Crashed & Burned


Dave was grateful that dawn found him awake, and not Nikki. Slipping from the plane, he tucked the blanket in about her and went in search of more sustainable food. With a bit of luck, she would have no memory of him ever sleeping beside her, and he could avoid her lecture on how he had no right to take advantage of her, or what ever she might think up to accuse him of. He really didn't need it this morning.

This island was smaller then he had first though, but big enough to be self-sustainable. He found the remains of a cottage, abandon long ago, but was fortunate that the fruit trees planted by the inhabitants still thrived in the tropical environment. He filled his pack with mangoes, oranges, pineapples and a variety of exotics he didn't know the names of. There was one he especially liked that looked a little like an apple, but tasted more like a peach. On his way back to Miss Harper, he stumbled upon something he hadn't expected.

It seemed Nikki had woken and tried to follow him, and upon finding the rock pool, decided to take a bath instead. Dave stopped short of the clearing, setting down the pack and watching her from the cover of the trees. Her figure had been impressive in her dark skirt suite, but naked, she was breathtaking.

Lifting handfuls of the cool water, she poured it over her face and neck, letting it run down over her chest and breasts. The day was already promising to be more then a little tropical, and the pool was a welcome relief to the building heat of the day. As she kneeled in the pool, her perfectly molded breasts bobbing up and down just above the surface of the water. Dave could see the hard pink points of her nipples, contracting and tightening as the cool water ran over them, and quickly became aware of the tightening in his pants.

It had been some times since the mere sight of a naked woman had aroused him so much, but there was something about Nikki that seemed to make his blood boil. It was not just the way her body was sculpted, or the gentle curve of her slender form. Nor was it the flawlessness of her creamy skin, or her long silken blond hair. It was the woman herself. So strong, and yet so very frail. He wanted to go to her, to touch her and taste that hot, wet flesh, but he knew to do so would cause hell, and spoil a memory he wanted to burn deep into the back of his mind.

He became more aware of the discomfort his erection was causing in his jeans. He always liked his clothing to be a good fit, and jeans did not allow for such sudden expansion. Unbuckling his belt, he slid the zipper open and pulled his cock free of its confines, releasing a soft sigh of relief as he exposed himself. With one discomfort taken care of, there was another that was becoming even more demanding. His cock was ridged with need, his balls aching with a dull throb that went deep into his loins. He felt like a pervert, hiding in the bushes and getting off on watching girls bath, but it could not be helped. He needed relief, and could wait no longer to have it.

Taking his shaft in his hand, he ran his palm over the length of it. It wasn't quite as long as he would have liked, but it was thick, tapering only when it reached the base of the head. Swollen purple and smooth, he tried to imagine Miss Nikki Harper on her knees before him, her tongue outstretched and her pretty pink lips open to receive him. The image surged through him as his hand encased his manhood, stroking it slowly as his imagination swept him away. He could almost feel her moist lips on his shaft, her hot breath on his balls, and the head of his cock rubbing again the roof of her mouth. He could picture his fingers buried deep in her blond locks, holding her head firm as he fucked the inner depths of her delicious mouth.

As his free hand cupped his balls, he thought of her moaning softly as she pleasured him, sucking him deeper and harder with every saliva soaked stroke. Faster and faster he plundered her mouth, his hands working his shaft and balls in an almost frenzied pace. His mind talked to her, telling how good she sucked, what a good little bitch she was for sucking him so well, and how he would reward her with loads of hot cum running down the back of her throat. The thought of such an act was more then enough to send him surging over the edge, his cock swelling in his grasp, his balls tightening and jet after hot jet of sperm gushing from his loins and spilling onto the ground.

Leaning back against a tree, he steadied himself, panting a little as he fought to catch his breath. His hand still moved slowly over his softening shaft, milking every last drop of seed. It had been quite a while since he had felt the need to masturbate, and he was surprised at the intensity of his orgasm. Then he had to wonder why he ever stopped doing it, cause damn it felt good. Wiping his hands clean on a fern, he contemplated taking it up again, and as he tucked his cock back into his jeans, he glanced back over at Nikki and realized that while ever the two of them were stranded on this island together, he would have to be careful he didn't end up with blisters on his palm. Now that he had seen her like this, it was going to be almost impossible to look at her without feeling the need to go and jerk off behind a bush. Picking up the pack, he backtracked away from the pool, leaving her to her bath, and taking the long way back to the plane.

