tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 09

Coveting Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 9

Tessa & Danny

When Tessa was in the shower in the morning, she heard the door open and felt Danny behind her.

"Oh, what do I deserve this for?" she asked as he soaped her behind.

Standing as far as she could from him in the small cubicle, she allowed him access to her behind. Soaping it and letting his finger explore and open both holes, he said to her "We forgot one thing last night, but that's okay, I'll make up for it during the day."

Puzzled, she said, "If you don't stop doing what you're doing with your fingers I will cum here, but I am intrigued with what you saying"

Then she felt something new enter her wet and open pussy, "Wow...what was that?"

"Those are a matched set of chrome balls. I can't remember what they're called, but I read that they keep you at a permanent state of arousal and as you walk they can even trigger an orgasm or two. I thought it would be nice for you to have them inside you all day today."

"Gosh," Tessa gasped as she became aware of the strange but welcome sensation inside her just as he stopped soaping her butt.

Danny watched her facial expressions as she stepped out of the shower and began drying herself with a towel. In turn she was aware of movements deep inside her and a strong desire to touch her clit and bring herself to the point of orgasm. They were doing what he said;

"Danny, I will be climbing the walls before long, I really want to cum, I want to finger myself or be fingered. They are amazing"

He laughed, "So they work then..."

"They certainly do!"

"Ben Wa... Ben Wa Balls! That's what they're called," he said happy to have remembered.

He moved behind her and rubbed his hand over her mons, paying particular attention to her clit.

"Oh, look who's come out of hiding!"


"I'm only teasing it."

"These damn balls have me extra sensitive there."

Ignoring her complaint, he sent two fingers into her cunt.

"Oh yes" she moaned

His fingers searched out the Ben Wa ball nearest the entrance, and found it, slick with her juices.

Her moans increased in volume, and Tessa began to ride his exploring fingers. "Feels so fuckin' good!"

"Want me to go faster?"


Seconds later she came with a cry and a shudder, clasping his fingers inside her pussy.

She came back down to earth and he removed his finger, presenting it to her to suck dry.

"Mmmm nice, no wonder you like going down there," she laughed as he handed her a towel."How long will it take before they get me going again?"

"I don't know exactly. Shouldn't take long. I'm told they'll keep your pussy stoked all day long. I'm told some women can't pass a restroom without going in and fingering themselves."

"You've been hearing a lot. So tell me, where are you hearing all this shit?"

He laughed and gave her his best Danny smile. Tessa smiled back and nodded. "It's started already," she said with a grin. "Wanna fuck?"

"If you let me watch you take the balls out," he replied solemnly.

Giggling obscenely, Tessa spread her legs, revealing her wide open sopping pussy. For his benefit, she put a finger deep inside her and with her eyes on his, found the string and gave a tug. With a barely audible plop the first ball popped out.

"See, it's really easy."

"Unless you can't find the string," he said. Frowning at this new piece of information, Tessa replied, "One should always be able to find it.

Falling that, one can force the ball out."

"May I ask how?"

"Grunting it out, I suppose. The same way you get a baby out, you summon the will power to force it out. Otherwise, we head for the hospital and let some intern worry about extracting it."

"That could be embarrassing," he said.

"No, interns have probably seen worse."

When the final ball popped out, Danny held them in the palm of his hand and asked how she had enjoyed them.

"I'm not really sure; honestly, I loved being on the edge. I loved how often they had me cum, but I'm concerned that it might lessen the fun we have together when you put Dick in Jane and play Tarzan.

"Basically I'm saying I'll try it again before deciding how much I like them."

"Fair enough," he said, thankful for the honesty they had with one another.

"It's like the vibrators" she continued. I like them and cum with them, but not as good as with your fingers, tongue, or dick."

"So... shall we adjourn to the bedroom?"

"Sure, but what I want right now is to watch you jerk off and cum on my tits."

"You have a filthy mind, my dear," he said, but was already stroking himself.

"I want a what'chamacallit," she purred, "I want a pearl necklace!"

And within two minutes, Tessa was sporting a brand new, glistening necklace of transparent hue, that were, in her opinion, undoubtedly the finest pearls ever mined.

Vince and Margie

Margie was already moaning in anticipation of a tumultuous climax. Since acquiring the Sybian she had had nothing but great climaxes and now expected one almost every time she had sex.

