Craig & Irene Ch. 04


He found the three smiling faces of the attractive mature women. They silently helped him up off of the table without saying a word. They helped him back into his pouch panties, making sure that his spent genitals were properly positioned in the pouch.

They helped him out of the room and down the hall to the lunch room.

The door opened into a large mess area, with small tables for 4 spread around the room. Many of the boys of the school were already seated and eating their lunch with three mature women. His matrons led him to his table and sat him down.

Through his bleary eyes, Craig noticed that at many tables the mature 'caretakers' of the other boys were feeding them with one hand while caressing the boys' inner thighs and genitals with the other. All of the tables had at least one Lady whispering to the boy, and the boy nodding obediently.

Once the foursome was seated, a young female waitress came to the table and delivered the day's lunch meals of roast turkey and salad. Craig was told to keep his hands at his sides and Mrs. Carrington began to feed him one small bite at a time as she talked to him from across the table.

While Mrs. Carrington spoke, the other two mature ladies sat close by his sides, smiling and nodding as they caressed his thighs. Craig found his legs involuntarily spreading apart, allowing the ladies full access to his soft pouch, without even thinking. It just seemed right.

Mrs. Carrington said, "After lunch, we have a fun activity planned for the boys, Craig."

She fed him another bite, and continued. "Each boy will be taken by his Ladies to the assembly hall where we'll set you up on another exam table. The summer biology class from the girl's academy will be coming by to study male anatomy and the girls will each get to examine a naked boy so that they can get a good score on their exam."

Mrs. Carrington grinned, "The Girl's Academy has a special summer program called "Introduction to Male Genital Development", and only their best and brightest 18-year-old students are allowed into this special program. So isn't it nice that our Dean has volunteered the swim-camp boys to be the genital models for the girls to study?"

Craig blushed, "Um...I guess so..."

"Yes, it is very good for the young Ladies to be able to examine the genitals real live boys. Pictures of naked boys, and movies of naked boys having their penises stimulated to ejaculation are shown every day in the classes at the Girls' Academy. But images just don't do justice to real male genitals, which are quite interactive. So it is best for the girls to have firsthand experience touching, feeling, examining, and milking a cooperative naked boy, don't you think?"

"Uh...Yes, Ma'am." Craig blushed at the thought of a Girls' School that had a summer program completely focused on male genitalia.

Mrs. Carrington continued, "And, we'll be expecting our boys to make a good showing for the sweet young ladies of the Girl's Academy, and give them a full experience of male genital function. This will serve as our boys' 2pm scheduled milking. A very nice 2-for-1, don't you think?"

Craig realized what she meant and asked, trembling, "Do you mean..."

"Yes, of course, dear," said Mrs. Carrington, "You'll have a randomly selected young lady from the Girls' Academy examine and explore your genitals, which will of course make you erect. After satisfying her curiosity about your penis and testicles, she'll stimulate your penis and make you spurt out your semen. It's important for you to give her a very educational ejaculation that she can observe and study. But don't worry, we'll all be there to give her guidance and help so that she'll feel confident in performing her first clinical penis milking, honey. It will work out just fine, I'm sure..."

Craig was surprised to feel his penis throbbing and getting a little stiffer. He'd only just ejaculated for the Ladies a half hour ago, and already he could be aroused again. He realized that the special lotion and the pill they gave him must be working to increase his semen production and ease of arousal.

He nodded bashfully to Mrs. Carrington, after all, there was nothing he could do about it. He was enrolled in the institute and couldn't leave even if he wanted to. Of course, he was becoming aware that he really didn't want to leave. Quite the contrary. He never wanted to leave.

He knew in his heart that he wanted these women to continue 'taking care' of his penis and making sure his semen was properly milked from his body. He needed to ejaculate many times a day now, and he could always feel a subtle need to spurt growing in his groin at all times. He realized he could no longer imagine a life without his Aunt Irene and her friends, or his wonderful three caretakers, constantly milking his enormous production of semen from his overlarge and over-productive genitals.

Soon lunch was over and the ladies led him to a large hall, fitted with more than 20 examination tables complete with stirrups and restraints. These tables also had an additional feature - there was a white sheet set on an angle from the middle of the table.

