tagIncest/TabooCrazy Day

Crazy Day


Did you ever have one of those days where no matter what you did nothing seemed to make sense, where even the simplest of tasks became a marathon of madness? For me the day started off with my alarm going off over an hour early, the clock was right, the alarm setting was right, yet the damned thing clattered to life at five in the morning. Of course this didn't please my husband, normally a grump in the morning anyway he became even worse when he found out what the time really was. Unfortunately this wasn't until after he had rushed around to get ready to go off to work.

What was even stranger was that our eighteen year old son, normally impossible to get out of bed, was woken by the alarm as well so by half five we were all sitting in the kitchen with Graham, my husband, grumbling under his breath and Sean, my son, yawning every few seconds. I fed them breakfast, washed up and set more coffee before them; Graham glowered at me over his cup as though it was all my fault while Sean slumped half asleep in his chair. At seven, an hour earlier than usual, Graham set off for work, I knew that he had an important meeting that day which would not bring him home until late that night. His departing kiss was a brief angry peck as he stormed out into the world. Sighing I went back to the kitchen where Sean was almost sliding out of his chair, it was one of the perennial school holidays and normally Sean would not have got up until well after nine. Shrugging my shoulders I left him where he was while I went on about my usual household chores.

Nothing was to go right that morning, when I switched on the vacuum cleaner the damned thing made a grinding noise and died, nothing I could do would make it work so I shoved it back in the cupboard and set to with a duster. At this point Sean wandered out of the kitchen, his pyjamas dragging around his feet, his hair a mess and his eyes still half closed. I smiled at the sight of him and opened my mouth to speak when I suddenly noticed that his cock was hanging out of the slit in the pyjamas. Now I'm a grown woman of thirty-eight, although still attractive for all that, I'd raised a son and had seen his naked body many times, but the sight of his half erect tool poking out of his pyjamas sent a tingle through my pussy. Mumbling something about getting dressed Sean headed upstairs with my eyes locked onto his cock until it was out of view. With a shiver I tried to get back to my cleaning, but now I was haunted by the memory of my son's cock.

In the end I gave up any pretence of trying to clean the house and retreated to my room where I stripped, lay on the bed and masturbated myself to a climax. However, rather than ease the arousal in me it left me feeling even hungrier for sex. What I did next had absolutely no sane reason behind it, from my small selection of lingerie I chose my sexiest basque, although it encased me in a slick satin material it was cut so that it hid none of my assets rather it highlighted them; a pair of stocking and my highest heels added to the ensemble. Next I applied make-up to my face then, dressed like the whore of Babylon, I went downstairs to get on with my interrupted dusting with my pussy growing wetter and wetter with each passing moment. It was sheer and utter madness and I knew it was, but something about the day had me so out of control I could do nothing to bring myself back to sanity.

I had just finished dusting when Sean came wandering down the stairs dressed only in a pair of underpants, there was nothing unusual about this, but that day it sent a thrill through me. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and opened his mouth to speak then did a quick double take, his eyes hovered over my tits and shaved pussy and I clearly saw the bulge forming in his pants as his cock rose to an erection. There was definitely something strange about that day for instead of asking me what I was doing or retreating to his room my son pushed off his underpants to reveal his hard cock to my hungry gaze. Neither of us spoke as we closed the gap between us, our eyes met and I saw the hunger I was feeling reflected in my son's eyes. Then we were kissing passionately, the feel of his lips on mine almost curling my toes with desire and when his hands began to explore my body I sighed contentedly into his mouth. My son's hands were surprisingly expert as they played with my tits, teased my nipples and finally stroked my pussy, his fingers sinking into me as his thumb rubbed on my clit. My knees trembled as his fingers started to slide in and out of my pussy in a slow, exciting rhythm that was driving me wild. So lost was I in the sensations his hands and mouth were instilling in me that I never noticed that he had guided me down to the floor, stifling a cry of bliss with my fist I stared at the pile of mail that had landed next to my head.

Then the mail was forgotten as I felt Sean take one of my nipples into his mouth adding an extra dimension to my arousal as he teased one of my nipples with one hand, sucked the other while teasing it with his tongue, rubbed my clit with his thumb while his fingers thrust in and out of me. Desperately I groped over his body until I felt his hard cock under my hand, Sean groaned around my nipple as I closed my fingers around his shaft and started to rub them up and down his hard flesh. In response his fingers moved faster in my pussy, pressed harder on my clit, squeezed my nipples even more firmly as his teeth rubbed on the other nipple. Under this sort of attention it wasn't long at all before I felt the rising surge of a climax, I cried out as ecstatic waves of delight washed over me, my lower body pushing down to suck his fingers deeper into me as I reached out to his head to pull his mouth hard to my tit. As I hit my peak I moved my hand in hard fast jerks on my son's cock and heard him groan loudly around my nipple in his mouth, but then he moved away from me and I felt as though I was being rejected and opened my mouth to call him back to me.

