Craig & Irene Ch. 05


There was polite applause, and then the lights became dimmer as more words appeared on the screen. It said "The place of the male in Nouveau Femme society".

After a moment, the words on the screen were replaced by a photograph of a young man, nude, standing inside a hoop of sorts, with arms and legs spread wide to mimic the famous drawing of man's perfect size ratios by Leonardo Da Vinci. A quiet twitter of feminine delight passed through the crowd, as the shaved-bare genitals of the handsome young man were quite large and well-proportioned.

The Headmistress grinned and began her talk.

"The founding of the institute at the turn of the century, by the sisters Larraine, was dedicated to the philosophy of Nouveau Femme - "New Woman". The simple idea was that, while being completely feminine in behavior, dress, and attitude, it is at the same time possible - may I say necessary - that the woman take her rightful place in society, business, and most importantly, family.

The woman is the rightful leader of the man. It is the woman who should be making the decisions and directing the affairs of the family and thereby, the world. A female-led world, a female-dominant world, is a world without strife, famine, or war. It is as yet an unrealized world, but we shall work diligently toward it together until it becomes reality...

Again, polite applause erupted. Clearly the ladies present had much the same ideas...

While this truth is obvious - that women should rule, and that men should obey them - one would think that the truth of it would be seen in the woman. But this is not so. The truth is seen in the male. A simple study of the male anatomy and the male psyche will convince the intelligent person that males were meant by the Creator to be subject to female authority.

Observe first, the muscularity of the male - their bodies are designed for work. They are meant to do the heavy lifting of society, as they certainly do.

But then we observe the male genitalia, and discover an important message - vulnerability. Testicular vulnerability. The most tender and vulnerable organs of the male body are made to lie outside the protection of all that bone and muscle. Why could that be...?

Now observe the male mind - always thinking about sexuality, driven by his body's relentless production of semen, the male is constantly forced to seek sexual release. And where does he seek it? He knows that the female is the natural source of seminal ejaculation. The male seeks out the female as a biological imperative, of course, to mate with her and produce offspring. But while the female cycle operates this same imperative once a month, the male is a daily gushing fountain of semen, far beyond the evolutionary needs of the species.

So, Ladies, I ask you. What is the message here, given by nature, that describes the relationship between the male and female. Male muscularity speaks of work-readiness. Testicular vulnerability shows the male susceptible to control. Seminal productivity gives the female the psychological handle she needs to harness a male's mind.

Simply put, a woman can very easily bring a male to heel, in a way that pleases and satisfies the male's main drives, as equipped by nature.

Patriarchal society has turned this natural order upside down, and it is the fault of the female. We have not stepped into our proper role, we have not take our males properly in hand, and we have not trained out males to be subservient in exchange for the thing they want most.

The male deeply desires that a woman would focus her attention toward relieving his semen-stress. Any woman who takes it upon herself to consistently relieve her males of their semen, finds herself worshipped, adored, and obeyed.

Taking it one step further, if she talks to her male at his most intimate moments, teaches him the proper way of thinking - teaches him to submit and obey - while he is in the throes of genital pleasure, she can imprint his mind. He will become a very good boy, a very obedient boy.

This is what nature teaches. A male's testicles are his most vulnerable parts. His prostate creates and builds up semen without stopping. His penis is the key that unlocks the semen and spills it from his body. And this system is designed so that the male will voluntarily spread his thighs wide, exposing his vulnerable testicles to his Lady, trusting her completely with complete control of his body - in the hopes that she will be kind enough to take his semen.

Ladies, think if your ovaries were outside your body, so delicate and vulnerable. Would you present them willingly to be caressed, fondled, and possibly injured by a man in return for clitoral stimulation. I think not. You are too wise.

But the male - he will trust you instinctively to hold his testes in your hand. He believes you will not harm him by squeezing too hard or striking them. He knows you are a gentle woman and that you are full of feminine wisdom and justice. You will caress, not slap. You will comfort, not cause harm. And every time you attend to the needs of his penis, to take his semen, he will love you more."

