tagErotic CouplingsCoveting Ch. 12

Coveting Ch. 12

byParis Waterman©

"So was the other night your first time swapping?" Milford quietly inquired as he drove toward his home.

"Um, yeah, I guess so. I mean, we swapped with the Persons a couple times before the other night." Margie freely admitted.

"How did you find them? I mean, as opposed to having sex with your husband?"

Um, I'd have to say I found the variety of taste... of different textures amazing. I mean, everywhere I put my mouth there was a different taste."

Milford noted that Margie was alternately placing a finger or two in her mouth between speaking, as if reliving that night.

"If you ask me, I think we'll find one another conducive to all manner of sexual pleasures."

"I didn't ask, Milford."

"No, but that mind of yours is racing with lewd and lascivious thoughts, isn't it?"

"I won't lie and say I haven't had some rather naughty ideas since getting into the car with you."

"I bet you had even lewder ones back at the restaurant."

Margie laughed and grasped his knee. "Perhaps I did.

"It must have been the drinks. Do you agree?"

"Maybe," she laughed lewdly. After all, if you take a tall glass, with lots of ice and a slice of lemon., Rivulets of condensation beading the outer side of the glass.

"Margie, I love the way you make a simple cocktail sound so erotic."

"Perhaps I'm a bit like you, Milford."

"How so?" he asked as he checked his rearview mirror to see if Vince and Carol were still behind them.

"We both have naturally filthy minds."

They both laughed then Milford replied, "Could be. My mind automatically switches to filthy mode whenever we speak."

"Oh, are you implying that I'm a bad influence on you.

"Milford, forgive me saying this, but you are so full of shit."

They both laughed and her fingertips grazed over his erection, signaling him that she was his for the asking.

"Stop teasing me!"

"Me? Teasing? As if."

"We're only five minutes from my place," he said.
Margie laughed evilly then said, "If there was more light and I was looking at you now... would I see the outline of a big... I mean, really big cock through those trousers?"

"Yes... without any difficulty."

"Mmmm, the thought of that cock being restrained by clothing is incredibly arousing."

"Oh, so you'd like to touch me through my clothes? To run a fingertip – or perhaps just the tip of a fingernail – along my length and make me shudder?"

Margie was laughing as she did exactly what he suggested, this time with a show of expertise, feeling him strain against her grasping fingertips.

"Take it out, why don't you?"

"Should I?"

"Yes..." he groaned expectantly.

"I could drop down to my knees..."

"Yes!" he groaned loudly as the car swerved to the right before he regained control.

"On the other hand I better wait until you park. Carol just flashed her high beams at us. They probably know what we're up too."

"If I know my Vince his hand is already up her skirt and she's not the one driving."

Actually Vince didn't have his hand up Carol's skirt. But she had him, or rather his hard, throbbing cock in her hand, slowly squeezing it and bringing him along in what she called a "Marathon Masturbation."

"Oh, Christ!" he swore as she started to suck on him, letting her saliva run down over his shaft and testicles as she showed off her deep-throating skills.

"Like it?" she said between mouthfuls of dick.

"I'm tryin' to drive this fuckin' car, Carol."

"Should I stop?" she teased.

"I don't fuckin' know!" he gasped. A moment later he yelled out, "Jesus, your husband's car nearly served off the road!"

"Your wife's probably sucking his cock. He's got a big one you know."

"Oh, Christ!" he swore a second time.


Margie had been jittery ever since Milford had momentarily lost control of the car.

"Let's wait until we get there. That way we won't be sorry for something we might have avoided if we had."

"Sure, I can wait. I bet you suck a mean cock."

"Is your cock mean? I don't care much for mean cocks, Milford."

They both laughed at her remark and were silent until he pulled the car into the oversized garage and shut the engine off.


Once both couples were inside the Lambert's spacious residence, they paired off, Carol with Vince in tow, made their way upstairs to what amounted to a second master bedroom.

Milford happily escorted Margie into the master bedroom located on the first floor of the more than 4000 square foot home.

"Now I get to see those magnificent nipples of yours," Lambert chuckled. His words sent a thrill directly to Margie's clit and she shuddered.
Lambert noticed, and said, "We'll hold off fucking for a while. There are other things we should do before that."

