tagMind ControlCrazed Things Happen In Small Towns

Crazed Things Happen In Small Towns


To save a love one's life, is to be saved. How could life move forward without knowing you have not done all that is possible. If love is distributed equally. How could you choose one love one from another. How could you move on knowing the one you didn't choose is forever lost. My heart tells me you can't, but must somehow focus on the love you choose, and forever hold memories close to heart.

Crazed Things Happen Day And Night In Small Towns

Being from the big city has groomed me to be overly cautious and sometimes, protective. I love being a husband and a proud father of one-my wonderful 12 year old son Denis Jr. One peaceful night, we were suddenly awakened by a phone call; it's my wife's family informing her that her favorite aunt has been found murdered. My wife cries; however I take the phone to offer our condolences. I call right after to make flight plans to travel to Texas to mourn with her and my extended family. We arrived the next day in Houston, Texas, to find out her aunt, and most of her family, has moved from one small town, to an even smaller town outside of the city.

"I must rent a car and get directions."

After a couple of hours in another traveling capacity- we've now arrived at the church were her aunt is to be laid to rest. Right away- I could see it was sadness and anger for what has happened to the aunt my wife and I have lost. With tears in her eyes she asked "What happened?"

My wife was told that her aunt had been missing for months and that a member of another family found her dead and badly beaten. My mind instantly went into cop mode, however with only these small details given to us, I focused my attention back onto my family due to the fact that my wife isn't happy at all, in respect that hearing her aunt was missing for months; however as a family we grieve over the loss. After the service the family tells us that it's a lot going on in town and that it's not safe being out after daylight.

"The people around here are coming up missing and later found dead, or resurrected from being dead."


"The government ignores our plea for help; however it's not good to be out after daylight."

I can see my family is tired and emotionally drained from the long day's event, so my wife and I decided to go find a hotel to freshen up. A family member points out to me, "Please hurry back before it gets dark."

"I reassure you that we are going to return soon."

The elder of the family wanted us to stay to discuss more of what we needed to know, however being from the big city, and a cop, I wasn't scared. I would protect my family at all cost.

"We just assumed that there were gang problems or a murderer in this small town that needed to be captured-" Not fully taking in what we're hearing, we don't understand the true evil that existed.

"The hotel I found was quite a ways out of town."

After taking a small nap and changing into some comfortable clothing, we left the hotel right before the night time arose. I'm armed with a hand gun and it makes me feel somewhat safe; we're a little lost but I continue navigating my way through the small town till I come upon a gas station. I pull into a small gas station that appears to be recently abandoned; thinking 'where in the hell is the attendant.' It's was a message on the gas pump stating- 'pump and pay here,' with only an old aluminum bucket to place the money into. It was weird for me to see this; and unusual. The cop-in-me sees this as suspicious, and I pull off not willing to endanger my family. My gut tightens because I'm starting to feel a strange vibe that something was terribly wrong.

The darkness of the night has now caught up to us; it looks as if we've reached the town's historical neighborhood. I can't believe what I'm seeing -sights of crazed like townspeople start to appear on the sidewalks of this small town. I continued driving and then I decided to turn on the next block and my wife says our cell phone were useless. Suddenly we're thrown smack dab into the town's nightmare of the crazed- townspeople and they're all over the car. Windows are being broken; glasses piercing our skin. Strange evil voices are rippling into the vehicle as me and my wife try to fight off our attackers with all we have and more, however what looks to be townspeople overwhelming the car. I forcefully gas the car forward trying to jilt off any unwanted passengers, however it only worsened when the car came to a crash hitting a water hydrant.

I fire off a couple of bullets into the crowd of townspeople; I can't believe my bullets have no effect on the crazed townspeople. I'm down to my last bullets and we're in a tough fight for our lives. The crazed townspeople are appearing and closing in from everywhere.