Craig felt Mrs. Blake's hand on his thigh. Slowly caressing up and down, gentle and unhurried. With each caress, her hand rose just slightly higher, eventually beginning to touch his scrotum.

Craig knew he should sit still and not resist. He glanced at Mrs. Carrington to see if she noticed what was going on. She had, and she was smiling as she winked at him and nodded her head that he was doing the right thing to let Mrs. Blake touch him.

He felt his erection beginning, the slow throbbing and heaviness beginning to become noticeable if it weren't for the near-darkness of the Auditorium.

After many caresses wherein Mrs. Blake's hand had slid against his testicles deeply, she let go of his thigh and simply cupped his genitals, squeezing gently like a massage.

The Headmistress continued.

"So, once a woman is stimulating her male's penis, she must use the opportunity to talk to him for the purpose of training him to her liking. Nature has designed the human male to be extremely open to suggestion during the time when his penis is being stimulated. He will agree with you, obey you, promise you anything, all because of the sensations you are causing him to feel in his penis. The closer to ejaculation he is, the more susceptible to your thoughts and words he becomes. This is how a woman is supposed to imprint her will upon the psyche of her males.

It is the position of Nouveau-Femme philosophy that we should follow nature and use the tools nature has given us to bring our males under submission to female authority. Properly treated, it is our belief that males can all be brought into their submissive natures. They want, deep down, for a woman to lead and guide them.

The life-long training of the male to be submissive to the female is certainly more complicated, but the methods and guidelines that we follow all stem from this simple, natural beginning. Boys naturally submit to their mothers. This is how they begin - in the warm caring hands of their mothers they learn what it is to be loved, cared for, corrected, and cherished.

Why should a growing male be stripped of this love, this care, this wise female guidance, that has brought him up from a baby to the beginnings maturity? Of course, it should not be taken from him.

Young boys learn to obey their mothers. Why should not older boys, young men, and mature men not continue to live peacefully obeying the women in their lives?

This is the question that is answered by the Nouveau Femme philosophy, and the answer is a resounding "No" to the patriarchal dismantling of the natural female-leadership order, and a resounding "Yes" to loving and caring for the males in our lives."

As another round of applause filled the auditorium, Craig felt Mrs. Blake's hand cease cupping and caressing his genitals. She was obviously aware of his growing erection, having felt his swelling and stiffening penis under her hand. Craig felt her deft fingers searching out the little snaps that held his pouch, and she began to undo them one by one.

By the time the applause was dying down, she had freed most of the snaps, releasing his erect penis from its captivity to stand up proud in his lap. He again looked at Mrs. Carrington, and she again smiled her approval of the other woman's hands playing with his genitals.

Craig found himself sliding his bottom forward on his seat and spreading his thighs wide to allow Mrs. Blake greater access to his now-naked genitals. She leaned over and whispered, "good boy" in his ear as her hand gripped his stiff shaft and began to slowly and gently stroke him up and down.

Craig noticed from the corner of his eye that Rebecca, Mrs. Blake's daughter, was smiling as she watched her mother's hand begin to stimulate the boy's penis.

The Headmistress waited for the applause to end, and then she continued her talk.

"So, to our Sponsors of potential students, I say the following things in the hopes that you will increase your desire to enroll your ward, whether son, daughter, niece, or nephew, into one of our schools.

You have raised your child in the manner that seemed best to you, and we applaud you for it.

To the sponsors of young gentlemen: Today, as your young men are of legal age, in the homes of wise women such as yourselves, I suspect that you continue to spank your boys regularly as needed so that they behave properly for you. You very likely practice home nudity for the males in your household, or perhaps have introduced pouch panties for your males to wear at home.

Your boys address you as "Ma'am" and obey your instructions both privately and in public. You probably have prohibited unsupervised masturbation, so that your boy's semen can be released only under the guidance of you or another female.

All these things and more we will continue at the Larraine Institute with your boy, continuing his submissive training and helping him to develop into just the kind of young man you can be proud of.

