tagMatureCraig & Irene Ch. 02

Craig & Irene Ch. 02


This story contains Femdom themes – including dominant older women and submissive younger men, and perhaps some occasional F/m spanking. If this sort of theme does not appeal to you, please check out some other author's stories on Literotica that will better suit your tastes.

All the best to you!!!

The "Craig & Irene" story is a spin-off from chapter 8 of "Ms. Andre dates my dad." I got so many complements regarding the 'Craig & Irene' side-story, that I've begun to give their adventure its own separate tale. I hope that many readers will continue to enjoy Craig's journey to become a true slut-boy.

Craig & Irene - the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Ch.02

All too soon, it was Monday morning and Craig was nervous as he got up and made his bed. Aunt Irene happened to be walking by the doorless entry of his small bedroom and paused to smile and watch the boy's cute bottom and dangling testicles as he bent across the bed to pull the covers up.

It occurred to her that she was neglecting her nephews round boyish bottom, just begging for a few swats to warm each cheek to a pink and tingling glow. Since and occasional bare-bottomed spanking was recommended as an additional help in bringing out a boy's submissive nature, she reminded herself to come up with an excuse to have him across her lap...

But right now it was 7AM, and time for Craig's morning milking session. Over the many weeks of his stay with his Aunt Irene, his body had grown accustomed to the scheduled milkings he received from his Aunt several times a day. Due to this, and due to being only just 18, he had a fine erection already standing out from the juncture of his thighs, wiggling delightfully with his every move.

Irene had brought Craig's morning pill with her, as well as the genital development cream, so that his daily regimen could begin as ordered by Dr. Andre. The good doctor had prescribed the daily pill, the regularly scheduled milking of young Craig's copiously produced semen, and the application of the genital development cream, in order to facilitate full and healthy development of Craig's genitals.

Irene never got tired of seeing the boy naked. He was so young and fresh and clean-looking, especially since she had begun to keep his genitals and tummy shaved free of all pubic hair. His large genitalia looked just wonderful so naked and bare and vulnerable, and keeping a boy bare helped make him feel continually 'naked' and furthered his submissive feelings.

She loved how soft the bare skin of his scrotum felt in her hands, and the velvet-over-iron feel of his young erect penis. At 58 years old, Irene had never imagined that she would be so lucky as to have her young nephew living with her, going nude in her home or doing chores while wearing the delightful pouch-panties in pretty colors for her never-ending visual enjoyment...

She did think that his genitals were responding well to the therapy program. They certainly seemed bigger than they were before, and it was the size of his genitals that first attracted her to her nephew. She had always wondered what a truly bigger-than-average penis was like, and she certainly was well acquainted with Craig's endowment now. And she liked his extra-large size very much, and she was also fascinated with his shape as well as his size.

His hairless genitals seemed almost out of proportion with his slight build. He was muscular, but thin, and his boy-parts seemed just enormous as they hung and swung from his taunt groin. Whether flaccid or stiff, or especially pleasing at is throbbed between those two states, Irene just adored every shape of the boy's penis.

Craig finished making the bed and looked up to see his Aunt standing in the open doorway. Even now, after all this time of being seen naked by his Aunt, he blushed and tried to cover his erect penis with his hands. Still a delightfully bashful boy, Irene thought.

She said, "Craig, dear, you know the rule in my house about covering your genitals...now you be a good boy and stand up straight with your hands at your sides like a gentleman." Irene's lips curled into a grin as she realized what a lovely excuse for a spanking it would be whenever Craig tried to hide his nakedness from her - or from any of her female friends, for that matter...

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, blushing and looking at the floor as his hands fell to his sides to reveal his lewdly jutting erection and heavily dangling testicles to her view.

"That's my good boy, now come here and take your pill, dear," said Irene. She happily watched the boy's large penis swaying stiffly with each step and involuntarily licked her lips. Not for the first time, she imagined her lips on the boy's turgid purple head, just at the moment of his ejaculation.

