Craig's New Life


I couldn't believe my luck. The woman interviewing me was the sexiest creature I had ever encountered. Long, silky, black hair framed a perfect face with piercing gray eyes and luscious ruby lips.

I'd done more than my share of womanizing over the years, but I'd never conquered a female quite like this. Even in her conservative business attire she radiated confidence and a pure, raw sexuality. Her name was Jessica. I had to have her.

"So, Craig, tell me about the duties you performed for your previous employer."

I bluffed my way through that, lost in Jessica's eyes and imagining I could see just a hint of cleavage as I spoke. In truth, I had been given my last job as a favor. My best friend's father owned the company and they created a cushy position for me there. Most days we were out golfing or trying to pick up every attractive female we encountered at the local bars. Often times we succeeded. My washboard abs had faded slightly when I turned 30 last year but there was still some definition there and I took care of my body. I had close-cropped black hair and features that had been described as "ruggedly handsome" by a few of my conquests.

I then listened to Jessica as she told me about the company she owned. They were a small but aggressive company specializing in research and development of experimental pharmaceuticals, with the hope of being able to find treatments for a variety of diseases.

The timing of this new opportunity had been perfect. I'd been laid off last week under some lame excuse involving "economic downturns", but I knew that was a lie. Things had been strained between by friend and I for several month. I wasn't sure the root cause, but it had started not long after a group of our friends had had a little "party" with my girlfriend, Amy. The five of us guys had done that kind of thing before with previous women I knew. We loved humiliating them that way. Sometimes the women liked it, too. Other times they needed some... chemical encouragement. As I had suspected, we'd had to drug Amy before having our way with her and she'd been predictably furious after wards. She broke up with me immediately, of course, but I wasn't worried about what she might do. I had powerful friends. Sure, they'd all been a bit distant after that incident, but whatever. I knew they'd come around once I found a new fuck toy for us to play with.

Jessica here might be perfect for that, if I could bring myself to share her...

Somehow I managed to complete the interview without overtly hitting on her. The job offer was one I couldn't refuse. I'd have to move to an unfamiliar city, but the pay was almost double what I'd been making before, and they were even paying for the move!

I quickly signed the contract, shook Jessica's hand and gave her my best winning smile.

I couldn't wait to start my new life.

- - - - -

A month later, I was standing in my new apartment. My belongings hadn't arrived yet, some sort of problem with the moving truck, apparently. I briefly considered getting a hotel room, but decided to spend the first night in my empty apartment in case the movers showed up.

A little before midnight there was a knock at the door. Relieved that the truck had finally arrived, I swung the door wide. Something sprayed in my face at the moment, a brief glimpse of the weapon reminding me of a perfume bottle. I opened my mouth to protest but the world suddenly pitched sideways.

Darkness enveloped me.

- - - - -

I don't know how much time passed. Weeks? Months?

It's so hazy now. I spent days at a time hooked into some type of IV rig. I was never conscious for more than a few moments at a time in the beginning. I had been strapped nude, into some kind of hospital bed, but this was no hospital. The walls, ceiling, everywhere I looked I was assaulted with projected images of a sexually explicit nature. Men and women in the act of fucking. Always with the woman pleasuring the man. Orally, anally, in every case the woman was the submissive one. My drug addled mind accepted these images easily, drank them in and absorbed them like a sponge. I was also being subjected to an audible attack, as a hypnotic voice droned on and on, while I was awake or asleep, it never stopped.

"Obey cock.", the voice told me. "Be submissive. Please men. Serve cock. Live for cum. Submit."

The sensory assault was never-ending.

Eventually I noticed that the images had evolved. The women had been replaced by shemales. They were so beautiful, so sexy, so... submissive. They loved pleasing their men. They worshiped cock and obeyed its every desire. Closing my eyes only made the images stronger in my mind as the voices bored into the deepest recesses of my psyche. I knew I was receiving subliminal instructions on how to please men, as it would occasionally surface to the front of my mind along with the accompanying imagery.

Periodically I would awaken to the sight of Jessica hovering over me. She looked like a beautiful, merciless goddess. Each time she would inject something into my IV solution and the world would fade away. All but the ever-present voice in my mind, urging me to become a slut. Once I even thought I heard Jessica herself speaking to me.

"Soon, Craig. Soon you'll be my little submissive, cock-sucking sissy bitch! You'll love cock and you'll hate me for it. But you'll always be mine. Always."

- - - - -

Finally I awoke. I felt like myself again. Alert, no hint of drug haze. No sensory bombardment. Just a plain white, sterile room that could have been in any hospital in the world. I was still lying in bed, but the IV and restraints were gone. It felt like weeks had passed, but something inside told me it had actually been much longer. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, experimentally. Feeling surprisingly strong and healthy, I stood up.

