Coworker's Secret


This is my daydream . . .

I see you sitting alone at the coffeeshop one night; you're the strong, assertive, confident girl at work who doesn't let anyone get near her even though you have all the guys chasing after you with your beautiful face, perfect curves, and sweet smile. I've never had the guts to walk up to you before and say hello, but I feel drawn to you this time, seeing you sipping your drink alone at the café, looking out onto the plaza and watching the people go by. Like I need to be by your side.

I walk up and say hello, you instantly recognize me from work and smile that beautiful, soft smile you always do, and invite me to sit down. We talk about work, we talk about plans for the weekend, we talk about movies and books and politics . . . and it feels great just to be there with you. You are so inviting, so soft, so cool, so feminine, but strong, steady, and irresistibly attractive.

We decide to go out to a club . . . where we dance close to each other, and I feel lucky to be the man that you let so close to you, as we embrace and grind together on the dance floor. Everyone else is jealous at how close we dance, how completely into each other and into the music we are, how I match the rhythm of my movement to completely line up with your body, as if we can feel each other's movements emanating from our own bodies. We stay up until very late, enjoying each other's company, the heat of each other's bodies, and the deeply caring but wildly lusting looks in each others' eyes.

I walk you home, and you invite me in, by which I am surprised. You and I lock our lips together, tongues exploring each other, my tongue deep in your mouth and playing with yours, and then your tongue doing the same in my mouth. Our eyes are closed, I'm holding you close, your hands brushing against every part of my body, my hand moving through your pretty, long hair and holding your head close to mine. We both start to strip, with our animal instincts taking over, just wanting to feel our skin touching each other . . . your eyes are locked onto mine, and mine onto yours, as we attack each others bodies with our fingers and our tongues.

You push me back onto the couch in your single bed apartment, and with a seductive glare you strip off my boxers and take me in your mouth. I'm instantly on fire, as I have been the whole night but even more so now, with your mouth around me, your head moving back and forward methodically and steadily between my thighs, and it's incredible. My fingers run through your hair, encouraging you but not pressuring you . . . but you need no direction and know what to do.

I pull you up, not wanting to be outdone, and let you sit back on the sofa as I play with your breasts, fingers tweaking your nipples and tongue running circles around them, giving attention to each. I start to move further down, past your navel, and then you shudder and try and pull me up, but I resist and I pull your panties down . . .

I find your secret. You are a transgender woman, so ultimately feminine and beautiful but merely born different from other women. I look up into your eyes, a little confused, and I see that you are scared and worried about what is going to happen next. But then I lock my eyes onto yours, and show you the sea of caring and love that I feel for you, no matter what differences you may possess from other women . . . and you know that it's okay, and I know that it's okay, and that we belong together, right then and there. Your worried face transforms into a face filled with joy, brimming with tears of relief, as I smile and nuzzle my cheek against the insides of your thighs.

I continue to trace down your body with my fingers, my hands tracing the insides of your thighs, and then take you deep in my mouth. Your eyes roll back into your head as you thrust upwards into my mouth, and I try and take you into me as much as possible. And even as scared and as unsure of what I'm doing as I am, it feels absolutely . . . perfect. I make a silent promise to you and myself right then and there that I wouldn't let you regret inviting me in to your life this close and this intimately . . . that I would honor that privilege and give you the love and attention you needed . . . and to prove it, I suck you eagerly, obviously not as good as it is my first time, but with a motivation and drive that takes you by pleasant surprise and that shows you how fiery my lust is for you.

I take you in deep, hoping to take the entirety of you into my mouth and throat, I just want to show you how much I want you and want to make you feel good, how endless my passion is for you, as my fingers play with the rest of you . . . touching your hole tenderly, moving along the insides of your thighs, trying to stimulate every sensitive area around your legs that I can. My head is bobbing between your legs, and you see how much energy I am putting into you, how much I want to make you feel good . . .

And then you pull me up, our naked bodies moving against each other, your breasts push into my chest, our lips lock again as we kiss deeply and taste each other in our mouths . . . feels so wonderful. I've never felt so good before in my life, and I know that I've finally found where I need to be, right by you. Our cocks rub together, becoming, if possible, even harder - I know mine has never been as hard and as pulsating as it is now, after brushing ever so gently against your firm and feminine cock. I lean up on my knees, as our cocks continue to touch each other tenderly, so softly, just at the tips. You bring your hand down to hold them together and start jacking us both off at the same time, as I settle between your legs. Finally, you can't take the lust anymore, and you pull me onto the sofa and push me on my back.

After lubing yourself up, you gently push inside me, with soft, cooing, encouraging words. I'm almost taken by surprise, as I've never been penetrated before and never expected to be . . . but the tip of your cock touches my hole . . . and I tremble with anticipation and fright. My eyes alternate between looking at your beautiful body - your full, feminine breasts, your perfect facial features, long flowing brown hair - and becoming fixed on your hypnotically beautiful eyes . . . they seem to calm me through the pain of your penetration, as if to tell me that it will be okay, to focus on the pleasure and the passion . . .

You are fully inside me, and although it hurts, I feel empty when you pull back out and my eyes plead with you not to leave my body. I want you inside me so badly. You smile and happily sink your cock back into me, my legs spread and held up by your arms, you stare directly into my eyes and I know that I'm yours. And you know it too. I feel so lucky to be so close to you, and as you pump into me, slowly at first but faster and faster, I feel as if I'm in heaven. I'm exactly where I need to be . . . and your cock, inside me, and you rolling back your eyes in animal lust, are exactly where you need to be . . . with me . . . we beat a rhythm together and our passion builds and builds . . . then finally . . .

- - - -

. . . finally, I snap out of my daydream, and realize that I'm still waiting for this woman, to find me someday and to tell me that these dreams aren't just dreams, that they can become real and that I can share this with her too.

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