tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCowboy Needed Ch. 02

Cowboy Needed Ch. 02


I've never been the kind to mind being used by a woman. If a woman needs some physical satisfaction and turns to me to achieve it, who am I to complain? I'm a good looking guy. I work hard and play harder. I've never had trouble loving and leaving.

But I can't get Sam out of my head.

Her taught nipples, puckered up into tight little buds, straining against the thin material of her tank top; the sweet curve of her ass, accentuated by skin tight jeans, begging to be spread wide and plundered; her pouty mouth, curved into a wicked little grin, as she thinks about my big cock deep inside her sweet little pussy. I shake my head trying to clear those images, and a dozen more just like them.

It's been a rough couple of days.

Two days ago, my first day on this ranch, she jumped me. Sam enticed me with that hot little body, played the part of a broke in little slut and, come to find out, she's a virgin. I've never been played like that before. I never saw it coming. But now, it won't stop eating away at me. I need to feel her against me, I want to make her squirm and squeal and beg for my cock. I don't really think that it'll be hard, not if she could already play the part so well, but I want her to regret her game. I want to see fear in her eyes and make sure she damn well knows that she's not in charge.

A girl shouldn't toy with a man.

Just then, as if knowing where my mind has wandered, Sam rides up on her big grey gelding. One of the other hands and I are right in the middle of mending fences on the south end of the property. It's close to noon and the Arizona sun is beating down pretty mercilessly, even for March. I steal a glance at her from under my hat. She's sporting her usual tank top and jeans, though today she's added a long sleeved button down shirt (probably to keep her creamy skin from burning). It does little to actually cover her up though, as she's left the top three buttons undone, and tied the shirt tails in a knot under her breasts, as if making sure they're on display. Immediately my dick starts to strain against my jeans.

"Ethan, Jake." She nods a greeting at us. "Jorge needs help with a busted line at the well. He asked for you Jake." I could see her swallow hard and fidget with the reins.

"Shit, Sam, are you serious?" Jake cursed under his breath and slapped his gloves against his thigh. "Here it is practically noon, these fences are top priority and fucking Jorge can't get his shit together at the well." He cursed again.

"I'll help Ethan with the fence, Jake. Just go help Jorge." She sighed and swung off her gelding. "Take the truck back and Ethan and I will sort this out." She glanced at me with nervous eyes.

Jake nodded in agreement and without further ado, hopped in the old rattle trap of a pickup and was gone, a trail of dust verifying that Sam and I were alone. I could tell she hadn't thought through her plan far enough to consider this; the fact that I was still here, having to work with her everyday, even though she'd felt me deep inside her. She didn't know who I was. She didn't know if she could trust me or not. All she had thought when she had seen me was that I looked like the kind of guy who could fuck her like she'd always dreamed of. Her inexperience was showing. I could see the worry in her eyes, how tense she was. There was no way she was going to relax around me, not now, not after having my thick shaft split her virgin hole wide open. To tell you the truth, I was okay with it. I grinned.


The way his eyes ravished me, I couldn't help but shudder. Sure, I had played my game, I had gotten him right where I wanted him, and gotten what I wanted, but this Ethan did not seem like the same Ethan who had fucked me so well two days ago. This Ethan had a predatory grin that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

He was still impossibly handsome. Any girl would agree. And despite the fear bubbling up inside me, I still felt turned on. I tried to shrug it off as nerves. This man had taken my virginity. Sure, I had gotten exactly what I wanted and I don't regret it, but the look on Ethan's face when he had realized I had never been with a man before was hard to forget. I shook my head and cleared my throat, trying to remember the task at hand.

"We should probably . . ." But I couldn't finish. He had taken two strides towards me and grabbed a handful of hair behind my head. I stumbled back and would have fallen, but he grabbed me and forced his mouth onto mine. I dropped the reins I had been holding as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. Ethan yanked my hair, forcing my head back. He pulled his mouth from mine and I gasped as he moved his teeth along my neck, nipping here and there. Before I realized what was happening, Ethan had turned me around and forced my hands behind my back painfully.

"What are . . ." But again, I couldn't finish.

"Shut up, you little slut! You wanted me and you're gonna get me." He growled in my ear. Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart began to race. This was more than arousal and the fear inside me began to burn like a fire.

"Please, no! I'm so sorry!" I sobbed. "I didn't mean to use you like I did!" I began to shake uncontrollably. Ethan still had my hands behind my back and I could tell he was binding them with wire. When he had finished, he turned me back around to face him and forced me onto my knees. The wire cut into my wrists, and the pain shocked me into a realization. "I don't know this man!" My mind shouted at me. I was completely alone with a man I barely know, and he, very obviously, had not appreciated me taking advantage of him.

He yanked the buttons at the front of my shirt and tore the thin fabric of my tank top until by small, full breasts popped out. My sensitive nipples betrayed my arousal as they puckered into tight, pebble hard nubs as his rough hands grazed over them. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at his face as he growled at me. "You're gonna realize how it feels to be used by a man. I know you want it, and I'm gonna be the one to give it to you." I closed my eyes and sobbed, letting the tears stream down my face. Ethan released my chin and began to pull the raging hard on from his jeans. "You're gonna take this big cock deep in your throat." My eyes widened as I saw again how big he was. "And if you bite me, I'm gonna slice a nice punishment into your skin with this." He showed me the not so modest buck knife he kept on his hip. "Understand?"