I only have this one clip; I'm trying to conserve bullets by making every shot count. There are no obvious escape routes, however we have no choice but to try and out-run our attackers with our child. Abandoning the wrecked vehicle with only a small lead, we're running through a town that we're not familiar with, and plus it's dark. As we're hurrying frantically trying to try seek shelter or safety. We come to a dead end street that doesn't look safe for us- we've stumbled upon more crazed townspeople gathered in a group and it looks as though there's no escape; however I force my family to run faster.

With many corners and streets left behind us, we see more- and more, crazed townspeople. The small lead we had at first has dwindled and is becoming more of a nightmare and a footrace against time. I'll willingly sacrifice myself to save my wife and child, to get them to safety; however I push my family's conditioning to the limit. I'm starting to gain hope as we approach a quiet street with a huge house on the corner, but with careful deliberation I notice that there are more crazed townspeople and it's too late-we've been spotted. They move toward us in a rapid pace. There's no place for us to escape to, so I prepare my family to stand and fight because we're out of time.

Tired and exhausted, they're now upon us trying to rip my wife away from my clinched hand. I have to make the hardest decision for a father, or a husband. Right then, I have the choice to save my wife, or my only son; however my wife has been ripped from my hand and forcefully taken away screaming, kicking and fighting. I must somehow get my son to safety and return to save my wife. The thought of saving my wife seems impossible when I see she's been taken into a house where her screams slowly fade from my hearing. Holding tightly onto my sons' hand, I'm hurrying to find a spot for safety. Suddenly- I come upon a bush that had recently been reseeded and it exposes the root, so we hide there. I pull down the thick, leafy bush branches and quickly cover me and my son from being spotted. I quietly whisper words of comfort to my son but the tears continue to fall for his mother. I'm teary eyed from what has happened; however I cover his ears from hearing what is still going on amongst us.

We hide there until the dark night falls victim to the sunlight and then I fall asleep, to only awaken with confusion and blood pulsing anger for what has happened. The images of my wife being ripped from my hand causes me to pond the dirt as her scent still lingers on the sleeves of my shirt that she was fighting so desperately to hold onto.

I allow my pride to take a back seat and begin to somber quietly. I can see the house in my view where my wife was taken into and thoughts of getting her back crosses my mind. Then suddenly my wife's image appears from out of the house that she'd been taken into. I wanted to call out to her; however I'm stunned by what I see- my wife seemed confused but not hurt at all- although to me she appears different somehow. The woman that I've been married to for five years smiles on the worst of days, so who's this?- Can't be my wife. Her clothing has been changed to jogging attire; however that wasn't what she was wearing when she was taken from me. My wife has never worn jogging attire in her life and somehow her walk, demeanor and soulless look, is frightening to me. I'm also confused as to why she isn't running away to look for me and her son. I continue to watch her movements, which look somewhat robotic and it puzzles me as to why. Our son slowly awakens exhausted and groggy with his eyes slightly open. I turn to notice my wife has stopped dead in her tracks, appearing to have felt the presence of something familiar nearby. She continues to move towards our hiding place with great awareness. The townspeople that had taken her into the house surround her and she points toward areas from the street for them to search. I notice that she's visually searching for something. As she gets closer I could see a glimpse of her eyes. I brace my son tighter preparing for the worst and notice my son has fallen back to sleep. My wife suddenly stops- looking confused. The search continues with the ones that had taken her. I'm now afraid that at any moment they'll be upon us. Right then I'm touched by a hand and it startles me because a man appears before me.

"Hurry follow me," he says.

At this moment I'm not very trusting of his words, however he finally convinces me to come with him. I know that we were running out of time, so I quickly slide out with my son and hurry off, putting our lives in the hands of a stranger. He ushers us through the front door of his home. I notice right away barricaded windows and doors; these are obvious signs of survival in the home.

I cautiously continue to look around and can see weapons of all types scattered throughout the home. There's an excessive amount of bottled water and large quantities of food storage throughout the home as well. There are guns posted in all corners of the home as if to fight off an army.

The stranger turns to me and says, "Hurry, put this in your son's pocket."

As I reluctantly place the item into my son's pocket- I ask "What's this for?"