Craig instantly realized that the sheet would cover a boy from the waist up, so that the young ladies would not see the faces of their assigned boys. He supposed this was so that the girls could do their studies in a more 'clinical' environment without making any sort of attachment with the boy they would milk.

Anonymous milking by young untrained female hands. Yet another humiliation for the boys.

The room was already filling up as trios of mature ladies, all dressed smartly in skirts and dresses, helped their boys into position on the tables, and adjusting the sheets to keep their boys anonymous.

Craig's Matrons took him to his appointed examination table and helped him into position. They strapped him down securely but comfortably, and placed the sheet appropriately so that his assigned girl from the Academy would not be able to see him.

She would be able to hear all of his moans of pleasure and whimpers of submission, and she'd see his body writhe against his bonds, but she would not be able to see his face as she played with his genitals and eventually forced yet another ejaculation from his productive penis.

Soon all the boys were in position, secured behind the anonymous sheets on their respective tables. All the mature female handlers stood by their boys, caressing them and cooing encouragements and praise.

Then, at the end of the great hall, the double doors were opened and the Dean entered, followed by several instructors from the Girl's Academy, and then the young 18-year-old female students filed in, wide-eyed and grinning in amazement as looked around the room.

Obviously, none of the young ladies, all recent graduates of the high school level of the Girl's Academy, had ever been in a room full of naked males. Their young roving eyes took in the scene of so many tables, with boys strapped down naked with their thighs spread wide and offering their young virile genitals for the girls to study and examine.

It was like a parade as the single file line of girls walked slowly around the room, passing close by each table in the circuit. By this, each girl was able to take a few moments to see each boy's genitals, all shaved bare for their complete naked offering to the girl's view.

The girls were meant to appreciate all the differences from one boy to the next. Some boys were already erect. Some boys only partly so, and some flaccid. Some were longer, thicker, more pink, more brown. Some penis heads were plumper than the shaft, some less so.

But all of the boys were handpicked for the larger-than-average size of their endowments, so all of the boys presented very large genitals for the girls to look at, and giggle, whispering softly to one another.

The room was silent as the girls filed past each boy. Each girl pausing a moment to gaze between his spread thighs, and hold silent secret thoughts in her heart.

After two complete circuits of 'viewing', the girls all moved to their assigned boy, which they knew by the numbers on the tables to be matched to the slip of paper they each had been handed by their instructor.

The head of the Girl's Academy summer program, Mrs. Peterson, addressed the young ladies as they each stood at the ready, between the spread legs of their assigned boy.

"Ladies," she said, "let us give a round of applause for Headmistress Dawson who has so generously offered us the use of her boys this afternoon." All the girls gave polite but enthusiastic applause, smiling as the Headmistress of the Larraine Institute gave a slight bow in acknowledgement.

Dean Peterson of the Girls' Academy continued. "Ladies, you each have been assigned a boy to examine and should by now be standing in front of him. As you look at your boy's presented genitalia, I want to begin by reminding you of many things we have already covered in our Summer Classes so far."

Craig, like every other boy in the room, could 'feel' the anonymous girl standing between his legs, and looking at his vulnerable penis and testicles. It was an arousing feeling, and he blushed as he felt his penis throbbing toward erection. His matrons all stood by him, caressing his face and chest, murmuring softly to 'relax dear', and 'it's alright', and 'good boy'.

Dean Peterson said, "As you young ladies can see, the male's legs are large and muscular, his abdomen is tautly muscled. The overall size and shape of the male body shows that it is designed to do heavy work, and to do battle to protect his female..."

She looked around the room as the girls were all smiling and nodding in appreciation of this knowledge.

"But unlike the softer, more voluptuous body of the female," Dean Peterson went on, "the male is actually more vulnerable in many ways than the female. There, between his spread thighs, you can see how his most tender and precious organs are outside his body, where you can see and touch and enjoy them. Just imagine, girls, if your ovaries were hanging out between your thighs - so vulnerable and exposed to injury - as are the boy's testicles..."

Again, the young girls' faces were somber, showing compassion at the boys' plight, and nodding sagely that what the dean spoke was certainly true.