I couldn't speak, so I nodded, shuddering at the thought of him using that knife on my soft skin. Without another word, he held the smooth head of his cock up to my lips, rubbing it back and forth until I sobbed and let it in. I could barely wrap my lips around it, how did he expect me to take it all the way down my throat? He grabbed my head with both hands and began to thrust in and out of my mouth. I struggled to breathe as the fear and excitement took over. With each thrust he was forcing himself deeper, bumping my tonsils. I gagged and had to swallow in order to breathe, which was enough for him to force his straining length all the way in. My throat burned and tears came to my eyes. I began to panic. I couldn't catch a breath of air. For another dozen heartbeats, Ethan held himself all the way down my throat. I tried to swallow, trying to find some way to get blessed air into my lungs, but Ethan just groaned and held me fast. Then he pulled out and thrust again. And again. And again. Then I felt his already big cock swell bigger. He slammed himself deep down my throat and said, "Swallow it, Bitch. You take that hot cum." With that his cock began to pulse and load after load of thick cum piled up in my throat, I had to swallow, or choke.

Ethan held my face, his manhood completely buried. Then, slowly, he pulled out. I coughed and gagged and gasped for air. And he just smiled at me. I continued dragging breaths into my lungs, relieved, as he stepped around behind me. He knelt down and reached his arms around to undo my jeans, then pulled them down, revealing the soft cheeks of my ass. He pushed me forward until my face was on the ground and my ass was up in the air, my arms still bent painfully behind me. His rough hand rubbed the mound between my legs and found the wetness within. Ethan laughed.

"I knew you really were a little slut. You like it rough, don't you, Baby." He dipped his head and I felt his tongue plunder my pussy. He lapped the juices that had collected there and then licked all the way up to my asshole. I bucked and squirmed. No one had touched me there before, much less with their mouth. It felt amazing. I was so ashamed. I sobbed again, but offered no resistance.

Ethan positioned himself behind me, and slid the head of his cock up and down, teasing my slit. I moaned, I couldn't help it. He grabbed my hips and rammed himself into my begging cunt. There wasn't sharp pain, like before, but Ethan bottomed out with the first stroke and I tried to pull away in shock. He slapped my ass, hard, and said "Stop! You take it all, you slut!" He thrust inside me again, bottoming out once more, but I expected it this time. Part of me actually liked it. I wanted to be used. I am a slut. Now Ethan and I both knew it.

He pounded my poor bruised pussy for a few minutes and then he suddenly pulled out. I could feel how soggy my slit was, proof of my arousal. Ethan's cock was covered in it too. I could feel how slick it was when he slid it from my clit, to my ravaged pussy lips, and continued up to my asshole. My heart stopped when I realized what he planned to do.


I could feel Sam tense when I slid my cock up to her tight little asshole. I couldn't wait to stretch that puckered rosebud wide open with my dick. I didn't want to hurt Sam, I saw how afraid she was when I man handled her a little. The job I had set out to do was done. But now I wanted her to come for me. It surprised me how turned on she was with the whole situation, and I couldn't deny my satisfaction. I wanted Sam to experience an earth-shaking orgasm.

I pressed my straining, pulsing dick to the impossibly small hole. I felt Sam shudder as her asshole began to give in. I slid in, centimeters at a time, forcing myself to go slow. She felt so good; I struggled for breath. Sweat broke out on my forehead. I didn't know how long I could wait for her to adjust to the size of me. All of a sudden, Sam sighed and thrust her hips back, taking the full length of me inside her. She moaned and I could feel her clench around the length of me. With the tempo of her hips, she urged me on.

"Oh, God, Ethan. Yes! Fuck that tight little ass." It was a frenzied plea.

I couldn't hold back anymore. I thrust in and out of her, a little easier now. There was still a delicious friction, but no resistance. I pounded into her, burying my cock up to my balls and then sliding almost all the way out. I could feel my boys tighten and a warm tingling started to spread. I knew I was getting close. I thrust a few more times, then pulled her back onto me and stilled my throbbing cock deep inside her. I could feel an orgasm welling up within her. It started with a moan and a shudder overtook her. I felt her bowel pulse around my cock, holding me deep and squeezing me impossibly tighter. Her climax was milking my shaft and I couldn't hold back anymore. I groaned and shot my load, wave after wave of it, into her hot, stretched ass. I held myself there as my climax subsided, breathing hard.

My member was softening ever so slightly, and I took the opportunity to gently pull myself from her. I could see my cum dribbling out of her asshole and down over her pussy to her thighs. I realized then that she still had her hands bound behind her, with her face pressed into the dirt, and her ass in the air. I can't convey how sexy she looked.

I pulled my knife out and saw her start, but she relaxed a bit when I broke the wire binding her wrists. She collapsed on the ground and I lay down beside her.

"Sam . . ." I started hesitantly. "I didn't mean to hurt you." I figured she'd want to get as far away from me as possible. In fact, I should probably high tail it out of Arizona without looking back. All Sam had to do was tell someone about this and I'd be hunted down like a dog. I wasn't sure what to do. I could see the tears drying on her face; they had made tracks in the dust there. I reached a hand out to wipe it.

She looked up at me with impossibly big sea green eyes and said, "Kiss me, Ethan." I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me.

This girl was full of all kinds of surprises.

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More, please

Hope you add several more chapters so we can hear how Ethans big dick makes Sam feel. Would be nice if he bred her.

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