tagIncest/TabooCrab Island Ch. 02

Crab Island Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Morning After

Breakfast next morning was quiet as the assorted lovers took stock of their experiences. They had remained in their groupings overnight and Molly remembered fondly her son's vigorous fucking of her twice more during the night. Jack, too, had great memories of his sister's lissome body writhing in ecstasy as they fucked each other to sleep. The three cousins, Greg, Cara and Sarah, had probably had the least sex for shortly after Greg fucked his sister they had fallen asleep, awaking in a cozy tangle of limbs shortly before breakfast.

"Are you still modelling for me, Cara?" John asked as the seven sat with their coffee. They were all naked. No-one wanted to bother with clothing.

"Sure thing," said Cara, grinning.

"Modelling?" said Jill, curious.

"Cara said she'd model nude for me, 'cos I got a new camera for my birthday. Mom said she would, too."

"Did she now?" said Jill, grinning at her sister-in-law.

"Sure did," said Molly, grinning right back. "How about you and Sarah, too?"

Jill looked at her nephew. "Who gets to see these photographs, John?"

"Only us, I promise," said John.

"Okay, me too," Jill said, flushing, but smiling, too. "Sarah?"

"Yep, mom, me too." Her grin was wide.

"Four nude models for you, John. When?" asked Molly.

"I think now, before the sun gets too hot. The shadows will be better, too, if the sun's not overhead." John looked around. "Okay with everyone?"

"Do you need any assistants?" Jack said.

"With all four of our ladies, probably not. Why?"

"I thought Greg and I might take the tanks and have a look at the reef. Greg?"

"Yeah, sounds great." His nephew grinned.

"Is that okay with everyone?" Jack said.

A chorus of assent got the party moving. John went upstairs for his camera bag while Jack and Greg went out to the shack where the scuba gear and compressor were. The four women looked at each other. "Make-up?" said Molly.

Jill nodded. "I think so. No clothes to accent our positives, so best to eliminate our negatives. Eyes and mouths, I think, but subtle. And sunblock first!"

The four women began to apply, and help each other apply, sunblock and make-up so that when John returned with camera bag, tripod and reflector, four beautiful women awaited him. He looked from one to another, a faint grin on his face.

"Boy," he said, "I wish I could publish these, 'cos you guys look stunning."

"Come on, son, let's go take pictures," said Molly.

They spent an hour and a half taking photographs, and John was glad he had extra storage cards for the camera, because he reckoned he had about a hundred and ninety photographs. He'd chosen to take them all at high resolution, reasoning that he could always reduce the resolution later, but not increase it. He had photographs of each of them standing, sitting, kneeling, lying. Singly, in pairs, in threes and fours. Most of the pictures could be published in any photographic magazine, but as the time went on and they got comfortable, the shots became raunchier. John had taken one of his Aunt Jill and he could swear that he could see her pussy slightly open. That was a shot he planned to study very carefully later as well as a couple of raunchy shots of his sister and his cousin.

As they were finishing up, Jack and Greg came back from their dive. "We got some fish for lunch," said Jack. He grinned. "We cleaned 'em, too."

"Good, but it's only ten forty-five, and I want to build up an appetite," said Molly. "Who's with who?"

"Daddy?" said Cara. Jack nodded.

"After what you told me about John, Molly, I think I'd like to try him out. You okay with that, John?" said Jill.

"Sure thing, Aunt Jill," John said, smiling broadly.

Molly grinned at Sarah. "Come on, honey, let's you and me go exhaust your brother."

"Yeah!" said Greg, his eyes fixed on his aunt.

As John began to pack away his photography gear the others left until only Jill was with him. She smiled.

"John?" Jill said, her tone tentative.


"How about right here?"

John glanced around the little clearing beside the pool where they'd been shooting. "Fine by me," he said with a grin.

"There's another thing," Jill said. "Can I take your photograph?"

"Sure," said John. "Now?"

"In a moment," said Jill, a faint grin on her face, "just as soon as I get you hard." She moved closer to him, a smile on her lips, eyes warm. John smiled back, putting down his camera gear and enfolding Jill in his arms. Their lips met in a kiss, hot, wanting, tongues duelling. Gently, John broke the kiss, smiling at Jill.

"You are one hot lady, Aunt Jill."

"Just Jill, sweetie. That way I can pretend you're not my nephew." Her hand dropped to his erection, standing proud now, hard, ready. She squeezed lightly. "Picture time!"

John laughed and moved away from her, reaching for his camera. "It's on auto, so all you need to do is take up the first pressure on the shutter-release, to activate the auto-focus, zoom as you like, then press harder while you hold your breath."