Dean Peterson continued, "And so, ladies, we females must always keep in mind that our boys' testes are susceptible to pain and harm. We shall always treat them with nurturing tenderness as only a wise female is able to do."

The girls were all nodding in agreement and smiling with friendly, appreciative looks on their faces.

"And now," said the Dean, "Let us draw our attention to the penis, that most delightful of appendages, so soft and delicate one minute, and then engorged and firm with arousal the next. I can see that most of your boys are already well on their way to full erection, if not there already. For those of you who have a boy who is still mostly soft, do not worry, he is probably just nervous. Once you begin to touch him and talk to him, he will certainly firm up for you nicely. That's one of the wonderful things you will learn about boys - they are quite easily aroused - and they are therefore so much fun to play with."

There were twitters and giggles at this last comment, which were quickly hushed by the Dean, as she stifled her own smile, attempting to keep up good decorum.

She continued, "Now ladies, you may pull out the little stool you'll find under the exam table, and you may sit on it and adjust the height so that your boy's genitals are at your elbow height. Remember, as we have discussed in class, good ergonomics must always be observed when examining a boy."

There were little squeaks of wheels and the hiss of pistons all around the room as the girls positioned their respective stools properly and sat down between the raised and spread thighs of their assigned boys.

"Alright girls," said the Dean, "you may now place the flat palms of your hands on the boy's inner thighs, near his knees."

The girls all carefully did so.

The Dean looked around the room, seeing all the seated girls with their hands dutifully in their laps and their eyes fixed on the male genitals displayed in front of them. "Now you may begin to caress your boy's thighs, sliding your hands gently to his inner thigh and back, but do not make contact with his genitals. This is a comforting gesture on your part to show the boy that you mean no harm and that you appreciate him. You may introduce yourself by your middle name only, and praise your boy as we have practiced in class."

Craig jumped a little in surprise as he felt the small soft hands of a girl touch his thighs and begin to gently caress him. He heard a tentative little voice say, "Hi, my name is Sally, and I'll be examining you today."

Craig whispered, "Hi", not knowing what else to say, and Mrs. Carrington leaned over and murmured in his ear, "It's not necessary for you to respond, dear, just enjoy her hands and her words."

He nodded, feeling the girl's hands on him and feeling his penis throbbing and his testicles pulling up automatically when her hands approached the upward reaches of his thighs, so close to his genitals, but not touching. He hoped she would touch him soon.

Dean Peterson spoke. "Now girls, I'm sure you can see how your boy's genitals respond as you caress his thighs. You are probably seeing his penis and testicles react to your touch, even though you're only touching his legs. Isn't that adorable?"

There were soft murmurs of approval from around the room.

"Now ladies," said the Dean, "you must always to remember to compliment your boy. Find something, or many things, that you like about his genitals and compliment him. Boys need consistent feminine approval to be truly happy, just as they need consistent feminine attention to their genitals."

The girls all practiced saying nice things to their boys. All around the room were heard young female voices saying things like, "I like how pretty pink your penis is," or, "I like how big and full your testes look," or, "Your penis is nice and big and stiff, it looks very nice."

Sally cleared her throat and said to Craig, "You have a very pretty penis and testicles." Then she thought she could do better, "I like how your penis throbs and your head is a darker pink color, it's very nice."

She smiled as she was rewarded with a nice throb of Craig's penis, making his head puff out momentarily and turn even darker - almost purple. "Oooh," she said, "that was very fun to watch. Your penis is just lovely."

Craig felt comforted that the girl was being so nice to him. He hadn't known what to expect, and he was pleased that she found his genitals attractive.

The dean spoke. "Girls, now you may begin your examinations by touching your boy's testicles. Take one of his testes in each hand gently, and roll them softly in your fingers. This will feel good to your boy, and you can also feel the oblong shape of real testicles, and you can feel the bumpy area where the cord that connects his testicles to his body attach. Try to feel the seminal ducts if your boy's scrotum is relaxed enough."

The girls all spent several minutes fondling and examining their boy's testes, eliciting the occasional sigh or soft moan of pleasure from their boys. The girls also noted that each boy's penis throbbed to fully stiff erectness as they fondled their testes.

