around his hardness. She began to move her hand.

"Um, better not," he cautioned.


"I'm primed, ready to go already."

"Ohhh." Margie said for the second time, but this one had a pleased tinge to it. She released him and waited for his next move.

He surprised her by saying, "About the conversation we had earlier."


"You know, about you're saying you were concerned about our relationship... that you or me might fall for Danny or Tessa?"


"I... um, had a talk with Danny afterward."

"You didn't!"

"Margie I felt I had too. He's always been honest with me. I... I was a bit confused after our talk and thought..."

"You shouldn't have done it, Vince! I mean... did I call Tessa about it? No! I called you. You're my husband. Why would you talk to Danny?"

"I'm sorry, but I did. Let me at least tell you what happened."

Waving her hand at him, she said, "Go on, what did he say?"

"He said that both he and Tessa had similar thoughts and had discussed them when they got home. He himself was fine with things. That is, he really enjoyed being with you and all, but he still wants to remain with Tessa."

"And what did Tessa say?"

"Essentially the same thing. Although he told me she confessed that she had a strong attraction to you, but thought that your relationship with her wouldn't put either marriage in danger, since you both loved your husbands."

"So he's saying we can have it both ways?"

"Yeah. Both ways. And we can swap... that's him talking... whenever we have the urge... that is, as long as everyone is in agreement."

"So... what I'm hearing you say is that what we did last night is perfectly okay. That no one and I mean no one is upset or concerned that what we did might get out of hand."

"That's right."

"And we'll repeat last night's... whatever you call it...."

"A swap night," Vince said, trying to be helpful.

"Yeah," she said with distain, "a swap night. Anytime the mood strikes us."

"Essentially, yeah," Vince said, wondering where she was taking the discussion.

"Well suppose the mood doesn't strike me?"

"Then it's no go. Everyone agrees, or nothing happens."

"No recriminations?" Margie said looking him in the eye.

Vince swallowed, and said, "No recriminations."

"Then it's a no go from me. Now let's you and I get it on!"

The Women

A month passed by without the couples attempting, or even discussing another evening together. They were still friendly, in fact, had grown closer as a result of the swapping, but there was something bothering each of them that kept them from repeating that night. Margie was troubled by the thought of losing her husband Vince to Tessa, or even worse, to another as yet unknown woman.

Their sex life was better than ever, with perhaps twice as much anal play as before that night. She learned that Vince loved having her finger his prostate gland while she jerked him off, or sucked him off. Once he blew his load, he would go down on her for an hour or more. All in all, it was tremendously satisfying sexually, and she felt no need to couple with either Tessa or Danny.

But her fear of losing Vince to another grew, until it was never far from being foremost in her mind. She lacked the strength to bring it up when conversing with her husband and longed to meet with Tessa for the valuable communication they shared, and the slowly returning urge to satisfy each other orally. Margie was certain Tessa could quell her fears about losing Vince, but also feared that if she took up with Tessa and Vince learned of it, it might be the catalyst is destroying her marriage.

And so, she willed herself to avoid taking or returning Tessa's calls, allowing the angst build inside her until she was at her wit's end.

Tessa, on the other hand, was struggling with her own sexuality not from partnering with Vince, but with the realization that she felt so strongly about renewing her sexual activities with his wife, Margie.

Tessa's concerns were twofold. She had approached Margie twice since that eventful night, wanting to have her over to her home for more sex, but Margie had declined the offers. Now Margie was not even answering her phone calls.

Tessa was certain she still loved Danny, but knew she had an acute need to make love to Margie again and again. Her second problem was that she had thoroughly enjoyed the night of swapping, and was looking forward to another night like it.

Tessa was to some extent introspective about what had occurred between the couples and found that she was even more secure about her marriage now that it had been tested with taking on other lovers. Danny had told her repeatedly that she was his one true love, regardless of how he felt about Margie and she believed him. She had confessed that she had thoroughly enjoyed fucking Vince and would do it again, if Danny was okay with it.

Still, she remained concerned about Margie's reluctance to take her calls. Did she feel threatened by Vince's feelings for her? Had she been too emotional about his lovemaking? Could she have had second thoughts about her professed feelings toward me? Had Vince said something derogatory about their lesbian activities? Any of these questions might be answered if and when the two women got together, if only to discuss their feelings about another night of partying.

Tessa's concerns about Margie, notwithstanding, she had come around to concluding that if Margie wouldn't partner with her and Danny, other couples might. And she had a good idea about who they might be.

As far as the husbands were concerned, Danny was of the opinion that the swap was a one-time deal, and felt strongly that any repeat performance, no matter how enticing, would endanger his marriage to Tessa. And he most assuredly didn't want that. Vince thought about nothing but another engagement with Tessa. In his mind he saw himself with both women at the same time, and frequently masturbated to that particular fantasy. At no time did he consider leaving his wife, for he was crazily in love with her.

Danny and Tessa

Danny and Tessa tried to resume their normal lives and deliberately avoided any conversation that might lead to a discussion of recreational sex until the first month's anniversary of their night with Margie and Vince. Unable to get Margie and Vince out of her mind, Tessa decided to see if Danny became particularly aroused if she mentioned another evening involving a swap.


"Yeah, baby?"

"Remember the conversation we had about recreational sex?"

"Um, Tessa, we had more than a conversation about it as I recall."

"Yes, well I wasn't referring to Margie and Vince. I mean the Lambert's... you know, Carol and Milford?"

"Um, didn't you also mention the Armstrong's?"

"No, I mentioned Cynthia's name, not Ben's."

"Oh, ho, Tessa, where are you going with this?"

"Honestly? Margie's been avoiding me. I've called her several times and she hasn't bothered returning them. You know I like having sex with her, and I did enjoy having Vince as a lover. I admit it; I'm a kind of slut about sex. Maybe I'm a whore..."

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