She wondered if feeling his hot jets of semen splash against her tongue, tasting his precious offering, and swallowing the nutritious boy-juice he would give her would be wrong. Certainly she could estimate his quantity of ejaculation based upon previous mornings for the logbook... and then nobody would know except her and Craig...

But she decided to control her urges and satisfy herself with the enjoyment of milking her young nephew, which duty she would happily perform in only moments.

She decided to change his milking position this time, because variety was good for the boy, she thought. And she had been thinking of how nice and helpless he looked when she brought her nephew in for a 'check up' at the Andre Clinic for Male Genital Health - because they put him on an examination table complete with stirrups!

She really enjoyed watching her boy being milked by the professional women at the clinic, especially in that special oh-so-helpless position.

Her mind wandered to the Larraine Institute, where Craig was due to arrive at 9AM sharp to begin the summer swimming camp. She was very proud that he had been admitted, and she looked forward to being a part of the prestigious institution as Craig's Guardian.

She was sure that the wise and mature women of the Institute must have many wonderful ways to milk the penises of the boys in their charge, since they had 12 young men to care for. Especially considering that the Institute had 'principals' to abide by - principals that included regularly relieving young men of their semen - how delicious!

Craig dutifully took his pill with the water Irene gave him, and then Aunt Irene took his hand and led him into the hallway. She was now well versed in using her words to help develop the boy's submissive feelings and keep his embarrassment peaked during and between his milkings. It was an important part of his therapy and she enjoyed the mind-play very much.

As Irene led her young nephew down the hallway, she started in with her little chat, to help the boy feel very self-conscious and frame his arousal in a male-submissive way so as to imprint his mind with the right connections between female-dominance and the pleasure of ejaculation.

Dr. Andre had encouraged Irene to work this angle relentlessly. She had said, "The best ejaculation comes from a boy with a whimper of surrender - as though he has no choice but to obediently submit to your will, and give his semen at your command. If you imprint him properly, he'll learn that only a mature, caring, and loving woman can properly take care of a young man's genitals."

To pursue that goal, Irene spoke to her young nephew, Craig.

"Craig, honey, I see that you have a very nice erection this morning. Your penis looks so pretty and pink when you are erect. Are you ready to have me milk your penis and get some nice big spurts of semen?"

Craig bashfully croaked, "Yes, Ma'am," feeling embarrassed as he did every time his Aunt or one of her friends spoke to him like that. Her voice had a maternal quality as though talking to a young boy, and it made him feel timid and insecure - which was of course Irene's plan.

"I think it will be very nice this morning for you to lie on your back," she said, as she led him into her own bedroom. "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and lie back, dear, and then grab hold beneath your knees and make them high and wide for me. Can you do that, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered. He felt it was strange how whenever his Aunt or another mature woman gave him instructions, he felt the need to obey, especially if the instruction was embarrassing. And being spoken to like that also seemed to increase his arousal as he felt his penis throb and stiffen even more.

It was like having his Aunt tell him that it was time for his bath, or it was time to go to bed. As though it was a normal and natural thing for her to tell him that it was time for her to milk his penis and make him spurt out all of his semen. Somehow it made him fell 'cared for' when his Aunt announced that she would milk him, and it gave him a warm feeling.

Irene helped the boy to sit at the edge of the bed and lie back, enjoying the sight of his big, stiff penis pointing straight up and throbbing nicely. She brought a little chair over from her vanity and set it between the boy's spread legs.

"Now, honey, I need you to lift your legs up and grab behind your knees with your hands... That's it, good boy, now spread your thighs nice and wide... Now pull your knees up more... Yes, that's very nice, Craig, I like how openly you are displaying your penis and testicles for me. Very good..."

She sat down between his wide-open legs so that his penis was presented to her and easily accessible. She began to massage his testes as she spoke to him in a calm, motherly tone.

"Isn't it nice to present your genitals to me this way, honey?"

He nodded.

"Use your words, dear."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

"Good boy," she said, continuing to massage and roll his testicles in her experienced hands, marveling at their size and weight.

"Now, Craig," she cooed softly, "I want you to rock your pelvis forward so that you are voluntarily offering your genitals for me to care for. Can you do that, honey? Ah, yes, that's my good boy, offering his penis and testicles to his Aunt Irene very nicely."