Suddenly his weight was on top of me, my legs pressed against the side of his body and his hard cock was pushing into my wet pussy in one long thrust that had me shaking like a leaf. Sean was taking me and all I could feel was ecstatic! Moving as though well experienced my son slowly began to fuck me, his cock sliding out then sliding in so slowly it was almost teasing; gasping I pushed up to meet him as he pushed down, his cock filling and stretching my pussy so delightfully. Gradually our movements became faster, his thrusts harder and more demanding, my cries were suddenly stifled by his lips and the doorbell ringing went totally unheeded as my son fucked me towards another climax. I was only dimly aware of the doorbell continuing its insistent peeling as Sean moved faster and harder in me, our lips locked together as our tongues fenced. All my cries of mounting passion were swallowed in his mouth as he drove on and on until an orgasm ripped through me like a wild storm of bliss.

Even though I was bucking and writhing beneath him my son continued his movements, I couldn't control my body any longer and lay there as he thrust and twisted and ground on top of me; his cock driving into me, his groin crushing against my clit and pussy lips, his lips pressing demandingly on mine, his hands teasing my nipples. Then Sean was pushing deep into me, his body tense as he threw back his head, parting our lips as he groaned loudly, my own voice rose to a choking cry as I felt a sudden burst of heat deep inside me as he filled me with his seed. A rush of sensations hit me like a solid blow as I crashed into another orgasm; moments later I felt my body turn to quivering jelly as my orgasm passed. Sean was lying on top of me panting and gasping with his cock still buried in my pussy, but I could feel it slowly shrinking as our excitement faded slightly.

With a sigh Sean rolled off my trembling body to lie beside me on the hall carpet, my tits bounced as I sucked in great lungfuls of air and gradually my body returned to almost normal. Yet deep inside me the hunger lingered on, not quit sated. I almost jumped out of my skin when the doorbell sounded almost over my head, Sean jumped to his feet and rushed off to his room while I grabbed a housecoat and covered my all but naked body. As I opened the door I could feel my son's juices starting to trickle stickily from my pussy and down my thigh sending a thrill through me as I faced the stranger at the door. He turned out to be a travelling salesman and I'm afraid I told him to continue his travels in no uncertain words; his face looked shocked as I slammed the door on him. Once again I nearly jumped out of my skin, this time because a pair of arms were suddenly around me, the hands gripping my tits firmly.

"We need to talk." I said over my shoulder to Sean.

The cheeky sod kissed me, squeezed my tits then, still holding me, took us into the living room. As we moved I became aware of his cock swelling against the crack of my backside and my own hunger rose again. Sean pulled me down onto his lap as he sat on the couch, twisting and turning me until he was satisfied with the position I was in which was across his thighs.

"Talk away." he grinned then lowered his mouth to one of my nipples.

For a few moments I savoured the feel of his lips around my engorged nipple, the tingling his tongue gave me as it circled and pressed on my flesh and the flush his hot breath gave me. Gathering my fast fraying senses I tried to speak to my son.

"Sean," I sighed as he teased my other nipple with his fingers, "I don't know what has come over me...oh God that's good...we shouldn't...shouldn't be doing these...oh CHRIST...!!"

Sean's fingers suddenly spearing into my pussy brought about my cry, my mind flew into a thousand pieces as he drove me towards a climax. I had not realised how expert my own son was until that moment, he played me the way a fine musician plays his instrument. Nevertheless I tried to gather my tattered wits.

"God Sean...stop it for a minute..." I gasped, "please...oh God...Sean...oh yes...SEAN, YES!"

An explosion of sensations ran through me as I climaxed on his knees, my body jerking uncontrollably. Yet he continued to finger my pussy and clit, continued to tease my nipples with his mouth and fingers until he drove me crazy with excitement.

"What were you saying mum?" Sean asked with a grin a few minutes after I came down from the ceiling.

Drawing a deep breath to calm my thumping heart I tried to concentrate on what I had been trying to say to my son.

"I was saying," I began breathlessly, "that we shouldn't...OH GOD!!!"

Sean's finger plunged into my still excited pussy sending me crashing into another orgasm, through half closed eyes I saw him smiling at me. His eyes were filled with love, lust and devilment. Through the haze of my orgasm I realised that my son didn't want to hear what I had to say at that time, nor, if I'm to be honest, did I want to say it.

"Oh Jesus," I gasped in surrender to the rising lust in me, "fuck me Sean, fuck me!"

Sean lifted me off his thighs, I was surprised by his strength as he manoeuvred me then lowered me again, and then I gasped as I felt his cock slide into my pussy. A tremor ran through me as he pushed upwards driving his cock deeper into my body, the tremor turned to shakes when I felt his fingers teasing my clit and when his mouth closed around one nipple and the fingers of his other hand tweaked my other nipple I almost screamed out my enjoyment. With me in the position I was in my son's range of movement was limited, even so the sensations that ran through me as his cock moved those few inches were indescribable and irresistible, I seemed to cum and cum and cum without end.

