tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCoworker's Delight

Coworker's Delight


The door to the "Quiet Room" opened and Jason popped his head in to say, "I've been looking for you. Annie and Stephanie want to play foosball."

"Again? They're gluttons for punishment." I got off the couch and made my way out. The Quiet Room was exactly what its name sounded like. We worked for a tech support company, and sometimes the ringing phones and constant talking got to be too much. So, management decided to set up a room that was sound-proofed, dimly lit, and contained comfortable couches. There were no windows, so nobody walking by the room could gawk at anyone relaxing in there. It was nice to just go in there and sit quietly with a book sometimes.

Jason and I made our way to the break room. Annie and Steph were waiting at the table when we got there. Annie was a tiny woman. I'd heard someone call her a 'skinny-minny', and that was true. Her measurements were probably about 33B-23-33 and she was a little less than five feet tall. Her black hair and dark eyes went well with her olive complexion.

Stephanie was just the opposite. Not that she was fat by any means, she was voluptuous. She had a full figure that always reminded me of Kate Winslet in Titanic. She had blond hair and blue eyes which sparkled when she was happy or being mischievous. Something that happened frequently.

"Ready for another beat down?" Jason asked. We had never lost to them, so he had a right to be cocky.

"Will you spot us five points?" Annie asked, making a pouty face. She was so small that it made her look like a little girl.

"I don't know," I replied. "What do we get out of it?"

"A real challenge," Steph said.

Jason suddenly had an evil grin on his face. "I think that if we win, you should streak around the office for us."

"I think you're an idiot." Annie's voice was acid. "Five points or not, I have to get back on the phone soon."

"Okay, okay. Deal," I said.

Over the course of the next few days, every time we beat them, Jason and I would tease them by asking when they were going to streak for us. The women were good natured about losing, even when we gave them a lead. They took the teasing well, too, but wouldn't relent. Not that we expected them to. Stephanie was married and Annie was living with her boyfriend. Jason and I were both single, but I had a pretty steady girlfriend. We weren't so much flirting as hoping to see a little more flesh than we normally got during a workday.

On Monday of the next week, Jason and Steph were both gone to a meeting in a conference center across town. Annie came over to my cube, leaning through the doorway in a way that pulled her white blouse tautly across her breasts. "Foosball after lunch?"

"One on one?"

"I guess."

"Will you-"

"No! I won't streak for you!" She laughed. "Pervert."

I smiled, winking at her. "I'm not sure why it's perverted to want to see a beautiful woman naked."

She walked away, giggling, and I thought that I saw a little extra wiggle in her hips. They were really nice hips, I thought, going back to work.

I gave her an eight point lead and still won 10-9. I raised one eyebrow at her in a question, but she just shook her head.

"We have time for one more, I think," she said then kept talking in the same breath, "do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"I, uh." My brain failed to send the signals to my mouth fast enough and I had to concentrate to answer her question. "Of course you are."

She smiled and said, "If you weren't seeing Jessica, would you ask me out?"

Again, my brain was having trouble making my mouth work. "Aren't you living with a guy?"

"Pretend I wasn't. Would you ask me out?"

"I guess. Why?"

"I was just curious."

We played again. I beat her again. This time she didn't even score a goal. I was kind of afraid to even tease her about flashing me after our earlier conversation. I muttered, "Good game," and made my way toward the door. Annie was giving me a strange look that I couldn't explain. I had flirted with her for months, and she never did more than smile about it -- there was an understanding between us that we didn't do more than flirt since we were both attached.

The next day, I saw Annie as soon as I came into the office. I had mulled over her words for most of the evening before and had replayed our conversation in my head during the ride in. After thinking about her so much, seeing her had a surreal quality to it.

I'd never seen Annie in a skirt before that day, but she was wearing a blue one that went all the way to her ankles. Her blouse, a slightly paler blue that looked wonderful against her dark skin, was unbuttoned to the point that her neckline was almost inappropriate. I didn't think that anyone would complain.

She smiled at me and I smiled back, but we didn't speak. I got to work, throwing myself at my job as a way to still the thoughts in my mind. After a couple hours, I couldn't take any more calls without a break. Grabbing the book that I was reading, I headed for the Quiet Room. It was where I took all my breaks -- very few people ever used it, so I was able to read in peace.