"Compliments, ladies, always let your boy know that you accept him and approve of his genitals..." cautioned the dean.

The room filled with small female voices praising their male charges' testes and scrotum.

Craig's Sally said, "I really like how soft your scrotum is, and I like that it is shaved nice and bare. It feels soft and nice in my hands. I also think your big testicles are just adorable. They're nice and firm, but I know they are also delicate and I'm doing my best to be very gentle..." She giggled to herself and added, "And I'm imagining your testes are very busy, working hard to make sperm for your upcoming ejaculation. They feel nice and healthy, and I'm happy to have the chance to examine them."

That was so nice, Craig thought, and he gave a little moan of appreciation for his young lady examiner.

The Dean spoke again, "Now ladies, you may gently take hold of your boy's shaft and begin to softly stroke up and down. This will bring pleasure to his penis, so don't be alarmed if he can't help but wiggle in his bonds or gasp and moan. That is all perfectly normal and to be expected."

Craig's Matrons looked at Sally's hand on his erect penis, gently beginning to stroke him. Mrs. Douglass leaned over and whispered, "It's ok to grip more firmly, love, and give a nice stroke all the way up so that your fingers rub against the crown of his head... Yes, that's it, well done..."

Sally smiled and improved her technique as Mrs. Douglass had suggested, and she was very pleased to see her boy wiggle a bit more and moan in obvious pleasure. Sally smiled, 'this is so amazingly fun!' she thought to herself.

As all the girls in the room stroked their boy's penis, the dean encouraged them to keep feeling the boy's testes with their free hand, and to continue complimenting their boy on how nice his penis was responding to stimulation.

Male throats gasped and moaned and whimpered all over the room. A few of the more adventurous girls would lean forward when the Dean wasn't looking, and give the head of their boy's penis a quick furtive lick, usually followed by a desperate whimper from their boys, which of course pleased the young lady very much.

Smiling girls busily stroked penises all over the room, sometimes looking over to the girls next to them, watching for any special techniques they might try.

The Dean, now walking about the room to look over her girls' shoulders and assess their work, gave further instruction.

"Now girls, don't be alarmed if your boy develops a dollop of clear fluid at the tip of his penis. This is perfectly normal, and is a good sign. As you know, boys will leak pre-seminal fluid as they become aroused, and this is a clear lubricant produced in their urethra so that their semen can slip out more freely when they boy ejaculates. You can cause him to dribble more of it by making the upward stroke on his penis with a stronger grip than the downward stroke."

She strolled around a little more as the girls all tried to make their boys drippy with the clear fluid, to varying degrees of success. After a moment, the Dean giggled, "I know what you girls are thinking, and yes, it is perfectly alright for you to dab his dribbles with your tongues. You'll find this clear fluid relatively pleasing, as it usually has a hint of sweetness..."

Male moans and gasps were heard all over the room, as well as the satisfied smacking of youthful female lips as the girls tasted their first male juices.

"While you are there, girls," said the Dean, "Take a moment to put your nose right into his scrotum between his testicles and inhale his male scent. You'll find it entirely unusual, yet strangely attractive. There's just something splendid about the smell of male genitalia. You'll remember this smell for the rest of your lives..."

The girls sniffed, sampled, and in some cases deeply inhaled their boys' scents, each girl reacting in her own way, some ambivalent, some pleased, and some fascinated.

The dean indicated that the girls should now all increase the speed of their stroking, increasing the stimulation of their boys' penises in preparation for forcing his ejaculation. Boy's wiggled and writhed and gasped and whimpered and moaned all across the hall.

"That's it, girls," said the Dean, "your boys will ejaculate soon, and when they do, you should be very proud. Now, it is important for these boys' training, as well as your own practice, that you now begin to focus your boy's thoughts. A good boy has submissive thoughts and feelings when he spurts his semen as an offering to his Mistress. For a brief moment, you will each become the Mistress of your boy - in total control of his genitals - you are going to make him ejaculate and it must happen on your terms. This means, he must spurt submissively for you. That is good for him and good for you."

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