tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCraig And Flo's Dreams Come True Ch. 02

Craig And Flo's Dreams Come True Ch. 02


It was Christmas Eve in 2002. Me and my friend Florian were attending a very special live performance from Britney Spears.

This was at the peak of her career, before the babies and marriage and all that stuff. When she was hot, free, single and basically just an amazing babe.

As Flo and I entered the concert hall, we moved quickly to the front. We both wanted the best possible view of young Britney. I wish I could say our interest in Britney was purely about her music but we were a bit more shallow then that. Basically we both wanted to fuck her brains out and we knew we'd never get a chance unless we met her. Going to her concert was the first step in our "masterplan".

After standing around for what seemed like hours, Britney finally stepped out onto the stage. She looked as hot as ever. She was wearing a tight, white belly top with equally small green jacket over it and tight green pants that showed off her her firm but juicy ass. As usual, her flat stomach and famous belly button were on show.

Me and Flo instantly felt our cocks twitching in our boxer shorts. That was unfortunate as we had a two hour concert to stand through!

Strangely enough, the concert went pretty quickly as we just spent it watching Britney's amazingly hot body dance around. I swear at one point, I she was trying to hypnotize me with her navel.

After the show, the crowd started to filter out of the hall. It was now or never. Flo and I some how managed to get past security and into the hall where the dressing rooms were.

"How the fuck did we get this far?" I asked Flo and myself.

It was then that I saw it. The door in the hall with Britney Spears' name on it.

I gingerly knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

"Come in." A girl's voice said from inside.

I nodded to Flo and opened the door. Britney was stood there still wearing the same outfit as the show.

"What can I do for you guys?" Britney said softly.

"Well, me and my friend Flo here are massive fans of yours and we just really wanted to meet you...and then fuck you." I said with all the confidence I could manage.

"Wow, um, I don't have sex with just anybody but it has been a while. Okay, strip naked." She said.

I was stunned. This stupid plan had actually worked. I smiled at Flo and then locked the door to the dressing room.

Me and Flo then stripped naked as the pop babe looked on. Her eyes glanced down at our floppy cocks.

"Now, lets get those dicks nice and hard so you can fuck me." She smiled.

She then started to slowly strip off. Her jacket came off first and went to the floor, followed by her white top and green pants. She was now stood in front of us wearing just her bra and knickers.

"Holy shit, look at that." I whispered to myself.

My cock was rock hard from watching Britney strip and Flo's was the same.

She then looked into my eyes as she slowly took off her bra and knickers. Her tits were beautiful and just the right size while her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat line.

"Well, I see your dicks are hard now!" She laughed as she walked over to me and Flo and knealt down in front of us.

She then took my stiff prick in her right hand and gently licked the slit on the end of my dick. I groaned in pleasure as she licked around my pink head and then sucked it hard. Britney was so talented with her mouth. She then rammed as much of my dick as she could manage into her mouth and sucked it up and down slowly.

"How does that feel?" Flo asked as he watched, knowing that he was next.

"It feels sooooo good!" I gasped as Britney sucked away.

Next, it was Flo's turn. She pulled back his smooth foreskin and flicked her wet, warm tongue over the pink end of his dick. She then sucked him off for a couple of minutes until it looked like he was close to shooting his cum right there and then in her mouth.

Next, Britney got up off her knees as we decided to explore her perfect body. First, me and Flo sucked on her firm, quite big breasts. I sucked and licked her left tit while Flo sucked the life out of her right tit. This was Heaven.

Then, I'd lick down her flat stomach and really dig my togue into her sexy, little belly button. As I licked her navel, I started to rub her pussy lips up and down. She was really wet all ready and I wanted a taste. I left her navel and started licking at her clit. Britney looked down at the two young horny men sucking on her big tits and her wet pussy and let out a massive groan of pleasure.

Next, Flo left her tits and moved round and down until her gorgeous ass was in his face. He then pulled her butt cheeks apart and stuck his face into her crack.

"Mmmmm, I bet even her farts smell good!" Flo said from between Britney's ass cheeks.

He then started licking and fingering her hot, tight anus while I carried on licking her pussy.

"Oh God, I want you two to fuck me right now!" Britney groaned as she pulled away from us and led on her back on a table in the corner of the room.

"You wanna go first?" Flo asked.

I quickly agreed and moved between Britney's gorgeous, long legs. I then slowly slipped my dick into her hot vagina. Shit, it felt good. I then put one hand on her waist to hold her steady and started to pump her. My heavy cum-filled balls slapped against her ass as I did. I leaned forward and french kissed Britney while I fucked her hard. I hungrily kissed her and sucked on her tongue.

After a couple of minutes, I had to stop pumping her beautiful body before I spunked inside her. Flo wouldn't want to fuck her if she had a big load of hot cum inside her.

Flo fucked her as hard and as fast as he could hile he played with her tits and fingered her cute belly button. They were both starting to get very sweaty as they had the best sex of their lives.

"I'm gonna cum!" Flo yelled as he quickly pulled out of Britney causing her to do a massive wet pussy fart.

He then furiously jerked his cock 'til hot cum spurted out and streaked across Britney's belly filling her navel with fresh, sticky cum. She dipped her finger into her navel and scooped some of the cum out. She then gave a smile to Flo and sucked the warm spunk off her finger and swallowed it.

"Mmmm, tastes soooo yummy, "Britney smiled. "Your turn."

I climbed up onto the table and positioned myself over her cute face. I then jerked my dick hard while Britney licked and sucked my aching balls. A few seconds later, she held her mouth open as I let rip over her pink tongue and pure white teeth.

"Fuck me!" I groaned as I watched five massive squirts of my thick cum fill Britney's hungry mouth.

Once my balls were completly empty, Britney swallowed the sticy cum and gently licked over my dick as it went floppy in her hand.

"Guys, that was the best fuck I've ever had. Give me your phone numbers and we'll do it again sometime." She smiled as she got dressed.

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