I was a bit wobbly at first, but it passed quickly. However, something didn't feel right. There was a slight pressure on my chest that I didn't understand. Looking down, my mouth dropped open in dismay. I had breasts! Why the hell do I have breasts!?

Glancing around, I spotted a full length mirror and staggered over to stand before it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My "pecs" had grown to near perfect shaped B-cup breasts. I touched one gingerly, not wanting to believe. They were real... not implants. Then I noticed other things. My face, my hair, my legs, my- cock! Thank god I still have my dick!

My hair hung to my jawline; straight, glossy and black. It had never been so long, even in my youth. The features of my face were different as well. I still looked like myself, but softer. My lips were more full and there was no hint of facial hair. No hair anywhere else on my body for that matter. My hips were a little wider and my legs more slender and shapely.

I'd never pass for a woman, even with the right clothing, but I wasn't far from it!

I was completely bewildered and still staring at myself in shock when a door to my right opened and Jessica strode in. She stalked up behind me and smacked my ass, giving it a hard squeeze before draping an arm over my shoulders. She admired my new body in the mirror.

"Well, well, look at you! Aren't you a sexy bitch. Well, maybe not yet, but you're getting there!"

She was wearing a black leather outfit that, for lack of a better term, I thought of as a dominatrix suit, and in spite of my anger and these circumstances I felt my loins stirring in arousal. Turning to voice my complaints, I tried to speak but all that came out was a strangled moan. My eyes went wide. That was most definitely not a masculine sound!

She smiled wickedly at my discomfort.

"Don't worry, my slut. That's perfectly normal after all the hormones your body has been receiving. Your voice will return fully in a day or two. You'll never sound like a man again, but at least you'll be able to beg for cock like a good little whore."

I attempted to protest once more, but again I was betrayed by my new body. All the came out of my mouth was what sounded like a simpering groan of feminine pleasure. "What the fuck is wrong with me!?", I thought.

The evil grin reappeared.

"Let's see if the programming works, shall we? Now, put this on."

At that, she tossed me a leather strap with a metal device attached to it. My heart sank as my body caught the item without my willing it to do so. With dread, I examined the strap, realizing I was holding a chastity belt. As soon as understanding struck, my hands went to work placing it over my cock. I fought it. Oh how I struggled, but it was no good. I did as commanded. I obeyed. The belt snapped into place with an ominous click and Jessica giggled in malicious joy.

"What a good bitch you are! Now you'll never have pleasure except that which I allow you and the sexual release you'll receive from pleasing others. Now, your true training begins."

With those words another door opened and a man walked in. He was completely naked, his body oiled and heavy with toned muscle. My eyes immediately snapped to his enormous cock. My mouth watered at the sight, though I didn't understand why. I enjoy women! Hell, I'd fuck Jessica right now and I could! I'd never been attracted to men, but part of me wanted to touch that magnificent dick so very badly it made my body tremble.

"This is Kevin. He's going to help you become the cum-eating sissy slut I know you are aching to be. Now get down on your knees. That's where submissive little whores like you belong."

My body obeyed, even though my mind railed at the thought. I knelt in front of Kevin, his semi-erect cock waving just inches from my face. A tiny drop of pre-cum was already starting to leak from his slit. I swear I could smell it and it made my body burn with need.

Jessica whispered in my ear, the words barely registering in my sex soaked brain.

"Kevin is on a different kind of program from yours. I think you'll find him an exceptionally gifted man. Oh, one more thing; all you have to do is resist this one time. Show us you're a real man and refuse to give in to your inner slut and you're a free man. I won't command you to pleasure him. Your body already wants that."

She winked and licked the edge of my ear seductively, sparking even more lust in my loins. It only served to make me more uncomfortable, as the chastity cage over my dick kept my arousal in check. My thoughts were lost in a haze now. My body was taking over, pushing my thoughts and distaste for the situation away.

With a trembling hand I reached out and grasped Kevin's cock, my mind screaming from a great distance, telling me to stop. "This can't be happening!", my psyche struggled against the cage of my lustful body. "I won't pleasure another man. I'm not a sissy slut!" But oh how I wanted to taste that cock...

"Go on, put it in your mouth. You know it's what you've always wanted." Jessica teased.

I looked at her in barely disguised disgust. I never wanted this!

"Do it, you jizz craving whore!"

I gazed back at the throbbing cock in my hand. It was fully erect now and was the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Easily 9 or 10 inches long and over half the diameter of a soda can. I could see the veins pulsing as his arousal grew in my hand.

"It's your choice, bitch. Suck him now and maybe I'll take your cage off if you do a good job. Or, you can resist your urges and I'll set you free. You know you need his sperm though, don't you?" she licked her lips at me and I subconsciously followed her lead.

