Craig & Irene Ch. 04


The Dean looked around the room to see determined young faces, getting serious about stroking their boys and making their penises spurt.

The Dean said, "Now is the time for you to give them dominant talk - just as we have practiced in class so many times. You girls know what to say to your boys and you drive them over the edge and force them to ejaculate. Now is the time that you exert your feminine power and make your boy spurt while you control what you allow him to think about."

All over the room, young female voices took on powerful authoritative, yet nurturing tones as they guided their boy's to ejaculation with their hands and their words.

Sally began to rub Craig's penis with greater vigor one moment, then slowly yet firmly the next, as she spoke to him.

"I'm going to make you spurt out all your semen for me, young man," she said, "now I want you to be a good obedient boy for me, and when I give you my permission, I expect you to ejaculate within ten strokes of my hand on your penis. Can you be a good boy for me?"

She took Craig's gasp and whimper as a fine submissive response. "Yes, I'm sure you are a good boy, and you'll be nice and obedient for me. I have complete control of your penis, so it's best for you to just surrender to me and let me have what I want. I'm going to take your semen, and you are going to obediently give it to me on command. Yes, good boy, all tied down on this table, helpless as I stroke your beautiful penis... You can't help but submit your genitals to my care... You know it's good for you to yield yourself completely to me... Yes, good boy... I can see your hips struggling to wiggle, but you're completely bound and helpless.... I think you're ready.... I'm rubbing your penis and I'm watching carefully.... I want to see you spurt for me, my good boy... yes, such a good boy with such a pretty penis, all stiff and pink and ready to spurt for me..."

Craig was beside himself with the agony and ecstasy of her hands and words. He felt completely submissive to her and he knew she would make him ejaculate very hard. He knew she was going to drain him completely dry and leave him weak and spent and very limp...

"Now, my good boy," said Sally, "I am going to make you ejaculate. Your penis is ready to spurt your offering of semen for me, and I am ready to receive it. I'm going to count down from ten, and you will spurt for me."

Craig whimpered in surrender, writhing and moaning much to the delight of his young female captor.

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six..." With each number, Sally stroked Craig's penis longer, letting her hand rub against and over the ridge of his crown further and further, increasing the stimulation of the boy's penis tenfold.

"Five... Almost ready," she said. "Four... Yes, good boy..."

"Three... You're head is so swollen and purple, I can't wait to make you spurt."

"Two... Good boy, here it comes..."

"One. You may now spurt for me and show me what a good boy you are."

Sally's hand simply gripped around the ridge of his penis and stroked fast in little jerks - localizing the intense stimulation right at his most sensitive and vulnerable area.

In response, Craig's body went completely stiff and he cried out in despair as his first jet of semen vaulted from the tormented purple head of his penis, to be followed by several more spurts of equal power and volume.

Sally giggled with delight and triumph, amazed at how forcefully her boy was spurting his slimy white juices into the air above her hand. She directed the aim of his penis so that his semen went onto his belly and accidentally onto the white sheet.

Sally was completely excited and happy to have caused her first ejaculation - and such a nice big one - from such a nice boy with such beautiful genitals. It was a day she would treasure all of her life. She loved to feel his penis pulse in her hand as it spurted, and she loved the feeling of the last of her boy's warm semen as it dribbled onto her hand and ran down her wrist.

Sally, following the instructions that all the girls had received, continued to hold her boy's shaft in her hand and gently stroke it as it slowly pulsed and softened over the course of two or three minutes. She loved how she could keep milking just one more drop from his penis, and then just one more, and again.

It just seemed like the boy was so full of the wonderful warm juices, and she kept looking at the drops that were on her hand, hoping to soon have her first tasted of a boy's offering...

The Dean praised the girls - each one having very successfully masturbated her boy to ejaculation. Many of the girls had lost a bit of control and had at least one spurt in their hair, or on their blouse or skirt, but it was all in good fun, and while embarrassed by the mess, the girls were also proud to wear the signs of their victorious handling of their first boy.

The Dean encouraged the girls to leave their boy with a little kiss, and most girls used the opportunity to plant their lips softly on the sensitive head of their boy's penis, thanking him for being a good boy, and then stepping away from the table politely.

Sally's hand still had a good deal of semen, and she couldn't wait any longer, bringing it to her mouth and lapping up the pearlescent remembrance of her time with her boy. Her first taste of semen was strange but not completely unpleasant, more acceptable because of what it represented, rather than being particularly enjoyable.

Over the next several weeks, however, Sally would continue to remember, and celebrate in her mind, the wonderful feeling of her boy's penis in her hand, his pulsing as he ejaculated, and the taste of his youthful semen that she could always easily recall to her lips...

For Craig's part, after all the girls left the hall, his matrons unfastened him and cleaned him up. They took him back to his room for his three o'clock nap, and each told him how proud they were of him and what a good boy he was.

All he knew was that it was extremely arousing to have his genitals milked by a woman that he couldn't see. Being used so anonymously was very exciting and only increased his feelings of being exploited and completely submissive to female dominance.

As Craig drifted off to a much needed nap he wondered what would be in store for the evening...

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