I had just opened the book and found my place on the page when the door quickly opened and closed. I glanced up and was surprised to see Annie. She gave me a nervous smile.

"Still want me to flash you?" She asked. Her cheeks darkened a little as she blushed.

I'd played out many fantasies in which Annie had a starring role; so, the first thing that crossed my mind was that I'd drifted off to sleep while reading and I was dreaming.


"Yes or no. Quick," she said.

"Yes." My voice cracked, betraying my nervousness and anticipation.

Her eyes went to the floor as her fingers started undoing even more of the buttons on her blouse. "No touching. Just looking. Okay?"

"Yes," I said again, my voice barely a whisper as more and more of her flesh came into view. She was standing with her back against the door. It was unlikely that anyone would come in, but if they did, they'd have to knock her over.

She didn't untuck the blouse from her skirt, but she pulled it open far enough to expose her bra-covered breasts. My breath caught in my throat as she glanced up at me, a fiery expression on her face. I had to adjust my jeans to accommodate my suddenly growing cock.

She reached up with both hands and squeezed her breasts through the white fabric of her bra, then deftly flicked the clasp between the cups. I hadn't realized that the bra fastened in front until her breasts were suddenly and gloriously displayed for me. Annie stood still for a few seconds, letting my eyes scour her body, trying to indelibly imprint her image on my brain.

Her hands went back to her breasts, kneading them gently before pinching her nipples. She pulled her nipples out from her body, her mouth moving silently as she fondled them. I started rubbing myself through my jeans, never taking my eyes off her.

Leaving her right hand to work her breasts, first one then the other, her left hand trailed down to her thighs. She started to slowly raise her skirt, bunching it into her hand, revealing more and more of her smooth, tanned legs to me.

I'd seen her legs before, had seen her in shorts, but this was more erotic. Her well-muscled, yet petite calves came into view. My hands would have easily fit all the way around one of them. I noticed that her legs were slightly spread, her feet at about shoulder width. The muscles in her legs appeared to be slowly twitching as she continued to lift the skirt.

My eyes jumped back to her chest for a moment, looking at the way her dark nipples stood out. I watched as she moved her right hand from one breast to the other, slowly trailing her fingers over her skin before squeezing her flesh and assaulting her other nipple, pulling it as if trying to get it even more excited.

As her knees came into view, I saw that they were slightly bent, pushing her back and into the door as she revealed herself to me millimeter by millimeter. Her thighs, smooth and round, were revealed as she continued to pull the skirt up. I wondered what they would feel like if I were to run my tongue along their silky curves.

My dick was now aching for release so I unfastened the button on my jeans and slowly lowered my zipper. Annie's eyes were now drawn to my crotch, to the bulge she had created there, and to the line of my cock as it strained against the fabric. I could hear her breath catching in her throat as her left hand continued the work of lifting her skirt.

Her right hand left her breasts completely exposed as it moved down to join her left. The skirt was up to the middle of her thighs, and my eyes were glued to the shadowy recesses being divulged to me. Annie continue to disclose more and more of the flesh of her legs, her fingers now grazing along the insides of her thighs as she slowly moved the curtain of fabric higher.

I could see the tendons that connected the insides of her thighs with the cleft of her sex when she paused, waiting. My eyes came away with difficulty, but I looked up into her eyes. I realized that I was leaning forward on the couch, my fingers still pressing against the line of my erection through my underwear. I leaned back to see her face better.

"Same time," she whispered to me. I didn't trust myself to speak, so I nodded.

I raised myself off the couch, just a fraction, so that I could move my jeans down an inch or two. My fingers found the waistband of my underwear and I began to pull them down as Annie pulled her skirt up. I could feel the cooler air of the room on my erection. I don't know if Annie reacted at all to my revelation -- my eyes were locked on the junction of her legs and the place where her pussy was coming into view.

I had anticipated panties, but she wasn't wearing any. Her perfectly shaved pussy came into view, her lips swollen and with a hint of moisture on them. She held her skirt out of the way with her left hand. Spreading her legs even further, the fingers of her right hand started to spread the moisture from her slit, taking it to her clit and rubbing slowly all around the outside of her pussy.

