tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCraig's Dreams True Again!

Craig's Dreams True Again!


It was a hot day in London, England. Me and my friend Colin were walking down Oxford Street doing some afternoon shopping.

I'm 20 years old and Colin's 21 years old so we planned to go for a drink after the shopping trip to cool off.

On the way to our favourite bar, I noticed a young girl walking down the street in front of us. She looked to be about 20 years old with light brown hair that went half-way down her back. She was wearing baggy, black combat trousers and a small, tight white top that showed off her her flat stomach. She was a very hot babe but she also looked very familiar.

"Hey, doesn't that girl look like Avril Lavigne." I said to Colin.

Colin took a good, long look at this hot girl in question.

"I think it is!" He gasped, "She must be in England to promote her new single! Let's see if she will have sex with us. I'd love to fuck her!"

"Don't be stupid! She would..."

Just then, Avril turned around to face us. She had obviously heard us talking about wanting to fuck her.

"Follow me, boys." She smiled and then started to walk on quickly.

Me and Colin looked at each other, not sure of whether to follow Avril or not.

"Fuck it," Colin said, "I'm not gonna miss a chance to put my dick in Avril Lavigne's hot, little pussy!"

We then walked on after her. After about ten minutes of following her through London, we reached our destination.

The gorgeous Avril slipped into a public toilet, turning around as she went in to make sure we were still following.

Once in the toilet, the three of us slipped quietly into the disabled persons cubicle because it was the biggest. The three of us could fit in there quite easily.

"I heard you two talking about fucking me and I got so turned on," Avril said, "I just hope you and your dicks are up to the job."

It was then that Avril started to take her clothes off until she was standing in front of us naked!

"You two next." She said as she started to rub her tits and pussy in anticipation.

This was a once in a life-time chance to have sex with a superstar, so me and Colin wasted no time in ripping our clothes off.

"Mmm, two very nice dicks." She said as she checked out our half-errect cocks.

All three of us were now naked in a London public toilet cubicle!

Me and Colin moved over to Avril Lavigne and took it in turns to kiss her. I kissed her with passion, exploring her mouth with my tongue. Then, Colin did the same.

Next, Colin moved down her body and started to lick and suck her medium-sized breasts.

Meanwhile, I moved further down her sexy body and stated kissing her flat stomach. I then licked around her belly button before dipping my tongue into her navel a couple of times.

"Mmmmm, I really wanna suck on your cocks!" Avril gasped as she pushed us away and dropped to her knees in front of us.

I was up first. Avril took my dick in her right hand and my heavy, cum-filled balls in her left hand. She then started to fick her hot, wet tongue against the tip of my hard cock.

I groaned with pleasure as she then started sucking on my dick hard and fast.

Colin started wanking his hard penis as he watched me get the best blow job of my life. He watched in anticipation as he knew he was next to have Avril Lavigne's soft lips wrapped around his dick.

After a couple of minutes, I told her to stop before I came right there in her mouth!

She looked up at me with a dirty smile on her face before moving onto sucking Colin's prick.

After Colin had had a couple of minutes of Avril's furious sucking, he had to tell her to stop too!

Next, it was time to fuck this hot bitch.

I led on my back on the floor of the cubicle as Avril came and sat on my dick, facing me. The feeling as my hard dick slipped into her hot, wet cunt was incredible and I had to fight to hold my cum in.

Then, Avril leaned forward over me as Colin positioned himself behind her. He then spat on the end of his cock and slowly eased it into Avril's warm, tight anus.

With my throbbing dick as deep as possible in Avril Lavigne's hot pussy and Colin's dick deep in her tight asshole, we started to pump our cocks into her as she groaned with pleasure.

After about five minutes of fucking her as hard as we could, we told her we both had to cum.

"I want you both to cum in my mouth." She gasped as we pulled out of her perfect body.

She then positioned herself on her knees again as we stood over her.

"Cum in my mouth one after the other." She said as she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to catch our creamy spunk.

Colin went first. He wanked off really hard until his balls contracted and hot cum shot out the end of his dick. Three squirts of cum coated Avril's waiting tongue but she wanted more.

She kept Colin's salty spunk on her tongue as she waited for my load.

After a few seconds of jerking, a massive five squits of my cum escaped from my balls through my cock. Her pink tongue was now completely covered with warm, sticky cum and her mouth was half-full aswell!

"Mmmm, your cum tastes soooo good!" She sighed as she savoured the taste of our spunk. She then swallowed the whole lot in one gulp!

About five minutes later, we were all dressed again. We gave the beautiful Avril a kiss goodbye and then we went our seperate ways. It was a fuck that Colin and I would never ever forget!

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