She smiled warmly in approval and gave his testes a more vigorous, yet loving massage. "Doesn't it feel nice for you to open up for me like this?" He nodded.

She said, "And when your thighs are nice and wide for me, so that I can take good care of your penis and testicles, doesn't it feel good to surrender yourself like this to me, dear?"

He whispered, "Yes, Ma'am," closing his eyes and blushing again, much to his Aunt's delight.

"Good boy," she said, "It's good for you to be in a nice open and vulnerable position like this. It shows that you are trusting me and submitting yourself to me. See how good it feels to voluntarily submit your genitals to my care?"

He nodded and whispered "Yes, Ma'am," as his hips wiggled under her caresses and fondling.

Irene just relaxed on her stool and enjoyed a few quiet moments alone with her nephew's genitals, enjoying the feel of his stiff penis, the fullness and firmness of his youthful testicles, and the smooth softness of his bare scrotum.

She loved spending casual time just enjoying the boy's nakedness - feeling unhurried so that she could take the time to explore every little feature of his genitals with her hands and eyes. And of course, it pleased her to watch his body's reactions to her touch as he wiggled and occasionally sighed under her mature and knowing hands.

"This morning I'm going to rub your penis so that you can make me some nice big-boy spurts, dear. But before I make you spurt for me, I'll be working on your sensitivity training. Do you understand, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he moaned as she slowly began to stroke his fully swollen and stiff shaft.

She continued, "Now, when I rub your penis, I'm going to work on expanding the amount of stimulation you can endure on the head of your penis. It is very good for a boy to have the head of his penis stimulated, don't you agree, dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered as Irene licked the palm of her left hand and gently capped his swollen pink head, letting the stroking motion of her right hand provide just a little movement to begin to stimulate his glans.

"Yes, it's very good for you, honey. And when I stimulate the head of your penis, and the sensations are overwhelming for you, I need you to keep your hips rocked up like a good boy, so that you are fully participating in the therapy. If you let your hips fall back naturally, it would be like you're being a naughty boy and not fully cooperating with your treatments."

She gripped his stiff penis in her hand more tightly and began to move in long strokes from base to tip to base, smiling as he closed his eyes and gasped slightly. She said, "Craig dear, I need to hear you promise me you'll keep your thighs nice and wide apart, and your hips rocked up so that you are intentionally offering your penis to me for therapy and milking. Tell me you promise, honey..."

"I promise," he gasped, already having difficulty holding still for his mature Aunt.

She cooed, "Yes, very good. A good boy keeps his hips up, and offers his genitals properly, dear. A bad boy tries to pull away. I want you to be a good boy for me and keep your knees high and wide and your hips up in 'offering' position, no matter how intensely I stimulate your pretty purple penis head. Can you do that for me, dear?"

"I'll try," he whispered, as he wiggled involuntarily in response to Irene's hands at play upon his naked genitals.

Irene stroked his penis slowly but firmly with one hand, and fondled his big testicles with the other to give the head of his penis a small rest, all the time smiling and cooing encouraging sounds to the boy.

Noting his difficulty in holding the proper position, she kept encouraging him, knowing that her words and the requirement of his 'proper position' were excellent imprinting words to maximize his helpless and submissive feelings.

She said, "Craig, keep your thighs spread wide, honey, and keep your hips up. Remember we talked about that you need to participate willingly by staying in 'offering' position? And you promised me you would be a good boy and keep offering your penis to me. Now tell your Aunt Irene what it is to properly 'offer' your genitals, dear."

Irene purposefully increased the urgency of her stroking on his penis, and she moistened her hand again and started gently twisting her fist around the corona of his head with each stroke to increase the stimulation.

"I have to... uh...uh... keep my... legs spread wide...and... ugh...ooohhh... keep my hips up...aaahhhh... so that I.... ooohh... offer my penis.... ahhhhh... and testicles... uhooooohh... to you.... Ma'am.... oooohhh."