My own hand was now a fist, wrapped around the shaft of my cock, slowly pistoning. I didn't want to come too soon and spoil this moment, but I also knew that I wouldn't last very long. Already I could feel a tell-tale tightening of my balls, preparing to orgasm.

The sight of Annie, her chest bared, the straps and cups of her bra hanging to the side, and her legs spread while her fingers slowly worked their way around the slick lips of her pussy were almost more than I could stand. I moved my eyes over her body and up to her face.

Her dark eyes were locked on the motion of my hand over my cock. Annie's lips were slightly parted and, as I looked, her tongue darted across them; wetting them and making them shimmer in the dim lights of the room. She slid down until she was sitting against the door with her legs spread apart.

Both her hands were now freed. Her left hand reached down to her cunt and spread her outer lips so I could better see her. Her inner lips also opened for me like the wings of a dark pink butterfly -- pulling apart in a way that took my breath away momentarily.

She slipped the middle two fingers of her right hand into herself and began matching my rhythm with her hand. Her left hand went up to her breasts, massaging them and playing with them. As my hand sped up on my cock, the fingers of her right hand responded in a perfect harmony as her thumb rubbed her clit. Both of us were working toward orgasm as we watched each other with unwavering, lust-filled eyes.

I heard low moans begin in her throat, quietly building and elongating as her hand moved faster, her thumb almost a blur on her clit. Her left hand dropped to rub the protruding nub of her clitoris as she added a third finger of her right hand to her pussy.

My eyes sped briefly to her face -- her eyes were closed and a flush was building on her cheeks -- her mouth hung open, still emitting soft sighs of excitement. "Oh, ah, ah, uh," continued to grow in volume as her body began to tremble.

The muscles in Annie's thighs began to twitch, independent of the cadence of her hands, and the sight of those contracting, spasming muscles was what sent me over the edge. With my own guttural cry, I came in a spurt which I aimed away from my clothing as well as I could.

"Oh, oh, God, God," Annie moaned, her voice hoarse with her passion. Her eyes were locked on my still spasming cock as her body suddenly bucked upward and away from the door. "God, yes, yes!" She screamed.

I was coming down from my own pleasure enough to wonder if anyone had heard her, but not enough that I cared. Annie slumped against the door as her breathing slowed. Her eyes were slits but I could feel them on me.

"Wow," I muttered. Unsure what to say, I added, "Thank you."

"Oh, definitely my pleasure," she said with a slight grin. "That was... interesting."

I glanced down at myself -- my hand covered with my body's fluids, some of which had leaked onto my underwear. I decided that my best course of action was to just remove my underwear and use them to clean myself off. I would just go without for the rest of the day.

Annie chuckled a little as I struggled to extricate myself from the tangle of jeans and shoes without using my come-soaked right hand. I finally managed to get cleaned up and slipped my jeans back on. She had already straightened herself up and was standing by the door, ready to leave the Quiet Room.

"All set?" She asked, still smiling.

I nodded. I had my underwear bunched in one hand, ready to throw them away in the first trash can I came to.

I didn't see anyone looking our way as we left the room. I went to the restroom to get myself cleaned up a little more before returning to work. When I got back to the cubicles, I saw Annie's head bent down near Stephanie's, the two of them whispering together and giggling.

The next day was a Wednesday. Jason met me in the parking lot and said, "You're never going to believe what happened to me at the meeting on Monday. I wanted to tell you yesterday, but I was working with IT all day."

I waited but he seemed lost in thought. "What happened?" I finally asked.

"Stephanie asked me to go get a drink after the meeting and we took her car. On the way back to the conference center, she told me to drive and while we were driving, she pulled up her shirt and took off her bra. I couldn't believe it! She wouldn't let me touch her, but I got to see her tits. They were amazing, too."

"They're up to something," I said. I told him what had happened to me with Annie the day before.

Jason was smiling, but I was wondering why the women were suddenly being so aggressive. I mentioned it to him, but he just said, "Who cares, man? You got to see Annie and I got to see Stephanie. Maybe today they'll switch!"

I tried to be as enthusiastic, but I was still worried. It's my nature, I guess. We walked into work together, Jason barely able to contain his excitement.