To the sponsors of young ladies: your girls have been raised to see your example as you are the head of your household. They love and respect their fathers, but are well aware that he is a loving and obedient husband. That's what they want too - a young man who will be loving, submissive, and obedient.

Your 18-year-old young lady is ready to really learn all the secrets of bringing a male under her thumb. She wants to explore all the possibilities of being the woman in control of her life, supported by her husband. She is also aware that variety is the spice of life, and wants to experience the joys of additional male partners, just as you have shown her by example.

The Girls' academy will teach your daughter or niece all the feminine wisdom of the ages. Why, just this afternoon, the girls of the Academy's summer program were here at the Institute, practicing some of their new skills on our swim team boys.

If you choose the Academy for your girls, or the Institute for your boys, you will be making a very wise choice.

Thank you for listening to my short talk, and now we can all adjourn to the lobby for refreshments, and our Matrons will have a treat for all the ladies - the boys of the Larraine Institute will be modeling the famous Dr. Victoria Andre's newest fashion sensation which she calls "Freedom Trousers".

They are a wonderful garment suitable for semi-formal occasions that feature a removable pouch, which, if they haven't been already, Matrons, please feel free to remove them now.

Ladies, I encourage you to help with our summer program boys' continued training by feeling free to look at, touch, and play with our boys' genitals. This helps them learn that all women are entitled to enjoy their nakedness and they will practice being nice submissive boys for all of you.

And the young ladies who are possible enrollees at the Girls' Academy next fall, are likewise invited to explore and enjoy the boys' genitalia as well.

Remember ladies - our boys are good boys, and they are practicing trusting all of you with their delightfully vulnerable testicles - let's be feminine and gentle with our boys!"

Great applause erupted once again, as the women began to file out. Mrs. Blake took the liberty of taking hold of Craig's erect penis and leading him out of the Auditorium. Craig noticed that the other six boys he could see were also bereft of their pouches, erect, and being similarly escorted through the crowd by a mature female hand on their penises.

Once the crowd had filtered out of the auditorium and into the reception hall, Craig noticed that there was a generous buffet of hors d' oeuvres' and light snacks, as well as champagne and sodas for the guests.

Craig soon found himself standing in a circle of champagne-sipping, smiling women, as his erect penis and large dangling testicles were on full naked display before them. He looked around and could see neither his Matron, Mrs. Carrington, nor the infamous Mrs. Blake who had been fondling him during the lecture.

He did see Rebecca Blake, graduate of the Girls' Academy, walking toward him with two glasses of the sparkling wine. She smiled and handed him a glass.

"Hi Craig," she said, letting her beautiful eyes flick down to take in his big erect penis jutting from the tight black fabric of his trousers. "You look lovely this evening."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he said.

Rebecca Blake had reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and a voluptuous figure that featured quite a bit of cleavage in her little black dress. He realized that she was quite beautiful, and he couldn't stop staring at her face as she smiled at him. He was frozen like a deer in the headlights.

"So tell me, Craig," she said seductively as she stepped close to him. "When is your next scheduled milking?"

His eyes went wide and he blushed with embarrassment at the unexpectedly bold question. Rebecca was wearing high heeled pumps, very sexy looking, and she towered at least 4 inches over him as she looked expectantly into his eyes.

"Uh, um," he said fumbling for words, "I'm not sure, Ma'am, I think I'm to be...milked, um... at bed time." It was so embarrassing to have to say it out loud in front of all the nearby women watching the interaction between Rebecca and himself. But somehow, confessing his situation to the beautiful Rebecca seemed right and natural.

"I see," she said, smirking knowingly, "But it's not yet bedtime, and yet you have a naughty erection. Are you being naughty, Craig?"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," he said as he looked down at his lewdly jutting penis, feeling deeply embarrassed and humiliated again. "I don't mean to be naughty..."

"Of course you don't mean to be, dear," said Rebecca. Then she leaned close to him. He could feel her breasts against his shoulder and arm, and it was very exciting. He could smell her perfume, light as a meadow at sunrise, and he could smell her own scent beneath it. She smelled clean and fresh and wholesome, like home and safety and contentment.

