tagMatureCraig & Irene Ch. 04

Craig & Irene Ch. 04


This story contains Femdom themes – including dominant older women and submissive younger men, and perhaps some occasional F/m spanking. If this sort of theme does not appeal to you, please check out some other author's stories on Literotica that will better suit your tastes.

All the best to you!!!

The "Craig & Irene" story is a spin-off from chapter 8 of "Ms. Andre dates my dad." I got so many complements regarding the 'Craig & Irene' side-story, that I've begun to give their adventure its own separate tale. I hope that many readers will continue to enjoy Craig's journey to become a true slut-boy.

This story is dedicated to all the Ladies in their 50's and 60's out there who are still hot women - your sure hands and knowing, comforting smiles are so good for us younger boys, who need your nurturing attention to our youthful genitals...

Craig & Irene, Ch.04

Craig left the room with a red and tingling bottom.

He hadn't been handled like that before, and he secretly admitted to himself that being spanked was quite an erotic experience. It made him feel like he had been a naughty boy, and had his bottom spanked for it, even though throughout the spanking and the interview, Gwen had told him he was being a 'good boy' for her.

Her questions had mostly been about his family life, and how he had come to be enrolled at the institute. She seemed pleased with the answers, and her mother had smiled and nodded often, but he didn't know what the real outcome would be and the dean had told him not to worry but to just carry on with his normal schedule.

Craig had to walk back to his room naked. The dean led him by the hand, as it always seemed that boys were never left alone at the Institute.

In his room, he was given another small pair of pouch panties to put on, and then three mature women appeared at the door of his room and greeted the dean.

They were all in their 50's or 60's, well dressed as usual, and introduced themselves as Mrs. Carrington, Mrs. Wrightwell, and Mrs. Douglass. Each woman wore a summer dress and strappy sandals with matching purses and sharp hats.

Mrs. Carrington said, "Hello, Craig, we are assigned to take care of your midday milking and then we'll take you to lunch."

"Uh...yes, Ma'am," Craig said, realizing that he'd be milked by these ladies, which was a very intimate thing, and he'd been feeling quite violated already that day.

"So, let's all go to our assigned milking room and get started, shall we?" She reached down and cupped his pouch in her hand, hefting and feeling his genitals, "Very nice, Craig, and your testes do feel nice and full like a boy's should. We'll just take care of any excess fullness you may be feeling, dear, ok?"

Without letting him answer, she took his hand and the ladies led him down the hallway again, this time to another sidelong hall with many doors on either side. Each door had a boy's name on it and they found Craig's room half way down on the right side.

Mrs. Carrington opened the door and ushered the boy inside, followed by the other two ladies, all smiling happily.

In the room Craig saw a medical exam table with the usual straps and stirrups prepared to hold a boy in position for his milking. The three women stood around Craig and Mrs. Wrightwell bent down and began to lower Craig's pouch panties, letting them fall to his ankles and helping him step out of them.

Mrs. Douglass was behind him and giggled, saying, "Have you been a naughty boy, Craig? Your cute bottom is so pretty and pink from an obvious spanking..."

All three women took turns examining, fondling, and commenting on the state of Craig's bottom. They all seemed delighted that he had received some swats, saying things like, "It's good for a boy to have his bottom swatted, so that he can be on his best behavior."

No amount of explanation by Craig seemed to change their minds. They just 'knew' he had been somehow naughty, needed a spanking, and received one, as is proper for boys. They assured him that having his bottom swatted was a good and normal lifelong experience for a boy, as they helped him onto the exam table and began strapping him in securely.

Craig was embarrassed by everything, especially the fact that his penis was already starting to show signs of erection, with little throbs, and a little thickening and lengthening.

"Oh, what an adorable penis you have, Craig," said Mrs. Wrightwell.

"Oh, yes, I love the shape and pretty pink color of your head Craig," said Mrs. Douglass, and Craig blushed at receiving such intimate praise, which only served to quicken his growing erection.

Mrs. Carrington said, "Now that we have you nice and comfortable on the table, dear, we must begin your milking because we don't have a lot of time before lunch. It's important for you to have a nice big ejaculation for us before lunch so you can keep on your proper milking schedule."

