tagNonHumanCow's Sweet Milk

Cow's Sweet Milk


Light breathing emanated from between bubble-gum pink lips, accompanied by an almost inaudible moaning undertone. Nobody around seemed to mind... In fact, many of the women around seemed to be letting out sharper breaths, or more orgasmic cries. Every couple of seconds, a very suppressed moo would echo out... but not of one lady, who was smiling and holding the pleasure and relief in as her breasts were drained slowly of milk by the machine attached.

Her gallon hug was nearly full; she had been letting herself be milked for what seemed like an hour into the morning. Most women around her seemed to be taking longer due to enjoying the feeling of their milk being drawn away. She, however, had a different image behind her closed eyes... Babies against her chest, insatiable hunger being filled by her as long as they required.

"Donna, I'll never understand how you can get it filled that fast. I'm thinking of kids, too, but I'm nowhere near that done..." The blonde girl next to Donna flapped her ears once and looked down at her own chest. "Maybe I'm just not good for milking for others."

Donna smiled and reached over to rest a hand on the girl's shoulder. "No, I'm just... me. Nobody else seems to let it flow as fast as me. I can't explain it. But remember, hun, you're here because your milk is loved. Don't strain yourself."

A light giggle came from the blonde, and her tail flicked in appreciation. "Thanks..."

Donna hummed a happy "You're welcome" before looking down at herself. "Nobody seems to have my sensitivity, either." Her face blushed incredibly at the jeans between her legs holding a growing wet spot, only getting larger with every passing minute. "Part of it may just be that I enjoy it too much."

The blonde lady didn't hear, and didn't respond. Donna, however, had no idea why the thought of feeding someone pleased her like that and let the milk flow so unlimitedly. Nobody minded except her... She was single, and had been for at least twenty years while everyone else had a family awaiting at home. Donna assumed her wanton pleasure in being milked labeled her as undesirable.


Donna's eyes opened again as she looked up at the simple machine. The suction on her breasts was cut off as the last of the milk slid down the tubes and into the waiting jug. The moment the machine finished dripping water in, Donna put the cap down on the jug and left it to be taken by another worker to be sealed and labeled. She stood and pulled up the tube top she had slid down to allow herself to work. Numerous young girls and many ladies waved good-bye as she walked out of the barn-line workplace, assailed by brilliant sunlight and a very gentle breeze. No matter what, the open space of a green field and the numerous houses placed among the small gardens and farms made Donna smile as she set off towards the edge of the pasture.

A gentle gust picked some cotton from the crops and blew it through the air, almost perfecting the gentle, peaceful image as Donna started trotting home. Around her, many men and women, some with less animalistic features (preferring to hold their tails and ears and whatnot on the inside) and some with more (such as fur sprouting to not have to deal with clothes) waved to Donna or carried out their business. As a whole, the Pasture region of the world seemed peaceful and homey. Sheep children hid among the cotton, and the occasional rabbit would come in to sneak away a treat, to more the humor than anything of the working farmers.

Reaching her abode, Donna stepped in and instantly pulled off the jeans she wore, only wanting them around to absorb the fluids of her pleasure. Immediately, white and chocolate brown fur sprouted slowly, almost shaped into leggings that attached to the panties she soon replaced within her cabinet's drawer. She wasn't due to help babysit the farmers' children for a couple hours, so she had time to flop onto the awaiting bed and close her eyes, feeling a nap due to mull over her thoughts.

As her arms wrapped around her invisible companion, she closed her eyes and tucked into the pillows, imagination and dreams taking over her mind...

She saw a boy, all his animal features hidden and adorned in simple clothes, watching another child and much younger smile as the babe was taken away with a smile. Donna couldn't help but feel the boy's imagined pleasure that someone else was happy, but the remorse that he was not going, either. A quiet, reserved tone emanated from him, though his lips didn't move... "Nearly eighteen years, and I still can't get a mother..."

"Dart, come on. Sierra's gone, so please, stop fantasizing about being her." An old lady strolled past and pulled the younger man around, giving Donna a good view of him... About five and a half feet, slender framed, silky chocolate hair to his shoulders and trusting hazel eyes. "It's time for bed." He sighed and nodded, trudging into a bed Donna couldn't see.