"Honey, looking at that lovely prick you have there, and thinking about where it will be very soon, I may forget to breathe altogether." Jill reached for the camera and John moved away to lean against a tree. Jill raised the camera to her eye, then signalled to John. "Turn slightly, honey, I want you and that lovely prick to show at their best."

John turned slightly, took a deep breath and sucked his gut in. "Lovely," said Jill, and the shutter clicked, and clicked again as John took hold of his erection. Jill lowered the camera and came over to him, her face flushed.

"I think I know now why some women want to go into porn films," she said. She looked at John. "Can you set this camera on delay, so that it can take our picture with your prick in my pussy?"

"Yeah, sure," said John, his prick twitching. "Are you sure you want that?"

"Certain, honey, and if it's good I want a print to keep under my pillow, for lonely nights with my dildo."

"Look, Jill, if I set the camera up over there, and we use that grassy bank, I can use the hand remote to trigger it. You can have more than one picture, if you want."

"I want, honey, I want," said Jill, her voice thick with emotion. "Hurry, baby, I want your prick!"

Moments later, the camera was on the tripod, focussed on Jill where she sat on the grass, room for John in the frame. He took the remote in his hand and went over, his prick bouncing in front of him in anticipation. Jill smiled and lay back.

"Climb aboard, honey, and let's you and me fuck." She spread her legs for him, her slit slick with her juices. John knelt between her legs and pushed the tip of his prick gently into his aunt. With an inch or so in, he glanced over his shoulder. 'Should show', he thought, and squeezed the remote. As the camera clicked, he pushed deeper into Jill's pussy, wet, inviting, no resistance to his invasion, a gasp coming from Jill as his balls brushed her ass. He squeezed the remote again, then forgot it for the moment as Jill's hips pushed back against him. Her fingers clawed at his back and John began to fuck her, burying himself deep in her, pulling back and pressing deep again.

Jill was hot, she was ready and she knew that she needed little stimulation. The fact that it was her nephew fucking her so vigorously did nothing to diminish her excitement and she felt the tension building in her until as John pushed deep into her, she climaxed, her belly rippling, her pussy squeezing down on John's prick in spasmodic clutches, a strangled moan coming from her mouth as she felt him suddenly buck in his own climax, his prick pulsing in her depths.

The little clearing was quiet except for the hoarse breathing as the lovers fought to get their breath back, until Jill took a deep, shuddering breath. "John, sweetheart, that was wonderful," she whispered, squeezing him with arms and pussy. John kissed her, lightly.

"You get no argument from me," he said.

Jill laughed suddenly. "How do I compare with your mom?" she asked, giggling.

"Naughty!" John grinned. "Equal first," he said.

* * * * *

Cara led Jack away through the trees, heading towards the beach, walking until they could hear nothing of the others.

"Don't you want to go to the house, sweetheart?" said Jack. "Find a nice bed?"

"It would take too long, Daddy. I want you now."

Jack indicated a mossy bank, grass cropped short, springy, inviting. "Here?"

"Here is great, Daddy. Lie down, on your back."

"On my back, eh? And what are you going to do, young lady?" Jack said, stretching out comfortably on his back.

"I am going to suck you hard. Then I'm going to climb over you and get that lovely prick into my pussy. Then I'm gonna ride you until we come."

Jack laughed. "Sounds like a plan to me, honey."

His prick was half-hard and Cara took it in a gentle grasp, squeezing lightly. She bent and licked the head, like a popsicle. "Mmm," she said, "nice."

"You betcha," said Jack, his voice not quite steady.

Cara grinned up at him and held his gaze as she closed her mouth over the head of his prick, sucking gently, her tongue swirling over the sensitive underside of the head. Jack twitched as her teeth made brief contact.

"Oops. Sorry, Daddy," she said, briefly reliquishing her lip-hold.

"Okay, baby, I know you wouldn't hurt me deliberately." He hissed in a breath as Cara's mouth moved down his prick, a wet 'o' slithering down his hardness. Cara gagged, coughed and came back up quickly. She gave Jack a shame-faced grin.

"Not very good at this, yet," she murmured, and then took him in her mouth again. This time she didn't try to take so much, contenting herself, and Jack, by stopping halfway down and sucking on the upstroke, her tongue making lazy patterns on the underside of Jack's prick. After about half a dozen strokes, Cara stopped, sitting up and throwing her long hair back. She grinned at her father.

"I think I got you hard now," she said, a little breathless.