But Vince had another surprise for her this day, and using her nipples as a controlling device, he gently steered her backwards onto their bed. Once she lay on her back he left the room only to return moments later with what appeared at first glance to be a plastic curtain rod, or something similar.


"In a minute, my love," Vince replied, wanting her relaxed before he began.

He held the device up for her inspection. "Now, as you can see, I'm holding a plastic rod. It has a smaller, metal rod inside it, and a knob at each end. I also have these plastic plates, which you can see are kind of shaped like the figure eight. They fit between those lovely breasts of yours, like so."

Margie also noted that at the end of each knob there seemed be a wire protruding, but he was still explaining things and she tried to concentrate on his words and forgot about the wires for the time being.

She smiled as he fit the figure-eight shaped plate between her gravity-flattened breasts, and then saw that the wires now dangled down over a nipple.

"What is...?"

"It's one of those Japanese contraptions, Marge. I think you'll grow to like it."

"Grow to like it? What the hell are you doing, Vince?"

"These," Vince continued, smoothly, "Are Japanese nipple clamps."

"I don't think I...."

Balancing the contraption carefully on Margie's torso, he pinched one nipple firmly between finger and thumb, pulled it upwards and, with a twist of his fingers, opened the clamp and closed it over Margie's sensitive flesh.

The sound Margie made was almost orgasmic as his fingers tightened painfully on the nipple. Margie jerked upward trying to escape the sudden onrush of the lightning bolt of pain and pleasure that resulted.

"The thing about these clamps," Vince continued calmly as he fastened the other nipple, "Is that the more you pull on this end, the more the jaws at that end, tighten."

He began to twist the knob, and Margie realized that the metal inside the plastic rod was threaded, and that it was lifting the clamps away from her chest, taking her nipples with it, exerting an unbelievable pressure on her distended nipples.

Margie began whimpering in pain. She was confused in that she liked the pleasurable portion this treatment was bringing to her, but didn't care for the painful part.

"Vince!" she croaked out, and realized her throat was parched. Her eyes widened in surprise on seeing her nipples were now stretched out to at least an inch and a half.

Her husband stopped twisting and stood there admiring his work. "So much more to suck. So much more, Margie. I'm very pleased."

"Vince... I'm in pain. Get me out of this contraption!"

"In a minute Marge. In a minute, but first I have another gadget to try out on your tits."

."Vince!" Margie protested weakly.

"This is called a Japanese Snake Bite."

"No! I don't want..."

"They can be used to suck venom from a snake bite, or..."

"Vinnie, quite it! I mean it, cut the shit out!"

Ignoring his wife, Vince continued with his explanation while applying the device to her breast. "They have, and please believe me on this, enough suction to extract venom from your body." He squeezed each one, hard, and then pressed them down over her nipples and at the same time released his grip on the cylinders.

Margie screamed out in shock and pain. To her it felt like there was a huge mouth on each breast sucking imaginably hard. Hard enough to leave deep, dark bruises. She was reduced to begging her husband to take them off, but Vince let his hand drop over her clit and began rubbing her there and she went berserk.

"Oh, yes! That's it! That's it!" she screamed and then came hard.

Margie had the completely unfocused, dreamy look of someone in a trance when Vince fed his cock into her mouth and she gulped, swallowing it, until she felt the intense, masculine, totally intoxicating odor of her husband's groin through his sac pressed into her nose. She began sucking away as she absorbed him, wanting him to cum in her mouth; not caring about anything but that and her next orgasm, which she knew was waiting patiently out there, and would arrive with the next stimulus.

But somehow her own orgasm was no nearer, despite the fact that she was helplessly, overridden by lust and the need to be used.

Then, Vince grunted twice as her cheeks hollowing and molding to the shape of his cock, and he came with a violent spasm that nearly threw them both off the bed.

Suddenly Margie exploded. She thought she may have levitated off the bed. She was definitely screaming, and possibly cursing as well. Unexpectedly she felt that the pain in her nipples was worth it.

Her breath was returning to normal as Vince removed the snake bite cups from her breasts which were now swollen, purple and aching as Marge carefully examined them, glaring at her husband all the while.

"You son-of-a-bitch, I've half a mind to go out and buy a device that puts your balls in a vise and squeezes them until their juice runs out your fucking nose!"