"Yes, we must keep you on schedule, Craig," agreed Mrs. Wrightwell.

The three women took up their positions, Mrs. Wrightwell at his right hip, Mrs. Douglass at his left hip, and Mrs. Carrington pulled up a rolling stool and sat between the boy's raised and spread thighs, in position to attend to his plump exposed genitals.

Each of the women at his sides took one his testicles in their warm soft hands and began to massage them, lifting and spreading his testes apart so that they were each being fondled separately in different ways by the two attending women. With their other hands, the two mature ladies began to caress and play with one of his nipples.

Mrs. Carrington pressed the soft tips of the fingers of one hand into the base of his scrotum, finding the stiffening root of his penis and began to slowly massage it up and down, admiring its girth and growing stiffness. With her other hand, she pushed her knuckles against the boy's little pink anus and began to move in a circular motion, stimulating the outside of his rectum.

All of this stimulation sped up the rate at which Craig's penis was becoming erect and he throbbed powerfully to full erection in seconds.

All three women's eyes were fixed on his stiffening shaft and swelling glans, as Mrs. Carrington said, "Look's like we'll have you fully erect in just a few seconds, dear, so just relax and breathe deeply for us."

Mrs. Douglass giggled, "Oh, Craig, you have such a big penis, so long and thick and so beautiful. We shall enjoy taking care of your ejaculatory needs this week very much."

"Oh yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "we are very pleased to help with your genital development. It's so nice to work with a handsome, polite boy's penis to help him reach his full potential."

Craig closed his eyes and nodded. He could feel all of the separate stimulations all over his body as each woman used each of her hands in a different ways, and it was working. He was suddenly feeling very slutty. Their compliments made him feel special, and he felt that he would be well taken-care-of by these nice mature ladies.

He'd had feelings of wantonness before, when his Aunt Irene, or the many other women whom his Aunt had invited to help, had taken a turn to force him to ejaculate, but this time it was more intense. He felt abandon, wantonness, sluttiness, and he was beginning to revel in the emotions of being an interactive toy for the pleasure and entertainment of the mature women.

Having so many mature ladies, focusing so much of their attention on his penis and testicles, made him want even more attention. He was proud that they liked to look at him and touch him and make him ejaculate. He was amazed at how many times a day the women that took care of him made him spurt.

They clearly knew how to make a boy become instantly and intensely aroused! Craig could feel the blood rushing into his penis, filling it up and making his shaft as long and thick and hard as it had ever been. He reveled in the heavy, stiff feeling of his erection, and really enjoyed the way the three women were touching him and smiling at him and complimenting his penis.

In all his months of scheduled milkings, he had never felt so naked, exposed, humiliated, and objectified before. And he loved it. He surrendered to the feelings of the women stimulating his body, taking unimaginable liberties with his restrained body. He felt completely at their mercy, which he was, and he knew they would force every drop of semen from him.

But he really wanted them to do it. He wanted to please them with spurt after spurt of his semen – to surrender and submit himself to them and to feel ever more used and taken as they forced him to ejaculate again and again.

After several minutes of the exquisite torment of the three pairs of mature hands stimulating him in new and amazing ways, Mrs. Carrington seemed satisfied with the effect.

She said, "Well, it seems that you've offered us a very nice erection, Craig. Now I think it's time to start working with your delightful penis and see what wonderful spurts you can give us."

Craig gasped, "Yes, Ma'am," between his involuntary moans and sighs. The boy couldn't help but wiggle against his bonds, even though he was fully immobilized at wrists, chest, hips, thighs and ankles. The teasing stimulations were forcing his body to respond on its own and he couldn't help it.

Mrs. Douglas noticed him blushing and whispered softly, "We know it's hard for a boy to hold still, honey, that's why you're properly secured. It's ok for a boy to wiggle and moan, Craig, we know it's good for you. And we know you like it, honey. We know you want us to make you spurt, and of course, that will embarrass you. It's as it should be, dear. Just let us play with your body and let it happen. It's good for you, dear."

"Yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "When a boy's body is properly stimulated, he can't help feeling very naughty and slutty. It's good for you to have those feelings, Craig, so just relax and enjoy how wanton you feel. We'll take good care of your penis and testicles for you, sweetheart, so don't worry."