She had two hours... if this was to be her dream, she would spend it with the boy in his arms. Appearing in the dream through the door the young Sierra was led out of, Donna crawled behind Dart and lied in the bed with him, wrapping gently around him with a soft squeeze to keep him close...


Dart's breathing started getting regular as the dream overtook him of somebody, anybody, who could help him feel cherished and important, wanted, even needed. He had imagined many, but had never been able to take that imagination to bed for eight hours of closeness with whoever his head had created.

This time... it seemed to be different. Always a lucid dreamer, Dart could remember, and even interact with, what came into his head. He'd often flown with birds or swam with the dolphins, even relaxed and enjoyed a sunny field. This time, there was another person as soon as his eyes closed. Within his dream, he looked up to see a lady, a whole head taller than him and, while not fat, plump everywhere and enormous around her chest. Her head donned cow-like ears, one pierced with a ring, and she had a rope-like tail that flicked randomly side to side as she walked to, and past, him. Her hair was deep red and glistened in the dream's unexplainable light, and seemed to stay perfectly fluffed like a heart.

He tensed for a second as she slid into the bed from his behind, but instantly relaxed upon feeling her arms wrapping around him, tugging her very softly into her awaiting body. He instantly felt... relaxed. Happy. A smile broke across his lips as he whispered out, "Who are you?"

She tucked her forehead against the back of his head as she cooed out, "My name is Donna Kauheart. Don't worry, hun... whether that old lady's a dream or not, you don't deserve to be upset and forced around. I'm here for you."

Dart's face grew as confused as his voice. "She's not a dream, though. She's the owner of the orphanage... You're the dream."

Donna loosened her hug and crawled carefully over him, giving him a view of her cow print jeans and revealing, creamy white tube top until her large brown eyes and pink lips showed as well. "But, you're in mine... I saw Sierra being taken away, then the caretaker, and you. So I'm here to hold on while I can."

"That was... real. Is this a dream...? It seems like we're real people..." Dart's eyes shined with hope. "Maybe you are... I hope so." He wiggled himself further into her arms, tucking his head in under hers. She giggled in happiness, feeling the warmth of having someone to hold, and started stroking her fingers through Dart's hair. For about two hours of warmth and comfort, the two were as close as possible, happy to enjoy each others' company.

Dart seemed to have fallen asleep in his dream, at least until Donna started to pull away. His eyes snapped open and he caught Donna's arm softly in his hand, looking up at her. "Where are you going, miss?"

Donna smiled regretfully and knelt by the bed. "I have to work again. If we can meet again, I'll be glad to hold onto you, Dart. I promise." She tilted forward and kissed his cheek, leaving a bubble-gum pink lipstick mark on the skin.

He started to let go, but redoubled his soft grip. "One more thing, please... Why are you dressed like a cow?" It didn't deter him that she chose that kind of look, it was just new.

She giggled again, not knowing about his innocence of her community. "I'm not dressed up, silly chimp, I'm actually a cow." She smiled and gave him a quick hug, squeezing him softly in fondness before getting up to walk out the door again. Dart couldn't help but look up in confusion at her until the door closed in his dream, the snap of the door snapping his eyes awake.

"Donna!" He lurched forward with open arms, looking around for her in the room and out the window at the street. No-one...


As Donna's eyes opened to the light, somewhere within her ears rang a call of "Donna!" She looked around for the source, but knew it was Dart, and he wasn't there. She felt it, right inside her heart... He was real. Somewhere, out in the Jungle regions, there was some child named Dart who wanted to be held. The thought sent her into desire to see him again, and comfort that she was wanted, as she stood up and went to get the few adornments she'd need for work.

Keeping the furry legs and top, dressed in light tan boots and a large bell on a collar, Donna trotted off to the edge of the pasture where a group of children were sitting in a group, listening to the other babysitter as she told a story. Donna couldn't hear it as she approached, but the children instantly got up and flocked to her to play as the first worker sighed in relief and stood up to greet Donna. "Wow, you look like you just got proposed to. What happened?"