"I think so, too, sweetheart," Jack said, his voice hoarse.

"Time to ride," said Cara, moving forwards on her knees, straddling Jack's thighs, until she was poised above him. Gazing into her father's eyes, she took his prick in a gentle grip and lowered herself. She stopped for a moment as she felt the thick, blunt head of Jack's prick begin to part her labia. She took a deep, nervous breath.

"I wondered if this would ever happen, Daddy. You feel good," she whispered, beginning to lower herself.

"So do you, baby," said Jack, "so do you." He groaned as he felt his daughter's tight pussy slowly enveloping his prick, a groan counterpoint to Cara's own as she felt her father's prick entering her depths.

"Oh, that's good!" she whispered. She gasped as her ass touched Jack's thighs. "Oh, my god, you're in! At last! You're actually in me!"

"And it feels good to me, too, baby," Jack said, his tone caressing, "really good."

Cara sat for a moment, her eyes closed, nipples erect on her beautiful breasts, then sighed. "You feel really good in me, Daddy."

"Glad to hear it, sweetheart, but you've had pricks in your pussy before, I know you have."

"Only a few, Daddy. Billy Tanner, because I like him and I wanted to pop my cherry with somebody I at least liked. Billy's sweet, but we both knew it was no big romance. Then it was twice with Tony Galini, but he's so full of himself, I mean he thinks he's God's gift to women or something. He doesn't even fuck very well." Cara giggled. "I only let him have me the second time because I thought he'd fumbled the first or something, but second time was just as lousy. Then it was once with Al Barton, Greg last night and now you. Sum total of my copulation experience," Cara said with another giggle.

Jack flexed his prick in Cara's pussy and grinned as she squeaked, startled. "Time to ride, baby."

"Time to ride," agreed Cara as she raised herself, until Jack's prick almost left her, then sank back onto him with a sigh that was almost a moan, repeating her action, a little quicker, then again, settling into a rhythm that felt good to her, enjoying the sensation of Jack's prick filling her, then emptying, only to fill again. She gave herself to the moment, revelling in the sensations until she felt herself almost panting, her climax building in her and washing across her, startling her, almost shocking her with its intensity. She gave a wordless cry as she felt her pussy clasp Jack's prick, her belly rippling with the intensity of the moment, collapsing across him as the storm took her, gasping, her chest heaving as she fought for air. Jack's arms went round her and he clasped her to him, uttering soothing noises as Cara gradually stilled.

Eventually, she sat up, gently untangling herself. Her smile was radiant as she gazed down at her father. "That was absolutely incredible, Daddy," she whispered. Her face changed. "Oh, my god! You're still hard!"

"You came, sweetie, I didn't."

Cara's smile was the widest Jack had ever seen. "We have to do something about that."

"We will. Think you could take me doggy-style, hon?"

"Woof!" said Cara, lifting herself off Jack's prick and falling to her knees beside him. She leaned over and kissed him, her tongue swirling around his. Jack sat up, got to his knees and moved round behind Cara. Her ass was lovely, perfect, tanned globes. Between them her pussy slit showed open, ready for him. He moved forward, taking his prick in his hand, easing it into her, pushing steadily until he was buried in her, his belly against her ass.

"Is that okay, sweetie?" he said.

"Fuck, yes, Daddy," said Cara. "You feel great, really deep."

"Ready, hon?"


Jack began to move, pulling back, pushing forward again, his hands on Cara's hips as he moved, bracing her, bracing himself. Cara had brought him close before her own explosion and he knew it couldn't be long. Soon he began to feel the stirring deep within himself, that slow build of tension, the rising sensitivity of his prick and he gave himself to the moment, his actions speeding, his hips thrusting harder, the tension building, building until with a sound that was part moan, part cry, wholly animal, he erupted in climax, his prick driving into his daughter's body, her own cries echoing his as he came.

* * * * *

"We'll use our room," said Molly. "The bed's bigger." She led Greg and Sarah in. The summer sunlight lit the room, making the bed an inviting pool of warmth.

"Aunt Molly?"

"Yes, Greg?"

"Would you please just stand there for a moment?"

"Here, hon?"

"Right there. I just want to look at you."

Molly laughed and grinned at Sarah, who grinned back at her with a wink.

"Can you just sort of do a twirl?" said Greg.

Amused, Molly complied. "How's that?"

Greg nodded, a faint smile on his face. "Aunt Molly, you are - excuse the expression - fucking gorgeous."

"Oooh," said Molly, "I like the sound of the fucking bit." She looked at Greg, smiling. "Judging by the state of your prick, so do you. You want me, hon?"