Nikki Harper was not a woman lacking in tact or intelligence. More then once she had used her body rather then her family influence to claw her way up the corporate ladder. Not that she didn't deserve to hold her position in the firm, it's just that she was determined to make it on her own, and not let her father make her way easy for her. She was a little startled at first to see Dave in the trees, and even more so when she discovered what he was doing, but she was also well aware of the effect a woman's body could have over a man. The men she had known in her life would not have allowed her to maintain her privacy, rather they would have climbed into the pool with her, and taken her without a second thought. She was somewhat impressed that Dave would not only keep his distance, but take care of his needs discreetly and not demand she take part in it. A small smile spread across her lips at the thought that watching her had that effect on Dave. Perhaps he was not such a heathen after all.

Back at the plane, Nikki gave Dave no indication that she had seen him near the pool. Dave, on the other hand, seemed unable to look at her directly. He'd set up a crude table, placed the fruit in a pile in the middle of the table, and was sitting quietly finishing a mango. Tossing the seed to one side, he wiped his hands and picked up a folded bundle.

"I'm going to spread this V sheet out on the beach, just in case someone passes this way, or they notice we're missing and come looking. Enjoy your breakfast." With that, he tucked the bundle under his arm and headed off towards the beach. Nikki felt more then a little awkward, not knowing if she should say anything or just leave him to his mood. Watching his back vanish into the trees, she decided he could deal with his mood by himself. She was hungry.

A few hours later she found him sitting in the shade of a palm, looking out over the ocean with a far away look in his eyes. There was something different about him, something she had not noticed before, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

"A penny for your thoughts." It was all she could think of to break the silence, sitting down in the sand a few feet away. He reached into the pocket of his shirt and produced a photo, handing it to her without a word. It was a picture of a small boy, about the age of five or six. She looked at it for a moment, then back at him, and it wasn't hard to see the resemblance. "Your son?"

He reached out and took the picture back, slipping it back into his pocket. "Yeah. My boy, Adam."

"I didn't realize you were married." The thought of him being married stirred some emotion within her she had not been prepared for. She was disappointed.

"I was, a long time ago. She was killed when a drunk ran her off the road. Adam was only two at the time. He stays with his grandmother when I'm out of town." There was a forlorn look in his eyes, and Nikki could see the grief was still close to his heart.

"I'm sorry for your loss. I know it's hard to loose someone you love." She knew it was not much, but she could not think of anything to say. It brought up memories of the loss of her mother, and those were not feelings she wanted to surface again.

"She was the reason I came to the States in the first place. She was one hell of a Lady. All I want now is to make enough money to take Adam, and move back to Australia, buy a few acres in the country some place, and start over." Glancing back over his shoulder towards his wrecked plane, Nikki could see the frustration creeping over his face. Picking up a stick, he threw it out into the water. "It's just gonna take a little longer then I expected now, that's all." Sighing heavily, he got to his feet. "We better gather some wood for a signal fire. Never know when rescue might come this way, and we don't want to miss it."

Nikki began to feel more and more a sense of regret that she had put them both in this position. She knew it was her fault, though there was no way in hell she was ever going to admit that to him. Until now, she had only focused on her own lost opportunities, and had not thought of what it had cost him. She had a selfish streak that had come with learning to survive in the corporate world, but it was not a side of herself that she liked one bit. Picking up a piece of driftwood beside her, she headed in the other direction along the tide line, collecting what she could carry, and returning to the place he was stacking it. By noon the pile was high enough to been seen for quite a distance, and they returned to the camp, and the welcome relief of shade, and a cool drink.

It was only when Nikki scratched an irritation on the back of her neck, that she realized how badly sunburned her neck and shoulders were. She winced as she touched it.