Mrs. Carrington moved her hand from deep within his scrotum, and made a ring with her thumb and forefinger around the base of his glans, just capturing the edge of his corona in her grasp.

She cooed, "Ah, what a nice penis, dear, your head is turning a delightful purple color, in preparation for ejaculation. Now I'm going to stimulate just the most sensitive parts of your penis, and we'll see if you respond for us like a good boy should."

"Ahhrrrggggg..." gasped Craig as she began to twist and stroke lightly just under his head. The stimulation was very dramatic, sending shockwaves of intense sensation shooting through his penis, testicles, and nipples. It seemed like all the energy in his body was centering itself in his genitals as he writhed and gasped uncontrollably.

"That's a good boy, give in to the sensations, honey, and just let them take over. You know it's good for you to be milked, and we're going to take good care of you, dear." Said Mrs. Carrington as she continued to stimulate his anus and the corona of his penis, quickly reducing the boy to a gasping, moaning, wiggling wreck of nerve endings set on fire.

"Mmmm," said Mrs. Douglass, "It's good for you to be a naughty, wanton boy, sweetheart. We know what you need and we'll take good care of you. Just imagine how you look, all naked and splayed open for us, so vulnerable and submissive like a good boy, and we're doing such deliciously naughty things to your sweet young body..."

"Yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "Such naughty things to your penis and testicles and little nipples and bottom – and you like it – you want us to do this to you, don't you dear?"

Craig couldn't help but nod his head as he moaned and writhed under the onslaught of way-too-much sensation. He felt completely naked and vulnerable and exploited and used and he loved it. He could feel his ejaculation approaching quickly, but he could feel the ladies grip on his testes tighten as they continued to pull and spread his testicles.

"Ah," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "You want to spurt for us honey, and your big swollen testes want to pull up to your body – but we want to play with your testicles, dear, they are so cute and full and firm."

Mrs. Carrington increased the speed and urgency of her hand motions, twisting, pulling, with little fast strokes that made her fingers stimulate his corona more and more as she expertly began driving him toward ejaculation.

"Tell us you like it, Craig," said Mrs. Carrington firmly.

"Ooohhhh," moaned Craig.

"No, we need you to use your words, dear," she said, "We want to hear your voice confess that you are a naughty slut-boy."

As one, the three women removed their hands from his body, leaving him tingling all over, and very desperate that they continue. His enormous erection throbbed and pulsed in frantic need for just a little more stimulation. His body writhed against his bonds, wishing for more of the mature ladies' touch. An involuntary whimper of disappointment escaped his lips causing the three mature women to giggle.

Craig knew more or less what they wanted him to say, but he was too embarrassed to bring himself to verbally admit that he was a naughty, wanton, slut of a boy. He just couldn't make his mouth say the words.

Mrs. Douglass leaned over and he felt the soft breath on his ear as she whispered, "Oh, come on, honey, you don't want us to stop do you? It's easy, you just need to confess to us how much you like being strapped down and helpless as we play with your body and make you spurt. That's all, it's no big deal, honey."

Mrs. Carrington said, "Craig, would you like us to continue playing with you, or would you rather just go to lunch."

"Please..."he pleaded desperately, "please continue..."

"Ok, we can do that, sweetheart, but you just need to tell us why."

Craig tried to put it into words and finally gathered up his courage, "Because I like it..." he whispered.

"Tell us more, Craig," said Mrs. Douglass, "Tell us that you are a naughty penis-boy and you want us to make you spurt."

"Beg us to continue, honey," whispered Mrs. Wrightwell, "tell us how much you need to be milked and how much you liked having us touch you..."

"I want it.... I need you to milk me... please make me spurt... I can't help but love what you're doing..." the boy's gasping voice rasped out the words as his body writhed to prove the truth of them.

"That's nice honey," said Mrs. Carrington, "Now just admit that you are a slut. Confess that you are willing to pull down your pants and let any mature woman have her way with your penis and testicles. Admit that you want us to milk you and take your semen..."

"I do... I confess..." he gasped, "I can't help it... I'm a slut for you... please milk my penis and make me spurt!!!"