Margie didn't speak to him the rest of the evening and when it was time to go to bed, she made Vince sleep on the couch.

Tessa & Danny

Both Danny and Tessa were puzzled over just how to proceed with joining Cynthia's circle of 'special' friends without insulting and possibly ending a perfectly good relationship with Margie and Vince.

"I know if anything happened to damage our relationship you'd really miss Margie," Danny was saying as they lay on their respective lounges at poolside.

"More than ever now that she's got that Sybian," Tessa giggled.

"So how many times did you get off while riding that thing?"

"I honestly couldn't say. But it was like I started to cum and didn't stop. When she turned it up even one notch I came so fast it almost erased the previous one. And then she turning it up full blast and I kept coming. There's no way to describe it. One long orgasm is the best I can do and that's woefully inadequate."

Tessa was reclining on her side in a fetching baby blue bikini. Danny reached over and untied the halter, letting it fall to the edge of the pool.

"You have the greatest tits in the world," he said quietly.

"C'mon over here," she laughed, and pulled him down to kiss her. Following the kiss, she deftly helped rid him of his trunks and gently caressed his ball sac.

"Seem full to me," she giggled.

"Probably are, it's been at least fifteen minutes since I whacked off looking at Cynthia's high school graduation pictures.

"Oh, you!" Tessa screeched in mock indignation, and then she rolled to a sitting position, leaned forward and took his growing erection into her mouth, lifting it so that she could get to the sensitive underside then nibbling on his tip with her full lips. While he reached down to fondle her breasts.

"Christ, I'm still so horny from the Sybian," she gasped, releasing his penis and rolling onto her back. "Let's forego the foreplay, Danny. Give it to me hat and hard!"

He ran his hands over her beautiful breasts. Even lying on her back, Tessa had more than a handful. He was kissing and licking and biting her chest while Tessa laughed delightedly.

"Baby, you've got me tingling all over!"

"Mmmm," he groaned as he knelt between her legs and slowly moved the flat of his tongue over one then the other thigh.

"Get me off, honey! I really need to get off in a hurry!"

Danny laughed but continued kissing her inner thighs then snaked a finger inside her bikini bottoms while his thumb massaged the camel toe evident under the tight material.

"Jesus!" Tessa huffed, lifting herself enough to both untie the knot at the side of her bikini and deftly slip them down to her knees.

The feminine smell that reached his nose was exquisite, slightly spicy and sweet. Tessa swung her legs into the air and sent the bottoms flying into the pool.

"I just hope no one happens by until we can retrieve them," she giggled.

Danny had already trapped her legs in the air and was licking the back of her right knee.

"Oh, that tickles..." She giggled school girlishly.

A moment later his mouth descended on her pussy and she howled with sheer pleasure.

"Quiet down, the neighbors will come running if you do that again," he laughed.

She did, but her face masked with desire, spread her legs into a wanton, spread-eagled position and Danny began eagerly lapping at her juicy vagina while teasing her clit until she started to cum.

He lovingly stroked her silken hair and inhaled the scent emanating from her oozing pussy.

Soon she began to revive. "God, that was good."

"What time are Maggie and Vince coming over?" he asked.

"We have... about an hour and a half," Tessa said with an evil grin.

"What?" Danny asked.

She grabbed his cock and got down on her knees and started blowing him.

When Danny was rock hard, pulled him from her mouth and told him, "I've got to have you in me now."

"Then let's take it inside."

"Anywhere you want, lover!"

Once they were in their bedroom, Tessa swung astride Danny's body. At first she rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. "Oh, this feels so good. I love how you feel in my hand, and now inside me."

With that, she started lowering herself slowly down. She began dropping an inch or two only to rise up again. Back down she went, taking an extra inch. Finally after five or six tries, she sat firmly on his hips with her pussy firmly clutching all of his cock.

"God, if you keep doing that I'll shoot too soon," Danny gasped.

Tessa was practicing her Kegel exercises. To Danny, her muscle contractions were exquisite. "Oh, you're my woman, Tess."

Panting from her excessive clenching and humping, she laughed, "Are you really going to sing that song from Porgy & Bess?"