Through a haze of pleasure I was aware of my son twisting me around on his cock until my legs were astride his, my back to him, his hands on my tits with his tongue running up and down my neck while his cock still moved in me. Bursts of ecstasy exploded inside me time after time and then he was moving me again, pushing me down to my knees, bending me over the coffee table and all the while his hard cock was moving in my pussy driving me wild! His movements took on a wild frenzy as he took me over the coffee table from behind, his hands roving my body to excite my clit and nipples until I could barely breath. I had never felt so hot, so excited so out of control and when I felt him thrust hard and fill me with his hot seed my voice rose in a gurgling scream.

Beside my head the telephone rang, in my pussy Sean was moving again and everything felt so unreal. I thought nothing of the phone going quiet; all I wanted to do was to experience the bliss my son was giving me. Suddenly the handset was in front of my face, biting back a cry of passion I looked over my shoulder at Sean.

"Its dad." he grinned at me.

Sean held the phone to my ear, his cock still sliding in me despite the fact that it was beginning to shrink. With an extreme effort I gathered myself together.

"Hello? Graham?" I managed to say almost normally.

In my pussy Sean's cock was suddenly growing hard again and sending urgent messages of lust throughout me.

"Dawn," my husbands voice sounded as though it were miles away, "listen, this meeting is going to go on even longer than I expected. We may end up using the company flat...hello...hello?"

"I can hear you." I managed to say without gasping.

My son was fucking me while I tried to control my overexcited breathing so that I could sound normal on the phone. God was it hard and so was my son!

"Okay then," Graham was saying, "I guess what I'm saying is that I won't be home tonight and I've another meeting scheduled tomorrow so I won't see you until tomorrow night. Will you be all right love?"

"I'll be fine." I breathed heavily.

As my husband said his goodbyes my son started to fuck me in earnest, I knew that my excitement was starting to show in my voice, but there was nothing that I could do about it. It was a relief when Graham finally hung up and I could release the scream of pent up ecstasy that had been building inside me. I crashed into another violent orgasm, which grew to a new crescendo when Sean suddenly filled me with his hot seed. My body shook so much that I bounced us off the table, my son's cock sliding from me wetly as I collapsed in a quivering heap on the floor. Some minutes later I managed to sit up, it felt as though every nerve in my body was jangling and my breathing was fast and ragged. Sean was sitting on the edge of the couch watching me, panting for breath as he recovered.

"Now can we talk?" I gasped at my son.

He grinned in reply then leant over and stroked my tits, my skin was so sensitive that I erupted into an orgasm immediately, but when I came down from the heights I tried once more.

"Look we really must talk." I said firmly as I shuffled out of his reach, "This is all wrong. I don't know what the hell has come over the pair of us, but...NO, you stay right where you are!"

Sean had half risen from the couch, he grinned at my cry then sat down again, and breathing a deep sigh I continued with what I had been saying.

"I'm not blaming you Sean," I smiled at him, "something about today has made us all a little screwy. What has happened...Sean please sit down...Sean...SEAN!"

Weak as I felt I jumped to my feet and backed away from my son as he came off the couch towards me. He was grinning at me and his cock had gone hard again, I knew that if he got his hands on me again I would never finish what I was trying to say. I knew that after that day things could never be quite the same again, whatever had made me accept my son's attention was not important any longer; I knew that I would want to have sex with him again and was determined to lay down a few ground rules for our protection.

"Please Sean," I said keeping an armchair between him and me, "let me finish, please."

"Okay mum." Sean grinned folding his arms across his chest, "I'm listening."

"All right then," I grinned at him, "what I wanted to say was that what we are doing is wrong..."

"I know." Sean smiled back at me, "It's fun though."

"I couldn't agree more," I smiled back, "but if anyone, including your father, ever found out about it I would be in very hot water."

"I'm not stupid mum," Sean laughed, "no way am I going to blab to anyone about what happens between us. Beside the way I look at it we aren't hurting anyone."

"Let's get a few things straight," I said in reply, "stunts like that one just now with the telephone are definitely out. Even if I did enjoy it at the time it's just too much of a risk."

"Okay mum," Sean grinned, "I know I shouldn't have done it in the first place, sorry."

"All right," I grinned back at him, "the next thing is that under no circumstances are you to try having sex with me while your father is home."

"No circumstances?" Sean smiled, "How about while he's having his Sunday nap or mucking about with the car or..."

"All right, all right, I get the point." I sighed, "I suppose I was being over optimistic, but I want you to agree to do nothing if there's even the faintest risk of him catching us."

"That I'll agree to with reservations." My son laughed.

"What am I going to do with you?" I laughed.

A split second later I found out as he pounced on me, I hadn't noticed him slyly shuffling around the chair and as he bore me to the floor I knew that I had lost any further chance to lay down some rules. With rising passion I gave myself to my son willingly.

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