"That's probably going to blister. Do you have any moisturizer in all that luggage you brought with you?" Dave's voice was flat, and unreadable, but he did have a good point about the moisturizer. The cream was smooth and soothing on her burned flesh, but she was unable to reach far enough down the back of her neck to cover the whole area. Taking the tub of cream from her hands, he moved behind her and began softly rubbing the lotion into her tender skin.

The feel of his hands on her neck sent shivers down her spine. His touch was so gentle, so smooth, yet so strong. Unfastening the first few buttons of her blouse, she slipped the garment off her shoulders so that he could cover the whole burned area. Slowly he rubbed and massaged the cream into her neck, shoulders and back, steadily covering an area much larger then the sun had affected. Nikki relaxed under his touch, unfastening the last of the buttons and letting her shirt slide from her arms and back. His fingers worked like magic down her spine, gently persuading months of tension to fade away and vanish. Steady hands unfastened the clasp on her bra, leaving her back naked to him, her hot flesh cooled only by the lotion, and a steadily building ocean breeze.

Dave was careful not to rub the burned areas of her neck and back too hard. The cream might not stop her from peeling, but at least it would stop her from blistering. Even red and burned from the sun, her skin still seemed flawless. The feel of it beneath his fingers left him looking for a tree where he might conceal him self and relieve the growing bulge in his jeans when he was done. He wanted so badly to pull her back against him, to kiss the back of her neck and taste her skin, to slide his arms about her and feel the full weight of her splendid breasts in his hands. A soft sigh escaped her lips and for a moment he considered the possibility of putting thought into action. Nature, however, had other ideas. The distant sound of thunder reached his ears, and Dave's attention was quickly diverted.

Pausing mid stroke, he lifted his head to the breeze and listened more closely. The sound of thunder reached his ears again, and the wind began to increase in intensity. He quickly refastened her bra strap and she turned to give him a confused glare.

"There's a storm coming. I don't think we have much time to prepare. We have to get everything we can back into the plane and make it as heavy as we can. It's the only real shelter we have. I think we're going to be in for a long night." His voice was deadly serious, and the look on her face quickly turned from one of annoyance, to one of fear.

They worked fast, loading everything into the front and rear of the plane, leaving a space in the center for them selves. Dave took all the rope he had and tied the broken fuselage to the trees, looking for any way possible to keep what was left of his aircraft, and them, from being swept up in the storm. The wind began to whip through the trees, howling like a wild beast as it ripped apart the treetops. Driving rain was soon to follow, pelting down with such intensity it stung any uncovered flesh like a swarm of wasps. Dave called to Nikki to get into the plane, but she couldn't hear him over the storm.

The last rope tied off, Dave made his way towards Nikki, fighting his way against the wind and rain, every step a challenge in it's self. A deafening crack split the air, and the branch of a huge tree came crashing to the ground between them. Nikki screamed, running towards Dave, terrified that he might have been hurt by the falling limb.

Her heart raced when she reached the branch and could not find him. The limb was easily three foot round, and if it had fallen on him, there was little hope that he would have survived it. She screamed his name, fearful tears quickly washed away by the deluge as her voice was lost to the wind. Something grabbed her arm, and she froze in fright.

"Nikki. Nikki, we have to get to the plane." Dave was screaming at her from less then a foot away, but she could hardly make out his words. Never had she been so relieved to see anyone in all her life, throwing her arms about his neck and clinging to him like a child. "Nikki, we have to get to the plane!" This time he yelled it right into her ear, and she was able to understand him. She nodded her understanding and grabbed his hand. Half walking, half crawling in the mud, they fought against the storm to make their way to the relative safety of the plane, and the only cover they had.

After lifting her inside, he crawled in behind her, reaching for the door and slamming it closed. There was little light inside, and the fuselage, even with all the weight and ropes, was being tossed about like a ship at sea. There was another deafening crack, followed by the sound of another branch falling to the ground, this time right beside the plane. Nikki screamed and clung to Dave, her heart pounding in her chest so hard she could barely breath. Dave wrapped his arms about her, pulling her onto his lap and pressing her face to his chest. He cradled her there, kissing her forehead and wiping her wet hair away from her face. He tried to tell her words of comfort, but they were lost to the storm. He could feel her sobbing like a child against his chest, and she touched his heart in a way no woman had done since he lost he beloved wife Kerry.