"So have me." Molly moved to the bed, laying herself flat on her back, with her legs spread. She smiled up at Sarah. "You don't mind, do you, sweetheart?"

Sarah shook her head. "Not me. For the moment I'm just going to watch and enjoy." She moved over to a bedroom chair and sat down, tucking her feet up, leaning forward so she could see what was happening.

Greg moved to the bed and knelt between Molly's legs, his prick solidly erect. He took his weight on outstretched arms and moved forward, ready to push his hardness into Molly's soft depths. As he came closer, Molly took him between her cool fingers and guided his placement, giving a sigh of satisfaction as she felt him enter her.

"Feels good, honey, really good."

"Fuck, yes!" Greg groaned. "I thought a woman who'd had two kids would feel looser."

"I exercise my pussy muscles, Greg. I like a man to feel me snug about him."

"Oh, you're snug, Aunt Molly, really snug. Fucking wonderfully snug."

"Talking of fucking, dear, let's go!"

Greg snorted, his hips thrusting him forward, deep into Molly's depths. He thought that he could feel every little variation in Molly's pussy, so sensitive did he feel, her juices flowing freely and easing his passage, his prick moving easily, audibly, in her wetness. He picked up a rhythm, thrust, withdraw, thrust again. Molly grinned up at him and he bent to kiss her, tasting for the first time his aunt's lips as the lips of a lover, feeling her erect nipples against his chest as he moved, her legs about him, her heels coming up behind his ass, urging him into her.

Greg was young, Greg was virile, and Greg was excited, enjoying the wickedness of the moment. He knew it wouldn't be long before he came, and it wasn't, but before he reached his climax, he felt Molly's hand slip between them, stroking her clit and as he tensed he felt her pussy clench about him, a ripple going through her as she came, sparking his own climax as he thrust into her. On the chair, Sarah's fingers were busy as she teased herself to climax, watching in awe as Greg's ass clenched, the muscles in sharp relief as he thrust into Molly's welcoming pussy.

Greg slowed to a halt, breathing heavily, holding himself on braced arms to keep from crushing Molly. Sweat beaded his brow and he could feel it slick between himself and Molly. A rhythmic grunting finally penetrated his consciousness and he glanced across at his sister just in time to see her teeth clench and her belly ripple as she brought herself to orgasm.

"Nice one, sis," he said, grinning at Sarah as her eyes flickered open again.

"Enjoy that, honey?" Molly said.

"Yeah," said Sarah. "I certainly did. I guess you enjoyed what Greg was giving you, too?"

"Sure did." Molly stretched up and kissed Greg. "Thanks, hon."

"My pleasure," said Greg.

"Our pleasure," Molly corrected.

Greg nodded, smiling. He eased himself back and his half-hard prick slid easily from Molly's depths. From where she sat, Sarah could see her aunt's pussy, open a little as Greg stood. On impulse, Sarah moved over to the bed and bent her head to Molly's cleft, her tongue wiping the length of it, licking the mixture of her brother's come and her aunt's pussy juices, loving the taste, enjoying too the rich aroma of Molly's sex. Molly had jumped a little as she felt Sarah's tongue, but she lay back now with a smile on her face, fingers of one hand loosely clasped in Sarah's hair, her other hand stroking lightly over her niece's back.

"Like the flavour, honey?" Molly said.

"Mmm," said Sarah, her tongue busy.

Greg was watching avidly. Surprised at first by his sister's loving assault on their aunt, he was enjoying the sight of two women making love. Despite having just come, his prick was stiffening again. Idly he stroked it, helping it to a pulsing rigidity. He moved over to the bed where Sarah's pussy was clearly visible to him as she bent over Molly. Taking a gentle grip of Sarah's hips, Greg pushed his prick an inch or two into her pussy. She gasped as he entered her, but gave a little quivery moan as she felt him push deeper. Molly grinned at him over Sarah's shoulder.

"Ready to ride again, Greg?"

"I think so." Geg made a face. "I've never been ready to ride again this quick before."

Molly laughed. "It's the quality of the women, hon."

"Too right," said Greg fervently. "I've just got to have a crack at Mom."

"I think she'll let you, baby," said Molly, gasping as Sarah's tongue probed her depths, "particularly when I tell her how good you are."

* * * * *

It was a pleasantly tired crew who met up for lunch a little later. They cooked the fish Greg and Jack had caught and prepared a salad to go with it. After lunch, sprawling in the lounge, nobody seemed to have any energy.

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