Rebecca said, "But even if a boy doesn't mean to be naughty, sometimes he can't help himself. And you know what naughty boys need, don't you Craig?" Her voice was sultry and just the sound of it made his penis throb. Her warm breath on his ear was very arousing and he felt his body shiver.

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

"What do naughty boys need, honey?" she whispered as she rubbed her full breasts more fully against his shoulder.

He hesitated, but couldn't fail to answer. He knew the answer. It was so humiliating.

"Spanking..." he whispered.

"I'm sorry dear," she said loud enough for all the nearby women to hear. "What did you say naughty boys need?"

"Spanking, Ma'am." He said.

"That's right, honey, naughty boys need to be spanked. You know its naughty for a boy to have an erection when it's not his milking time. And your penis is stiff, dear, so that means you're a naughty boy, aren't you? So I'm wondering...why do you have a stiff penis now, Craig? Is it because my mom was touching you?"

He shook his head in silent shame.

"Really? Not that?" she said, reaching down and cupping his testes in her hand and leaning her whole body against his. "Then why are you having an erection, honey?"

He tried to say something, but no words would come out.

Rebecca smiled and tried again, this time whispering in his ear. "I'll let you whisper so it will be our secret. Just tell me why you have an erect penis, which, I might add, is just gorgeous..."

She leaned closer, putting her ear right in front of his lips.

Craig finally found the courage to answer.

"You. Ma'am. You are really beautiful...and you smell so good...and you were looking at me...." he said.

Rebecca leaned back and looked him in the eye with a knowing grin on her beautiful mouth. "So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that your penis is erect because of me." She increased the firm yet intimate probing and fondling of Craig's testes in her warm soft hand. "You're saying that I am the reason your penis is all swollen and throbbing and stiff, dear?"

He blushed and nodded his head, unable to meet her powerful eyes.

She let go of his testicles, stood back a step away from him and sipped her champagne as she looked at his blushing face. She said, "My, how delightful you are..." Her eyes washed over him again from top to bottom, and paused once last time to admire his well displayed erect penis and heavy dangling testes. "I think I'll see you again sometime, Craig."

She turned and walked away and Craig couldn't help but watch the sway of her glorious hips in her tight little dress before she disappeared into the milling crowd of women.

Whether the nearby ladies had realized the interaction between himself and the amazing Rebecca, Craig didn't know, but suddenly he was surrounded by elegantly dressed mature women and he felt their hands begin to explore his bottom and his genitals.

"Oh what a delightful penis you have, young man," said a sharp looking woman with grey hair and sparkling grey eyes, as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and felt its girth and stiffness. "So firm and lovely," she mused as his dark pink head pulsed as she watched. "Very nice," she complimented as she let go and moved away.

Another woman, perhaps in her mid thirties with brown hair and eyes and a rubenesque full figure appeared before him. She smiled, "Hello there." She caressed his penis and testicles delicately, as if to feel only the softness and smoothness of his skin. "My, you are a pretty one," she said.

Her hand felt comforting and Craig found himself liking her, and liking the way she was so gentle and appreciative. She explored the tender head of his penis with her fingertips, feeling the soft spongy pink flesh, so sensitive to her touch.

She smiled as a soft moan escaped Craig's throat unbidden. "Ah, that's so sweet," she said, and she raised one fingertip to her lips and kissed it, then she reached down and transferred the soft kiss to the tip of Craig's penis, just at the mouth of his urethra. "See you later, honey," she said.

Women continued to file by, giving him smiles as their eyes washed over his exposed genitals. He felt so exposed, like a piece of artwork being admired or judged or simply used for visual sensation. He longed to see their smiles of approval, he wanted them to like him. He felt humiliation, submissiveness, and surrender wash through him, and he found that his hips were rocked slightly forward to more fully present his erect nakedness for the women to view and evaluate.

A woman with blonde hair, perhaps 50, was standing a few feet away, watching him. She was tall and thin in a graceful way, and she was smiling. He watched as she stepped toward him and stood close so that his erect penis was only a few inches from her tummy.

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