Six hands were suddenly on his body again, resuming the stimulation as the three women all said "good boy."

Mrs. Carrington cooed, "Now, Craig, just answer my questions, and as long as you say "yes, Ma'am" to each of my questions, we'll continue to touch you and play with you and we'll let you spurt for us. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped.

"Good boy. Now then, you liked it when Mrs. Wrightwell pulled down your pouch panties and exposed your naked penis to us, didn't you dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he admitted as he whimpered and writhed against his bonds.

"You like having all of the mature women here at the Institute see your naked penis and testicles, don't you, sweetheart."

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped.

Mrs. Carrington continued interrogating him, forcing him to admit all the naughty nasty secrets of his submissive heart. To each of her questions, he couldn't help himself but answer "Yes, Ma'am."

She said things like: "Do you like the feeling of being naked around women?" "Do you like to feel a woman's eyes on your body?", "Do you like the fact that your genitals are shaved – so that you're even more naked?" "Do you like to let all the women touch your naked body?"

She continued: "Don't you feel embarrassed to get an erection in front of the Ladies – and see them all looking at your penis and smiling?" "Don't you secretly enjoy being helplessly strapped down – so we can do whatever we want with you?" "You like the sheer pouch panties, don't you Craig?" "You like the swimming pouches because they are transparent when wet, don't you?"

Mrs. Wrightwell asked: "You love to feel helpless as a woman milks your penis and makes you spurt, right Craig?" "Don't you secretly desire to be a naughty little slut-boy and give yourself to any woman that wants to fondle and caress your genitals?"

Mrs. Douglass added: "You want to spurt for us now, don't you dear?" "You want to see the smiles on our faces when you spurt your semen – you want to please us with your semen, don't you honey?"

When Craig nodded emphatically to that last question, "Yesssss..... Ma'aaaammmmm", after having humiliated himself with affirmative answers to all of the other questions, Mrs. Carrington gripped the full shaft of his penis firmly and began to stroke long and hard – quickly driving him over the edge to ejaculation.

The boy's body writhed against the straps and he wailed and whimpered in submissive ecstasy as the first spurt of semen flew from his turgid straining shaft, to the delight of the three mature women.

Craig was surprised as the two women at his sides released his nipples and testicles and began dipping their fingertips into the little pools of semen that had fallen onto his belly, and putting their fingers quickly into their mouths, making pleased and satisfied noises in their throats.

He was further surprised to feel Mrs. Carrington place the head of his penis on her extended flat tongue and stroke the next several spurts right into her mouth, and making her own satisfied noises.

Somehow, the way the women treated his semen – as a delightful treat to which they had every right to enjoy as they saw fit – made him swoon with submissive feelings. He felt as though he was merely a body whose spurting fluids were being harvested for the benefit of the women, and this made him fall into a deeper sea of submissive feelings.

More than being restrained and helpless. More than having to beg and plead for them to force his ejaculation. More than having to confess that he was in fact a completely naughty and wanton slutboy. More than all of that, the way the three mature women treated his semen made him feel more helpless and vulnerable and powerless than anything else.

He felt like he was not only their personal play-toy, but that his semen wasn't even his. It belonged to them the same way that a cow's milk belonged to its owner. He was just a boy whose penis was being milked for the pleasure and enjoyment of the ladies. They were in charge of him. They took care of him. They controlled him.

With his last spurt, merely a dribble, he collapsed exhausted. His body felt completely warm, worn out, used, taken, exploited, dominated, and 'had'. He felt a depth of submission he'd never felt before. He felt as though he belonged to the women in the institute and that he would obey and let them do with his body whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

His genitals felt completely empty and used up as his penis softened to a flaccid and exhausted state.

He could feel one of the women still stroking and pulling and milking his soft penis, and a tongue occasionally licked a little drop of leftover semen from the tip. It seemed right and normal somehow, since all of his semen was theirs for the taking, and no longer his own.

They had every right to every last drop, and he knew it. He waited patiently for them to finish with him and then he felt his bonds being loosed and opened his eyes as he felt Mrs. Carrington, still between his spread thighs, massaging the special genital development cream onto his penis and scrotum as was always done after a milking.

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