Donna blushed and looked away, smiling the whole time. "I... had a dream. This boy, some kind of Jungle animal, was in an orphanage. We talked, and it's like he's real, it's like he was a real person and we just met by dreaming together." She his her face in her hand, still smiling sheepishly as she shook her head. "I want to see him again."

The first sitter tilted her head and propped a hand on her waist. "But, Donna... The only places with orphanages are the Snowy Mountains and here in the Pastures."

That seemed to snap Donna to reality as the thought washed over her like a wave... Where had Dart been, then, if not on this world? She couldn't fret for long; she had little boys and girls to watch after and keep happy.

The routine seemed to continue for a week. Dart would spend a day at school, soon fantasizing about Donna and the dream of her, until he worked for a small time each day at a store on the way home. That would leave a few hours of meandering around the boring home, surrogate older brothering the others until the curfew time came to see Donna in his dream after she had filled her daily gallon jug with fresh milk and went home to nap.

The two soon learned they could communicate freely with each other, as if actually there, and explained each of their respective worlds. Donna was as surprised to hear of a world where humans were in no way directly bonded with animal traits as Dart was to realize Donna was indeed partly a cow, inheriting the ability to control which traits she pleased.

Despite hearing that Donna was in her forties, Dart felt more and more attached to her with each day they dreamed together. Upon their sixth dream, he couldn't help but ask, "Will you ever visit?"

Donna sighed in relief, smiling. "I've wanted to. I didn't want to ask, however, because I wasn't sure if you would get in trouble, or were allowed to leave. I wouldn't ever forgive myself for taking you away when it would harm those around you, or you."

"Taking me away..." Dart repeated the phrase with a dreamy breath before tucking himself into Donna's arms again. "That sounds so great! My... my eighteenth birthday is in four days. I'll be legal then to just up and leave wherever I want... Will you be able to take me away?"

She nodded and kissed his brow, leaving a faint ruby lip mark on the skin. "Of course. I've heard of your world, and that some people said they would go there, but always assumed they were just joking when they said they would leave to there. Now I know it's the truth... I'll be there when you're eighteen, honey, if you won't be in trouble."

That seemed to seal it between the two. The following few days, Donna spoke with who she could about those that jumped from the human world and back, wanting to be able to make it to Dart as soon as possible. The trick was simple... the wait was not. She was almost unable to stand waiting on someone she knew would truly appreciate her for being her... she hoped. Donna had not discussed her being milked, nor her desire and pleasure, with Dart.

She felt too ashamed of herself to bring it up, but... it would be worth hiding, if he was as sweet in person as he was in their dreams. There would only be one way to find out. And, as Donna closed her eyes and fastened the suction pumps to her breasts again to fill another gallon, she pictured Dart within her arms to help the milk flow.

That was the same day she could see Dart. Sighing away her anxiety of not being good enough for him, she focused on what she knew... Her own house seemed to match Dart's orphanage enough that she could travel freely between both worlds by will and whatever was able to link them.

Feeling it safer to step outside and not risk the house, Donna removed her clothes except bra, panties, and soft leather boots; in the dreams, she always seemed to have little on, her splotched fur serving as the main cover of her legs and arms while her belly and cleavage laid exposed. Dart had gotten used to that, so hopefully he would be comfortable with it in person. "Here I come, darling..."

Closing her eyes and trusting her heart to guide her, Donna felt a gust of wind and a small pressure against her whole body until the light changed and her foot landed softly on the wood. Bits of cotton floated in the dead air and a few grains of wheat scattered over the floor as Donna looked for the doorway leading to Dart's bed. It was easy to find; he was asleep, a calm face with a smile as he seemed to be imagining something comforting. In a whisper, she cooed out, "Cutie... I hope he's enjoying his dreams."

Once again, this time in person, Donna stepped carefully behind Dart's bed and climbed in, sinking into the mattress until she could wrap around Dart and give him a soft hug into her. Immediately, he recognized the warm, fuzzy sensation, both of her body and her affection. Kissing the back of his head, she smiled and whispered, "Hello, Dart."

He twisted very slowly in her arms, not wanting to break contact as he turned around, opening his eyes sleepily to look up into hers. The hazel seemed to shine in happiness before he buried himself into her arms happily. "You're really here..."