Lifting her face to his, he covered her mouth in a desperate kiss. His tongue parted her lips, invading her pretty mouth and searching its inner reaches with demanding, yet gentle force. He knew full well that she might reject him, but he was past caring. Even if she were to throw him out to the mercy of the storm, he would have that one kiss to remember, and be happy of it. Lifting his head, he ended the kiss, looking deep into her eyes in the dim light. She was more beautiful at that moment then he ever could have imagined.

Nikki was stunned by the unexpected kiss. She had become so wrapped up in her fear and panic that she was unable to respond, or even return the kiss. Now that she lay there, curled up in his arms like a child, she felt safer then she had in her entire life. Outside, the world went wild, ripping and tearing at itself like an angry beast, but in here, with him, she was as safe as she could ever be. Wrapping her arms about his neck, she pulled his face back to hers, this time meeting him in a mutual kiss as hot and wild as the storm that threatened to sweep them away.

Dave pulled her harder against him, his mouth almost racing from her lips to her neck and throat, and then back to her lips again. He wanted her, all of her, and even then he doubted it would be enough to quench his desire. Her hands went to his shirt, stripping away the wet fabric and exposing his board, muscular chest to her hungry mouth. His hand responded in kind, tearing away the already ruined blouse and unfastening her bra, pulling it free of her magnificent breasts and tossing it aside.

Lifting her fully onto his lap, her legs either side of him, he pulled her against him, his lips finding her soft, rounded orbs and smothering them in impassioned kisses. Her fingers buried deep in his hair, she pulled his head back, crushing his lips with a kiss so frenzied it threatened to split his lip. He didn't care, he just wanted more. Suddenly she broke the kiss, pulling his head against her breast and a hardened pink nipple that demanded to be sucked.

Dave was quick to comply, drawing the hard nub deep into his mouth and holding it there, flicking his tongue hard and fast over it before releasing it again. He held it between his teeth, biting gently and pulling it back into his mouth again. He shifted from one breast to the other, finally molding both of them together with his hands and sucking both precious beads into this mouth at the same time. He could hear her soft moans, even above the storm. Her back arched as she began to rock gently against him.

The swelling in his jeans threatened to do him damage if not released soon, and was in no frame of mind to argue with it. Slipping his hand between them, he reached for his belt buckle and released it. Nikki was quick to come to his aid, pushing his hands away and releasing the zipped herself. He moved back a little, working his way out of his wet jeans with her still straddling his lap, getting them only as far as his knees before she decided that was far enough.

Moving back as far as she could in the confined space, she leaned over him and took him deep into her mouth, sucking him hard from the first stroke. Her soft, wet lips covered his shaft like a well made sheath on a sword, and Dave had to fight the urge to cum right then in her throat. Brushing her hair back from her face, he watched as his cock vanished and reemerged from her mouth over and over again. Harder and harder she sucked, drawing him deeper and deeper into her throat. Dave stopped her before she could suck him dry, lifting her back onto his lap, ripping the side of her panties and pulling them free of her sweet pussy.

Nikki knew what he wanted, for she wanted it too. Slowly she lowered herself down over him, taking the full length of his shaft deep inside herself. With his hands on her slender hips, he guided her down, filling her completely and taking her breath away. Dave could hardly believe the splendor of having his hard, throbbing cock encased by her body, and as she began to rock back and forward on his lap, he wondered if heaven had any idea how good this could feel.

Slowly Nikki increased her pace, lifting and lowering herself on his shaft, her breasts bouncing before his face, her nipples teasing his lips as they passed. Dave was close to coming, so very close, but he would never forgive himself if he were to finish, and leave her unsatisfied. Gently he maneuvered her about, placing her on her hands and knees before him. Kneeling behind her, he ran his fingers along her slit, parting her swollen pussy lips and pushing deep inside her. She was so wet, so hot, so very, very desirable.

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