"It's a small bar of copper that will distort the image and whereabouts of her child; he's now her only connection to this life, so that copper bar will throw her off his trail and keep him and us safe." Confusion clouds my face.

"See the bond that mother's share with their first born child is very special, so she'll always search for him. Believe it or not that copper bar blinds and kills them-it's our secret weapon."

"So what you're telling me is that my wife is dead? "

The day progressed fast and the stranger began to tell me more about the evil torturous townspeople.

"My wife's auntie was found dead here and if those townspeople I've met were here, I assume they killed her."

"Yes -it's a strong possibility; they were once friendly and this was a quiet town."

There's pieces of the puzzle in my mind that hasn't come together yet, however I'm trying not to further frighten my son. The stranger then shakes my hand and greets himself to me as Dauber.

"My apologies, sorry for not greeting myself to you earlier- I'm Denis Cane Sawyer Sr, and this young man here is my son Denis Jr. I'm sorry we have to meet under such horrible circumstances, however thanks for saving our lives."

"You're welcome." says Dauber.

"Mr. Dauber-"

"Just Dauber will be fine, thanks."

"I would like to further talk about a possible rescue; I'm an officer, so I'm trained to think of tactical plans." Dauber's look isn't what I wanted to see. Dauber then turns to asks, "Would you like your son to go into the next room?''

"No thanks, I rather have him with me- plus he's too afraid to be alone. I'm hoping when he becomes a teenager or a man, he won't remember any of this".

As the conversation continues he begins to tell me the story of a stranger who arrived in the town three years ago, who's a scientist. He describes the man as a crazed skit-a- frantic, power hungry loner, that's terribly unattractive. This is when Dauber says he realized all the trouble beginning. Townspeople start coming up missing for months, to return soulless in body, mind, and spirit. It was also strange that- they didn't remember anything about being abducted. I suspected the scientist all along, so I dug a little deeper into the scientist background. I found out the scientist once worked for the government, who funded his experiments for mind control with radiation. The government stops funding on his crazed experiments, and not long after that he arrived here. The government as far as I'm concerned, can kiss my country white ass- because I blame them. This is my home, and my friends and family that are being affected an experimented on by the governments so called, research development scientist. I noticed that he began to target the strong townspeople with cash, knowing our economy is weak at best. I now know of course, the weak is needed to be preyed upon. There imaginable, and major downfalls to this experiment radiation. The townspeople that were infected started to feed at night on human organs, but in the daytime- appear to be somewhat normal townspeople. The scientist began with the homeless in the town to feed the townspeople late night appetite."

I need a moment to grasp all of what Dauber has said and asked to use the restroom. I can't accept the fact that I've lost my wife; however the possibility of reuniting with her is slim. Even though I'm one man-I'll still go up against many crazed townspeople to rescue her, although I know it'll be certain death.

The tears stream from my eyes, down my face as I pray silently in the mirror for Gods' assistance because this feels like it's going to be a battle between, good versus evil. I ripped off a paper towel hung on the wall to wipe my face and then return to the conversation with a direct question of my own for Dauber.

With urgent intent shown on my face ask "How do I get my wife back?"

"Your wife is no longer the woman that you fell in love with. However, I think that somehow she's still alive, although I can't say that with certainty. I think her, and the

townspeople are under the experiment of mind control, which the scientist is considered to be the High-Archie. The scientist infected himself with the experimental radiation and it caused a horrendous change in his looks I believe that once the Higher-Archie is killed, that hopefully his connection to the townspeople will be no more, which, if I'm right, it's a possibility that you may get your wife back.

"How do I kill them? Since the bullets from my gun obviously don't work."

"Follow me." He guides me down the hallway where I pass a room. Im surprised to see a woman who was incoherent lying in a hospital bed connected to a respirator. He continues to guide me towards, what I'm guessing to be the basement. I can see pictures of a young girl that I assume to be his daughter.