My lips were quivering as I gently placed the head of his cock against them. Maybe just a taste, to satisfy my curiosity, then I'd refuse her wishes. I touched the slit of his opening with my tongue as my hand slowly worked down the length of his glistening shaft. His pre-cum touched my tongue and pleasure exploded through my body. I'd never felt anything like it, and I was horrified. If I ever got out of Jessica's clutches I would run as far away as I could and never look back!

"Your body wants to obey the cock, Craig. Go ahead and suck it down. Submit to your lust."

My attention returned to the member at entrance to my mouth. My lips parted slightly, allowing the tip of his glans to rest on my tongue. I hated myself for doing this and I hated Jessica even more for putting me here. My own cock betrayed me though, as it still strained at the confines of its cage. The hormones Jessica had been forcing into me raged through my body, pushing my thoughts even further away. I was truly lost to my lust now.

I lost myself to my desire to please this man. It was the only way I'd find release for my own need. I swirled my tongue around the head of his massive cock, stretching my jaws open further. My hand began stroking his shaft, faster and faster now as more pre-cum found its way into my mouth. I heard myself moaning lustily, but I couldn't help it.

"That's it. That's a good little whore. Soon you'll be a full time cum slut." Jessica whispered enticingly.

My body was utterly focused on the rigid dick in my mouth. I whimpered as my head bobbed up and down over his cock, trying eagerly to feed more of his meat into my mouth. My lips were stretched tightly over his shaft, nearly halfway down it's length. I needed his cum more than I'd ever needed anything before. Kevin began moaning in pleasure as I milked his cock for all I was worth.

My hands found his balls and began massaging them gently, as if trying to coax them to dump their load down my throat.

"Oh yes, Craig. Suck his man meat! Make him shoot his creamy load right into your belly. You're going to swallow it all, aren't you?"

Again I heard her words and they served to further ignite my need. I didn't understand what was happening to me, I only wanted to devour this man's seed.

The head of Kevin's cock was buried in my throat now as I kept forcing him deeper. I knew I should have been gagging on his thick shaft, but for some reason I wasn't. It was like cock belonged in my throat. I began alternating between fondling his balls and caressing his ass, trying to pull him deeper into me. I desperately wanted him to cum. I needed it with every fiber of my being!

My lips were nearly touching his nut-sack now as he grabbed my head and began fucking my face in earnest. I was making simpering, pleading sounds as his manly grunts grew louder. I knew he would be feeding me my reward soon as a steady stream of pre-cum dribbled down the back of my throat. My fingers found his anus and began probing urgently at the opening, following some hidden instruction that must have been programmed into me. Kevin grunted loudly, pulling my head forward as he fucked my throat, the final inch of his shaft was inside of me now. Right where it belonged.

"Take it all, Craig! Swallow his cum like the hungry bitch you deserve to be!"

I moaned in unrestrained desire as I plunged my finger into his asshole. I began massaging his prostate, without really knowing what I was doing. My body wanted all of his sperm!

Kevin pulled most of the way out of my mouth before thrusting furiously back in. His heavy cock slid along my tongue and stretched my throat wide, forcing its way home until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He grunted fiercely and then I felt it. I gloried in the feel of his cock pulsing and pumping its massive load down my throat. His hot, creamy cum was spraying all inside me, coating my throat and flooding my belly. I could feel the warmth of his load pouring inside me as my body was overcome with ecstasy. My own cock, subdued as it was, shot the biggest load it had ever blown, all over my kneeling legs. Spurt after spurt of creamy sperm jetted into my body, the pressure of it was amazing. Cum began backing up my throat and Kevin withdrew his cock, leaving only the sperm-soaked head inside my mouth. Still his hot load flowed out in thick ropes, filling my mouth and spilling down my chin. I swallowed the massive load in my mouth, forcing it into my already full feeling belly. Finally the flow began to subside, a few more spurts from his pulsing cock onto my tongue and it was done.

The taste was intoxicating. I was hopelessly addicted. Against my will and to my now dawning horror, I knew I could never swallow enough cum, never consume enough sperm to quench the hunger growing inside me. Something in the hormones Jessica had been giving me had been awakened by the fresh load of cum I had just ingested. A need grew within me that I knew I could never tame. I really would become a cum hungry slave to cock. I was repulsed at the thought. I was enthralled by cock and as much as I hated it, in some part of my mind I loved what I was becoming.

Jessica ran a finger through the cum on my legs, feeding it to me. I greedily sucked it from her finger. I closed my eyes as I swallowed, loving the taste and hating myself for it.

Briefly, I wondered what would become of me now. Where would my life take me from here?

Jessica knew. She leaned over to whisper in my ear again. Her voice husky and arousing to me even now.

"Amy sends her regards. She regrets that she couldn't be here for your initiation, but she promised she would be present for your future training. She has much she wants to teach you, my little cum guzzling sissy."

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Great Story

I think there would be more Sissy's to provide good times if life was like this. As a female I love to give pleasure to men.

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