Almost as soon as we reached our department, Annie and Stephanie came over to us.

"Foosball today?" Stephanie asked. The mischievous glint was almost making her eyes shine.

"Okay, we'll see you after lunch," I said, trying to read their faces better.

"We're eating out today," Annie said, just a bit too innocently. "Do you two want to stick around after work for a game?"

"Sure!" Jason said; his grin spread across his face.

The day passed in a haze. Jason kept coming over and asking if I was ready for the big match, Annie and Stephanie kept whispering together every chance they got, and my stomach filled with more and more butterflies. I couldn't shake the feeling that Annie and Steph were up to something. The looks on their faces did nothing to dispel my suspicions, either.

"Dude, would you relax?" Jason asked me toward the end of the day. "If it involves foosball, we're going to beat them. No problem."

"I'm sure that they're up to something. Is it possible that they've been losing on purpose?"

"No way. And, I know you haven't ever played your best, cause you're too much of a 'gentleman'." He laughed. He was right. I had played foosball almost nonstop during my college years, and I'd gotten really good. I had tricks up my sleeve that the girls had never seen. Still, they were both smart, and wouldn't fall for any cheap tricks.

"I guess we'll find out what they're up to in an hour," I said, glancing at the clock.

A few minutes later, Annie came around the corner with a couple of bottles of Coke. "You guys want these? I bought one and the machine spit out three."

Jason took one and handed me the other. I said, "Thanks Annie."

"Sure, guys. See you after work?" She tried to sound nonchalant, but I heard an undertone to her voice that I didn't like.

"We'll be there," Jason assured her. He opened his bottle and took a long drink.

By the time work was over, it was obvious that Jason was drunk or drugged. I'd been smart enough to not drink the bottle Annie had brought me. Every time Annie or Stephanie came over by us, I joined Jason in his goofy laughter and slurred speech. I had always been pretty sure that I could beat both women without Jason's help, now it looked like I'd have to find out.

I was still curious about what they had planned, although I suspected that they were hoping to turn the tables on us and get us to streak around the office. Everyone was out of the building by five-thirty every day, but cell phone cameras would still capture the moment. The butterflies in my stomach started tying themselves in knots.

As five o'clock hit, the cubes emptied almost magically. People funneled out of the building as if it was on fire and we were soon almost alone. I'd forgotten about the janitorial staff: two ladies and a man who came in to empty all the trash cans and clean the restrooms each evening. I didn't know how long they would be around, but when I saw them pull out a vacuum cleaner, I realized that they'd take at least an hour to finish their work.

"Hey, guys," Stephanie trilled, her eyes sparkling with trouble. "You ready?"

"Yesh," Jason slurred.

"Let'sh go," I added for good measure. Then, as if trying to speak quietly to Jason but being louder than I intended, I said, "Man, I feel funny."

"Me, too, but good kinda fun-fun-funny," he said. He giggled. Annie and Stephanie were bubbly as they walked -- and Jason and I staggered -- to the break room.

"Will you guys spot us five points?" Annie asked as we gathered around the table.

"I dunno," Jason said, sparing me having to try to fake whatever it was that he had. "I-I...'S in it fer us?"

"What do you want?" Stephanie cooed.

"Streaking," Jason said almost lucidly.

"If you give us six points, and you beat us," Stephanie said slowly. "If you beat us, we'll strip and run around the office twice."

Jason's eyes widened, but Stephanie wasn't done, of course. "But, if we beat you, you have to strip and run around the outside of the building once. Two for one, guys, what do you think?"

"I don't know," I said. I tried to look like I was having a hard time thinking it through. "We'd be outside, right? Outside in public?"

"We never beat you, though," Annie said. Her little girl pout was back on her face again.

"If we win, you streak inside," I slurred my words. Jason was staring vacantly out a window. "Also, the loser has to do what Annie and I did yesterday."

"What?" Steph said, her eyes widening.

"No take backs, no matter what?" Annie asked.

"No take backs," I said. "You streak inside if we win; we streak outside if you win."

I paused, letting them think about it. I could see hesitation, so I shook my head as if trying to clear it and added, "That's right, right?"

"And the winners get to watch the losers come before they get their clothes back," Annie said as if explaining it to a child.

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