"That's very good, honey, and you're doing a good job." She did so love to make a boy answer a question while his penis was being played with. Boys were so cute when their penises had wise and mature feminine hands at work on them...

Irene reached into her pocket and took out a small tube of genital development cream. She paused to lather a portion onto her right hand, and then gripped Craig's head like a door knob in her hand and began to turn back and forth.

The lubrication made it possible for her to grip firmly and yet her hand slid easily on his glans.

This sent the boy into shivers and convulsions, writhing and rocking and gasping. Irene loved how such a small movement of her soft little hand could cause her nephew to react so vigorously. She stifled a giggle.

"Breathe, Craig," she cooed lovingly, "Try to relax honey, I know you can do it. Just relax and concentrate on your offering position. I know it's difficult to hold still for me, but this is an important part of the therapy we have to do together, dear. You can take it, honey, just breathe."

His movements slowed and his thighs opened wider again and his hips rocked upward as he tried hard to fully surrender his penis. Irene could see the concentration on his brow as he fought the urge to withdraw his penis from her hand's torturous stimulation.

He could hold the position for a few moments, and then he'd lose control and let go of a leg or pull his pelvis down. These things never deterred Irene from continuing the stimulation of his penis, but she would calmly remind him that he was out of position, and watch gleefully as he fought his natural responses and pulled his thighs wide, bringing his hips forward again as he gasped and moaned loudly.

It was a battle inside young Craig - to keep his body voluntarily surrendered and offered while enduring the overwhelming stimulation on the head of his penis. It was as though the development cream made his glans even more sensitive to stimulation - which was a thought that pleased Irene.

He was moaning and writing as his Aunt relentlessly played with the young boy's penis, scrambling the circuits of his brain with contradictory inputs. Her voice continued lovingly insisting that he hold the 'offering position', while her hands made doing so virtually impossible.

With her hands, she was overwhelming the boy with stimulation that he couldn't handle, and with her words she was cooing, encouraging, and demanding that he hold his offering position still and endure the torturous pleasure/pain that was just too much.

He tried to obey, but every time he succeeded in spreading wide for his Aunt and pushing his genitals up towards her in 'offering', she would praise him but at the same time increase the stimulation and force him to fail.

"Be a good boy, Craig, open your thighs wide and push your hips up for me. Offer me your penis, dear, even though it's it seems too much for you - i know you can do it. You can open up for me... yes, good boy... oh honey, now don't close your legs, keep them nice and wide for me, that's it... now bring your hips up... push your penis forward for me... that's a good boy... yes, now hold that position... very nice.... you can take more, honey, that's a good boy... give your penis to Aunt Irene... Yes... I know it's so hard to do.... yes, my sweet little nephew can give me his penis so I can play with it..."

On and on the cycles of surrender and retreat played out until the boy was covered in sweat and panting hard as he struggled to obey against the onslaught of over-stimulation Irene was forcing upon the delicate and oh-so-sensitive purple head of his penis.

She continued to coo and whisper and cajole and command that he surrender completely and take it.

"Just open up and relax, honey, and let Aunt Irene play with your penis... yes, give me your penis, honey... you need to get used to this, dear, because lots of different women at your new school will need to take their turn with you.... you'll be milked at least 6 times a day, dear... it will make me so proud when they say you were a good boy and stayed in position as they touched and felt and played with your pretty penis..."

The boy just continued to writhe and moan and fight to hold the offering position, pleasing Irene very much with his efforts to be a good boy and obey.

Then she had a thought. She slowed the onslaught her hands were prosecuting on the boy's tender and sensitive penis enough so that he calmed down a bit more.

She grinned to herself and said, "Now honey, I want you to get into a good offering position... Yes, that's it, good boy... And now, I want you to hold your position and ask me for more. I want to hear you ask me to keep playing with your penis more vigorously for as long as I want. i know you can be a good boy and do that for me..."

Craig pulled himself into position, lewdly raising and spreading his knees and pushing his pelvis upward toward his Aunt's hands.

He gasped, "Please Aunt Irene, please play with my penis more - as much as you want to... Ahhhhh.... oooooooooh..."

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