"Such as?" Margie said as his left hand reached into the neck of her dress and lifted the right breast out of its confinement.

"OH!" she moaned as his mouth began sucking greedily on the exposed nipple. Margie's cunt overheated and became sopping wet.

"Put it in me!"

He let her breast go, and said, "No, not just yet," he replied. "I want you totally wild and wantonly open for me."

"What does it feel like to know I'll do anything you ask?"

"I wouldn't have expected any less from you," he said, pleasing Margie no end.

"Do you get off on the power you seem to have over women?" she inquired as she shucked the black dress from her body, leaving her standing in a thong, thigh-high black stockings and heels.

"I don't have any power over you. You give it to me because you want to be controlled. You want to be dominated and you all want to be humiliated to some extent."

"Do we?" she said, startled at his statement.

Lambert allowed his slacks to drop to the floor. He wore nothing beneath them and his erection loomed large in Margie's eyes.

Jesus, he must be almost a foot long!

"I imagine you're wondering how big my cock is," Lambert chuckled. "Well, I'll tell you. It's exactly eleven inches in length and six inches in circumference."

He curled a finger and beckoned her to come to him with it. She crawled across the bed, losing a shoe in the process. He reached out with his left hand and wrapped his fist tightly in her dark brown curls and pulled her hard toward him until her mouth was scant inches from his member.

"Have at it, my little slut," he said imperiously.
As Margie gazed wantonly at the bulbous cockhead dauntingly close to her lips, she opened her mouth, wondering if it would fit.

As if reading her mind, Lambert crooned, "It will fit, my dear; think of how many other women have made love to it, and how many will do so after we're done this evening.

Raising her eyes to his, Margie responded, saying, "Your ego's bigger than your penis, Milford."

He laughed at her remark and agreed with her, "Probably so, Margie, probably so. Still it's there for your sucking pleasure. So get on with it.

"Your knees will be so weak after I suck your dick you won't be able to stand up!"

"Let's see you do it!" he replied as her mouth opened wide and engulfed the head of his member.
"Mmmm, off to a good start," he cooed, and then gasped when her fingernails brushed over his balls.

Margie had already decided to go all out with this pompous, but well endowed man. She tried something that usually drove her husband wild and brushed her dark brown hair over his thighs making sure it caressed his balls and shaft as well.

"Touch my ta-ta's, Milford, I like them played with."

Lambert alternated between her generously sized breasts, squeezing one while fondling the other, occasionally taking a nipple between his teeth and nipping at it, causing the nipples to lengthen and harden.

Margie shifted position so that she could rub her ta-ta's over his lap for a minute or so. Then she roughly spread his legs far apart, kissing his thighs and occasionally allowing her tongue to flick over his testicles, making sure her kisses were loud and wet, wanting him to hear their sounds; wanting them to inflame him further.
And when she took his right testicle into her mouth he groaned for the first time and she was sure that she had him where she wanted him.

After swishing it around in her mouth, she switched to the other one, tickling his asshole with a finger at the same time. His breathing intensified when she enveloped both balls in her mouth, warming them with lavish licks of her tongue.

He let out a loud moan, and she reached out with her left hand, encircled his thick cock and began a slow stroking masturbation.


Meanwhile upstairs, Carol took Vince's cock from her mouth and giggled. "Your wife has my husband moaning. She must really be good."

"She's the greatest," Vince said agreeably.

"If she's the greatest," Carol, slightly put off by the comment, said "Why are you here with me?"

"Because variety is the spice of life, and you, Carol Lambert, have a cunt that smacks of nectar of the God's."

"God damn it, Vince, you talk the talk... make me cum!"

He didn't disappoint Carol, covering her torso with thousands of butterfly kisses, while squeezing her magnificent breasts until she was wincing with both pain and pleasure.

And when he was certain she couldn't take another kiss, he moved quickly to her center, bestowing countless more kisses and sweet tender licks of the tongue on her inner thighs until she was shivering with desire.

Vince was operating on a higher level than he ever performed at, and seemed to realize it. He confirmed it all when on touching her cunt with his soft lips, Carol was compelled to scream out her pleasure as if she'd had a magnificent orgasm, and yet she had not come close to coming.