"What happened here? - I assumed you were alone"

Dauber hesitates-"That's all I have left of what use to be a happy family." He then begins to describe how his daughter Mary Ann was taken, and how she tried to kill her mother. "We tried several times to move away to stop my daughter's attacks on her mother, however because of the bond that's shared between the first born child and the mother, she continued searching every day and night until one of them were dead. I realized I had one choice; to kill my only child, my daughter- who had been my world, was dead. We decided to move back home after, to devote time an efforts to end this horrible hometown nightmare."

The look on my face showed concern for what we've gotten ourselves into. Dauber, I, and Jr., now entering into the basement, come to discover a workshop for making weapons. Dauber begins to tell me about the weapons he's created and his secret method of melting down pure copper.

"The bullets and swords are dipped in pure copper- Chinese throwing stars, archery arrowheads, are all dipped into pure copper. There's coppered body armor for protection from bites and scratches, so that the radiation doesn't enter your blood and nervous system- so don't get bit or scratched. I wish I knew of this before killing my daughter."

He also states how he accidentally stumbled upon the connection between copper and the infected. Dauber tells me of one incident he had when he was coming home late one night and was attacked by the infected.

"I always wore a copper charm bracelet of my daughter's that reminded me of her at all times. As I was about to be bitten, I threw up my arms to shield my face. The bracelet touched the skin of the infected and it burned them like bacon sizzling in a pan. I continued to defend myself by using the bracelet to escape."

With certainty I ask Dauber, "Will you help me kill the High-Archie?" Dauber replies,

"I've gotten too old- no one is left to care for my wife but myself. I'll tell you what-if your sure and certain to do this; I'll do my part."

"Do you know anyone that's willing to help?"

"I know of three guys and one young lady that have lost some loved ones to the infected, and they're pissed- off. I've been overseeing their trainning for some time, however I felt as if they lacked the leadership that's needed to kill the High-Archie until now."

I gathered that Dauber believes it's me. I'm willing to do this if Dauber makes me a promise. "Dauber you have to promise me that you'll get my son back home with loved ones if anything happens to me."

Denis Jr looks up at his father, confused for what he's said. I'm getting antsy to begin the task at hand and asked Dauber to get the four together so that we can begin training.

The long days felt like weeks as the nights were hard for me to watch my wife patrol the streets searching to feed. At last the training has paid off, and Dauber feels as though everyone is ready. The others augustly and quietly watch and wait for the day to turn into night to revenge their love ones; I comfort my son Denis Jr with promises of reuniting our family, however the time has come to prepare myself to become a killing machine. I've got to kill the High-Archie and there's no failing this task, I'm bringing my wife back safe. Dauber now gives this band of strangers' one last instructional tip: to be swift- always fighting together as one, and kill that damned scientist.

Night falls and Dauber unlocks the doors to hell. Denis Jr hugs me tight- tells me he loves me and that he's proud to be my son and hopes he inherits my courage. I reinsure him that I'll return safe and with his mother- that I'll show courage when faced with fear and that I love him also. The banded friends and I leave the home and Dauber quickly locks and barricades the doors and windows-sadly to prevent us from reentry. I quickly lead the team with stealth like speed through the streets, and with one last prayer I say, "For our loved ones may we avenge them and bring the willing back safe."

As we trained- I use the darkness under the moon for cover to move unseen through the crazed townspeople. We headed towards the home where my wife was abducted and forced into. This house is thought to be the sanctuary of the High-Archie. The sounds of evil voices from the infected townspeople grew closer. We're close as we can get, and I give the signal to begin fighting. We simultaneously strike with precision blows- my sword rips through flesh and cuts off heads of the effected like a hot knife slicing through butter. The others attack with furry as well, shooting bow arrows, throwing Chinese stars causing bodies of the infected to drop like flies from raid. It's a well earned hard fight, but we've forcefully made our way to the front door of the house. We take only a second to catch our breath and then enter into the home with great diligence and force with one thought on our mind: Kill the High-Archie and survive. We continue to move forward, fighting and killing- piling up bodies from blow after blow to the effected. As I look across the room we've gotten a little separated and I could see one of my team members trapped alone and overwhelmed by the infected. We must continue to move swiftly after the loss of one. I have to get the team to the next floor, although the fighting and killing continues.

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