She nodded, feeling the same wave of happy truth rush through her body as she sighed in content and uttered out, for the first time in person, "I am. I love you, Dart."

His eyes caught hers again, a bead of a tear settled on the bottom of each eye to reflect the smile laid upon his face. "I love you, too... When can you take me away? I'm ready."

Tucking him into her arms again, Donna closed her eyes and said, "Right now." As she spoke, she willed for another trip to go right as she seemed to fall a whole inch, switching from the springy mattress of the orphanage to a very fluffy feather mattress within her own room. "Welcome home, honey."

Dart very slowly, and almost reluctantly, let go of Donna to sit up and look around. The house seemed to have taken a step back in technology, and about ten forward in comfort. Radio, lights, photos and books, two closed doors (probably a bathroom and a closet), and even further closer to the door outside had a kitchen and a dining room with a couch and chair. "This place looks nice..." He lied back down and scooted back into Donna's waiting arms. "Simple, pleasant, and with you."

She giggled and gave Dart a soft squeeze of affection, crawling over him to face him as her hand stroked softly over his cheek. "I have to work as a babysitter every day for the farmers' children here. I start in a little over an hour... My house is yours, and everyone here is friendly if you want to go introduce yourself. Just expect a lot of odd looks for a minute; humans here are nearly nonexistent."

Having tilted his hand into her cheek, he nodded softly and buried himself into her body again, immersing in the warmth of being loved. "Let them look... I can't feel much but warmth."

Donna smiled and squeezed the young man more into him, bound by the happiness of being so praised and loved. She pulled back slowly and looked down at him, stroking at his cheek until his dreamy eyes caught hers and he finally came back to reality. "Dart... do you love me as a mother, or do you think you love me as more?"

His hand raised to hers on his cheek, and gripped it very softly. "I... don't know. I know I feel very strongly for you... But I've never had a proper mother, nor a girlfriend. So I don't know if I'm feeling very happy to have a mother, or if I'm feeling so close that I'll want to call you my love." He smiled softly up at her, tilting into the hand that rested against his skin. "I do I know I love you. So... I think I'll just follow that feeling."

Such a pure outlook made Donna smile and kiss Dart's brow gently. "We'll see." For the moment, she was content to have someone in her arms, and was happy that he was willing to stay so close for the good, long while until the clock chimed time for work. Donna gave Dart a gentle kiss good-bye and left outside, tail flicking rapidly in happiness as she left the building to head to the farm.

The moment she relieved the first caretaker and was nearly trampled by giddy, playful children, Dart fell against her bed, taking in the scent of her on the bed and relaxing while he would normally be sleeping. Thirty minutes of a dreamless rest and Dart couldn't find himself able to stay down any more. He would sleep in Donna's arms later that night; for now, he wanted to know fully where it was.

Stepping out, he was instantly greeted by a breath of extremely clean air, a welcome change from the city he was raised in. Everyone around seemed to be doing jobs that almost looked like a scene from the Revolutionary era of his books. Farmers in the fields were mixed between manually working the land, and using some simple machine Dart couldn't make out. Many ladies with little to do were enjoying the outside, whether with books or gardens or just seeming to enjoy the day.

Children ran among the few trees, many crops, and beautiful gardens. The location was definitely welcoming and carefree. Dart stepped further from the home, finally catching the eyes of some passerby. The reactions he received weren't malicious; he seemed to be more of a curiosity in that he most resembled a monkey, but had no features. It only took a couple explanations of his humanity before the word seemed to spread through the entire town who and what he was.

Though not idolized for his oddity, his attachment to Donna seemed to earn him immediate acceptance to the community, so long as he didn't cause trouble. Where had this place been all his life?

The milk factory, the largest house not directly involved with the farms and crops, caught Dart's eyes. Creamy colored and quite tall, he couldn't help but wonder if it was some sort of town hall. Immediately upon entering, he blushed horribly, seeing the women exposed to be milked by the machines. A few noticed his near entry and squealed in surprise, but he had closed the door and put his back to it, beet red as he wondered about what he'd seen.

One of the ladies inside who had finished as soon as he appeared stepped out cautiously. She had blonde hair, almost platinum, as she asked, "You're... You DIDN'T know what this building was... didn't you?"

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