Craig & Irene Ch. 06


Mrs. Carrington ground her pelvis into the boy's face, her hips gyrating lewdly. Tommy's tongue, which was in fact gloriously long, slithered into her body, forcing a gasp of new pleasure from her lips. She rocked her hips urgently up and down, rubbing her clitoris directly on his nose as he toungued her silken tunnel.

Suddenly, as if the boy really knew what he was doing, he slid upward slightly and wrapped his lips around the uppermost portion of her labia, and began to suck her lips and clitoris into his mouth. Even better his deft little tongue began to flick quickly and mercilessly across the swollen tip of her clitoris, sending shockwaves of electric pleasure that resonated through her womb, through her breasts and nipples, up her neck, and dragged a wail of pleasure out across her tongue.

Mrs. Carrington was exceptionally loud as she came. She didn't care. She just writhed on the bed - her body torn between the need to escape the intimate delicacy of too much pleasure, and the greed for yet more.

She came and came and came. She bellowed. She wiggled. She screamed. She shook from head to toe.

She finally collapsed.

Tommy was properly trained to hold perfectly still, keeping his warm lips upon her without suction, awaiting her recovery and next instruction. Her eyes closed, just for a moment.

When Mrs. Carrington finally came to her senses again. There was this young boy, her 18-year-old nephew lying in her arms and grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. He had right to be proud of himself. She was very pleased with him.

Her breathing slowly became normal again. She smiled. "My, my, it seems you have been practicing without me, Tommy."

He nodded.

She presumed his sisters had probably been lending a hand in his education of late.

Regardless, that had been one of the best orgasms she'd had in a while.

She grinned when she felt her nephew's erection against her thigh. Oh, yes, the boy has a penis, and of course, it's stiff again. What to do?

Mrs. Carrington felt deep affection for her young nephew, particularly heightened due to his latest exploits. She rolled up onto one elbow facing him and lifted the covers, peering into the darkness in search of a nice stiff penis. There it is.

She motioned for him to lie down on his back and she pushed the covers aside to reveal his long, thick, erect, throbbing penis. Delicious.

She put her hand on it and began to stroke him up and down. "Are you going to come quickly for me like a good boy, Tommy?" she asked.

He nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Be a good boy and spurt quickly, honey, I'm tired."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She pulled his head closer and slipped a shoulder strap down, "Close your eyes and come for me, Tommy." She guided his face to her breast and gave him her nipple to suckle as she rubbed his penis, knowing that young men can't handle that much woman-ness.

She was rewarded in less than a minute with a nice spurt of semen, followed by two more. She rubbed a few more pulses from the head of his youthful penis, and then sent him off to the bathroom to clean up.

While he was gone, she licked his juices from her hand, relishing the youthful flavor. She adjusted her panties and the bed covers, and upon his return she spooned him from behind and bid him good night.

And so.....Mrs. Carrington awoke the next morning to the earliest of summer's light through her sheer curtains.

She had to take Thomas back to her sister, and get to the Institute by 9am to escort young Craig back into the capable hands of his Aunt Irene, who would keep him for the weekend.

And then, she would come back home to her two men, in her mind her two husbands, and she would have them both make love to her all afternoon until they were both completely spent and exhausted.

It should be a fun day... she thought.

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