He moved his mouth to her ear and in between his hot kisses along her ear lobes and throat, he told her how delightful it was to touch her smooth, pliant flesh; how the waiting built the anticipation of what lay ahead; how nothing he had ever experienced compared to her body and its many secret treasures that she was giving to him.

Carol was moaning non-stop by this time and Vince knew he would have to fuck her sooner than later. He sent two fingers into her and she screamed.
"The smell of you is driving me crazy," he whispered to her and felt her shudder against him.

"Your pussy is so fucking tight, it's hard to believe. I've heard your husband has a huge cock and yet you're so tight. How is it possible?"

Carol had no answer to the question. She did however love him for saying what he had. She had never been with a man so generous in his praise for her; for her body and she wanted nothing more than to have him spear her with his manhood and unleash a torrent of sperm into her.

"I have to taste you!" he croaked and bent to lick at her opened even as his fingers fucked her pussy so enthusiastically that Carol felt her orgasm rising.

She was dripping juices so rapidly that Vince wet his thumb in them and tried to insert it in her rectum.

"What!" she gasped.

"It's just my thumb," he replied.


The thumb slipped in and he realized that Lambert must fuck her anally fairly often. But he was still occupied with gratifying her orally and concentrated on doing just that.

With two fingers in her twat, he lapped away at her clitoris and worked the thumb in and out of her anus until, like pressing a magic button her orgasm smashed into her. Carol became outrageously excited and started to cum repeatedly.

Carol was screaming out her satisfaction; gyrating against both the thumb Vince kept moving inside her asshole, and the fingers and mouth actively working on her cunt.

He knew she was literally on fire. He slowed down his ministrations and waited for her climax to subside somewhat.


"You... you're much better than I thought you'd be," Lambert confessed, although Margie already knew his appraisal of her skills would be extremely complimentary.

She let his testes fall from her mouth and blew on them, hastening the cooling process.

"Oh, Christ, Margie, I...."

She shut him up by licking the length of his prodigious cock both ways, letting a generous amount of saliva drool from her mouth and drench his lap and pubic hairs.

"Oh... suck it! Suck it!"

"Shut up!" she barked just before beginning again, this time at the root of his phallus then working her way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head; spending an inordinate amount of time kissing, licking and sucking in that area.

And when Margie understood that he needed a more direct stimulation, she placed her lips around the mushroomed head of his cock and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with her hand, Margie slowly lowered her mouth over his organ, taking three quarters of his length down her throat before starting to gag.

Somehow she managed to overcome the gag reflex and took almost ten of his eleven inches into her throat. No woman had ever managed more, and Lambert was greatly impressed, although he didn't realize it at the time.

Margie eased him out and whispered to him: "When you're ready, let it go. I swallow, Milford. I want all your jizm... so let it fly, baby. Just let it fly."

Her comment was all it took to bring him to his peak. Lambert began to buck his hips into Margie's face. She had about half his cock in her mouth, sucking feverishly on it while using both hands to jerk him off.

Lambert was soaked with sweat. There wasn't an inch of his flesh that wasn't covered with it. He was moaning louder with each suck of her mouth on him.

Margie let even more saliva pour from her mouth, wanting her blowjob as wet and messy as possible to enhance the overall effect.

"Cum for me, Baby!" she cooed, "Cum for me!"

Then she returned to his cock, sucking like a slut in heat; making sexual sounds to further excite him, and succeeding beyond her wildest dreams.

Margie took him deep again, breathing through her nose; his thighs pressed up against her cheeks, and her eyelashes brushed against his pubic hair.

Lambert's hands seized Margie's hair while he groaned.

Margie retaliated by firmly taking hold of his balls, sending him an unmistakable message that if he hurt her, she would hurt him. He let his hands drop to his side.

Still sucking his member, she eased off his testicles, fondling them in lieu of squeezing them. She felt the 'stones' in them withdraw into the uppermost recesses of the sacs; a sure sign he was ready to ejaculate.

Margie intended to milk him dry and continued sucking and licking him with a loving affection while steadfastly fondling his balls.

Glancing up at him, she saw his eyes were closed. She reached up and took his hands and placed them on her breasts, letting him have something soft and pleasant to hold onto while he came.