Laughing, Danny gasped, "Tess, you is my woman," and then convulsed with laughter, sobering only when he felt a shudder sweep through her. Tessa pushed on his shoulders and moved faster, her elongated nipples grazing the hair on his chest.

He moved his fingers lightly over her back. The feel of her skin was like warm silk. He wet two fingers in his mouth and reached between them to rub her clit.


He felt the heat pouring out of her and onto him. Her movements became irregular and jerky from side to side and back and forth.

"OH FUCK!" And then she slumped onto his chest, as he sent his seminal fluids gushing into her.

At least two minutes passed before either of them moved. It was Tessa who reached out to fondle his flaccid cock and balls.

"Danny, your cock is so beautiful and it's all mine. I love to love it," then she kissed and licked her way up one side, around the corona and down the other side, tasting our combined juices. "Better than any ice cream cone I ever had."

"That's because it's not ice cream but hot cream."

"Yum, yum." She took loud slurps of my cock and balls and the hair and skin all around. She changed from playing to serious work. One hand pumped the base of my cock slowly. Her mouth sucked and licked and acted like an o-ring on the head. She pulled on my hip to roll me on to my side.

As I turned she reversed her body and opened her top leg so that I was staring into her pussy. Her free hand came down to spread her lips.

Danny knew what was expected of him and never having had a problem tasting his own cum in a woman's pussy, moaned happily, "Oh yeah, baby, let me at it.

"No," She rotated her hips back a little. "Just watch."

As he watched, she ran her fingertips down and back up her slit and around her clit. Back down again and then in and out several times.

With almost no warning at all. Her mouth engulfed his withered cock and pleasured it with her tongue. Danny felt the vibrations of her moans in his balls.

He watched her fingers stroke, glide, and pump all over her pussy. He smelled her hot, spicy musk as her undulating hips wafted the odor towards his nose. He heard her moans, groans, gasps, and slurps as she pleasured herself for him. And he felt the velvet softness of her mouth and the gentle but firm caress of her hand.

Her hips increased their rocking as her fingers became more insistent and probing in their assault on her pussy. Her mouth attacked his growing cock more wetly and more completely.

"I'm going to cum," he warned her.

Tessa's sounds changed as Danny started to spurt in her mouth. She jammed her fingers inside as far as she could and snapped her thighs together trapping the hand between them.

Suddenly he felt cool air on the head of his cock. Looking down he saw her mouth open, his cock still dribbling a little into it and cum running out of the corner of her mouth. Danny turned around and kissed her hard. They shared the remainder of his splooge between them.

"We better get cleaned up," Tessa said, rolling off the bed.

"You go first, hon," Danny said.

"Don't fall asleep on me. They'll be here before you know it."

**** Danny greeted Vince and Margie with a stoic, "No sex tonight folks. Tessa wore me out knowing you two were coming over."

"Gee," Margie replied, "had I known that I would have brought the Sybian along. Just to keep me occupied, you know?"

Everyone laughed then Vince added, "I can always run home and bring it over."

"Oh, I'd love to see Margie give it a workout. I hear great things about it," Danny laughed.

"Let's leave that for another time," Margie quipped, and everyone laughed again.

It seemed that things between the couples were back to normal.

Tessa poured everyone a glass of white wine, and they all settled down in their respective seats.

"Okay, here's the thing," Danny said as he placed his wineglass down on a coaster.

"We've been contacted by some people who want us to play with them."

Margie was stunned. "What!"

"Easy, Marge," Tessa said. "Let Danny finish, please?"

"Another couple?"Vince said, scratching at his groin.

"I don't believe the two of you," Margie said, obviously peeved. "I mean, here we spend one night with our respective spouses and you're peddling your pussy all over town. How could you do that to me, Tessa?"

"Whoa," Tessa barked. "First of all, I'm ... I mean; we're not peddling our asses all over town. If you give me a chance I explain what happened. You'll see I didn't do anything you wouldn't have done under similar circumstances."

"I gotta hear this," Vince said, and then gulped the remainder of his wine down and reached for the second bottle and poured him and Margie another glass.

"It was shortly after the night we spent together. If you recall, Marge, you weren't returning my calls. In fact, I have reason to think you deliberately ignored them."

This was confirmed when Vince gave his wife a glaring look. He had been anxious to fuck Tessa again, but Margie had made one excuse after another, which was the reason he'd purchased the Sybian.

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