"Oh... baby... I'm gonna come soon, I can tell. I can't hold it much longer...."

Margie responded by intensifying her suction on his glands, making loud slurping sounds as she readied herself to finish him off. His cock was rock hard and throbbing; she could feel it shaking, and visualized the hot white cum loaded up in his balls getting ready to fill her mouth.


Margie felt him contract.

Felt his erection flex.

And focused the muscles of her mouth and tongue intently on the head of his dick while tightening her grip around his balls. The precum she had tasted throughout the blowjob changed from a trickle to a drip.

One...two.... Margie counted silently, and then the expected explosion came.

Margie was no novice when it came to giving head. She had blown her husband Vince over a thousand times, and there had been others before him and a few that we know came after she married him. But this time there was a rush unlike any previous blowjob.

Lambert's load was almost too much for Margie to handle. Obviously he had stored up a maximum load, and Margie later speculated that she had enticed even more out of him by playing with his testes for such a long time before he got off.
Margie was compelled to bob her head up and down awhile rapidly swallowing his ejaculate.

On another level, she realized he was squeezing the hell out of her tits whether consciously or unconsciously she never knew, but the pain inflicted helped her concentrate on wolfing down the prodigious load he was still releasing into her mouth.

But as his cum mixed with her own saliva, Margie found it increasingly difficult to breathe through her nose and opened her mouth to gulp air into her lungs. His sperm drooled from the corners of her mouth, but she managed to keep his rock hard cock wedged in her mouth and as the major portion of his orgasm faded away, she continued licking and sucking on him, ultimately draining the remaining droplets of seed from his shriveled testicles.

Lambert rolled away from her, his cock making a popping noise as it left her still suctioning lips. Margie stroked his thigh lovingly. She wanted to take his penis back in her mouth but knew it would be extremely sensitive at the moment, and gave it a soft kiss, licking away the last remaining drops of fluid.


Carol was on still fire and Vince knew it was time to fuck her now. He removed his finger after she stopped quivering then spread her legs.

She laughed lewdly and reached down to slide her panties to one side, beckoning him to enter her.
He moved in close and rubbed his cock back and forth between her slippery folds until her plentiful juices covered his distorted, aching cock, and unable to contain himself another second, entered her, savoring the deliciousness of the moment.

When he felt his balls against her ass cheeks he placed both hands against her ass and began to fuck her slowly and deliberately, enjoying Carol's moans of delight. When he resumed teasing her asshole.

Vince was almost positive that Lambert fucked his wife up the ass as a matter of course and decided to take her that way himself.

"Let's try it doggy-style," he grunted. "I'll send you to the fuckin' moon."

"Anything you want, Vince. You feel so good in me," Carol husked in reply, and then rotated into the desired position.

Vince laid it to her for several minutes, hammering away at her and bringing her to at least one powerful climax. Then he eased out of her and spit directly on the brown starfish that was her asshole and centered his cockhead against the wet pucker.

"You gonna?"

"Yeah, any objections?"

"No... just go easy, all right?"

"All right."

He spit once more and rubbed his middle finger in the saliva before sending it into her rectum. The effect was immediate. Carol moaned, and Vince watched as she shivered and arched her back like an alley cat in heat.

He never hesitated, but pressed himself against her asshole and shoved his erection in. Passing the tight constriction of her opening and well into her anal canal.

Carol gyrated appreciatively and pushed back to take more of him into her.

"You love me back dooring you, don't you?"

"God damn right!" Carol groaned as a wave of pleasure swept through her.

Inspired, Vince began jack-hammering into her and brought on a swift orgasm for both of them.
He flopped out of her ass as Carol collapsed in a fit of sobbing, shivering pleasure.

They lay together in spoon-like fashion until Margie and Lambert entered the room and joined them on the bed.

"Carol honey, I want you to eat Margie's pussy while Vince and I recover."

"Mmmm, what?" Carol murmured, still in the throes of her tumultuous climax.

"Eat her, baby. We need to watch so we stiffen up for the next round."

"Oh, yeah... sure. Spread 'em for me sweetie," Carol chirped and moved between Margie's still widening thighs.

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